121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas, Tips, & Activities For 2021 That Your Team Will Love

Employee wellness programs have become a staple in many companies as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.
In fact, 80% of employees at companies with robust health and wellness programs at work feel engaged and cared for by their employers.
The key to having a successful wellness program at work is encouraging overall wellbeing while still keeping it fun. If you can’t get your team engaged then your wellness program ideas will quickly lose steam. So make your initiatives fun, try new ideas and see what your team values the most.
Below is a list of 121 employee wellness program ideas that you can easily implement at your office.
This list of wellness activities & ideas are the ones we’ve used ourselves and have seen the benefits firsthand. Many others were contributed to us from awesome companies that know how to take care of their teams.
Tip: Did you know that companies that have sent their employees working-from-home a care package during the pandemic saw a boost to virtual employee engagement and productivity projections by as much as 17%? Cure burnout and reinvigorate your remote employees with a WFH Wellness Box today!

Here’s a quick list of employee wellness program ideas voted on by our readers.

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Whether you’re a small startup or large corporation, there’s bound to be something here that will fit for your organization.

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Nutrition and Healthy Living
1. Promote and reward healthy eating habits

Proper eating is an essential part of overall wellness, but this is often difficult to address in the workplace. This is especially true when routines are disturbed like during the pandemic when employees are no longer in the office or just returning to it. Employers can help by creating a nutrition challenge that rewards employees for taking steps to build healthier eating habits. Points can be earned in different ways, including logging meals and snacks, attending nutrition seminars and webinars, or being quizzed on navigating proper eating habits and food groups. To reward healthy eating behaviors, points can transfer into prizes, monetary rewards, or raffle entries to win grander prizes.
Wellable, a wellness technology company, enables organizations to create similar programs and challenges that help employees thrive by engaging them in holistic well-being educational modules and activities. Along with nutrition, Wellable helps companies to promote healthy behavior such as physical health, mindfulness, and better sleeping habits through engaging themes and challenges.
Get a demo of the Wellable platform here!

2. Encourage wellness initiatives through your recognition and rewards program
When someone takes part in Bike to Work Day, you can tell by the grease marks on their calves and helmet on their desk. But how do you scale and reward your wellness initiatives as your company grows? Bonusly’s claimable awards incentivize healthy behaviors that contribute to a strong workplace, whether it’s Bike to Work Day, flu shots, a company step challenge, or your team’s vegetarian chili cook-off.

3. Reduce your employees’ prescription drug costs with this FREE benefit
Out-of-pocket drug costs increased nearly 30% between 2010 and 2018. Even with good insurance, average copays now range from $12 to $57.* This can result in significant costs for your employees.
The solution many HR managers are turning to is GoodRx.

GoodRx is the #1 drug discount company in the country and has saved Americans over $15 billion. For example, while $15 and $20 copays are common with insurance plans, thousands of drugs are under $10 with GoodRx. Many are $5 or less! GoodRx is accepted at 70,000+ pharmacies and is 100% FREE to employers and employees. Plus, there are no deductibles, pre-authorizations or drug-tiers — just great prices on the prescription drugs your employees need to stay healthy.
*Takeda Reports 2016, 2017 & 2018

4. Host a virtual wellness retreat led by world-class wellness experts
It’s one thing to want to make a difference in your workplace’s wellbeing, but knowing where to start can be a bit daunting. Why not treat your team to a full-day sampling of all things wellness, from the comfort of their home. You can do just that by working with Remote Team Wellness.
With hundreds of bespoke nutrition sessions coached by registered dietitians, to yoga and meditation classes led by world-leading experts you can put together a fantastic full-day virtual wellness retreat for your employees to enjoy from the comfort of their own home.

[embedded content]

To receive a free virtual wellness retreat proposal book a call with Remote Team Wellness and see what virtual wellness can do for your company.

5. Bring in a chef to teach people an easy cooking recipe
Hire a chef who specializes in healthy food to come in for a cooking demonstration.
Doing this is easier than it may sound. Just check out these resources to feel like you have nearly any kind of chef at your fingertips! 

6. Publish a workplace wellness ideas newsletter highlighting the best fitness, nutrition, and educational content from around the Web
A company newsletter can be a great way to introduce new health and wellness ideas in the workplace. Setup separate google alerts for “fitness”, “nutrition” and “wellness education” and select “only the best results”. Compile the best articles each week or month into one email and send out for your employees to enjoy.

7. Stop offering low quality snacks
If you offer your team snacks or meals with no nutritional value, make the switch to healthier alternatives. At the very least provide a majority of healthy items for your office and just a few traditional junk food items.
To get some ideas, check out these healthy snacks for work and healthy office breakfast ideas.

8. Celebrate “Wellness Wednesday”
Dedicate hump day to try out any of the ideas on this list. This is a great tactic if you have an office that is set in their ways or otherwise resistant to change. One day a week seems much more manageable (and less overwhelming), and can be a gateway to healthier lifestyles.
Wednesday is great because it’s in the middle of the week when employees usually experience a bit of a lull. (Plus, alliteration!)
Creating wellness challenges and recognizing each person’s contribution to Wellness Wednesday can be a tall order. Nectar’s challenges feature helps manage and scale this type of initiative to increase engagement and automatically deliver rewards to participants in a social way for everyone to see.

9. Hook your team up with a Bevi
Bevi is a smart water cooler that dispenses refreshing still, sparkling, and flavored water that your team will love. This futuristic hydration station provides a healthier alternative to sugar-laden sodas, while reducing your team’s plastic footprint.
It’s a popular fixture of the SnackNation kitchen – and it just looks cool.

10. Offer standing desks
Varidesk offers adjustable-height standing desks that allow users to easily switch between standing and sitting while working. The switching aspect is key to getting optimal health benefits from a standing desk because it’s not healthy for people to remain in any one fixed position—sitting or standing—for too long. Give employees timers along with their standing desks so they can be sure to switch their positions throughout the day.

11. Visit a local farmer’s market for lunch
Offer to pay for all organic produce employees decide to purchase.
Here’s how to make it happen: 
Find a Farmers’ Market near you.
Figure out how to coordinate transportation to and from, if the market is not within walking distance of your office. (Luckily, there are so many convenient ways to get around these days. Get volunteer drivers, rent bikes or scooters, or simply book a ride share.) 
Set the date and send your invitations.

12. Order in lunch for the office, especially during crunch time on big projects
Reward your team for putting in the extra hours by ordering in lunch for them. Stick to something healthy of course – salads, wraps, Mediterranean, or a taco-salad bar or all good options.

13. Community Supported Agriculture
A lot of larger farms offer community supported agriculture programs where you invest in their farm, and they bring you fresh produce weekly. National wellness service provider TotalWellness actually does this for their employees, and if you get enough people from your company signed up they might deliver right to your office. It’s a convenient way to get some fresh, healthy food in your fridge while supporting local farmers.
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14. Create a healthy office cookbook
Ask employees to share their favorite healthy recipes. Compile the best ones into a collection and share around the office via a downloadable document in email or a simple printed booklet.

15. Show your employees how they can improve their health
Bring in a specialist who offers biometric screenings and health assessments, and more importantly, can give people a roadmap to improved health.
If you find someone willing to spend some of their precious time at your office, be sure to make the process as easy as possible for them. Have an outline or a list of questions ready so the person knows what they should cover. (And of course, a thoughtful thank-you present is certainly in order!) 
Most practicing physicians don’t make office visits. Here are some tips for finding a health expert to come to your office: 
Work your network! Does anyone in the office have a doctor in the family? 
Consider fitness experts you know. Yoga instructors, gym teachers, personal trainers, and people in similar roles often have a strong command of basic fitness and nutritional needs. 
Contact your local public health office. Many of these offices have people dedicated to public education.

16. Hold a health fair
Invite local vendors and companies to your office for a day to talk about nutrition and fun wellness activities at work. You should have no problem at all persuading local businesses to attend, as it’s a great way for them to promote their service.
Planning a health fair comes with a lot of work and a lot of steps. If you’re not sure how to get started, then check out our step-by-step health fair planning guide.

17. Assess Your Ergonomics
Ergonomics is the science of designing work tasks (and work spaces) in a way that limits stress on the human body. For office workers, this means things like keyboards designed to minimize the risk of repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, screens that minimize eye strain, and chairs that minimize back pain. This assessment tool can help point you in the right direction to create wellness at work.

18. Incentivize smoking cessation
In a study conducted by The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton School, employees who were financially incentivized to quit smoking were 3 times more successful at ditching the habit than non-incentivized employees.

19. Help combat eye strain
Staring at a computer for hours on end can take a toll on your vision. The blurred edges of computerized typeface force your eye to constantly focus in and out for hours on end, which can lead to headaches and fatigue.
Here are a few of our favorite tools to help prevent eye strain.
Flux adapts the color of your screen to the time of day.
Time Out reminds you when to take a break.
Pangobright is a free utility for Windows that dims the light on your screen according to your preference.

20. Remind people to get flu shots
Post a list of locations near your office offering flu shots on the company bulletin board.

21. Reward your team with on-site chair massage
Could your team use a boost in energy, relaxation, or even posture? Bring them back to life with in-office chair massage! Proven to reduce workplace stress by up to 85%, massage’s many benefits also include blood pressure reduction, improved sleep quality, and increased productivity. Regular chair massage is a surefire way to enhance performance by reducing stress and increasing focus and relaxation.
Bringing chair massage to your office is easy with Zeel@Work. Using their self-serve portal, you can book any time, for any size team – as soon as same day! Zeel coordinates with a vetted, licensed massage therapist to travel to your location, massage chair in tow. You just provide the space!

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22. Go Meatless on Monday
The average American eats 102.5 pounds each year, more than almost any country on the planet. But all this meat is bad news. Our meat-heavy diets have been linked to autoimmune and inflammatory disease, cancer, and heart disease. Make a dent in our meat addiction by encouraging your team to go meat-free at the beginning of the week.

23. Survey your employees to find out what is working and what is not
Don’t waste time and energy on corporate wellness initiatives that employees don’t find engaging or beneficial. Use Survey Monkey or Google Forms to create a survey to collect feedback from employees. Knowing how they feel can deliver employee wellness insights that will make changes easier to implement.

Bonus: Host Mindful Mondays (or any other day of the week)
Stress drains employees of health and wellness, making energy levels drop and bad moods skyrocket. Unfortunately, most workers experience damaging levels of stress that affect their work and home lives. According to an American Institute of Stress report,
80% of workers experience stress at work
Almost 50% of workers would like help managing stress
42% of workers believe their co-workers also need help managing stress
A simple mindfulness program could give employees the tools they need to manage all this stress. A mindfulness practice involves focused awareness and acceptance of the present. It helps people pull away from thoughts of the past and the future, which is where we find most of the fear and doubt that produces stress.
Try bringing everyone together once a week for a mindfulness session. Simply pile into a conference room, turn on a guided meditation, and voila—you’ve got a Mindful Monday!

Bonus: Start a stress circle
The American Psychological Association recommends social support for people looking to effectively manage stress. Anyone who’s ever experienced the joys of venting will understand why; when you talk about stress with others, you benefit from the listener’s outside ideas, perspectives, and solutions you couldn’t see because, well, you were too stressed out. Talking about your stress also helps process the underlying feelings causing your anxiety.
Organize a recurring weekly stress circle employees can attend if they want to talk about anything. Set safe-zone rules so everyone can feel comfortable talking about anything without facing judgment or appearing incompetent. (Everyone should feel comfortable admitting their struggles without facing special treatment from teammates.)
During the stress circle, each employee gets a turn to talk while everyone else listens and offers thoughtful constructive comments. If your stress circle gets too big, split into small groups so everyone’s stress gets the proper attention. If possible, try and separate managers and their direct reports. You want your team to be able to speak freely without fear of reprisal.

Group Activities and Fitness Hacks

24. Join a local sports league
Google softball, kickball, basketball, or indoor soccer league in your city to see which organizations offer co-ed sports leagues. Offer to pay for some or all of the league’s entrance fee for people interested in participating.

25. On-site yoga classes to relieve stress
Invite a yoga instructor into your office every couple of weeks to guide the team through a yoga class.

26. Participate in a 5K run
Find a 5K in your community and offer to cover entry fee for anyone who chooses to participate.
You can also start a regular running group so participants can get into race shape before the event. (In addition to boosting your race time, a running group also provides priceless bonding. 
Make the event even more fulfilling by finding a 5K with a cause or a theme you love. These sites will help you find a 5K that gets everyone excited: 

27. Turn meetings into walking meetings
You sit all day, so why not make your meetings a walking meeting instead? Research has suggested that walking makes people more creative.
Employee Wellness Idea #27 – Turn your meetings into walking meetings Click To Tweet
That’s right! Stanford researchers uncovered a compelling correlation between walking and creativity. 
The news gets even better: 
You can walk both inside and outside. The location of the walk didn’t seem to impact the creative process. So you can have your walking meeting right in the office! 
Walking can improve the ideas you have during your walking meeting and for a short time after the walk as well. 
So follow in the footsteps of famous walking creatives such as Charles Dickens, Steve Jobs, and John Muir with walking meetings. Just be sure to tell your participants ahead of time!

28. Put some scooters in the office
Scooters encourage people to move around the office. And let’s be honest, when was the last time you saw someone ride a scooter with a frown?

29. Keep some footballs, hula hoops, and volleyballs around the office
Make the office fun and encourage people to take a break and rejuvenate.

30. Post a note near the elevator reminding people to take the stairs instead

Photo belongs to Ludovic Bertron via Flickr’s Creative Commons License

31. Offer discounts to a local gym
Many gyms will offer a discount if you sign-up enough employees. Reach out to some local gyms in the area and ask for discounted group rates.

Bonus: Hand out workout “passes”
Help employees stay happy and healthy by giving them a free hour to work out. Create workout “passes” employees can use when they want to come into work an hour late or leave an hour early to squeeze quality workouts into their hectic days. The passes can be valid for one day a week or one day a month, depending on the demands of your office. (You can even work with your Human Resources team to create some official policies if that’s something your company leadership appreciates.)
For many employees, this little kick of flexibility could be just what they need to get more exercise, and in turn, feel better every day.

Fun Fitness Challenges, Competitions, and Contests
32. Team scavenger hunt
Companies like Scavify can help you do the heavy lifting of coordinating a scavenger hunt. They even have a virtual team building version of their game that is designed to bring remote teams together and drive employee engagement.

If you’re thrilled to plan the scavenger hunt yourself, then check out Scavenger-hunt.org’s  essential how-to guide for creating scavenger hunts.

33. Hold a fitness challenge
Corporate wellness company Fitbug institute a daily wall sit challenge where employees increase the duration of their wall sits by 10 seconds each day, going until the last person remains standing. This serves as a fun fitness challenge idea that gets the whole office involved, and is a great way to get the competitive juices flowing!
(Here’s how to create a killer office fitness challenge in 4 weeks or less)

34. Host an employee field day
Harmless Harvest, makers of raw coconut water and tea, have combined team building activities with workplace wellness by hosting employee field days followed by dinner. Their team heads to a local park in the afternoon for a game of tennis, catch, soccer, frisbee, or whatever else people feel like doing (even if it’s just getting some sun on a nice day). Afterwards they have a healthy dinner by grilling out at the park or heading to a co-founder’s house.
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35. Subsidize wearable technology that helps employees track their activity
Wearable technologies like FitBit can help people monitor their fitness levels, track their sleep, and challenge friends who also have the device. The good people at 3 Birds Marketing take part in “Workweek Hustle” challenges where members of the team with FitBits try to out-step each other.

36. The Mile-A-Day Challenge
For 30 days, employees track how many days they ran at least 1 mile. The winner at the end of the month gets a prize.
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37. The 7 Hours of Sleep Challenge
For 30 days, employees track how many nights they slept at least 7 hours. The winner at the end of the month gets a prize.

38. The 8 Glasses of Water Challenge
For 30 days, employees track how many days they drank at least 8 glasses (8 ounces) of water. The winner at the end of the month gets a prize.

