This CBD Perfume Is Zen in a Bottle

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How did I ever function without Heretic’s Dirty Grass wafting from my pulse points?

Cannabidiol is my jam. I take this PureKana mint oil before bed so I can sleep through the night. I use this Endoca salve on my feet after a high-mileage day to reduce joint inflammation and boost blister healing. And I eat these Everhemp bars livity foods green power everbar everhemp cbd healthy natural organic hemp protein bars edibles hemp oil hemp powered hemp power go forever high protein high fiber great taste tasty delicious deliciousness yummy no soy gluten free nongmo no dairy pesticide free lab tested athlete lifestyle workout muscle building mountain snack snackswhen I don’t have time to prepare real food and need a good five hours of metabolic and emotional satiety.

But for fast-acting anxiety obliteration and self-care triage, nothing holds a candle to Heretic’s Dirty Grass CBD eau de parfum ($85). I’ve spent the past few afternoons spritzing it on my wrists, and within minutes I feel completely and utterly zen about the magazine-deadline chaos swirling around me. I am the eye of the storm, and the eye of the storm smells like fresh-cut grass, a touch of earthy hemp musk (courtesy of the CBD), and peppery vetiver, which is used in aromatherapy to promote calm and soothe nerves. Shortly thereafter, the sharp green notes are softened by mouth-watering honeyed lemon, retreating close to the skin and hovering there until morning. Inhale, and drift into memories of learning to cartwheel on plush lawns and gulping icy Arnold Palmers after scorching summer missions. You will be ready for a power nap, even if you are not a nap person.

The 15-milliliter bottle contains 150 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil. According to math and perfume-atomizer quantifications by the authoritative blog Now Smell This, Dirty Grass contains around 0.7 milligram per spray—a far smaller dose than the 10 to 25 milligrams you’d get from a typical edible, unless you want to go to town with it. And that’s fine: the CBD caught my attention, but the aromatic symphony is the real star, lulling my breath into the slow, deep rhythm that’s exactly what my nervous system needs.


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