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Livity Foods was founded by Alex Hempfield from his mother’s kitchen with her recipe in 2011. The Company’s philosophy comes from homemade delicious and healthy foods. The Company’s vision is to promote a healthy diet and share with the world the nutritional benefits of HEMP, by providing the best tasting and healthiest hemp foods in the marketplace.

Since 2011, Livity Foods has been continuously developing earth-based hemp food products. The Company has been growing rapidly and we have introduced a wide variety of popular products such as EVERBAR — the healthy and Non-GMO hemp protein edible, and EVERHEMP+ — the CBD-infused hemp protein edible. Using nutritious and sustainable ingredients, the Company has demonstrated how desirable, tasteful foods can be drawn from nature.

“All the ingredients for our hemp edibles are handpicked with the highest quality screening and controlling.” — Alex Hempfield, Founder and President.

The key to success for Livity Foods is not just the determination on providing high quality and delicious hemp edibles to the public, but also respect and mutuality within the Company; creating an environment that is not based on social hierarchy or a one-way chain of command, but exchange and contribution. The Company is structured, but open to participation by everyone involved. “This, we believe, is conducive to a cohesive and multi-skilled work dynamic, but is also an end in itself, a desirable social model which embodies effective human cooperation.” — Alex Hempfield.

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