39. The Whole Life Challenge
The 8 week long Whole Life Challenge incentivizes major lifestyle change by awarding points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits: nutrition, exercise, mobilize, sleep, hydrate, lifestyle, and reflect. Game mechanics help keep you engaged, and a scoreboard keeps you in friendly competition with co-workers.

40. Monthly and weekly fitness challenges
Throw down a challenge of the month – most push-ups, most miles run, most miles biked. Factorial’s healthy work environment tips include encouraging physical activity as a way to motivate employees who may need that extra push to enter a fitness challenge. Your team members will also have a collective goal to rally around which can help them keep each other accountable.

41. Healthy cooking contests
Have your staff make their favorite healthy recipes and bring them into work for a cooking contest voted on by the rest of the office.

42. The Biggest Loser Challenge
The people over at Corporate Fitness League offer a step-by-step plan on how throwing a successful Biggest Loser Challenge at your office. Check it out here.

43. Start a virtual exercise challenge
Map out a long distance “virtual mission” from one location to another on My Virtual Mission and challenge your office to complete it either as a team or competing against each other in a virtual race. You could also raise money for a local cause – it’s a win-win!

44. Hold impromptu contests
Encourage healthier lifestyles with impromptu contests. Who brought the healthiest lunch or who can do the most pushups?
Frequently change up the contest focus so people have no idea what’s coming. Here are some other ideas for fun, healthy contests:
See who’s the most flexible during a round of limbo
See who can hold the longest plank
See who has the healthiest snacks at their desk
See who knows the most deskercises (The winner can give a demonstration so everyone else can benefit from the office fitness knowledge.)

45. 21 Days of Gratefulness Challenge
Track 3 things you’re grateful for everyday on a shared Google sheet for 21 days. Research on the physical and mental health benefits of gratitude has piled up in recent years. Practicing gratitude boosts overall wellness; it can make people happy and even inspire them to exercise more.
The psychology experts at Harvard Medical School praise gratitude,
“In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

Active Rejuvenation
46. Encourage nap time
The benefits of napping include improved creativity, productivity, and memory. Put a comfortable recliner in an unused room in your office to create a “nap room”.

Photo belongs to Nathan Jones via Flickr’s Creative Commons License 
47. Schedule recess
Pick a 15 time-slot in the afternoon for everyone to get away from his or her desk. Go outside, socialize with each other, and enjoy some fresh air!

48. Offer unlimited vacation
Before you laugh in my (virtual) face, hear me out. Offering your employees unlimited vacation shows you trust your staff to be responsible and take time off when they need it. The best way to implement this program is to tie it to performance, meaning projects need to be on-track and goals being met.
It’s a win-win because employees have more flexibility and employers can reward good performance.

49. Pay your employees to volunteer
Give your employees an allotted amount of time each month to leave their desks during the day to volunteer. Ideas include volunteering at a local food bank, or cleaning up a park, beach, or trail. You’ll benefit doubly from team bonding and group physical exercise.
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50. Turn an empty office into a “No Work Allowed” Employee Lounge
Hack Reactor has a company break room that requires access through a smartphone.  It includes a series of soft, comfortable couches for relaxation or naps, turfgrass (so you can feel the experience of being outside without leaving the building), a cubby for shoes, and a strict rule of no work talk! Employees are free to listen to guided meditations, play board games, or do yoga.
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51. Give employees a vacation day on their birthday
You can also offer 1 floating holiday for the year if they choose to work on their birthday.

52. Encourage employees to schedule break time hourly
Studies have shown that taking breaks is a good thing for our productivity, so encourage people to schedule a small 5-10 minute break every 90 minutes to rejuvenate and come back strong. Studies have shown that taking even small breaks provides major benefits; researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that small breaks improve focus. The study authors believe you can regain engagement in a task after a short break because of how our brains are wired to judge constant, repetitive stimulation unimportant. A small break from a task can make a tedious job seem new to a fatigued attention span.

53. Reward your most loyal employees
Offer a month-long sabbatical for all employees who hit the 5-year mark of service.  For more ideas, check out our list of 121 ways to reward employees.

54. Don’t let frustrated people keep working
NuGo Nutrition says that when people get frustrated at the office, they tell them to go for a walk around the block. They find that fresh air and some sunshine often make people more productive once they get back.
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55. Offer flexible paid time off
Give employees the option to choose how they want to use their bank of paid time off (sick days, personal days, and vacation).

Cool Perks and Just For Fun
56. Attire themed days of the week
Pick a day of the week for people to dress up in a certain theme. Our office recently started something called “Aloha Fridays” where team members wear their favorite Hawaiian shirts to work.  Theme days are a great way to boost employee morale and engagement.

57. Put on some tunes
Play some music through speakers around the office. Studies show that music improves mood, which can help boost productivity and creativity. Opt for music without lyrics and keep it at an ambient noise level. The SnackNation Ultimate Productivity Playlist is our personally curated selection of lyric-free songs guaranteed to maximize focus and increase your effectiveness.
SnackNation Ultimate Productivity Playlist
58. Incentivize ridesharing
Voted by Outside Magazine as a Top 100 Place to Work, Team One implements a fantastic rideshare program that rewards employees for carpooling. Each employee gets a card to mark down the days they partake in ridesharing. Each day counts as 1 point and Team One also throws in double points for certain days of the week. Once an employee hits 30 points, they get a $25 gift card.
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59. Company sponsored Happy Hours
Working hard deserves some playing hard. Take your team out for Happy Hour after a long workweek to help everyone unwind before the weekend.

60. Gift card giveaways for major project completions or sales
Buy a bunch of $25 gift cards to Amazon or local restaurants, put the name of each team member into a bowl and select one at random each time a big sale is made or project completed.

61. Institute Summer Fridays
Most businesses experience a decline in sales/business activity during the summer months. Let your employees enjoy more of their summer by offering half day or shortened day Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

62. Change attire to business casual or just casual
By allowing people to ditch the heels or suit and tie, employees will be much more inclined to take a walk outside or bike to work.
Dress code may seem like a casual thing, but employees have serious reactions to it and opinions on it. 
Talint International, reporting on a Stormline Poll, called out the points below to underscore the importance of a casual dress code: 
61% of polled employees said dressing casually made them feel more productive 
61% said they wouldn’t be thrilled to hear a potential employer enforced a dress code 
78% said that not having a code would not change their drive to dress presentably
Most employees feel that office dress codes don’t have much of a use
This idea makes people happy, and best of all, it’s totally free for companies to implement. (Unless you want to kick off the casual dress code by passing out branded t-shirts!)

63. Encourage public transportation, walking or biking
Panjo, a mobile marketplace for auto, sport, and hobby enthusiasts, doesn’t provide parking spaces to associates who live within 2 miles of their office in order to promote biking and walking. In inclement weather the company covers the cost of a taxi, Lyft, or Uber ride for the walkers and bikers.
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64. Incorporate plants around the office
There are many health benefits associated with having a “Green office,” including fresher air, improved emotional state, and a reduction of office illnesses. A University of Queensland study found that an office outfitted with plants can actually increase employee productivity by 15 percent.

65. Go out to lunch to celebrate new hires
Welcome new hires onto your team by taking them out for lunch with your department.
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66. Post your company’s mission and core values in the office
The “why” of an organization is almost always more important the the “what.” Hire a graphic designer to create a poster or a foam board printing cutout of your company’s mission and core values and post it somewhere with a lot of foot traffic like the breakroom, central conference room, or waiting area right where people walk into the office.
Core values can help instill a sense of purpose to your employees’ daily work, which will lead to elevated moods and higher employee engagement.

67. Make your office pet-friendly
Pets in the office help employees reduce stress and increase things like communication and productivity. Plus pet owners take multiple walks throughout the day.

[embedded content]

68. Post an “About Us” page on your website
Include all team member pictures and a short blurb sharing something unique about them.

69. Setup a chair race
Organize an impromptu chair race. What’s the worst that could happen?

70. Post your company’s accolades
Remind your employees that their hard work has been recognized by outside organizations. Frame your accolades, honorable mentions, and community awards around the office.

Free bonus: Download this entire list as a PDF. Easily save it on your computer for quick reference or print it for your company’s next meeting to plan a team building event.

71. Hand out weekly awards
Create fun awards like “The Duct Tape Award” (the person in the office who fixes everything). “The Pearly White Award” (the person who smiles the most), or “The Cliff Jumper Award” (the person who takes the most risk).

72. Clothing drive
Ask people to bring in old clothes to be donated to a homeless shelter or Goodwill.

73. Celebrate work anniversaries
Make yearly work anniversaries a celebration. Send an email out to the team to commemorate your team’s anniversaries. Also have the CEO or someone else on the executive team craft a hand written note to that person thanking them for their service (this goes a LONG way).

74. Sponsor a company retreat or offsite
Probably one of the best wellness activities for groups you can do are retreats. Company retreats are a ton of fun and a great way to brainstorm new ideas to drive the company forward. Use the beginning of the day to work on the company and then follow it up at night with a group dinner and drinks.

75. Celebrate an obscure holiday
National Popcorn Day anyone?
Here are some amazingly obscure holidays to celebrate: 
Draw a Picture Of a Bird DayMake Your Own Holiday Day
Be Late for Something Day
Dance Like a Chicken Day
Goose Day

76. Hire a masseuse for a day
Create a sign-up sheet with 15-30 minute blocks per massage.

77. Randomly held gifting between employees
Just like White Elephant around the holidays, setup a gift exchange just for fun.

78. Encourage cubicle customization
Hold a contest to see who can customize their cube the best and vote on a winner.

79. Throw a costume or themed party
It doesn’t have to be Halloween to dress up in theme. Why not a random Wednesday in March?

80. Offer some cool freebies
A Netflix subscription, babysitting, custom shoes, tickets to a sporting event. Check out our list of company swag ideas your employees really want.

81. Build a game room
Setup a Nintendo Wii, foosball table, darts, or ping-pong table for some friendly daily competition.

Photo belongs to Sean Hagen via Flickr’s Creative Commons License

82. Free company gear
Make sure your team has all the cool company swag you giveaway at conferences and social events (Hats, t-shirts, polos, pens, etc).

83. Leave in the middle of the day to watch a movie
Call the nearby theaters and find out which ones offer a group discount.

84. Get a bean-to-cup coffee machine or coffee keg
Throw the old coffee pot into the trash and upgrade to a bean-to-cup coffee machine or coffee keg.

85. Discount your service or product to employees
Offer an employee discount program for your service or product at 25% off or more to employees.

86. Reduce health insurance premiums for employees who are extra active
Offer to subsidize a set amount of an employee’s insurance premium when they log a certain number of exercise hours each month. There are also several apps and services in the digital health marketplace that can help employers ensure that their workforce is adopting and keeping new, healthy habits.
Here are four apps that can help your workforce achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

87. Use holidays as an excuse to get healthy
The holidays always seem to be an excuse to eat food that’s not good for us. Instead of the traditional junk food, offer green juices/smoothies on St. Patrick’s Day, red bell peppers and hummus on Valentine’s Day, turkey jerky around Thanksgiving, blackberry and orange fruit salad on Halloween.
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88. Offer convenient laundry service
Your busy people could benefit greatly by having a laundry service pickup their clothes and return them back to the office.

89. Create an employee referral program
Chances are your good people know other good people, so offer employees a bonus for referring someone who is hired and kept on for at least 6 months.

90. Implement a “Team Bucks” system
Make a fake currency where people can reward each other with “Team Bucks”. Allow people to collect and trade their “Team Bucks” in for real-world prizes like gift certificates.

91. Appoint an Employee Wellness “Governor”
Make it fun and hold an election every quarter, 6 months, or year where the whole office gets to vote on the new woman or man in charge.

92. Offer paid maternity leaves
If your company is not already doing so, consider offering new mothers paid maternity leave.

93. Tea for the soul
Lay out some hot water, tea bags, and some healthy treats. Google “inspirational quotes” and write them down on strips of paper. Put all the quotes in a bowl. Invite people to take a 15-minute break to enjoy a cup of tea and snack and have everyone grab 1 quote from the bowl.

94. Start a facebook group that highlights hikes around your city
Ask people to submit photos from their hikes and highlight trails they walked. A facebook group will also easily allow people to organize group hikes.

95. Spin the wheel for hitting milestones
Purchase a Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel from Amazon that employees get to spin for prizes when they hit special milestones like achieving a quarterly goal, winning a company challenge, etc.

96. Promote laughter
According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter really is the best medicine. Laughter has a number of short- and long-term benefits, including improved immune system, elevated mood, and reduced stress. To get your office chuckling, give away two tickets to a local comedy show or even invite a local comedian to perform.

97. Establish designated coffee time
Setup a time in the morning and/or afternoon for employees to walk together to the local coffee shop for a pick-me-up. It’ll also give people a chance to catch up and exchange some laughs.

98. Offer a donation-matching program
Companies like Apple offer to match any charity or philanthropic donations made by employees.

99. Reward those who drive hybrid cars
Give hybrid car owners an assigned parking spot in the parking lot.

Productivity Boosters
100. Encourage creativity with collaboration spaces
Find an empty office or unused area around your office and turn it into a place where people can meet and collaborate on projects. Install some comfortable furniture so people can set up shop away from their desks and let the creativity flow.

101. Create flexible work hours
Everyone likes more flexibility with work because it allows him or her to structure their day to their lifestyle. Kick the habit of mandated working hours (i.e. 9am – 5pm with a half hour for lunch) and focus more on results. What matters most is the quality and effectiveness of someone’s work.

102. Subsidize personal development books and courses
Nothing is more important than the personal and professional development of your employees. Offer a flat or percentage based subsidy for personal development books, seminars, and training courses.

103. Offer one remote working day each week
Give your responsible and reliable team members the option of working remotely 1 day out of the week. A few of the perks of remote work are that it allows people to work more productively, eliminate long commutes, and spend more time with their family.

104. Share personal goals on a whiteboard
Get a whiteboard where people only write their non-work related wellness goals. Things like “Go to the gym 3 times per week”, “play basketball 4 times per month”, or “read 10 books this year” are some good ones to get people started. Doing so will create a sense of common cause and accountability, spurring higher goal completion rates.

105. Morning huddles for each department
Schedule a daily huddle with all department team members to verbalize everyone’s main goals for the day and let others know if they are needed.

106. Departmental “Crucial Results”
Create a google shared spreadsheet where everyone within a department lists the 3 most important assignment, tasks, or projects they need to finish each day and their top 5 for the week. Highlight “crucials” green at the end of the day if they were completed and red if they were not. This will help create a better level of accountability for each person and lead people to focus on the most important items:

(Here’s a more in-depth look at how we do Crucial Results at SnackNation)

107. 20% time
Google used to offer “20% time”, which allowed employees to take one day a week to work on side projects (provided it advanced Google in some way). The program led to the developments of Gmail and Adsense, so it could give your team some time to let their true creative genius shine.

108. No Talk Tuesday
From 9am-noon, try banning any non-urgent meetings and interruptions with each other. It’ll help everyone in the office get more work done early in the week so that the end of the week can be less stressful.
Check out our list of 27 ways to improve your work productivity for even more tips.

Mental Health and Personal Growth
109. Create a “high-five” board
Create cutouts with each employee’s name on it and paste it to a magnet. Then buy a white board and put all the names up on it. Leave some dry-erase markers out so people can call-out another team member for something positive they did. Here’s one of the “high-five” boards at SnackNation:

For more ideas like this, check out our list of the best employee recognition ideas.

110. Host Lunch and Learns
Choose a day of the week or month to gather for a company-wide Lunch and Learn. Allow team members to present on a topic they’re interested in (whether it’s work related or not) and use this time to discuss important company updates. Revolutionary news site RYOT hosts a brown bag lunch every Monday where the company meets to discuss goals and triumphs.
Employee Wellness Idea #110 – Host Lunch and Learns Click To Tweet

111. Teach your employees the basics and importance of finance
This is especially important for younger employees, but can also be useful for older staff that is not familiar with finance. Here are some great online resources to get you started:

112. Acknowledgement and gratefulness meeting at the end of the week
Feeling unacknowledged can quickly lead to burnout. But it’s an easy problem to solve. Schedule half an hour on Friday afternoon for the company to gather together and go around in a circle naming off another person’s work they want to acknowledge and 1 thing they are grateful for that week.
At SnackNation, we call it the “Crush-it Call.” Here’s a video explaining how to implement your own version of the CiC:

[embedded content]

113. Organize a book club
Reading interesting books allow employees to share ideas on a wide range of topics. Select a book each quarter and allow people to form small groups to read and review.

