Are you curious about the CBD edibles and products you’ve been seeing advertised everywhere?

Are you curious about CBD in general?

Look no further!

We’ve got your complete cheat sheet on CBD snacks, CBD Gummies, and CBD edibles—both store-bought and homemade.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis sativa plants. It does not get users high, unlike its cannabinoid cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is just one of the cannabis plant’s over 480 natural chemicals, and to further narrow things down, it’s also one of 66 established cannabinoids, which Merriam-Websites defines as “any of various naturally-occurring, biologically active, chemical constituents (such as cannabidiol or cannabinol) of hemp or cannabis including some (such as THC) that possess psychoactive properties.” According to the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute at the University of Washington, “cannabinoids affect the user by interacting with specific receptors, located within different parts of the central nervous system.”

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant’s leaves, flowers, and resin. The oil is one of the most common vessels for the CBD compound, and people use it to make snacks, tinctures, edibles, and other CBD products. What do Dusty Baker, Eric C. Wright, and Nick Boynton all have in common (besides being professional athletes)… They all use CBD oil from Vitalibis.

CBD Legality

CBD creates a complex legal landscape. Its legal status depends on where you live. (United States residents, check out the interactive map on this page for guidance.) Like marijuana, all CBD and CBD products are still illegal under federal law. However, CBD is widely accepted as legal, on the specific state-law level, in states that have legalized marijuana.

If you find this confusing, then you’re not alone. Laws alone can be vague; it’s seeing how they’re enforced that provides substance. Even the experts have a hard time understanding the current laws and anticipating how they might be enforced in a numbers of situations. Legality may hinge on the source of the CBD, the specific chemical makeup of the CBD, the presence of any THC in the CBD product, and other complex factors—factors most consumers have no way to evaluate. This is why if you’re a CBD brand, it’s important to have marketers who know how to promote your product properly. Adding even more complexity to the puzzle, lawmakers make new decisions and pass new legislation about cannabis so frequently, it can be hard to keep track. For example, farming bills passed in 2018 loosened up restrictions on hemp farming and hemp research, further blurring the lines between “legal” or “illegal” labels. We encourage you to check out legality maps for your home before you make any purchases.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

The confusing legality of CBD has made it difficult to conduct extensive research. However, the research we have done has returned promising results on the benefits of CBD. For example, CBD may…

FYI! The United States Food and Drug Administration does not regulate CBD to ensure origin, purity, safety, etc. Be cautious when you select products, and read up on how the brands regulate themselves through testing and quality assurance.

CBD Snacks and Edibles

Now let’s get to the good, and delicious, part—the CBD snacks and edibles. With a profusion of products surfing the CDB trend, it can be challenging to find the most delicious and healthy snacks available. That’s why we’ve done some vetting for you.

Here’s a roundup of homemade and store-bought CBD snacks to try if you want to experience the latest snacking trend. (After all, it may be hard to resist, as Eater and several other publications, listed CBD infusions as one of the top culinary trends to watch in 2019.)

CBD Snacks

These pre-made snacks incorporate nutritious ingredients and some of your favorite snacking flavors.

1. VELOBAR CBD Roasted Nuts, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt

CBD content: 20 milligrams (mg) 

VELOBAR is hands-down the best-tasting, most nutritious CBD edible on the market today. Moist, chocolatey, and very flavorful, this healthy CBD snack bar packs 7 grams of protein from superfoods like pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds — and since they use 100% pure CBD, there’s no oily or hempy aftertaste. There’s also no animal products, wheat, or soy, which means VELOBAR is vegan and gluten-free, not to mention organic and non-GMO.
If you’re looking for a great-tasting CBD edible to help you unwind after a hectic workday, recover from a strenuous workout, or nibble before napping for a better night’s sleep, VELOBAR is our #1 choice for a healthy CBD snack – get 15% off using discount code SNACKNATION15 at checkout!

2. SnaacCBD Chocolate Cherry Almond Bars

CBD content: 15 milligrams (mg)

Bars have been a healthy snacking standby for years. Now you can enjoy a delicious, healthy snack bar while you also explore the benefits of CBD. These bars contain a spectacular list of superfoods, including beets, chia seeds, and hemp seeds, and they provide plenty of fiber, iron, potassium, and calcium along with a CBD fix.