114. Start a community library
Setup a bookshelf in your office and ask everyone to lend books to the library. Create a sign-up sheet so people can check-in and check-out books.

115. Inspirational quote of the day or week
Who doesn’t love a great quote, right? Most companies have a bulletin board or chalkboard where employees frequently pass by. Write a new inspirational quote daily or weekly to energize the office. BrainyQuote is a great site to find quotes.

116. Put up a wellness wall
Toms Shoes has a wellness wall at their office in Los Angeles where employees can post things like healthy eating tips, exercise routines, etc.
Employee Wellness Idea #116 – Put up a wellness wall Click To Tweet

117. Ask people to create a vision board
Vision boards are a way for people to associate images with the things they want to achieve in life. Christine Kane breaks down how to create a vision board in 5 steps.

118. Take an emotional intelligence class
Emotional wellbeing depends on the ability to recognize and process events in healthy ways. The ability to process makes people resilient because, in many cases, it’s the only aspect of office life and office politics we can completely control. That’s why group classes in emotional intelligence, a skill that helps people process and manage both internal and external emotions, make incredible workplace wellness programs. Every benefit sharp emotional intelligence offers—including enhanced communicating, clear thinking, and deepened interpersonal relationships—boosts wellness levels around the office.
Look for emotional intelligence coaches and trainers in your area, or see what online resources, such as Lynda, have to offer.

119. Create an acknowledgement jar
Setup a jar with strips of paper and a pen next to it for people to acknowledge someone else’s work. Read the acknowledgements aloud during your weekly team meetings.

120. Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with light therapy
Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that afflicts office workers during the winter months, when the lack of light affects the production of brain chemicals like serotonin and melatonin. To ward off SAD, maximize the amount of natural light in your office, or use bright artificial lights (like the Verilux HappyLight) at employee desks.

121. Subsidize ongoing education
One of my favorite Core Values at SnackNation is “Seek Perpetual Growth”. One of the best investments an organization can make is in the development of its people. Encourage people to seek ongoing education by subsidizing any classes they take that will help them grow in their position. This will not only provide your team members with an opportunity to learn new skills, it will help to energize them to keep learning rather than falling into a path towards employee burnout.

Bonus: Implement an employee wellness software
Employee wellness programs can be difficult to manage. There are plenty of corporate employee wellness tools available to organizations that help manage and maintain programs to keep team members engaged and active. These types of company culture software can help with employee health education and conduct confidential health assessments, as well as increase employee participation and progress through gamification that includes incentives.

Bonus: Nobody (should) put wellness in a corner
Too often, wellness programs are siloed off from other benefits (and they’re typically limited to an annual weight-loss challenge or quarterly steps competitions). But the most successful companies are integrating their wellness programs into their day-to-day business strategy and overall company culture, allowing it to benefit the company beyond “just” wellness. Sonic Boom Wellness co-founder Danna Korn says there are countless areas where your program can boost business needs beyond wellbeing, including: Employee Recognition, Sales, Workplace Safety, Customer Service, Absenteeism, and even promoting Company Values.
[embedded content]
[embedded content]

The possibilities are endless – just get creative (and then get promoting)!

Regardless of the size of your business, there are several reasons you and your employees can benefit from an increased focus on employee health and happiness.
Employee wellness programs are a vital component in attracting top talent, keeping them happy, and decreasing employee turnover and absenteeism. Many of the best companies to work for already offer their workers the awesome employee wellness ideas listed above.
Now it’s your turn to improve the well-being of your workspace.
So what ideas are you using for your wellness program? If we’ve missed an awesome ideas for wellness or just wellbeing at work ideas in general –  let us know in the comments below.

Free bonus: Download this entire list as a PDF. Easily save it on your computer for quick reference or print it for your company’s next Wellness Meeting. Includes 10 bonus ideas not found in this post.

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What Is An Employee Wellness Program?

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26 Surefire Ways To Boost Employee Wellbeing In 2021

Let’s face it – we spend the majority of our waking lives at work.
For most us, our lives are made up mostly of work.
Companies are learning that acknowledging – rather than denying – this fact is not just the right thing to do, but also a sound business decision.
In a recent interview, Life is Good founder Bert Jacobs emphasized that focusing on things like employee wellbeing has an often under-acknowledged business benefit for organizations.
According to Jacobs, focusing on employee wellbeing and purpose is “a smart strategy for building a strong business….The organization only hurts themselves if they’re not working in the best interest of everybody at their organization.”
Why is this the case? Employee wellbeing is linked to employee engagement and productivity, and your organization becomes stronger across the board when you make it a priority.

Take your appreciation efforts to the next level by managing them through an employee recognition and engagement platform like Bonusly

Your company isn’t the product you make, your intellectual property, your patents, or even the customers you serve. First and foremost, your company is your people. (Literally. The word “company” comes from the military, and simply refers to a body of soldiers.)
Before we get to brass tacks, first a quick note on what we mean by employee wellbeing:
“Employee happiness,” “employee engagement,” and “employee wellbeing” are terms that often thrown around interchangeably. While they’re all related, they mean different things and imply different strategies.
What’s the difference?
Specifically, employee wellbeing is about how your job – your duties, expectations, stress level, and environment – affects your overall health and happiness.
And while it certainly includes things like exercise and nutrition, well-being isn’t just about physical health. It’s about mood and cognition, and less tangible factors like a sense of purpose. Above all, it’s about understanding your employees from a holistic perspective, taking into account the totality of their lives, and considering their overall quality of life.
Easier said than done, we know. But we’re here to help.
Here are 26 proven and powerful ways to boost employee wellbeing at your company.
Tip: Did you know that companies that have sent their employees working-from-home a care package during the pandemic saw a boost to virtual employee engagement and productivity projections by as much as 17%? Cure burnout and reinvigorate your remote employees with a WFH Wellness Box today!

Table of Contents

1. Make Recognition and Praise Part of Your Company’s Culture.
One of the most desired – and easiest to implement – wellbeing initiatives is simply to recognize employees for their effort and achievements. A recent survey shows that 70% of employees say recognition makes them feel emotionally connected to peers while another 70% say recognition makes them happier at home. The impact of a recognition-rich culture cannot be understated.
Nectar makes it really easy to build recognition and praise into your company’s culture to create a positive work environment. With Nectar, all employees are empowered to give recognition, increasing the frequency and stickiness of praise throughout your organization.

This is especially effective for Millennial employees, who are accustomed to receiving praise from a very young age. Being part of the so-called “self-esteem generation,” they often crave recognition more than a pay raise.
A handwritten thank you note, or formal recognition program – like Nectar, for example – all go a long way towards creating a positive emotional environment that supports wellbeing.
Or you could do a “Crush It Call”. Here’s how we do them at SnackNation HQ:

[embedded content]

2. Invest in Affordable Weekly Virtual Employee Wellbeing.
What would your team do if they could come together weekly for live-taught Meditation, Yoga, Fitness, team-building and other wellness classes taught by experts? They’d thrive. Practicing mindfulness is associated with several facets of overall well-being, including reduced stress, enhanced relationships, and stronger focus.
At SnackNation, we perform an employee-led guided meditation session every Wednesday at 2 pm. Our resident meditation expert, Spencer Carlson, studied the practice in India, and helps our team become more mindful and present.

Like mindfulness, guided meditation offers almost too many benefits to list. They include things like better sleep, improved metabolism and weight loss, reduced stress and aging, and improved mood and cognition.
So why not give your employees the chance to build a sustainable, long-term wellness practice with regular live-taught Movement, Mindset, Purpose, Nutrition and other wellness sessions led by world-class experts from Remote Team Wellness.

We’ve used RTW at SnackNation now that we are fully remote and support their vision of the future of virtual employee wellbeing:

[embedded content]

To get a customized virtual corporate wellbeing recommendation for your team book a free organizational wellness assessment with Remote Team Wellness today.

3. Show You Care with Caroo.

Looking for a beautifully simple way to boost employee wellness? Try premium gifts that show your team how much you care.
Caroo makes it easy to add your own personal touch to their expertly curated premium gifts, ensuring your employees get gift boxes that make them feel cared for and also inspired. Receiving items they love along with messages of caring will nurture the social and emotional dimensions of your employees’ wellness.

4. Incentivize Employees to Practice Gratitude.
Studies show that gratitude is positively correlated with happiness, stronger relationships, and overall better mental wellbeing. Fond helps you make expressing gratitude an integrated cultural norm at your company by making the process of peer-to-peer recognition as easy as possible.

The benefits of having peers express gratitude for one another works in two directions.
On the one hand, encouraging employees to call out their colleagues for good behavior puts them on the lookout for wins — it quite literally primes their attention to focus on the positive. As you can imagine, this mindset shift can be transformational in terms of instilling a winners’ attitude in your team.

At the same time, when employees are on the receiving end of employee recognition through Fond, it’s a fantastic feeling. Knowing that your peers see and appreciate your hard work is great, and being rewarded for it doesn’t hurt either.
Fond makes employee recognition easy, which paves the way for it to become a habit. With gratitude as a defining value of your organizational culture, you’re well-equipped to provide employees with the kind of supportive, uplifting work environment that they need to thrive.

5. Break Out In an Impromptu Dance Competition.
This idea comes from the awesome folks at Sonic Boom wellness, based in Carlsbad, CA:

“Sitting at a desk for an entire eight-hour shift (or longer) can take its toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. As one of the many creative ways we help keep Sonic Boom employees engaged while at work, our Co-founders suggested that we participate in random two-minute dance parties – an idea borrowed from the popular Ellen daytime talk show.
When the music starts playing in our colorful Think Tank, Boomers are encouraged to stop what they’re doing, get up from their computers, and let loose with some sweet dance moves. Not only do we get our blood flowing, we also experience a healthy mental release by dancin’ like we just don’t care (and building some special camaraderie with our coworkers in the process).
A bit silly? Of course. But is everyone smiling at the end? You betcha.”

6. Empower Wellness with Swag.
Wellness doesn’t have to be out of reach when you have the right tools. Employees have the motivation to be well, but sometimes, they just need a little boost toward their goals. 
Give them the support they need with branded wellness gifts from Swag.com. Not only does this swag help boost employees’ wellness game, but it will also show them appreciation while encouraging loyalty. 
Get inspiration for your feel-good giveaways by checking out these wellness offerings from Swag.com:

7. Throw Down Fitness Challenges.
Fitness challenges are one of the best ways to kickstart your company’s wellbeing into gear.
Why are they so effective? Fitness challenges unlock the spirit of fun and friendly competition. Peer involvement will encourage greater participation, and inspire your team to push themselves further than they would on their own.
Here at SnackNation, we recently launched the “Walk it Out” step challenge, during which the entire org received Jawbone fitness trackers, and logged our steps daily.

The goal was to “walk” from LA to San Francisco as a team over the course of 4 weeks – that is, log the 772,000 steps between LA and the city by the bay.
In addition to the team goal, prizes were awarded for individual step leaders after each week. It was that combination of shared and individual goals that held the key to the program’s success. Our team felt a sense of togetherness and esprit de corps as we strove for common goals, and celebrated individual leaders throughout the week.
Fitness challenges don’t cost much to launch (fitness trackers are great, but definitely not required), and provide outsized benefits to your organization, fostering both team building and overall wellbeing.

8. Give Employees The Tools to Discover Their Purpose.
Jenn Lim, the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness – a company she co-founded with Zappos’ Tony Hsieh to help companies unlock the business potential of happiness – is a huge proponent of purpose-driven cultures.
Lim and DH take a scientific look at happiness, drawing on positive psychology to determine how companies can optimize their cultures. One of the primary insights they found is that a sense of purpose is key to creating a sustainable culture of happiness and wellbeing.
According to the team’s research, there are three levels of happiness:
pleasure – a fleeting form of happiness
passion – a more sustained form of happiness that continues to deliver as long as you are performing the activity about which you are passionate
purpose – the highest level, which permeates your daily life with happiness and energy
Under this rubric, the best thing you can do for employee wellbeing is to infuse your culture with a sense of purpose.
How is this done?
Chris Cutter, CEO of LifeDojo wellbeing, says,

“We believe that when you put genuine employee engagement first, permanent positive health habits follow.” So what makes “genuine” engagement in wellbeing? According to LifeDojo, a few things:
First, focus on your employees’ intrinsic motivation (everyone has very specific, individual goals and reasons for working on their own health).
Second, foster a sense of ownership by encouraging employees to personalize what health and wellbeing habits they’ll work on as part of your wellness initiatives.
Third, offer a coach who can treat employees not as problems to be solved, but as human beings to empower. Finally, give employees the opportunity to be champions of the program, encouraging your team to grow interest in new initiatives from the bottom up…instead of imposing new programs from the top down.
Engagement has an incredible impact on your company culture. When an employee sees wellbeing as a perk instead of something they ‘have to do,’ you start to see job satisfaction, productivity and appreciation skyrocket.”

(For more on the power of purpose, check out our Ultimate List of Employee Engagement Ideas)

9. Encourage Employees to Develop Friendships.

It should come as no surprise that building lasting friendships can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of our lives. And one of the best wellness strategies you can foster.
However, you may be interested to learn that recent research proves that when working in a team, friends outperform strangers.
Ohio State researchers compared the results of 26 different studies and concluded that friends coordinate tasks more effectively because they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that can break up work in the most effective way.
Robert Lount, a co-author of the study and associate professor at Ohio State’s business school, notes, “Working with friends is not just something that makes us feel good – it can actually produce better results.”
Employee engagement is at an all-time low and one way to encourage employees to care more about their job–encourage them to foster friendships.
Feeling safe, supported and appreciated at work can go a long way to improve performance and productivity but social interactions also release oxytocin, referred to as the love drug.
According to MindBodyGreen, humans are social beings and our brains have evolved to ensure our survival which means that they operate best when we interact and connect with others. Social exchanges can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing feelings of happiness and calm.
Oxytocin also calms “the fear center of the brain, and strengthens its communications with brain circuits that help you control emotions.”
When you boil it down, having friends at work helps you be better at your job by improving communication and collaboration, and perhaps more importantly, it leads to a happier life overall.
Here a couple simple ideas to facilitate connections for your employees:
Implement a new hire buddy system
Allow co-workers to take their full lunch break
Encourage team traditions and rituals
Start an office-wide Slack channel dedicated to sharing personal interests
Consider having a yearly offsite

10. Get Some Steps in During Your Meetings.
Want another way to help your team “hack” their way to improved health? Hold your next meeting on foot.
Walking meetings are a great way to add a little movement and exercise into your schedule, without sacrificing productivity.
In fact, you’re more likely to enhance your productivity.

Take your business meetings a step further – with a walking meeting. It works for me: http://t.co/laCOwqQ57D pic.twitter.com/dyIyi07i8y
— Richard Branson (@richardbranson)

The benefits of ditching stuffy conference rooms for meetings on-the-go are plentiful: the added blood flow and shifting environment will enhance focus and spur creativity.
Think we’re making this up? Some of the greatest thinkers in history – including Steve Jobs, Harry S. Truman, and even Aristotle – swore by walking meetings.
El Segundo, California-based skincare brand Murad came up with an ingenious way to encourage walking meetings. They painted a walking track in their new, 45,000 global headquarters. The track, which snakes through and around the floor of their offices, enables employees to stretch their legs and discuss work on the fly.
Lisa Sterling, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at human capital management technology company Ceridian, offers another cool idea:

“Several Ceridian offices have installed treadmill workstations for employees to walk while on conference calls, web meetings or working on their laptops. It’s a way to encourage our people to keep moving during the day and is actively embraced by our people.”

11. Institute Flexible Work Hours for Improved Work/Life Balance.
As we mentioned in the beginning, employee wellbeing isn’t just about physical health. It’s about one’s overall quality of life.
Our lives are multi-faceted. Work is important, but there are so many other things outside of work that give our lives meaning and purpose – things like family, faith, community, and hobbies.
It goes without saying that these things require our time and energy. More often than not, work obligations get in the way, and our wellbeing suffers as a result.
Allowing for flexible working hours does two things. It empowers employees to alter their work habits to fit their family needs or to keep working on the projects that give their lives additional meaning. This results in a more healthy work-life balance that benefits everyone.
Perhaps more importantly, it sends a signal that you trust your employees. When you enable employees to set their own schedules as long as they hit deadlines and deliver results, they feel more like partners than corporate drones – and they’ll work that much harder for you.

12. Fight The Harmful Effects of Sedentary Lifestyles with Standing Desks.
Do you know that sitting is the new smoking?
It’s true. Sedentariness represents a grave threat to the health of millions of American office workers.
Don’t take it from us. According to the New York Times, “It doesn’t matter if you go running every morning, or you’re a regular at the gym. If you spend most of the rest of the day sitting — in cars, office chairs, or on your sofa at home — you are putting yourself at increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, a variety of cancers and an early death.”
One way to offset the dangers of sitting too much is by… standing. Sitting is one of the most passive things you can do. By standing while you work, your body will burn energy as your leg, core, and back muscles tense to balance.
Many employers are put off by the cost of replacing existing desks with expensive standing ones.
Fortunately, Oristand has solved that problem with their totally functional, totally affordable cardboard standing desks. This simple yet sturdy design is only $25, and is used by more than 20,000 professionals across the world to decrease sedentariness and increase wellbeing.

Here’s what Mike Travers, Senior Benefits Consultant at full-service HR provider TriNet, has to say about the benefits of standing desks:

“Standing desks are great for when you’re stuck in a long meeting, for instance, as they may help you not to fall asleep.  Studies show that when you stand up, your body remains active and you reap the benefits of the extra metabolic functioning that can help reduce your chances of diabetes and heart disease.  Just think of the cost savings as well!
Some of those sit down chairs are very expensive.  If you have a phone job, you often project better over the telephone from a standing position rather than slouched in a chair.  There is also evidence that the more you sit, the greater your mortality risk! For me, that says it all.”

13. Focus on Personal Development.
No one wants a dead-end job.
In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Your employees – especially the younger folks in the group – crave progress. They need to feel like they are on a path that leads somewhere.
One way to ensure that your employees are learning and growing is by aiding their personal and professional development.
At SnackNation, we do this in a few ways. We have a personal development library, where all employees are encouraged to borrow books from an array of personal development titles.
We also have every employee complete IDPs – individual development plans. Employees develop goals and then work with managers to develop a path to achieving those goals. Monthly check-ins assure accountability.
Finally, we hold weekly “Sensei Sessions.” These are hour-long personal and professional development sessions led by senior leadership. It’s a great way to inspire your team and share knowledge and experience.
Here’s one of our Sensei Sessions presented by our Head of Sales. Kevin Dorsey:

[embedded content]

14. Allow Remote Days to Renew Focus and Remove Distractions.
Sometimes, you just need to change things up.
If it’s feasible, allow your employees to work from home or from an offsite location (like a coffee shop, park, or the beach) one day a week. Doing so allows for greater focus, and a change of scenery can inspire new ideas.

Additionally, this flexibility sends a signal that you trust your employees to be self-directed, and will result in greater emotional wellbeing and engagement.
We asked Erin McGinty, Director of Benefits Consulting at TriNet, to share her thoughts on why remote workdays can improve work-life balance for your team:

“One remote workday keeps the doctor away! Have you considered allowing your employees to work from home one day a week? Having this level of flexibility to be home to let the repair person in or to be there for that one day a week the kids have an early soccer game can help reduce stress on your employee and offer work-life harmony!
People who get to work at home on occasion are not only happier, they are less likely to resign and can also be more productive (think way less distractions from water cooler talk and avoiding that commute)!”

15. Encourage Bike to Work Days.
Biking to work is a great way to kill two birds with one stone – that is, knock out your commute and your exercise at the same time.
Plus, biking to work saves the planet… and gas money. It’s a win-win-win.

Need help convincing your company that biking is a viable option? Don’t go it alone. Enlist the help of The League of American Bicyclists, who raise awareness for National Bike to Work month, week, and day every May.
According to The League, 40% of most trips in the U.S. are two miles are less, making biking a viable transportation option in most instances. And while commutes are often a bit longer on average, you can combine public transit with cycling to make biking to work a reality. In fact, most major cities offer free rides for cyclists on public transportation during bike to work week.
You can also throw in some gamification here to add an extra layer of fun. My Virtual Mission allows you to create a long distance route from one location to another (i.e. Chicago to New York). See who can bike to the “finish line” first.

16. Extend Trust by Offering Unlimited Vacation.
Yes, you read that correctly.
Companies like GE, Netflix, Hubspot, and yes, SnackNation, are just a few who are hopping on the unlimited vacation trend.

If you answer emails after work, you should be getting unlimited vacation https://t.co/IgyQtc87vq
— Quartz (@qz)

Now, before you dismiss this outright, unlimited vacation doesn’t mean employees are free to collect a paycheck while they relax on a Mexican beach for six months out of the year.
In practice, unlimited vacation connects time off with results. The policy states that as long as you meet your deadlines, goals, and deliver results, you are free to take as much vacation as you want.
Unlimited vacation works because in emphasizing results, you again demonstrate that you trust your employees to do the right thing by their company and teams. Employees appreciate being treated like adults and are inspired to deliver outsized results in order to justify a little extra R&R.
It’s a win-win for the company and employee alike and results in a boosted sense of employee wellbeing.

17. Grant Sabbaticals to Celebrate Individuals and Reduce Burnout.
Sabbaticals work like this: after an employee reaches a certain tenure – usually 3-5 years at a company – he or she is eligible to take 6-8 weeks off to go on a trip, or work on a passion project or perform a public service at home. (The only thing that is off limits is sitting at home doing nothing!)
The idea is to embark on a journey that will be personally enriching, and that will yield new perspectives, new ideas, and new learnings that he or she can bring back to the company. The sabbatical will also help to prevent burnout for your employees that you value as important contributors when they return.

And before you assume 6-8 weeks is too long to be away from one’s job, consider that after 5 years, that represents a very small fraction of one’s total time at a company.

18. Give Unlimited Paternity/Maternity Leave.

Netflix made headlines this year when they announced they were offering unlimited paternity/maternity leave. Employees are free to take as much time in the first year after a child is born or adopted.
Compare this to existing federal law, which guarantees up to 12 weeks of parental leave, but only for companies with fifty or more employees.
The benefit here again is that it signals to your employees that you understand that their lives outside of work – particularly their family lives – are important.
This emotional connection helps to contribute to an overall greater sense of employee wellbeing.

19. The “Undercover Boss” Competition.
This fun idea also comes from the good people over at Sonic Boom:

“Ever dreamed of giving your boss a big ol’ pie to the face? Those dreams become reality for the Boomers at Sonic Boom Wellness during our “Undercover Boss” competitions.
With Undercover Boss, everyone participates under a secret identity – so no one knows who’s topping the leaderboards until the very end. And the reward for out-striding your boss during this three-week activity contest? Catapulting a whipped-cream-loaded pie straight into her/his face.
But beware! Your ‘punishment’ for being out-strided? The winning bosses get to randomly draw the name of a losing employee, and send that big-ol’ pie flying into their face.
In the most recent contest, our amazingly active accountant, Matt, out-strided our President, Bryan. The photo speaks for itself…”

20. Take the Vegan Challenge.
Eating vegan is not only compassionate but promotes healthy and mindful eating. The practice forces you to consider everything you put in your body and virtually eliminates mindless consumption.
Your team will be eating lighter, more nutritious foods, and will be properly fueled to take on challenges and perform at their peak.

Challenge your team to eat vegan for a week. Not only will your team be more focused and productive, you might be surprised by how many people stick with it.
If a week sounds like a stretch, start with 1 day and then keep extending the challenge timeline. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even try growing your own worksite garden. TotalWellness president Alan Kohll tells us:

“A worksite garden is an excellent opportunity to address a number of healthy habits. Gardens can help build fresh ideas, energy, teamwork, company morale, workplace relationships and friendships. It can also help you promote engagement in wellness activities by supplying healthy food for employees and physical activity breaks to work in the garden.
At our headquarters in Omaha, we have 15-beds filled with kale, carrots, peppers, squash, cucumbers and much more! The garden provides a means of physical activity and stress reduction, plus it increases access to fresh produce to our employees.”

21. Incentivize Preventative Care, Like Flu-Shots.
While this may not be the “sexiest” item on this list, one of the best ways to improve overall health in the office is to address potential illnesses before they happen.
Case in point? The flu.

Cold and flu season can decimate your office. Flu viruses spread during the winter months, and take hold when cold weather weakens our immune systems.
In total, cold and flu season costs our economy an estimated $40 billion every year in lost productivity due to illness.
One way to curb these losses? Incentivize flu shots. Offer a small cash bonus, gift card, or giveaway (like a stress ball, t-shirt, or mug) for employees who get the shot in October or November. Your company will more than cover their losses by avoiding mass absenteeism.

22. Urge Sick Employees to Stay Home.
While we’re on the topic of cold and flu season, let’s talk about another form of preventative care that is a lot easier than getting the flu shot…
Coming into work when you are sick seems to be popular these days.
The truth is, we all having demanding jobs and high expectations of ourselves. But when it comes to wellbeing and health, we take shortcuts.
Haven’t we all had the thought, “If I stay home sick today, will I jeopardize my opportunity to get that promotion?”
However, when you come to work sick, you not only prolong your recovery period, you also expose your coworkers to your bug.
An article in The New York Times, “If You’re Sick, Stay Away From Work“, explains that coming to work with the flu “can be deadly for others, especially pregnant women, young children and older people.  And no matter how many precautions you take, there’s no way to eliminate the risk to people around you.”
It may seem small, but we’ve all had the experience of not being able to shake that lingering head cold for two weeks, sometimes more.
It’s pretty hard to focus when you have to stop to blow your nose every 15 minutes or spend all afternoon asking around for cold medicine. No one is going to become employee of the month while pushing themselves through an illness. It is okay to be sick, but much better to be sick at home.
As a leader and culture carrier, it’s your responsibility to communicate that getting sick is not a sign of weakness and that it’s okay to work from home or take a day or two to fully recover.
What could be more important to the wellbeing of your employees than their health? It’s worth the OOO time.

23. Let Employees Set Their Own Goals and Work Strategies.
Most positions within your company probably come along with a detailed job description and a set of priority goals. Knowing how those pre-set goals advance the company mission will probably motivate employees to do their best work, but employees might feel even more motivated—and even more fulfilled—at work if you let them set some of their own goals and come up with their own strategies for fulfilling established objectives.

According to research from the University of Birmingham, Business School, high levels of workplace autonomy correlate with feelings of wellbeing and satisfaction. While workplace autonomy covers a range of factors besides setting goals, giving employees the freedom to creatively contribute is a solid wellbeing choice for companies who don’t have the option to offer things like flexible work hours.
To give employees more autonomy without the risk of undermining core company goals, create a structured plan for employee goal setting to ensure everyone gets something out of the process. Layout company-wide strategic objectives for your team members, but let them create their own plans for achieving those goals.

24. Set Up Volunteer Programs and Volunteering Days.
It can seem like the last thing anyone has time for in a busy workplace is volunteering. But as challenging as volunteering can be, the rewards far outweigh any potential downside. Volunteering benefits the mind, the community, and even the body. And we’re not just talking about vague warm fuzzy feelings; many studies have found scientific evidence that volunteering has psychological and physiological benefits. A range of studies incorporating a range of methods and focus areas suggest that:
By offering free days for volunteering and planning group volunteering activities, you’ll be giving employee wellbeing levels a major boost.
25. Renovate Your Office to Bring in More Natural Light.

Overhauling your office to let in a little more sunlight might seem like a frivolous endeavor, but a study from the Interdepartmental Neuroscience program at Northwestern University in Chicago (reported by Psychology Today) suggests it will pay off in the long run—in the form of increased employee wellbeing, happiness, and even job performance.
The study found that exposure to natural light affects workers’ quality of life, vitality, daytime function, and sleep. Researchers believe natural light influences so many aspects of our lives because it is the main cue guiding our circadian rhythms, our 24/7 natural clocks, sometimes called our sleep/wake cycles.
Employees feel the desire for natural light on a conscious level as well. According to a Leesman employee experience survey, 73.9% of employees find natural light important.
Here are some simple ways to bring more natural light into your office if you don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul:
Add mirrors to reflect the natural light you already get.
Use transparent or semitransparent partitions instead of solid ones.
Replace solid doors and cubicle walls with transparent or semitransparent ones.
Remove any large objects obstructing light coming in from windows. You can shift desks, bookshelves, and filing cabinets—anything that’s stopping natural light.
Redistribute office space to seat several employees (instead of just one executive) in an office with a window.
26. Promote Mental Health Awareness and Counseling.
As we mentioned earlier, the best estimates from the World Health Organization say over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It’s fairly safe to guess that in almost any workplace, you’ll find at least a few employees who suffer from depression or depressive episodes. People often let depression go untreated because of social taboos, lack of understanding, and unfamiliarity with treatment options.

Among other problems, depression wreaks havoc on a person’s sense of wellness, engagement with the world, and motivation at work. However, if treatment options were better broadcast and more readily available, many people who need help might just take the plunge.
Your company can join the fight against depression by offering mental health awareness programs and counseling or simply promoting the options available from your healthcare provider. Work with Human Resources to invite a representative from your insurance company to give a talk about mental health options and go from there. Even a small mention of mental health options on the monthly company newsletter could be just the boost someone needs to seek help.
What about you? What are the benefits of employee wellbeing in your eyes, and what do your companies do to ensure that wellbeing is a priority? Let us know in the comments below!

Employee Wellness Resources:
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What Is An Employee Wellness Program?

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18 Proven Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction and Create an Awesome Office in 2021

What’s Your favorite Way to Improve Employee Satisfaction?

How many times have you heard a manager or executive say this:
“It’s called work for a reason.”
For too long, this was the standard response when business leaders were forced to confront the subject of employee satisfaction.
This statement carries a troubling implication. The subtext here is that work shouldn’t be enjoyable. Work, by this definition, is arduous, punishing, and drains us of our joy and energy.
Until recently, we’ve lived in a society that accepted job dissatisfaction as a fact of life. The prevailing norm is that work is just the thing we suffer through in order to make the good things in life possible. 
There’s an obvious problem here: we spend the vast majority of our lives working.
If work is the thing we must suffer through, this means we also spend the vast majority of our lives suffering. (Thoreau’s quote about the masses leading “lives of quiet desperation” seems appropriate here.)
Fortunately, things are changing.
Ushered by a new era of progressive leaders and companies, and a workforce increasingly made up of Millennial workers, expectations have shifted.
These days, the importance of employee satisfaction is undeniable and it impacts your organization in critical ways – everything from your ability to attract and retain talent to the quality of your product and customer service – and is now a major determining factor in the overall success of your business.
How to properly measure and improve employee satisfaction can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together this cheat sheet with the 18 best ways to improve employee satisfaction at your company.
Let’s get started!

1) Give Them A Place To Engage With Each Other

Improving employee satisfaction isn’t a magic cure-all, but it can have some pretty miraculous effects on your organization. A happy, engaged and motivated employee works towards the betterment of the organization which can have a ripple effect on the rest of your employee workforce.
One of the most effective ways to gauge employee satisfaction at both an individual employee level and a team level, is to put in the framework that fosters and tracks engagement within your organization.
Xoxoday Empuls is a central platform for employees to align and share important information on an attractive and easy-to-use dashboard. As an engagement platform for the modern company, Empuls will help to make employee news, manager communication, and employee recognition, a fixture at your company. If you would like to learn more, you can book a free demo here.
With today’s workforce embracing remote work, employee feedback is even more important. You can’t walk down the hall and check in on every member of your team and see how satisfied they are. Providing an engagement platform, such as Empuls, can go a long way to build up those bonds that are so critical to company success. 