3. LivityFoods EverHemp + CBD Bites

CBD content: 15 mg

Grab these bites for a power snack that contains soothing full-spectrum CBD and fortifying protein. Plus, these wholesome morsels contain no dairy, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), soy, or gluten.

LivityFoods’ bites and bars make the perfect way to get a healthy dose of hemp, not to mention the balanced 1:3 ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids hemp offers.

4. CBD Infused Almonds

CBD content: 150 – 300 mg

Almonds make the quintessential healthy snack. They’re filling, and they’re packed with protein, iron, and calcium. Now that they come infused with CBD, you can bring some extra zen vibes into your work snacks, your favorite trail mixes, and even your late-night snacks.

5. Chong’s Choice CBD Gummies Bundle (Gummy Bears and Watermelon Slices)

CBD content: 100 mg

All-natural, wholesomely sweet, and energizing, Chong’s Choice CBD Gummies make the perfect snack any time of day. Infuse this already amazing snack with CBD, and you’ve got a snack with an edge that will also help take the edge away from a stressful day.

6. Green Roads Fruit and Hemp CBD Chews

CBD content: 25 mg

 If you want a CBD snack with some characteristics of your other favorite healthy snacks, then these fruit and hemp chews will hit the spot. These vegan fruit chews include natural agave and juicy grape flavors, and they have no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the ingredient lists.

7. Healthy CBD-Turmeric Sweets

CBD content: about 25 mg, depending on your choice of CBD oil Turmeric, agar agar, carrot juice, ginger, cayenne, and CBD, all in a sweet treat? Yes, it is possible! These healthy, satisfying treats require only about 10 minutes to make, and they stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to a week.

8. CBD Raspberry Energy Bites

CBD content: about 4 mg, depending on your choice of CBD oil Toss freeze-dried raspberries, superfood seeds, CBD oil, and other wholesome ingredients into a food processor to quickly make satisfying and healthy bites that look like festive truffles and taste just as good.

9. Dixie Botanicals Kicks – Mango Citrus

CBD content: Not specified You can probably guess what Dixie Botanicals designed these citrusy snacks to do—give you an extra kick of energy necessary to do whatever you need to do. The citrusy individually wrapped squares come infused with the company’s award-winning CBD hemp oil that produces “an incredibly pure CBD isolate.” As an added bonus, these kicks also provide 60 mcg of Vitamin D3, which may have mood- and immunity- boosting qualities.

10. CBD Granola

CBD content: varies, depending on the potency of your CBD oil Healthy CBD granola will fill you up with goodness. This recipe calls for wholesome organic rolled oats, hemp seeds, CBD oil, and rich dark chocolate. The base granola provides plenty of benefits, and the addition of CBD oil elevates this snack to new heights.

11. CBD Chia Parfait

CBD content: 175 mg Turn one of your favorite go-to healthy snacks into a CBD-infused treat that’s perfect any time of day. This parfait uses CBD isolate powder instead of oil, leaving the textures of the other ingredients intact.

12. Minty CBD Smoothie

CBD content: varies, depending on the potency of your CBD oil or extract What healthy snack roundup would be complete without a smoothie? CBD snacks make no exception to this rule! This smoothie recipe includes rich coconut butter, robust kale, refreshing mint, and splash of CBD oil.

13. CBD Orange “Dreamsicle” Smoothie

CBD content: varies, depending on the potency of your CBD oil or extract Bring a tropical flare to your CBD snack game with a smoothie that features flavors of banana, mango, orange, coconut, and vanilla. This smoothie provides all the sweet goodness of a more sugary frozen treat and offers way more nutritional value.

14. Green Juice with CBD

CBD content: varies, depending on the potency of your CBD oil or extract Yes, even your green juice can be adapted into a CBD edible. This recipe combines a list of super-healthy and surprising ingredients, including amla berry powder and cilantro, to make a refreshing CBD snack you can drink on the go.

15. CBD Energy Bites

CBD content: varies, depending on the potency of your CBD coconut oil Get your exhilarating energy from bites formed from almonds, coconut flakes, hemp seeds, and a variety of other tasty ingredients. With just a 15-minute bake time, these treats allow plenty of room for post-baking relaxation.