2) Listen 

It seems simple, but so many companies overlook this critical step.
Before you can begin to address the problem of employee satisfaction, you have to measure the extent of the problem, and the only way to do this is by listening.
Survey your employees. Have them rate their general satisfaction on a scale of 1-10. Ask if they’re learning and growing, if their work is fulfilling, if they feel like they’re contributing and that their work has a sense of purpose.
Here are just a few sample survey questions to help gauge employee satisfaction:
Do you feel encouraged to come up with new and better ways of doing things?
Does your work give you a feeling of personal accomplishment?
Do you have the tools and resources to do your job well?
Fortunately, there are plenty of great tools to make this process a snap.
Two of our favorites are Bonusly and Nectar, software that makes it incredibly easy to survey your organization and gauge employee sentiment about anything under the sun.
Both Bonusly and Nectar provide crucial insights into the state of employee satisfaction, and can help lead you to solutions that will help boost satisfaction and elevate your company.
3) Reward Employees for Big Wins

Remember that quote from the beginning of this post? Well, the same people who believe that “it’s called work a reason” probably believe this lie as well –
“Why should I reward employees for doing their job? Isn’t that what their paycheck is for?”
Again, the implications here are cause for concern, and the effects are detrimental.
Motivating your employees for big wins – like hitting key milestones or goals – helps spread goodwill and creates a shared sense of accomplishment and accountability.
So when your team hits that sales number, decreases churn, or makes their projected revenue target, celebrate.
Celebrate big wins with branded swag from Swag.com. They offer an exhaustive range of desirable products, so you’re sure to find something to celebrate any occasion. Plus, you can customize your selections with your own designs.

If you want to go the experiential route, give them an offsite, a beach or hiking day, or treat them to a party in the office. It’s a signal that leadership recognizes their efforts and will do wonders for satisfaction.  Here’s a list of 121 creative ways to reward employees if you need some ideas.
4) Communicate Frequently and Authentically  

Your duty to communicate doesn’t stop after your employee satisfaction survey. Frequent, consistent, and above all, authentic communication is a necessary ingredient for employee satisfaction.
Communication doesn’t have to be a big production. A thoughtful, well written weekly email from your CEO can have an outsized impact on morale.
Ask yourself this – when was the last time your entire organization was in the same place at the same time? For large companies, or companies with satellite offices or remote employees, the answer might be never (and that’s a problem).
Hold monthly (or better yet, weekly) all-hands meetings, where the entire company has the opportunity to come together, receive company updates, and ask questions of senior leadership.
Remember that communication is a two-way street, it is as much about listening as it is disseminating.
Most importantly, communicate authentically. This means acknowledging failures as well as successes. Don’t underestimate your employees. They’re smart, and can smell dishonesty a mile away.
Be true to your personality and your mission as a leader in the tone and tenor of your communication, and don’t shy away from the truth, even when times are tough. Your employees will respect you for it.  
5) Prioritize Employee Health & Wellness

What are you doing right now? Are you sitting or standing?
If you’re reading this at work, odds are… you’re sitting.
Think about how much you sit during the day – in your car on the way to work, at your desk for hours at a time, on your couch as you unwind after a stressful day in front of The Bachelor. (Don’t lie, you love that show too.)  
The sedentary nature of office life is having a deleterious effect on our health, and contributing to depressed moods, employee burnout, and dissatisfaction.
Luckily, there are countless cost-effective solutions. Encourage employees to get up and stretch or go for a noontime stroll. Come up with “deskercises” – simple exercises you can do at your desk or in common areas. 
Here’s a simple tactic from leading skincare brand Murad – with a little paint, the company created a “walking track” in their new Los Angeles HQ to encourage employees to take walking meetings throughout the workday.
On the same token, access to nutritious meals and snacks is essential to boosting employee satisfaction by paying attention to their health. Let’s face it, the typical snacks found in vending machine break rooms are loaded with sugar and empty calories.
They make employees sluggish, irritable, and contribute to metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and even high blood pressure and heart disease.
SnackNation’s healthy snack delivery service for offices makes it easy to provide delicious snacks your employees will love. The snacks are always healthy and always tasty.

6) Define Your Mission
In his pivotal book Drive, author and speaker Daniel Pink outlines three main drivers that motivate human behavior – autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

[embedded content]

Pink lays out why human beings have an inherent need to know that their work matters, that their work isn’t all for naught. Without a strong sense of purpose, your employees will be left feeling empty and dissatisfied.
Unlock the motivating potential of purpose by defining your company’s mission, and codifying them in core values.
Remember, your mission isn’t your revenue target, your sales numbers, or other KPIs, it’s much bigger than that. It’s the thing you do that makes a difference.
As a leader, think about what inspires you most, the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning.
That’s your mission.
Now take that mission and make it a part of your company’s culture. Make sure every employee knows the answer to the question, “Why do we do what we do?”
7) Set Goals

Now that you have your mission, help your employees map their work back to it by setting motivating stretch goals.
Goals help ensure that your employees’ efforts are constantly aligned with company missions, and everyone employee knows how he or she is contributing.
When people think their efforts don’t matter or don’t move the needle, dissatisfaction is inevitable. Avoid this trap by defining your mission and helping employees set goals that move your company closer to achieving that mission with every small win.
8) Focus on Growth and Development

Let’s go back to Mr. Pink and the three motivating factors from Drive.
Mastery is our hidden desire to become experts in our field. We receive satisfaction, Pink argues, from tackling challenges, mastering difficult tasks, and elevating our skill sets and proficiencies.
In order to do this, you have to provide opportunities for your employees to grow. This means both educational opportunities
In addition to expensive (but worthy) programs like subsidized education, there are a number of affordable ways to promote growth and development. You can start an office book club (something we just launched at SnackNation), or set aside time for employees to attend webinars or conferences. Start a mentorship program, in which junior team members shadow
We believe so much in growth and development, that SnackNation has a weekly personal development program called the Sensei Session, where company leaders present educational materials to the entire company. It’s a way to give employees additional tools to their jobs, and to grow as individuals and professionals.
By failing to provide opportunities for growth and development, you risk employees feeling like they aren’t making progress as professionals, which leads to dissatisfaction and burnout.
9) Break Up Routines
The benefits of routines are well documented. When you do the same things every day or every week, you don’t need to waste time thinking about them.
A set routine allows us to limit the number of choices we make each day, and save our precious decision-making mental energy for the most important choices. (This is why Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein famously wore the same outfit everyday, a tactic recently adopted by President Obama.)
But routines have a downside as well. As much as they help alleviate decision fatigue, they can also create a feeling of boredom or malaise that leads to employee dissatisfaction.

The remedy is simple – break up the routine!
Break your team members out of their rut by surprising with a random half day, or plan a team building offsite.

(SnackNation offsite in Venice, CA)

If the weather is nice and your wifi signal is strong, invite your team to work outside for the day. Simple (and free) things like changing up the environment can do wonders to break up stultifying routines.
Or kill two birds with one stone by scheduling group fitness activities – like bootcamp or yoga – at the end of the workday.
One of our amazing Snack Ambassadors, Kelsey Cook, is a certified yoga instructor, and holds classes at the end of the day every other week. Ending the day with a few chaturangas or warrior poses is a great way to break out of the daily grind.
10) Play Music
If you’ve ever doubted the power of music to set a mood or provide atmosphere, try watching your favorite movie without the music.
This clip of Pirates of the Caribbean with different scores illustrates the point perfectly:

[embedded content]

Music has an uncanny ability to prime our emotions. Playing music is an easy way to set the tone for your office, and to put your workforce in the right mood and mindset to get things done.
Bonus benefit – studies have shown that the elevated mood that music gives us also makes us more productive. Play music without lyrics (like classical or ambient music) to allow for greater focus.
The Vitamin String Quartet has literally hundreds of instrumental renditions of popular songs available for streaming on Spotify and Pandora.
11) Give All Employees the Opportunity to Shine
Each month at SnackNation, we open up our Sensei Session program to all employees. This means that anyone in the company can present on a topic of their choice to the entire organization, usually related to business or personal development.
Since teaching is one of the best forms of learning, the benefit is twofold – the organization learns something valuable and new, and the presenter has the opportunity to become a better public speaker and an expert on that particular topic.
Some of our best presentations have been from our more introverted team members, people who had a lot to say but didn’t necessarily have the confidence or the forum to say it yet. Sensei gives all employees a platform to demonstrate their passion and expertise.
Plus, some of our Senseis have really gotten into character and given us some really fun moments:

12) Encourage Time for Passion Projects
This key factor comes from our friends at Digital Exits. Your workers don’t want to be doing business as usual. They want to innovate… so let them! One way to do this is give your employees time for passion projects.

Google’s famous “20% time” is a great example of this. The company permitted employees to spend up to 20% of their time – or one day a week – working on a project that wasn’t related to their goals, but about which they were passionate. The results – products like Gmail – speak for themselves.
Doing so gives your employees an outlet to be creative – and one that might benefit your business in the long run.
13) Challenge Your Team
Similar to growth, employees won’t feel satisfied unless they’re challenged. No employee wants to feel like their unique ability isn’t being utilized, or that they aren’t living up to their professional potential.
Think of your team like a muscle – without the stress and discomfort of working out, your muscles won’t grow.
Your employees are the same way. 15five CEO David Hassell made a similar point in a recent interview on the Awesome Office podcast.

On the show, David distinguished between two types of stress: eustress (the good, motivating kind) and distress (the bad, debilitating kind). While distress is harmful, eustress is actually necessary in order for employees to experience breakthroughs. And without those breakthroughs, your employees won’t be satisfied.
One of our core values at SnackNation is to crave and devour challenges, and it’s something we actually look for during the interview process.
Part of this is getting to know individual team members. Sit with them, take them to lunch and learn their personal goals and aspirations, their unique ability. You’ll be better equipped to give them the right tasks to challenge and motivate them.
When it comes to challenges, you don’t have to think long term. While challenges do help align employee efforts to the company’s mission, you can create daily or weekly challenge that focus employee energy and give them a satisfying, short-term push.
Create weekly team challenges, and make them fun.
If you lead a sales team, challenge them to hit a weekly total that’s 5% higher than their previous best week. Reward them with a half day if they hit it.
The point is, challenge them to go beyond what they thought they were capable of, keep them engaged and mindful. The results will speak for themselves.

14) Celebrate Milestones
In order to be satisfied at work, employees need to feel appreciated. One way to do that is by celebrating work anniversaries.
Again, there are plenty of ways to do this that won’t break the bank. After the first year, reward employees with movie tickets, gift cards, or a bottle of their favorite adult beverage.
For longer tenures, retire employees’ “jersey” in the rafters at year five, or create a wall of fame and hang their picture to recognize their commitment and achievements.
Game developer Scopely is famous for their off-the-wall anniversary gifts. Employees are presented with engraved Samurai swords and custom oil portraits to commemorate major anniversaries.
Online streaming platform Hulu gives things a more sentimental touch. The company celebrates 5 year “Huluversaries” by presenting employees (aka “Hulugans”) with an engraved wooden box filled with handwritten notes from colleagues, as well as a custom cake… with the employee’s face printed on it.

(Note: This option only works for companies whose employees don’t mind eating their own face.)
Need another reason to celebrate anniversaries? Studies show that employees are more likely to leave your company at the end of yearly internals. By communicating your appreciation during these anniversaries, they’ll be less likely to look for outside opportunities.
15) Set Employees Up for Success

While you want to challenge your employees, you also don’t want to set them up for failure. That’s a surefire recipe for a disgruntled staff.
Balancing these competing imperatives can be tough. To do this, set ambitious but achievable goals.
Give challenging but reasonable deadlines. And most importantly, give your employees the tools they need to succeed. Yes, you can and should demand excellence from your employees. But don’t expect super human results.
In other words, if you want your employees to build a house, don’t give them lincoln logs.
Likewise, set clear, measurable targets, nothing vague. It should be black and white whether an employee achieved his or her goal. If you’re a marketer, for instance, your goal shouldn’t to “elevate the brand,” your goal should be to “increase the number of leads by X%.”
You have to set your employees up for success, or they won’t be successful. It’s as simple as that.
16) Facilitate Friendships

Undoubtedly there’s an emotional factor involved in employee satisfaction. Employees need to feel appreciated, cared for, supported, and like they’re progressing.
Friendships at work amplify the emotional element in the workplace, and boost satisfaction. When there’s a personal connection between colleagues, you’re more willing to sacrifice for your team, and work just becomes more enjoyable.
We’ve all had jobs where coming in to the office felt like a chore, but when you work with smart, hard working, dependable people who also happen to be your friends (Marketing Squad, aka “Silent Thunder,” I’m looking at you), you actually look forward to coming in every day.
Many companies have a “no a-hole” policy, meaning they won’t hire people who don’t work well with others.
Zappos is famous for integrating socializing into the interview process. Their rationale is that if they don’t jive well with a candidate in a social setting, that person won’t be a fit for the company’s relaxed, joy-driven culture, where friendship between co-workers is the norm.
Of course, you can’t force employees to become friends. But what you can do is facilitate the opportunity for employees to make personal connections with their colleagues by setting aside work time for socializing.
You’ll be surprised how a keg of beer and a tray of healthy snacks can bring people together and allow them to drop their professional guard long enough to find common ground on a personal level.
17) Cultivate Amazing Managers

Managers have more impact on employee satisfaction than anyone else – not even the CEO.
Think about it – in most companies (especially larger ones), your average employee makes daily contact with their direct manager, and may rarely interact with the CEO. The manager’s style and personality have a huge impact on employee mood. If style’s clash, this can rapidly lead to dissatisfaction. 
Not unlike Ron Burgundy, good managers are kind of a big deal. So why do so many companies suffer from mediocre management?
Too often, decision makers at companies equate success in a role with managerial potential, and automatically promote top performers to management. But managing people is its own animal entirely, and the transition isn’t always a smooth one.
Managing people requires serious emotional intelligence, empathy, time management skills, and communication chops.
While there might be “natural born leaders,” managing people isn’t a gift that you’re either born with or you’re not. It’s a set of skills, and therefore can be taught, learned, and perfected.
So select your employees for management positions who demonstrate a knack for communication or empathy, and teach them the rest. Their direct reports will be more satisfied in the long run.
18) Give Back
Purpose has been major theme thus far. In order to feel satisfied at work, employees – especially younger ones – need to know that they are working for something more than a paycheck.
And as we pointed out in the beginning of this post, we spend a major portion of our waking hours at work. Over the course of our lives, that’s a lot of time, effort, and energy. Employees want to know that it’s time well spent.
And yes, your employees are compensated for their time, but the fact remains that for the most part, everyone has a choice about where they work.
By working at your company, your employees are choosing to spend their most precious resource – their time – with you to help your company achieve its goals. By creating opportunities to give back, you’re acknowledging this sacrifice, and connecting your mission to something greater.
So organize volunteer days, like beach cleanups or service in food kitchens or homeless shelters. Donate to a charity – or better yet, start a charity. By doing so, your employees will feel like the time they’ve invested in you is meaningful.  

Electronic invitations company Greenvelope on a team volunteering outing

Ideally, you want to align your charitable activities with your mission.
At SnackNation, our mission is to help create Awesome Offices across the country, places that maximize productivity, engagement, and joy, where individuals can do the best work of their careers and where companies can solve the big problems that need our attention.
We firmly believe that nutrition is a key piece of this puzzle, and that by providing healthy snacks where people spend the majority of their time (at work), we can improve the health, wellness, and quality of life for potentially millions of people.
Beyond that, we know that many Americans suffer from food insecurity. So we work with an amazing non profit called Feeding America to provide meals for families suffering from hunger. It’s a cause close to our hearts, and one that gives our employees a sense of pride and accomplishment.
As you can see, there’s no shortage of simple, inexpensive, and effective ways to ensure that your employees are satisfied and productive. It all comes down to challenging your employees, creating a sense of purpose, giving them room to grow, and setting them up for success.
What do you do at your company to ensure employees are satisfied? Let us know in the comments below.
People Also Ask These Questions About Improving Employee Satisfaction
Q: What’s your favorite way to improve employee satisfaction?
A: While there are a number of strategies to improving employee satisfaction at your organization, our readers voted on the following ways and the results concluded:
Start By Listening 26.15%
Give All Employees the Opportunity to Shine 18.4%
Reward Employees for Big Wins 17.43%
Focus on Growth and Development 12.35%
Prioritize Employee Health & Wellness 10.65%

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How to Create a Killer Office Fitness Challenge in 2021

Employee fitness equals free money for your company.
Sounds crazy, but it’s true.
Organizations who invest in health and wellness actually save money by reducing healthcare costs and curbing lost productivity due to absenteeism. An office wellness challenge can get your team working towards their fitness goals together and build camaraderie along the way!

The Harvard Business Review found that employers who invested in comprehensive health and wellness initiatives saw a nearly 3-to-1 return in money saved. A more focused study demonstrated that ROI was closer to 6-to-1.
That’s some serious ROI.
Fitness challenges can be a great way to get your employees excited about wellness. In fact, an office fitness challenge can be the cornerstone of a comprehensive wellness program – but only if it’s done right.
You see, it’s not as easy as sending a mass email about an upcoming 5k and calling it a day. Fitness challenges have to be engaging. The last thing you want is to invest your time, money, and energy in a fitness challenge that gets zero participation.
So stick with us. We’ll help you design a fitness challenge that your employees will rave about.
And since budget is always a factor, all the tactical advice we provide is budget friendly. Here’s how to create a killer fitness challenge, whether you’ve got an Amazonian budget…or something a bit more modest.
Tip: Did you know that companies that have sent their employees working-from-home a care package during the pandemic saw a boost to virtual employee engagement and productivity projections by as much as 17%? Cure burnout and reinvigorate your remote employees with a WFH Wellness Box today!

Table of Contents

Tip 1: Incentivize Participation
Let’s be honest, getting people to participate in a wellness challenge is like wrestling an alligator at midnight – the odds are stacked against you. Gallup found that only 24% of employees typically participate in wellness initiatives.
New research shows that employees are 33 times more likely to get involved when there are financial incentives. Nectar’s employee recognition and rewards platform allows companies to create wellness challenges that are tied to rewards like gift cards or company swag. This automates the process of creating, promoting and incentivizing wellness challenges.

Action step: Offer non-cash incentives
Studies have found that non-cash incentives like gift cards significantly increase wellness challenge participation rates. Take advantage of a tool like Nectar to simplify the delivery of these types of rewards, regardless of where your employees are participating from.

Tip 2: Do Not Rely on a One-Size-Fits-All Solution
Just as you can’t mandate participation, you can’t rely on a one-size fits all approach.
Think about it – your employees are diverse! You likely have employees of varying ages, fitness levels, and physical abilities, so you’ll need to bake in some flexibility as you design your challenge.
Take us for example. At SnackNation, we have team members who regularly compete in Ironman Competitions. We also have employees who haven’t stepped foot in gym in years (and the thought of doing so scares me a little… I mean them. Scares them a little).
Keep in mind, the point isn’t to cater to those you are already active. It’s much more important to motivate those for whom fitness isn’t all that high on their priority list. That’s where your plan will have the biggest impact.
Action Step: Create Options
Employee wellbeing shouldn’t be limited to just physical activity. Sonic Boom Wellness allows its members to create fully customizable challenges with topics that are relevant to their personal interests/needs – popular themes include optimal nutrition, stress reduction, weight management, financial wellbeing, resilience, sleep improvement, safety, tobacco cessation, and social causes… but the possibilities are endless!

Tip 3: Set a BHAG
If you speak jargon, you might know that the acronym BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. It’s usually used to describe a company’s big business or philanthropic goals, but the term is just as relevant for your workplace fitness challenge.
By definition, a BHAG is a stretch goal. It’s something that’s beyond your team’s current capabilities and that will require them to grow as individuals and break through their perceived limitations.

The best way to do this shoot is for something a little daunting, something just beyond what they think they’re capable of reaching.
Action Step: Make Your BHAG Tangible
When we launched a company-wide fitness challenge at SnackNation, our BHAG was walking from San Francisco to LA in a month (virtually of course). This was our big, motivating group challenge.
We deliberately chose a goal that team members could visualize, rather than an abstract goal like “walk 400 miles.”

Tip 4: Gamify
Gamification involves introducing elements of gameplay into your challenge. Most commonly, this means creating badges or rewards that team members unlock by hitting milestones.
Game mechanics are highly motivating. They play on our psychological need for status and achievement. You’ll find that gamification is a great way to unlock the spirit of friendly competition and increase participation company-wide.
Action Step: Get Creative With It!
While most wellness vendors rely on the relatively simplistic “Most Steps Wins” type of contest, Sonic Boom offers stimulating gaming mechanics like “Get kicked off an island if you don’t hit a goal,” or “The entire company/division must meet a goal (or get X% participation) in order for the CEO to donate $10,000 to charity.” People these days have short attention spans and appreciate variety, so consistent innovation is key if you want your programs to stay fresh and engaging.

Tip 5: Track Your Progress
If you’re going to shoot for a goal, you’re going to need a way to measure your progress on your way there.
At SnackNation, we provided Jawbone fitness trackers to track our steps. This was hugely popular and provided an easy way to accurately record progress towards our BHAG. (You can often negotiate bulk deals on fitness trackers for your company.)
Haslett Express, a logistics company in Chicago, held a similar walking challenge. (In fact, ours was modeled after their walk from Chicago to LA challenge!)
Instead of fitness trackers, they had their in-house development team create a custom portal where employees could enter any type of physical activity (whether it be swimming, biking, or yoga) and it would convert it into the equivalent number of steps.
Of course, if supplying fitness trackers to your entire team isn’t realistic, track progress in a shared excel document. It doesn’t have to be high tech! It just has to be readily accessible to your entire team. (Try one of these templates from MUO).
Action Step: Create a Leaderboard
Use a rolling whiteboard – or better yet, convert a wall in your office into a whiteboard with whiteboard paint – to display group progress and individual challenge leaders. The daily reminders will continually motivate your team to compete.

Tip 6: Take a Grassroots Approach
Yes, buy-in from executive leadership is a must, but you can’t take a top-down approach to fitness challenges. A mandated wellness program simply won’t work.
Mandated wellness programs simply don’t work. Click To Tweet
A grassroots approach works best. In practical terms, this means your fitness challenge must be employee-led.
It all starts with listening. Find activities that the majority of your team already enjoy, or are interested in trying out.
This might be something as challenging as a marathon, or it might be something as simple as yoga or Pilates. It might even be something exotic like rock climbing or surfing. (Side note, climbing is all the rage at SnackNation these days.) You won’t know until you ask.

Action Step – Create an Employee Fitness Panel
Create a panel of employee leaders and find out what fitness activities interest them.
Identify your team’s most passionate fitness advocates from across your org and empower them to drive the information gathering that will help inform your plan.
You’ll be much more likely to come up with something that has widespread appeal.

Tip 7: Use the Fitness Challenge as a Kickoff to Larger Wellness Initiatives
The beauty of fitness challenges is that when done right, they’re a ton of fun. They create opportunities for your team to bond and energize them around physical well being.
To really maximize the value of fitness challenges, use their momentum to increase participation in a larger wellness program that includes access to healthy food, information on medical screenings, education on mental health and productivity, and other initiatives that support wellbeing.
Action Step: Demonstrate Individual ROI
Before your fitness challenge ends and all the rewards are handed out, make sure you collect data on how your team is feeling.
Some might be feeling more energized and productive. Others might have undergone physical transformations and lost weight!
Collect the data and present it to your team as a recap. Help connect the dots between this activity and more investment in their own health and wellbeing via the additional programs you’re offering.

What Is A Realistic Fitness Challenge Launch Timeline?
Week 1 – Convene your wellness panel. Determine what activities your team already enjoys or might be interested in trying. Make sure there is adequate choice to maximize participation.
Week 2 – Once the activity is determined, it’s time to design the challenge. Determine a BHAG that’s tangible, not abstract. Create rewards and incentives both on an individual and team level to foster some healthy competition. Make sure to also incorporate a feedback mechanism.
Week 3 – Paint a wall in your common area with whiteboard paint. This will be your leaderboard. Buy trophies or badges to reward employees for hitting milestones.
Week 4 – Launch! Get your team psyched. Make sure you have buy-in from executive leaders and managers – without their participation, your team might not take it seriously.

Free bonus: Revive your wellness program by downloading our Ultimate List of 121 Wellness Program Ideas. Easily save it on your computer for quick reference or print it for your company’s next Wellness Meeting. Includes 10 bonus ideas you can’t find on the blog.
Employee Wellness Resources:

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36 Best Affordable Curated & Custom Gift Boxes [Open Now]

Finding affordable gifts that have a personal and professional touch can be incredibly challenging. At a certain point, keychains, gift cards, and other swag, while well-meaning, can get a bit old. After all, how many branded tote bags does one person need? The goal is to give them something they need, want, or can enjoy.
“Gifting has the power to improve relationships, motivate, and keep clients, partners, and employees satisfied.” — Caroo Click To Tweet
The ideal gift is unique and affordable. Corporate gifting is all about finding an item or a package that speaks to your employee as an individual — something that recognizes their particular qualities and passions.
If you are looking for a fully-unique and bespoke gifting solution, we recommend a concierge experience that will help you create custom gift boxes for your employees, clients, and executives. You dream it, they’ll deliver it. Learn more here. 

Pro-Tip: Use “Command + D” to bookmark this list — we update it often with new content.

Table of Contents

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes For Business
1. The Unplugged Box
“For rejuvenation”

What it is: Caroo’s Unplugged Box is the luxe care package to give employees a chance to fully recharge. With energizing, healthy snacks; a fragrant cedarwood and coffee candle; a deck of playing cards; an enamel mug; and a gradient puzzle for a little brain busting fun.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Unplugged Box is a great professional gift for virtual conferences, in-person celebrations, trade shows, and promotions!

For every box delivered, Caroo donates to Feeding America and their local network of food banks.

Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Where to find it: The Unplugged Box

2. Work From Home Survival Pack
“For remote employees”

What it is: The Work From Home Survival Pack is the ultimate energy boosting, mood enhancing subscription box. Between snacks, caffeine, and plants, your employee will feel extra comfortable as they go about their work at home!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This work-from-home pack includes Raaka Brooklyn Chocolate, pecan butter, matcha latte mix, a custom mailer, a crinkle cut fill, insert cards, and Haworthia Coarctata (an indoor plant).
Price: $68.70
Where to find it: Work From Home Survival Pack

3. The Go-Getter Box
“For staying on top of things”

What it is: The Go-Getter Box is a trio of items designed to make work more fun and a whole lot better! Whether your coworker or employee is at the office or working from home, this collection will add excitement to the day.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Go-Getter Box includes the Asobu Orb for keeping drinks as hot or cold as they’d like, the Austin for writing and journaling, and the Orbit Charger for wireless charging. Really, the Go-Getter Box gives employees everything they need to work at a cafe, at home, or on an airplane. Additionally, all of Swag.com’s items can be custom branded with a simple logo upload!
Price: $43.07 to $86.16
Where to find it: The Go-Getter Box

Affordable Curated & Custom Gift Boxes
4. Cloth & Paper
“For planners”

What it is: Cloth & Paper is an assortment of desk supplies ranging from planning materials and stationary to pens. Every product in this employee appreciation package is thoughtfully selected, exclusive, and luxurious.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Teammates and employees who love to stay organized or write notes, are going to enjoy Cloth & Paper because it helps them document everything in a fun and stylish fashion!
Price: $16.33 / mo
Where to find it: Cloth & Paper

5. Coffee Gift Box
“For coffee lovers”

What it is: The Coffee Gift Box includes 7 different varieties of coffee bags!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: From Guatemala, Africa, South America, Sumatra, and Mexico, your employee will taste a morning brew from every corner of the world.
Price: $33.99
Where to find it: Coffee Gift Box

6. Mindfulness Box
“For woke living”

What it is: The Mindfulness Box is the thoughtful box for keeping employees excited, focused, and ready to master their tasks! As a virtual conference gift idea or an idea for a random day, this package comes with healthy snacks, a pocket journal, a stress ball, gel pens, team mindfulness activities, and a 27oz water bottle.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: A clear headspace leads to greater satisfaction, which in turn leads to better work and well-being. This gift box is exactly the boost your employees need for their mind!
Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Where to find it: Mindfulness Box

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes For Her
7. Deluxe Spa Day
“To be pampered”

What it is: The Deluxe Spa Day is a spa in a box! If you know something who could use a little R&R, this self-care package is perfect for relaxing at home.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This custom gift box comes with a mulberry silk eye mask, a soy candle, fragrant lavender hand lotion, and lavender essential oil-infused bath salts — all of which goes to support women’s empowerment, employment, education, and more.
Price: $109
Where to find it: Deluxe Spa Day

8. Isle Box
“For hikers and nature lovers”

What it is: This monthly subscription box will have hikers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts ready to brave the wilderness.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Choose a monthly pass or a seasonal pass to make sure your employee gets top brand name outdoor gear for a fraction of the retail price!
Price: $106.25/quarter
Where to find it: Isle Box

9. Goddess Provisions
“For good vibes only”

What it is: This employee appreciation gift is designed to bring out the inner goddess in your employee, client, or coworker. Each box provides an assortment of aromatherapy, crystals, superfoods, spiritual tools, and all-natural beauty products.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Goddess Provisions is 100% vegan and cruelty-free with 5 to 7 products in each box. In fact, the actual value of each box would normally be $80-100!
Price: $27.75 / mo
Where to find it: Goddess Provisions

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes For Him
10. The Tech Pack
“For staying savvy”

What it is: The Tech Pack is ideal for the modern man looking to stay plugged in. This assortment of professional accessories includes a charging cable, rubberized power bank, bluetooth tracker, power buds, and other gear.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The best part about this technology gift box is that it’s not super high tech that only computer programmers will find useful — it’s the kind of equipment the everyday man can use!
Price: $85.09
Where to find it: The Tech Pack

11. Brew Club 6
“For a home brew”

What it is: Your coworker or employee will receive ingredients to pull off a new one-of-a-kind recipe each month. Every malt extract recipe is developed by a brewery and top industry professionals!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The brew deliveries include hops, fermentables, and yeast necessary to complete the 2.5 gallon batches the recipes will help them create. Once per quarter the recipient can also join a webinar to learn about yeast health, dry-hopping, water quality, recipe formulation, and more.
Price: $49.99 / mo
Where to find it: Brew Club 6

12. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set
“For Mad Men vibes”

What it is: The Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set includes custom engraved glasses that will make any whiskey aficionado happy to use.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This exquisitely designed personalized gift box comes with a square glass-topped liquor decanter and several glasses to make a party or a night-in with a loved one that much better!
Price: $31.45
Where to find it: Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Luxury Curated & Custom Gift Boxes
13. The Grand Deluxe
“Delightful + luxurious = deluxe”

What it is: This custom gift box idea is comprised of nearly 20 luxurious and delectable treats including mouth-watering cinnamon pecan granola, a rich chocolate brownie, maple cream caramels, Meyer lemon shortbread cookies, gourmet chocolate candies, French roast coffee, a dark chocolate and peanut butter granola bar, and much more.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Not only will your client, employee, or coworker enjoy this curated gift box, but it’s large enough that they can actually share it if they choose!
Price: $248
Where to find it: The Grand Deluxe

14. BTL SVC Custom Box Set
“For divine drinks”

What it is: The 6-Bottle Custom Box Set is the definition of a custom gift box. In fact, this collection of premium house-made cocktails are crafted with the finest ingredients for divine flavor and enjoyment.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: From Manhattans and Old Fashioneds to Sidecars and Scorpions, the half dozen cocktail set provides a wide variety of expert concoctions to put the life in work-life balance.
Price: $110
Where to find it: BTL SVC Custom Box Set