16. CBD Protein Bars

CBD content: 10 mg Of course your standby protein-bar is ready for a CBD makeover! This bar calls for CBD isolate, peanut butter, and a healthy dose of hemp protein powder. Plus, these bars take only about 15 minutes to prepare, so they’re essentially as convenient as prepackaged bars.

17. 4-Ingredient CBD Cups from Balanced Life Leslie

CBD content: varies, depending on the potency of your CBD oil or extract A few delicious ingredients, including raw cacao powder and coconut oil, make up delicious cups that might just become your new favorite dessert.

18. Infused Edibles CBD Trail Mix

CBD content: 300 mg per serving Since trail mix hit the scene in the early 1960s, it has topped the go-to snacking list of health enthusiasts everywhere. Now with an infusion of CBD, snackers can try out new trends while enjoying the familiar comforts of crisp nuts, plump raisins, and delicate chocolate gems. This CBD snack is perfect for those who don’t want to change up their snacking game too much to enjoy new trends.

19. Holistic Corn

CBD content: 25 mg per bag One of your favorite go-to snacks—healthy microwavable popcorn—recently got a CBD makeover. Voila! Meet Holistic Corn, a CBD snack that satisfies at a remarkable 30 calories per cup. As the snack makers like to say, “Movie night will never be the same again.”

The convenient popcorn has zero trans fats, and it features the simple flavors of wholesome popcorn, salt, and a dusting of the super-spice, turmeric. This corn features a heat-activated CBD blend to make sure snackers get a fresh dose.

20. CBD Wünderbars

CBD content: 10 mg per bar These CBD bars have everything you love in your regular snack bars: plump dried fruits, crispy nuts, and fragrant spices, such as cardamom and cinnamon. The bars come in 3 flavors to fit your mood, whether you’re feeling classic, powerful, or just plain joyful. The naturally vegan and gluten free bars also get all their satisfying sweetness from nature. You won’t find any added sugars in these CBD snacks.

21. Weller Original Coconut Bites

CBD content: 5 mg cbd per bite Not-too-sweet, but with plenty of coconut flavor, these little cookie/cracker hybrids make a satisfying snack that feature the soothing wonder of CBD. (This snack is above average in every way!) Cane sugar, coconut MCT oil, and sea salt make the perfect vessel for just the right amount of CBD to relax and refresh for a fun vacation or a productive meeting.

How to Give Your Favorite Store-Bought Snacks a CBD Update

Have you noticed any trends in the recipes above? Most of them take a classic snack and give it just a little update—a splash of CBD oil, a pinch of CBD powder, or a dollop of infused coconut oil. So really, you can find a creative way to add CBD to any of your favorite store-bought or homemade snacks. For example…

You can find an edible to satiate all your needs and preferences, whether you want to get a CBD dose in efficient table form or savor it with tortilla chips in an infused salsa.

CBD Edibles

This selection of healthy CBD edibles demonstrates the diversity of everyone’s new favorite snack ingredient. CBD shines in everything from fresh salads to popsicles.

22. CBD Lattes from MarijuanaBreak

CBD content: varies, depending on the potency of your CBD oil

These two snack-worthy latte recipes fit seamlessly into your daily coffee routine. One features a minty blend of hemp milk, spirulina, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla, and the other features super-healthy turmeric and cardamom.

23. CBD Superfood Kale Salad

CBD content: 25 mg You’ve tried topping your kale salads with all kinds of berries, exotic mushrooms, and trendy grains. Why not sprinkle your salad with some CBD to see what happens? The CBD in this salad comes by way of a delightful dressing made with CBD ghee.

24. H.Hemp CBD Breath Spray

CBD content: 1 mg CBD breath spray saves the day when you need a quick pick-me-up instead of a full-fledged snack. The spray includes natural peppermint and a special strain of water-soluble, highly bioavailable hemp CBD extract that dissolves in your mouth to quickly give you that CBD feeling.

25. Nature’s Script CBD Syrup

CBD content: 25 mg per one ounce This versatile CBD syrup features a refreshing fruit punch flavor. You can drizzle it over your healthy sweet snacks, eat it with fresh fruit, add it to smoothies, or even drink it on it’s own. In addition to zen-inducing CBD, this syrup also features white willow bark and turmeric to give you an extra wellness boost.