15. The Elite Pack
“For cool, classy style”

What it is: Is your employee the best? Of course they are! That’s why the Elite Pack is just the thing for them. This simple, classy gift box is full of high end items and accessories that are matched only by the elevation of the recipient’s spirits.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Elite Pack comes with a New Era french terry bomber jacket, a hardcover moleskine journal, a JBL Clip 3, and other amazing goodies.
Price: $179.01
Where to find it: The Elite Pack

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes With Alcohol
16. Happy Hour Box
“For turning happy hours into happy days”

What it is: The Happy Hour Box is designed to put a smile on your employee’s face by giving them some snacks and a nice buzz!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This happy hour inspired gift delivers a mix of healthy, hardy, and downright delicious snacks including protein puffs, granola bars, dark chocolate, and cocktail kit.
Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Where to find it: Happy Hour Box

17. 6-Month Brewing Box
“For the crafty”

What it is: For half a year, the lucky recipient of this gift will receive specialty recipes and instructions to make home-brewed 2.5 gallon batches of beer!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Hops, yeast, fermentables, and other ingredients make this custom gift box the perfect client gift idea or an equally excellent employee recognition gift  — and they’ll be reminded six times per year how much you appreciate them. They’ll want to show off their new batch at your next virtual beer tasting or happy hour event!
Price: $54.99 / mo
Where to find it: 6-Month Brewing Box

18. Patron Tequila Kit

What it is: This crystal clear handcrafted blue agave tequila with citrus and fruit is seductively drinkable. In fact, it’s so good that your employee might think they’re back on vacation every time they pour a little.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The best part about the Patron Tequila Kit is that you can choose one of 3 options, so if you know your employee’s taste you can customize the flavors for them! Between the Blackberry Margarita, the Cosmico, and Tommy’s Margarita, one of the recipes will hit the spot.
Price: $44.73 or $71.89 for 8 or 12 cocktails
Where to find it: Patron Tequila Kit

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes Under $50
19. Owl & Moon Apothecary Box
“For mystics”

What it is: Owl & Moon Apothecary Box allows whoever its gifted to to create their own magical vibe!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Every apothecary box comes with hand-poured Reiki, charged wooden wick crystal adorned intention candle, hand-blended aromatherapy products, amethyst crystals, metaphysical spiritual gifts, and artisan soap.
Price: $34.95
Where to find it: Owl & Moon Apothecary Box

20. Naked Herbs Sample Set
“For those who love tea”

What it is: The Naked Herbs Sample Set is the perfect gift for employees who have a taste for the finer things in life. Each variety of tea ranges in effect from promoting sleep to boosting energy, but they are all exquisite.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: You can choose virtually any herbs you like for this personalization box. Each curated gift box comes with raspberry leaf, peppermint, star anise, mint, hibiscus flower, red clovers, lemon balm, lavender, and chamomile.
Price: $19.99
Where to find it: Naked Herbs Sample Set

21. Snack + Coffee Box
“For a fast start”

What it is: Caroo’s Snack + Coffee Box provides the boost your employees need to power through the work week or to rejuvenate at the end of it.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This custom curated snack box features bars, sweets, chips, jerky, premium blend ground coffee, and much more for a total of 12 snacks in each package!
Price: $34.95 to $41.95
Where to find it: Snack + Coffee Box

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes With Logo
22. The Company Swag Box
“For extra swagger”

What it is: The Company Swag Box is a kit of custom branded gear and accessories that shows employee appreciation and gives your company free advertising at the same time!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Custom Zip-up boasts a Zuckerberg Social Network techie vibe, the Asobu provides refreshment, and the Carrara Desktop Set completes their work set up.
Price: $64.34 to $104.88
Where to find it: The Company Swag Box

23. Classics Pack
“For the essentials”

What it is: The Classics Pack is all about gifting things people will actually put to good use. Who needs more stuff they’re just going to throw away? The items in this curated gift box are worth holding onto.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The “swaggy” gift box features a custom branded Triblend Unisex Tee, SwagUp Soft Touch Journal, a minimalist soft touch pen, and die cut stickers among other fun accessories!
Price: $52.77
Where to find it: Classics Pack

24. Energizing Delights
“For a boost”

What it is: Energizing Delights is true to its name! Chai tea, French roast coffee, raw honey, strawberry jam, oat biscuits, sweet and savory treats, and an assortment of other goodies brighten your employees’ day.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The perfect gift for coworkers, the Energizing Delights box is a great fit for any occasion and your colleagues will love that each purchase supports ovarian cancer research, hunger relief, and more.
Price: $82
Where to find it: Energizing Delights

Curated & Custom Wedding Gift Boxes
25. Fire and Nice
“For cleansing the mind and body”

What it is: Fire and Nice is the artisanal collection your employee didn’t know they needed. Once they start using the self care products in this custom gift box, they’ll feel recharged and ready to run through walls!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Each month, the recipient will get bath bombs, soaps, melts, candles, and other handcrafted items.
Price: $34.92 / mo
Where to find it: Fire and Nice

26. Wooden Engraved Memory Box
“For an antique look”

What it is: This customizable engraved rustic storage box can hold relics, keepsakes, jewelry, trinkets, and other treasures. It’s an excellent way to congratulate newlyweds and to say I’m thinking of you.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Wooden Engraved Memory Box is adorned with natural knots, coloring, markings, minor cracks, and other characteristics that add to its antique, rustic aesthetic.
Price: $46.71
Where to find it: Wooden Engraved Memory Box

27. Pick & Mix With Flor De Cana 12 Year Old Rum
“For a splash of the Caribbean”

What it is: Flor de Cana 12 Year Old Mix is a multigenerational, dynastic rum, which was named the 2017 Best Rum Producer of the Year at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: You can pick out a Chai This, Mai Tai, or Bramblin’ Man depending on the taste of your employee, client, or coworker! To help mix things up, this alcoholic gift box includes a jigger for measuring cocktails, instructions, branded cups, and fresh ingredients.
Price: $61.97 to $76.54
Where to find it: Pick & Mix With Flor De Cana

Curated & Custom Birthday Gift Boxes
28. Gluten-Free Healthy Treats
“For the health-conscious”

What it is: Gluten-Free Healthy Treats are a delicious assortment of salted olive oil plantain chips, all-natural passion fruit strips, energizing bars, organic dried mango, raspberry seed bars, pistachio granola bars, vegan trail mix, and other nutritious snacks!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This healthy gift box supports fair trade, animal welfare, and other causes.
Price: $54
Where to find it: Gluten-Free Healthy Treats

29. 4-Bottle Custom Cocktail Box
“For the full bar”

What it is: If you enjoy mixing and matching or you just happen to know your coworker likes a taste of everything, you can add any of BTL SVC’s incredible cocktails!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Matador, Sidecar, Scorpion, Spicy Maid, 1934 Cosmo, Ginger Buck, Negroni, Gin Martini — quite literally, take your pick! The great part about this custom curated alcoholic gift is that even if you’re not quite sure what they like to drink, you can cover all bases.
Price: $80
Where to find it: 4-Bottle Custom Cocktail Box

30. Escape Crate
“For those who love a serious challenge”

What it is: Escape Crate delivers a new adventure each month that people can solve alone or with friends! Riddles and puzzles make sure that this interactive, unique gift box is good for dinner parties and family nights alike.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Ciphers, sleuthing tools, letters, puzzles, and much more will equip your client or employee to crack the clues wide open!
Price: $26.50 / mo
Where to find it: Escape Crate

Personalized Curated & Custom Gift Boxes
31. Good For You Goodies
“For delicious delicacies”

What it is: Why not merge nutritiousness and deliciousness? The Good For You Goodies custom gift box offers up the best of the healthy snacks!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This superfood assortment includes organic dried mango, all-natural nut mix, a raspberry seed bar, white Sonoran heritage grain crackers, farm fresh jam, dried apple and chocolate trail mix, kosher granola bars, seed-based energy bars, and more.
Price: $60
Where to find it: Good For You Goodies

32. The Cozy Pack
“For warm and snuggly feelings”

What it is: The Cozy Pack is a lovely way to show your clients and coworkers how you feel about them.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This comfort pack includes custom branded knit socks, Raaka Brooklyn chocolate, a soy candle, and a wool blanket to keep them warm when they aren’t nestled up by a fire during winter.
Price: $46.75
Where to find it: The Cozy Pack

33.  The Weekend Warrior Box
“For safe travels”

What it is: The Weekend Warrior Box is the perfect vacation gift with a custom face mask for safe travel in the age of COVID, a Nike Dri-Fit cap for all weather, and Candy Cocktail Garnishes for fun!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Weekend Warrior is great for working vacations and total time off alike.
Price: $60.67 to $78.49
Where to find it: The Weekend Warrior Box

Curated & Custom Holiday Gift Boxes
34. Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box
“Supremely sweet”

What it is: The Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box is an assortment of 8 high quality, hand-baked delicacies. Each month, this themed box offers up macarons, cakes, cookies, cake pops, and more.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: With dessert pairings and holiday flavors, your employees and coworkers will love indulging in this freshly baked treats!
Price: $30.42 / mo
Where to find it: Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box

35. CraveBox Care Package
“For cravings, of course”

What it is: The CraveBox Care Package contains 45 salty, sweet, savory, and healthy snacks!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This fun package includes chips, candy, bars, cookies, and anything you can imagine to satisfy midnight cravings.
Price: $25.45
Where to find it: CraveBox Care Package

36. Japanese Holiday At Home Box
“For the cultured”

What it is: Do you know an anime fan or someone who enjoys sushi and anything Japan-related? The Japanese Holiday At Home Box makes it feel like they’re on a tour of Kyoto, Tokyo, and other Japanese sites and cities!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Japanese confectionary; Kit Kat bars in sake, wasabi, and lychee flavors, Japanese rice crackers, a bamboo folding fan, a sushi dish, and countless other treats and items put this international-themed gift box over the top.
Price: $56.54
Where to find it: Japanese Holiday At Home Box

People Also Ask These Questions About Curated & Custom Gift Box Ideas
Q: What does curated mean?
A: Curated means that a collection of items or themes has been organized by an expert.
Q: What are curated gift boxes?
A: Curated boxes have been carefully chosen by experts to satisfy the needs of a demographic they understand intimately.
Q: What items typically go into a custom gift box?
A: The curator has a variety of items to choose from, but the most important aspect of curating a gift box is to think of functionality and the particular interests of the demographic or recipient.
Q: Can I send a curated gift box for business?
A: Absolutely, curated gift boxes make for incredible corporate gifts.
Q: Where can I find unique pre-packaged gift boxes?
A: SnackNation, SwagUp, Cratejoy, Packed With Purpose, and many more sites offer pre-packed gift boxes.
Q: How much should I spend on a curated gift box?
A: That depends largely on your budget. However, a good rule of thumb when you curate a gift box or buy one is to spend between $50 to $150 per individual.

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17 Best Social Media Management Software Tools For Agencies In 2021

Managing social media—especially in a way that aligns with and supports a client’s strategic vision and brand personality—is a full-time job, often more than a full-time job. A solo social media manager or even a small team can quickly grow overwhelmed just trying to be as responsive, let alone strategic, as they need to be.
That’s where social media management tools come in. They enable agencies to make an impossible amount of client work possible (and also great).
A humorous quote on Planable’s homepage captures perfectly a key benefit of these tools.
“My content calendar no longer makes me cry.” Click To Tweet
Social media management software tools help an individual or a small team do the work of (and have the impact of) an entire dedicated team.
Using the automation baked into these platforms, agencies can successfully scale social media work for dozens of clients—maximizing the impact, reach, and strategic breadth of each brand’s social media landscape.

Pro-Tip: Use “Command + D” to bookmark this list – we update it often with new content. 

Browse the tools below and prepare yourself to revolutionize the way you handle social media. You’ll increase productivity, save time scheduling posts and managing tasks, deeply understand your audiences, and best of all, easily create reports that tell clients the story of all the amazing work you’re doing.

“Making social media work for agencies and the clients they serve.”

Designed to support agencies in their missions to deliver targeted, strategic, and effective social media strategies to multiple clients, HeyOrca streamlines every aspect of the complex social workflow.
HeyOrca gives internal teams the tools they need to do their best work and then tell their clients all about it.
Schedule posts, collaborate on content, collect feedback and approvals, and deliver reports that capture the results of your collective efforts.
Standout Features:
Use an internal interface for detailed collaboration and an external interface to share client-facing details.
Let clients and approvers preview posts exactly as they will appear.
Launch posts directly from the platform instead of tediously migrating and checking everything.
Save time pulling data and creating spreadsheets with one-touch report generation.
Stay on schedule with automatic approval reminders that nudge clients so you don’t have to.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that it empowers them to create outstanding content and maintain outstanding client relationships in one place. It’s like the ultimate customer relationship management (CRM) tool and social management platform in one.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“I love that our content creation and client approvals all happen in one simple, easy-to-use platform. It really opened the door for more direct collaboration with our clients and empowered our team to build stronger relationships with them. HeyOrca’s support team is unmatched – any questions or suggestions are addressed lightning fast and they’re always friendly and great about following up.”

Get started with HeyOrca

“Create and manage a social media calendar that’s really a robust visualization of your strategy.”

Lay out, organize, manage, and optimize all the complex pieces of your social media accounts and your social media marketing strategy with monday.com’s comprehensive calendar template.
See months’ worth of your strategy and make sense of everything you need and want to do. Collaborate in real-time with your team and also upload graphics and other supplementary information.
Standout Features:
Tons of collaborative features make it an ideal remote work software for agencies.
Integrate with your social media channels so you can see your actions and the resulting impact.
Fully customize your calendar to fit your channels and your strategy.
Delegate assignments to team members and see the status at a glance.
Easily update and rearrange plan components without starting from scratch when timelines and priorities change.
Free trial? Yes. See pricing page for details.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how this intuitive platform actually makes their complicated work easier and more collaborative instead of ponderous and confusing.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“The clean design is my absolute favorite thing about this platform. Badly designed project management platforms just create noise around data. Onboarding teammates is incredibly fast since the interface is so intuitive, which has led to higher adoption.”

Pro-Tip: monday.com is far more than a social media management tool. Use it for employee engagement,  office management, executive assistant work, HR functions, and so much more.
Get started with monday.com

“Leverage artificial intelligence to better reach and understand your audience.”

With data-driven functionality, Echobox has the insights everyone from small businesses to enterprise marketers needs to make their social channels go to work for them.
Use the audience-probing insights to schedule social media posts that add a personal touch to the initiatives you’re running through employee recognition software or even A/B test the tone you’re using in your posts.
Standout Features:
Algorithms work automatically in the background to drive reach so you don’t have to.
Leverage A/B testing to see what kinds of post types and tones resonate with your audience.
Study a social media analytics dashboard that demystifies the fine points of your strategy.
Integrate with your other company software.
Get 24/7 assistance from a highly-skilled technical team.
Free trial? No. Visit pricing page for a quote.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how the analytics tools and insights are baked into the platform’s publishing processes instead of functioning as an extra step. Essentially, if you’re publishing on this platform, then you’re already getting the insights you need to be more strategic.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“Echobox is extremely easy to use, even for people who are not familiar with social media posting. For me, the difference between Facebook’s Business Manager to Echobox is astounding. It’s so much more intuitive and has way more functionality. Tracking is automatically added to links, you can post cross-platform simultaneously (e.g. to Facebook and Twitter), you can either let Echobox optimize your posts, or choose a window or exact time yourself, posts are simple to edit, and you can A/B test every aspect of a Facebook post to see what makes your audience click.

Get Started With Echobox

“This full-circle tool enables users to launch, listen, learn, and repeat.”