26. CBD Vinaigrette

CBD content: varies, depending on your olive-oil infusion

Snack on a CBD vinaigrette to get your fix of CBD and greens at once. This recipe includes instructions for infusing your own CBD olive oil, but you can whip up a batch of this salad dressing much faster if you opt for a ready-made oil.

27. Prescott’s Broad Spectrum Honey Sticks

CBD content: 25 mg per stick These CBD honey sticks come to the rescue when you need a sweet, sweet pick me up. The honey delivers a boost of nature’s favorite sweet energy source, and the CBD will mellow you out in the best possible way.

28. CBD Living Dark Chocolate

CBD content: 15 mg per segment This midnight-dark bar brings together indulgent, rich chocolate and zen-promoting CBD. Chocolate lovers will have a ball getting a chocolatey antioxidant fix along with their CBD. CBD Living uses nanotechnology to infuse their bars with CBD, ensuring you enjoy easy absorption and feel rapid effects.

29. Experience CBD Caramel Popcorn

CBD content: 120 mg per bag CBD also comes packed into golden morsels of luscious, caramel-coated popcorn. Add some carnival nostalgia to you CBD snacking experience with pre-popped corn you won’t be able to stop eating.

30. CBD Popsicles with Vitamins

CBD content: about 25 mg, depending on your choice of CBD oil

Cibdol says, “If you can make a smoothie, you can make a popsicle.” And they are so right. Blend up fruit pulp, fruit juice, and a CBD and vitamin mixture. Pour it into molds and freeze. It’s that easy. You can make the popsicles in nearly any flavor you can imagine and find the fruit to create.

31. Jenny + Julio Grilled Pineapple Salsa

CBD content: Unknown Grab this salsa and your favorite organic corn tortilla chips and get ready for a CBD edible experience worthy of your favorite cantina. This new brand, created by a food-loving husband and wife team, focuses on savory gourmet CDD edibles that highlight the flavors of premium ingredients.

32. The Lifted Leaf Co. CBD Honey

CBD content: 31.25 mg of CBD per ½ tablespoon Honey has so many good things in it to begin with: antioxidants, natural sweetness, beneficial enzymes, and even some antiseptic qualities. When you add CBD to the mix, you have a naturally soothing elixir you’ll want to keep as a staple in your pantry. Use CBD honey just as you’d use regular honey. Sweeten your coffee, add it to granola, or even use it to bake sweet treats.

33. CBD Goldfish Snacks

CBD content: 30 mg of CBD Cheesy fish-shaped snack crackers get an infusion from CDB and turn into unique crackers that provide a snacking experience unlike any you had as a child. The comforting cheese flavor might seem familiar though!

34. Fixx Snacks CBD Roasted Pepitas and Dried Cranberries

CBD content: 100 mg per pouch Tart cranberries and rich roasted pumpkins seeds make an idea flavor pairing and an ideal vessel for a dose of CBD. This CBD edible can be eaten alone, on salads, or as part of a creative trail mix.

35. Ojai Energenetics

CBD content: 150 mg of CBD per jar We’ve been enjoying the health benefits of raw coconut oil for years. The CBD-infused version has the same light coconut flavor and creamy rich texture you love in standard-issue oils.

This oil checks all the boxes for the most discerning coconut oil connoisseurs. It’s cold expeller pressed, virgin, and biodynamically grown – one of the best CBD edibles for anxiety.

36. HempWorx Official CBD Coffee Creamers

CBD content: 5 mg per cup Most health enthusiasts get excited to find another delicious, health-conscious coffee creamer option. This creamer comes with a kick of CBD, making it easy to enjoy the combination of caffeine and CBD some people say achieves a perfect blend of mellowness and alertness. (Expert opinions on the CBD + caffeine combo vary, but further research should reveal more about the chemical relationship.)

37. CBD Infusionz Honey Pistachio Health Bites

CBD content: Varies depending on your selection Pistachios, honey, apricots, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dates, and full-spectrum hemp combine in irresistible bites that taste a little bit like harvest heaven.

38. Canabidol™ CBD Cacao-Tabs™

CBD content: Varies These CBD edibles make a quick and efficient way to get a dose of CBD. Packaged like pills or gum, these tabs are easy to pack up and keep on hand when you’re not quite sure what the day has in store. Canabidol™ designed the tabs for unlimited absorption. Placing a tab under your tongue “allows for a slow release of CBD through the blood vessels under your tongue, resulting in a high proportion of CBD being absorbed into your body.”

39. Blue Ridge Hemp CBD Ghee

CBD content: 5 mg per tablespoon A culinary secret-weapon used in variety of complex Indian foods, ghee is essentially slow-simmered grass-fed butter. As the butter simmers, the lactose (milk sugar) and casein (milk protein) caramelize and eventually cook off. What’s left is ghee, a flavorful, slightly nutty, butter that adds interest and richness to all kinds of foods. Blue Ridge Hemp recommends eating this CBD-infused ghee spread on toast, mixed into salad dressing, or even stirred into coffee.

40. Triniti CBD Capsules

CBD content: 15 mg per capsule These edible CBD capsules make taking CBD and a variety of other beneficial compounds fast, easy, and fuss-free.

The capsules include cascara. Cascara is often called coffee cherries, because it’s the fruit around the seed that eventually becomes what we know as a coffee bean. Cascara has a powerful concentration of antioxidants. These capsules deliver cascara, CBD, and a variety of vitamins to provide an unforgettable feel-good boost.

41. Dazey CBD Oil

CBD content: 25 mg CBD per dropper You can think of versatile CBD oil as the original. CBD edible. You can add it to drinks, recipes, and even eat it by itself. Dazey designed this mild formula “for boosting focus, while inspiring an overall positive well-being.” Their recipe includes full spectrum hemp extract and also medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. Dazey makes their oils without herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals, or solvents.

42. Hakuna Dried Mango

CBD content: 10 mg Naturally sweet dried mango tastes as good as candy, and CBD gives you the blissful rush of actually eating candy. Put mango and CBD together to get a delightfully tasty CBD edible that leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. These CBD edibles come in a beautiful reusable jar you’ll want to refill again and again.

43. Grön Madagascar Dark Chocolate

CBD content: 50 mg per serving Quality CBD meets the finest dark chocolate for CBD edible bliss. Grön’s description of their madagascar dark chocolate is enough to make any chocolate-lover drool: “Made from rare Criollo beans from the fertile Sambirano Valley in Madagascar, this bar mingles tart essences with deep chocolate flavor.”

Good news for vegans: This dark chocolate contain no dairy, so it’s vegan friendly as well as decadently delicious and CBD-infused.

44. Seasoned Brooklyn Strawberry Ginger Bitters

CBD content: 5 mg per serving Crafted with a blend of fresh ginger, strawberry, sarsaparilla, cherry bark, juniper berries, and more, these flavorful bitters add flavor and a mild dose of CBD to a variety of drinks and edibles. Stir it into a smoothie bowl, drizzle it on some orange slices, and maybe even add it to your favorite healthy yogurt. Of course, it’s also delightful in cocktails and mocktails.

45. Green Hearted Goodness CBD Multivitamin

CBD content: 10 mg Vitamins and CBD together make a multitasking edible. Each vitamin includes 10 mg of CBD and a host of essential vitamins, including vitamin D, vitamin B-6, and zinc.

46. Mr. Moxey’s CALM 5mg CBD Peppermint Mints

CBD content: 5 mg per serving Robust mint has the ability to soothe and refresh on its own. A mild kick of CBD amplifies mint’s feel-good qualities. Handy tins full of refreshing mints comes infused with CBD so you can freshen your breath and relax at the same time. Mr. Moxey’s peppermint edition also features gooseberry and echinacea for some added flavor depth and soothing benefits.

CBD Gummies

Sweet, delicious, and a little nostalgic, gummies—in all shapes and sizes—now come in a range of CBD gummy infusions. These colorful fruity gems will put a smile on your face.

Figuring out which CBD gummies to try first will be the hard part! Get started with the selection below.

47. Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops

CBD content: 20 mg per gumdrop Lord Jones makes their gem-colored gumdrops by hand using broad spectrum CBD extract that incorporates not just CBD from the cannabis plant, but also the plant’s other beneficial fatty acids and flavonoids.   These wholesome candies may:

  • Relieve pain
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Promote calm

The United States Food and Drug Administration may not regulate the CBD industry for quality and safety, but Lord Jones takes the initiative to lab test all their products for purity…and to ensure consistent dosages.

48. Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

CBD content: 10 mg per gummy These artisan gummies could help you beat the “Sunday Scaries” (those feelings of dread that creep into your psyche as you prepare to take on whatever your Monday has in store) as well as a host of other issues that plague your emotional and mental well-being. The gummies contain full-spectrum CBD oil, vitamin B12, coconut oil, and pure cane sugar.

49. Green Roads Relax CBD Gummy Bears

CBD content: 10 mg per gummy Pharmacists formulate these gummies to ensure optimal effectiveness and dosages, and customers love the gummies’ effects and flavors. Here’s just one glowing customer review:

“I’m a new wife and new step mom, with a stressful career. To say the least, I need help with my anxiety. These have done the job for 30 days now, and I’m purchasing my second go now!”

50. GreenRoads CBD Froggies

CBD content: 25 mg per serving Mix up your gummy snacking game with adorable frog-shaped treats that, as GreenRoads says on their product detail page, “are pharmacist-formulated, supercritical CO2-extracted, and triple lab-tested to ensure what’s on the label is what’s in the package.”

51. Highland Pharms CBD Gummies

CBD content: 10 – 20 mg per piece

Highland Pharms uses all-natural ingredients—including carrot, pumpkin, and black current—to make their premium gummies. Even the ingredients they use to achieve the gummies’ beautiful gem-like colors come from natural sources. The gummies feature full spectrum CBD and a range of phytonutrients found in hemp plants.

52. Sour Diesels CBD Gummies

CBD content: 10 mg per serving Satisfy both your sweet, sour, and CBD tooth in one compact, tasty gummy treat. This brand uses a two-step process to ensure the even distribution of CBD throughout each and every gummy in the batch. And the CBD they select happens to be organic, non-GMO and full spectrum.

53. Infused Edibles CBD Peach Rings

CBD content: Unknown Sweetened with beet sugar, these peach-flavored rings have all the familiar flavor of your favorite gummy snacks. An infusion of CBD gives these snacks an extra, bliss inducing dimension.

54. Pacific CBD Co. Gummy Rings

CBD content: 10 mg per serving These USA-made gummy rings come in attractive portable packaging that’s easy to grab and go. The brand recommends eating no more than 2 gummies every 6 hours.

55. Evolution CBD Vegan Gummies

CBD content: 25 mg per serving Vegan CBD snackers will love these soft chewy gummies infused with all-natural CBD from hemp oil. These gummies come in nearly every fruity flavor you could possibly crave, including jam, grapefruit, raspberry, blackberry, and watermelon.

56. SunMed Sour Mini CBD Worms

CBD content: 10 mg per serving Adults can snack like kids and feel like kids with soothing CBD gummy worms that come in outrageous neon colors that would make anyone smile.

57. Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Gems

CBD content: 10 mg per gem Available in strawberry, raspberry, and cotton candy flavors, these discreet, easy-to-pack gems contain everything you need to have a truly awesome day. These sweet treats pack only 2 grams of added sugar per gem, and they’re made with familiar ingredients including organic tapioca, organic cane sugar, water, and organic fruit and vegetable juice.

58. Homemade Paleo & Keto CBD Gummies

CBD content: Varies depending on the source and strength of your CBD This recipe allows you to customize CBD gummies by changing up your CBD source, your sweeteners, and your fruity flavors. Whip up a batch of soothing CBD treats designed precisely to your own flavor specifications.

59. Kushy CBD Gummies

CBD content: 100 mg per pack Made from recipes designed by professional confectionery chefs, these sweet gummies have no artificial sweeteners, no dairy, no gluten, and no fat. The gummies include high-quality CBD oil rich with cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This brand doesn’t like to brag, but they did win “Best CBD gummies” at WeedCon 2018.

60. FreshLeaf CBD Gummies

CBD content: 50 mg per gummy FreshLeaf gummies take transparency seriously. Each bag has a QR code that allows snackers to view the batch code, lot code, and the isolate’s certificate of analysis (COA). The gummies include CBD from organic and pesticide-free hemp, and they’ll give you sweetness and a plant-based boost of good vibes any time of day.