One tool can bring to your social networks the benefits of an entire team of social media experts, each specializing in a different touchpoint. Build and publish posts like a master content creator. Dig into performance like an analytics whiz. Maximize influencer engagement like a community manager.
Standout Features:
Focus on your channels’ performance with a dedicated, customizable engagement inbox.
Leverage a shared content library to repurpose assets and reduce duplicative work.
Use robust listening tools to understand audience sentiment down to specific keywords.
Lean on advertising assistance to be sure you’re allocating budgets toward engaging content.
Create visual real-time dashboards that capture key performance indicators at a glance.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how the tool, without a lot of lead time or training, make it instantly easier to manage multiple social media accounts and multiple media channels. That way, dedicated staff can streamline their processes and other people can jump in as needed.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“Falcon is really easy to manage multiple social media channels, allowing you to easily post, interact and report. The UI is really easy to digest, meaning you can quickly pick up and get used to the software with minimal training. The customer support staff are always readily available should you need them, offering great advice and checking back to make sure the issue has been resolved. Regular webinars also give key insight into the changes going on in the social landscape, as well as demonstrating new product features.”

Get started with Falcon.io

“Efficient social scheduling done through an audience-focused lens.”

Using a single dashboard, marketing agencies can manage all their scheduling needs, cultivate collaborator transparency, and collect and analyze all the audience insights that matter. Since the platform helps keep the social calendar running efficiently, managers can free up more time to dig into and act on audience sentiment, creating even more engaged audiences.
Standout Features:
Use the platform to manage content and schedule posts as a team but maintain a unified voice and branding.
Monitor your dedicated inbox to respond to your audience when the time is right.
Investigate your performance templates to get fast and applicable insights.
Find out when someone mentions your brand and use the opportunity to deepen engagement.
Easily manage all your workflows so everyone knows who needs to do what and when.
Free trial? No. Request a demo.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how the platform automatically keeps account managers in the loop and up to date. Reminders and reports help them keep their finger on the pulse of multiple accounts without spending hours searching and filtering through conversations on channels.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“I get alerts in the morning and afternoon so I am always kept up to date. I also like how I can go directly to the source from the alert.”

Get started with Meltwater

“A social media management platform that informs your content strategy.”

This social media management software takes the idea of “management” to a deeper level. It doesn’t just help you schedule, manage, and analyze your content; it also provides insights and ideas that clue you into what kind of content you should create to have the most impact and reach.
Standout Features:
Use the discovery feature to explore top content from your industry competition and inspirations.
Set your key performance indicators and track them seamlessly across channels.
Access just one publisher to create social media posts, edit images, and complete search engine optimization (SEO).
Create time-saving automation with user-friendly templates.
Bulk upload CSVs to save tons of time recreating content for publication.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how it provides them with the insights and data they need to improve efforts, and in many cases, gain an advantage over the competition.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“Content Studio has taken our content marketing to another level. We were using all the popular SaaS tools for SEO research with minimal effectiveness. Content Studio has helped us unlock an added level of data that we need to make our content better than the competition. A highly versatile and useful tool for serious marketers.”

Get Started With Content Studio

“Run digital marketing campaigns that know how to listen.”

A perfectly planned content calendar is nice and all, but it doesn’t really mean anything until you layer it with audience insight. That’s exactly what Mention helps you do.
Curate content-relevant inspiration and data from across the web to see how your content fits into the broader ecosystem your audience belongs to. Determine how audiences feel and cater your messages accordingly. You don’t have time to have conversations with all your followers, but when you use Mention, you’ll feel like you know them on a personal level.
Standout Features:
Glean insights from over a billion published content sources, including articles, websites, and blogs.
Filter content across multiple channels to understand key trends.
Monitor sentiment to address potential negativities before they go public.
Professionally manage multiple client accounts and deliver stand-out reports.
Use audience listening tools to get inside audiences’ heads and deliver engagement.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how it helps them understand and even act on social conversations that might otherwise seem senseless and chaotic.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“It helped monitor competitor mentions, my brand’s mentions and most importantly it helped gauge how people felt about my brand, whether positive, negative or neutral.”

Get started with Mention

“Turn static social media plans into living strategic plans.”

Visualize your social media content and make it stronger. This tool gives you and your collaborators a rich snapshot of your social media presence. Easily solicit feedback, pinpoint gaps, and address client concerns to bolster your plan until you’re ready to publish with confidence.
Standout Features:
Use the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor to understand exactly what your audience will see.
Tweak your schedule to perfection using a highly visual calendar view.
Manage approvals and feedback right inside the platform.
Cultivate transparency by inviting clients to join your board with no fuss or sign-ins required.
Avoid confusion by keeping different client accounts clearly separate even as you scale.
Free trial? Yes. Get 50 posts free.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how it enables them to take charge of planning schedules and review processes for multiple clients. It helps them take control of a process that could easily grow overwhelming.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“I love how easy it is to set a preferred posting schedule, queue up a bunch of social media posts, then let the magic work. Scheduling social media posts is SOOO much better than posting on the fly. And Planable helps manage everything across all the platforms, so I have one central post planning hub (they work for LinkedIn and Twitter, but I currently just use it for Instagram and Facebook). I have used this for scheduling out my own personal Instagram posts, as well as client posts….

Get started with Planable

“Own the multi-channel story of your brand.”

This robust marketing platform helps managers get more value out of their audiences. With tools for viewing audience growth, sentiment, conversations, and competition at your fingertips, you can detect patterns and respond to keep your audiences satisfied and deeply engaged.
Never be surprised by quarterly audience sentiment reports. Understand on a day-to-day basis what people are saying about your brand and use insights to redirect conversations as needed.
Standout Features:
Enjoy constant monitoring and social listening of your social media accounts and marketing campaigns.
See how much your followers have grown without using complicated reports or spreadsheets.
View what everyone is posting about your brand and control the conversation.
Quickly respond to comments and activities related to your Google Questions.
Use Chatmeter’s Local Brand Visibility score to elevate your brand presence relative to your competition.
Free trial? No. Contact for pricing.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that it enables them to get a quick snapshot of their entire brand landscape. In just a few minutes, they feel they can take away key insights about customer experience, customer sentiment, and rank against competitors.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“I really like the filtering options. I manage over 100 restaurants in various locations in the US, and I can filter reviews by location and compare locations. I also like that Chatmeter provides your competition ratings so you can see where you stand. The available reporting options help me organize and present data to our management team to understand and a format that I can customize.”

Get started with Chatmeter

“Spend less time scheduling and more time strategizing.”

Metrics mean nothing if you don’t have the bandwidth to respond to the signals they’re sending. This tool helps social media managers save time on the busy work of scheduling posts. They can reallocate their brainpower to make sure posts and hashtags are optimized for different channels and that strategies take into account a comprehensive range of audience feedback.
Standout Features:
Use insights to optimize your hashtag strategy.
Tap into Buffer’s industry knowledge to find answers to your social questions.
Set up reminders to keep your social presence timely, organic, and buzzing.
Stay in the know and up to date with a calendar that’s synced across your collaborators.
Publish on one platform while also tailoring posts for specific channels.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.

Why social media agencies love this software: They love being able to schedule a bulk of their clients’ social media posts ahead of time, and then having the bandwidth to be more strategic and responsive to other relevant real-time conversations.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“Buffer makes it easy to schedule out your social media posts ahead of time and you can also manage multiple different accounts from one place. At our marketing company, it’s also easy for clients to understand and use on their own time whether they’re on their phone or computer.”

Get started with Buffer

“Expertly post across a variety of channels without actually being an expert.”

Requirements, standards, and best practices across social media profiles change from day-to-day and minute-to-minute. It would take tons of valuable hours to make sure you’re up to speed on everything. Luckily, Hootsuite stays up to speed for you. Their scheduling platform has tons of features baked in, so you can post across channels and follow automatic recommendations to make sure your posts follow current requirements.
Standout Features:
Build a content library that helps multiple posters maintain brand integrity and voice.
Increase your social prowess through Hootsuite academy.
Leverage one-touch post suspension to silence the chatter when you need to respond to a cultural moment
Post-professional videos with an in-platform editor that optimizes bitrate and dimensions.
Use Auto-Schedule to find and fill gaps in your social conversations.
Free trial? Yes. Start a 30-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how it streamlines the process of watching over multiple brands. Toggling between the social output and the audience input helps busy managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their strategies.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“What I like best about Hootsuite is the ability to see many channels and content output/input at once. We have 5 brands to watch daily, so the way you can customize your stream makes it easy to see a lot of content at once. I can switch between viewing mentions or my own content on the timeline. I like the way it shows Twitter the most. You can also manage a large team and choose which channels they can access, this is helpful when you have many brands/channels and need the extra team help.

Get started with Hootsuite

“The platform that champions your audience’s interests.”

It’s embarrassing when two people from the same team post identical, or extremely similar, posts on one channel, or when someone pushes out a post on a keyword that just got tons of negative buzz.
Use Sprout Social to avoid these damaging social situations. Use their social listening tools and redundancy checkers to make sure what you post is as aligned with your audience’s needs as possible.
Standout Features:
Sort through the noise with social listening tools that highlight the truly relevant and actionable insights.
Filter through buzz using target keywords and hashtags.
Take advantage of robust training to turn your entire team into social masters.
Rely on the platform to flag content redundancies that arise with multiple content creators.
Use community management tools to ensure you’re best serving key audiences.
Free trial? Yes. Start 30-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love leveraging the tool to not just create buzz, but also to build income-driving marketing and advertising campaigns for e-commerce clients. Social media managers can leverage data-driven marketing tools to vet and generate new avenues for advertising.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“I like it because it has given me many advantages to follow up on clients, continuous monitoring of possible sales strategies and in addition to creating very solid advertising projects. It has really been exceptional to corroborate the formation of income and profit support. I think the support does a good job.”

Get started with Social Sprout

“Keep your clients proud and happy.”

This tool streamlines how managers run social campaigns focused on customer sentiment and brand awareness. It collates and sends audience insights directly to your inbox so you can stay attentive and responsive. Plus, Agorapulse funnels all the highlights of your efforts into automatic reports you can use to highlight precisely why clients should be beyond-pleased with their social activities.
Standout Features:
Pick and choose from a variety of scheduling methodologies, including bulk uploads.
Use your dedicated social inbox to easily view and participate in relevant conversations.
Set up automated reports to keep clients and stakeholders informed.
Analyze your customer service performance and brand awareness across channels.
Create roles and permissions to take the guesswork out of team collaboration.
Free trial? Yes. Start 28-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how the tool makes it easy to extend collaboration to clients and stakeholders. By involving clients in the brainstorming and approval process, agencies are able to make stakeholders active parts of ongoing social strategies.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“Our team has enjoyed using shared calendars with clients. The approval process has been easy for our team and clients. Reports are simple and beautiful, eliminating our need for additional weekly reporting tools.”

Get Started With Agorapulse

“Close the data loop and understand your audiences.”

Zoho Social’s suite revolves around delivering actionable insights. Don’t just view random stats about your posts; get the robust reports you need to understand what the stats mean and how they connect to your strategy—to see the people behind the numbers.
All this audience understanding organically makes your social media strategy more specific, more relevant, and more effective.
Standout Features:
Leverage time predictions to engage your target audience at the best possible times.
Simultaneously listen to posts, mentions, and more.
Build audience personas using rich reports.
Study reports to see not only engagement but also the impact of your efforts.
Create beautifully branded reports catered to your agency and clients.
Free trial? Yes. Start free trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love leveraging the tool’s predictive capabilities to make data-driven decisions about what to post and when. This enables them to maximize the engagement and ROI they get from existing audiences.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“Love having the multiple Brands, the ability to schedule postings, ability to schedule to multiple platforms(Facebook, Linkedin, etc), Love the ZShare feature to quickly share images and add text quickly. Its probably one of the best social media system. Also, the predictive post feature is awesome.. It determines when my followers will be online and interacting, it recommends the best time to post. Awesome Feature.”

Get Started With Zoho Social

“Give each client’s content the star treatment.”

A water-tight content creation strategy takes tons of time and dedication. SocialPilot’s tools help you put that pristine level of time and dedication into all the content you create, even if you manage multiple clients.
Use the platform to source ideas for content that will excite everyone. Follow the platform’s suggestions to leverage past accomplishments into new content. Plus, access an entire universe of content related to an unlimited amount of keywords to get a constant well of inspiration.
Standout Features:
Leverage detailed reports to understand all your client accounts as though they’re the only ones you work on.
Manage your presence with detailed review and approval processes.
Use a content curation platform to crowdsource ideas and keep your content fresh.
Improve your amplification capabilities by searching and sharing content with unlimited keywords.
Build on existing work with intelligent content suggestions.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that it enables them to save time without sacrificing any peace of mind or quality of engagement. Bulk uploads and at-a-glance reports make social processes efficient and fruitful.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“SocialPilot’s ability to bulk schedule content is a giant time-saver. When you have the ability to write everything out on a spreadsheet and then upload it into the platform with the click of a button, having all of your content in the right place, on the right date and the right time, that, my friend, is magic! -it’s peace-of-mind. Having that feature plus an intuitive dashboard that was friendly to the new and intermediate user is a recipe for success.”

Get started with SocialPilot

“Put your brand’s best face forward.”

Canva works like an online collaboration and graphic design tool in one. Work seamlessly with your team to create gorgeous photos and graphics that make your visual presence leap off the feed.
Even team members with no graphic design experience or artistic ability can create good-looking assets that elevate your brand.
Standout Features:
Inexpensively create graphics and photos that tie your brand together.
Use industry-standard graphical editing tools without the price tag.
Add layers and text to basic photos to make your brand stand out from the crowd.
Use targeted messaging to seamlessly collaborate with your team on perfectly branded designs.
Access a library of professionally designed icons and callouts.
Free trial? Free plan available.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that it empowers absolutely everyone on their team to create graphics that are polished, professional, and on-brand,
What one G2 reviewer says:

“The ease of usage and their huge templates library is one thing that everyone’s gonna love! Over the year have been using multiple tools to design or posters, Facebook ads, YouTube thumbnails and whatnot, no tool has ever come closer to Canva!”

Get started with Canva

“Save time talking about your strategy and spend more time executing it.”

Clients and stakeholders want to know what’s going on with their channels, and more importantly, what it all means. Coschedule helps you quickly and comprehensively tell stakeholders the stories they want to hear. (And you’ll still have time to do the actual work of delivering on your strategies.)
Send fewer emails, save time on reports, and maintain perfect transparency—all without adding hours onto your day.
Standout Features:
Reduce email traffic with every collaboration you need happening right in the platform.
Share read-only views to keep stakeholders and clients informed.
Use reports to connect your social actions to your marketing strategy and outcomes.
Drag and drop scheduling keeps your plans agile when things change.
Create a logical taxonomy and a scalable catalog of content.
Free trial? Yes. Start free trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that the platform is user-friendly and fast to adopt. They can funnel the time they save on the logistics of social media management into audience analysis and strategy optimization.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“CoSchedule is very easy to use. On my first day in the office, I was able to figure out how to use it within minutes. I manage multiple social media accounts, and I’m able to schedule posts for every account within a single platform. I can also easily add social content to email campaigns.”

Get Started With CoSchedule

People Also Ask These Questions About The Best Social Media Management Software Tools For Agencies
Q: Why would an agency need social media management software?
A: Agencies need social media management software to meet client goals with the staff (and the time) they have. You can find a social media management software that will bring your clients’ goals within reach, whether they want to do more with analytics, streamline scheduling, understand their audiences, and so much more.
Q: How can social media management software help me scale my agency?
A: A social media management software can make it easier and more effective to channel the cost-efficient power of social media to reach and connect with key audiences—namely potential clients, customers, fans, and brand evangelists.
Q: Can a social media management tool be used for scheduling posts for my clients?
A: Yes, social media management tools, such as Hootesuite and HeyOrca, can be used to schedule posts for your clients. Find even more tools that are perfect for scheduling as well as other goals in this roundup.
Q: What are the benefits of a social media management platform for agencies?
A: A key benefit of a social media management platform is that it allows agencies to meet crucial client goals using fewer resources. Management platforms can help you create more relevant content, understand audience sentiment, and know when you should engage target audiences.
Q: Which social media management tool is best for agencies and clients?
A: The best social media management tools for agencies and clients include SocialPilot, SproutSocial, and Echobox. This post has a complete list of the top tools for agencies.
Q: What social media tools are best for agency and client collaboration?
A: The best social media management tools for agency and client collaboration include HeyOrca, Agorapulse, and Coschedule. This post has a complete list of the top tools for agencies.

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