61. Medix CBD Infused Rainbow Bites

CBD content: 10 mg per serving

These rainbow bites contain multiple colors and both sweet and sour flavors, so with one CBD gummy, you can get everything you crave. Medix uses a special formula to get optimal feelings of relaxation from the full-spectrum hemp extract.

62. Urbal Vegan Hemp CBD Gummies

CBD content: 30 mg cbd per gummy Urbal uses organic Colorado-grown hemp to make their vegan CBD gummies. Their processes extract the “optimal amount of cannabinoids and phytonutrients to help rebalance your body.” Each bottle of gummies comes along with a 3rd-party lab sheet that helps customers rest assured they’re getting the best-quality product. We also recommend checking out if you are looking for more options.

63. Cooking with Laurie + MaryJane Ganja Gummies

CBD content: varies depending on the recipe Use the coconut-oil based CBD oil of your choice to customize this gummy recipe to suit your flavor preferences. This recipe incorporates orange juice, honey, and simple gelatin.

64. CBD Gummy Watermelons Hempful Gummies

CBD content: 25 mg CBD per gummy Beet sugar, organic passion flower, and CBD come together in cute snackable watermelons that call up juicy memories of childhood summers. As fresh and juicy as the real thing, these tasty treats release slowly, but they last a long time. Customers love these CBD gummies. One reviewer said, “I always feel so relaxed after taking one. It’s amazing what cbd can do for you!”

65. CBD FX Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina

CBD content: 5 mg CBD per gummy Sweet, cravable gummies infused with CBD, turmeric, and spirulina turn into mini wellness shots full of antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties.

CBD FX says their “hemp plants are grown organically at the world’s best farms in Europe. That means you get the purest CBD, with no harmful chemicals and the highest levels of beneficial terpenes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins to nourish your body.”

66. Seasoned Brooklyn All Natural Peppermint Matcha Gummies

CBD content: 25 mg per gummy So many good things in one tiny, delicious package. Made from organic, pesticide-free hemp from the green hills of Vermont, these creative gummies feature a list of drool-worthy ingredients, including honey, rice milk, organic matcha, and coconut oil. The CBD-matcha combination both soothes and energizes. Here’s one glowing review from a happy CBD snacker: “When I started to feel anxious or uncomfortable, I popped a half of a gummie and I felt calm, happy, and was able to look forward to my day. The matcha gave me a little but noticeable push of energy. The texture is like a gummy jelly. I bought the 125mg bag.”

67. Cheeba Chews Hemp Infused Strawberry Taffy

CBD content: 25 mg cbd per chew This chewy strawberry taffy features organic, full-spectrum USA-grown hemp extract. The chews have only 11 calories per serving, and hold an average 5-star review from happy customers.

68. Hempzilla CBD Gummies

CBD content: 30 mg cbd Designed to achieve the highest potency and quality, these CBD gummies aim to provide energy, stress relief, healthy digestion, and mental clarity. Hempzilla gummies incorporate strong terpene profiles and come processed and certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

69. Not Pot Vegan CBD Gummies

CBD content: 10 mg CBD per gummy These creative gummies cast off colorful gummy-bear stereotypes. These pure white polar bear gummies taste like fresh strawberries and deliver a dose of clinical strength CBD. Doctors and scientists test these gummies to ensure quality, and the treats come in a stylish vintage package. Need something else to feel good about? Not Pot uses their profits to pay bail for one person in need every month.

70. Chill Gummies CBD Infused Mini Fruits

CBD content: 10.75 mg per gummy A proprietary blend of organic hemp gives these tasty little fruit slices a kick of relaxing CBD. Each delicious slice explodes with juicy, realistic fruit flavor.

71. Just CBD Happy Face Gummies

CBD content: 10 mg per gummy Snack on these happy face gummies to put on your happy face. Just 2 pieces of these feel-good gummies will leave you serene and ready for anything. An invigorating kick of sugar and a smooth, sweet boost of CBD leaves you just relaxed and energized enough for your day.   Have you tried any CDB snacks or edibles? What were your favorites? Did you experience any noticeable benefits? We’d love to hear about your experience!