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19 Healthy Savory Snacks and Recipes to Satisfy Your Salty Cravings

Healthy and savory – seems like a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it?
Well, it doesn’t have to be!
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Maybe you’re trying to watch your sugar intake and are tired of sweets and treats.
Perhaps you don’t have much of a sweet tooth and need something new to snack on.
Hey, we hear you! At SnackNation, we believe people should be empowered to eat whatever keeps them energized and satisfied, all the while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The good news? There are tons of salty and spicy snacks out there whether you’re looking for salt, spice or a bit of a both. Finding the right healthy savory snack is all a matter of preference, so we’ve gathered some of the best salty and spicy snacks to help you find your new favorite.

Below is our list of healthy savory snacks ranging from grab-and-go options to salty snacks you can prep at home. This list of snacks can serve as some much-needed motivation and inspiration to try something new.
With that, let’s dive in!
Grab-and-Go Savory Snacks 
Most savory snacks are already considered “grab-and-go,” easy to bring along to the office while requiring minimal prep time.
But some snacks are better than others when it comes to being both savory and portable. That’s why we put together our list of healthy savory snacks you can take with you anywhere. With these guilt-free options, you can keep hunger at bay at a moment’s notice.
Meat Snacks and Jerky 

Beef sticks. Turkey jerky. Salami and pepperoni. The list goes on and on.
The number of dried meat snacks out there is seemingly never-ending. In fact, these days you can even find combinations like bison-and-fruit bars which are surprisingly tasty.
On that note, there’s no shortage of flavors and meats to experiment. From spicy and hot to tangy and sweet, if you can imagine a type of meat and flavor profile, chances are there’s a jerky to match.
Also consider that fresh meat and cold-cuts you pick up from the deli can also be convenient snacks, too. Granted you opt for nitrate-free options and keep your meat fresh with a cold pack, meat snacking doesn’t have to require cooking a full-blown meal before you head off to work.
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Nuts and Seeds

High in protein and healthy fats, nuts and seeds are healthy savory snacks that represent the perfect pick-me-up. Much like jerky, there are tons of off-the-wall almond flavors (toasted coconut or habanero, for example) that can keep your snack routine interesting if you’re otherwise bored of plain nuts.
We’d also recommend keeping a few nut bars handy for the sake of having something more substantial available at your desk. Doing so can help you avoid mindless snacking or otherwise giving into cravings. Nut bars pack in some serious protein and flavor, great for supplementing your lunch or fighting that 2:30 PM sluggish feeling.
Corn and Tortilla Chips
Although traditional potato chips might understandably be viewed as junk food, tortilla and corn chips are healthy savory snacks in our book.
How so? For starters, it’s easier than ever to find simple, limited-ingredient chips that are more or less just corn and salt with no weird additives. The key to keeping it healthy with chips is to mind your serving sizes.
Plus, such chips are perfect for pairing with healthy sides as guacamole, salsa or hummus – all of which are savory in their own right. Combine these dips with varieties such as jalapeno lime chips and you have a lot of different flavors to play with.
Veggie Chips 

If you love savory flavors and know that you just aren’t getting enough greens, don’t despair!
Healthy savory snacks such as kale and asparagus chips are all the rage right now for satisfying snackers’ junk food cravings minus the guilt.  Much like regular potato chips, veggie chips come in a number of flavors (sriracha, anyone?) that are surprisingly addictive.
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With the exception of tomatoes, avocados are one of the few naturally savory fruits out there.
Avocados are delicious as part of a savory guacamole, but they’re also a great snack on their own.
Filling? Check.
Brimming with healthy fats? Double-check!
A pinch of salt and pepper can make plain avocado instantly palatable, as can a dash of your favorite hot sauce. For anyone who wants a savory and sweet flavor combination, some salt and honey can make it happen.
Avocados are also notable because they’re one of the few healthy savory snacks with a creamy texture. If you’re bored of crunchy and cripsy, the mighty avocado has you covered.

Popcorn is a favorite among savory snackers, but butter-covered theater corn is obviously bad news for your health.
That’s why we recommend air-popped, flavored popcorn that doesn’t have any needless fats or excessive calories. If you want to pop your own popcorn but find it boring plain, you can always add in a bit of sea salt and olive oil to spice it up. You can buy bulk kernels for next to nothing and an air-popper is likewise a smart investment if you’re regularly bringing the stuff to work.
Much like corn chips, crackers are an awesome vessel for your veggies and healthy dips. Additionally, you can make mini-sandwiches consisting of crackers, meats and cheeses if you’re in search of something more substantial.
Again, the key with crackers is to watch your serving sizes.
And if plain crackers sound dull to you, sriracha crackers might be the sort of bold flavor you’re looking for.

Rice Cakes 
Rice cakes get a bad rap due to their status as a boring, old-school health food.
Luckily, times have changed!
For example, you can find a wide variety of rice cakes and mini rice crackers which are a far cry from cardboard-style fare you’d find in the grocery store. Additionally, pizza-flavored rice snacks are totally something you should try.
If you’re savvy in the kitchen, you can likewise make your own savory rice cakes with chives and garlic.

Pretzels are a classic snack for satisfying your saltiest cravings.
And yeah, they can be pretty addictive if you aren’t careful.
That’s why we recommend portion-controlled mini pretzels that allow you to get your salty goodness in without going overboard. Pretzels can also be used like crackers and chips to dip in the likes of guacamole or hummus.
Potato snacks 

Chances are if you’re looking into healthy savory snacks, you’ve probably made peace with the fact that potato chips are probably a thing of the past, right?
Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should give up spuds entirely. Sweet potatoes, in particular, are a well-documented superfood due to their high nutritional value. You can find plenty of natural sweet potato chips out there just like you can find additive-free corn chips. Also, roasting your own potatoes at home is a smart way to get in more healthy carbs.
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Cheese snacks 
Don’t forget your dairy! High in protein and surprisingly filling, the right cheeses can qualify as healthy savory snacks if you choose ‘em wisely.
Look for low-fat, pre-portioned cheeses that can be found at any given supermarket. If you’re looking for a savory cheese as opposed to something creamy, start with something like a sharp cheddar.
Oh, and don’t forget about cottage cheese, either. Although it may be plain or off-putting on its own, you can make it savory with some chives and olive oil. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Simple Savory Recipes 
Given that restaurants and grocery stores often offer fare that’s packed with excess salt or processed ingredients, many of the best healthy savory snacks are the ones you prep from home. Below are some ideas to get you started on some options you can enjoy at home, regardless of your experience level in the kitchen.
Grilled Eggplant and Cilantro Dip 

Eggplant is an underrated savory savory snack when paired with the right seasonings and flavors. This recipe from Healthy Green Kitchen can be paired pita chips, crackers or even your favorite veggie.
Homemade Tomato Chips 

As noted earlier, tomatoes are a rare, naturally savory fruit. This recipe from Running to the Kitchen is quite literally two ingredients (tomatoes and salt) but don’t skimp in the flavor department. It’s worth experimenting with different types of tomatoes with this recipe: just make sure you slice them thin.
This dish does double-duty of being a great side for your meal or something you can bring along to work.
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Raw Seaweed Crunchies

Getting more greens should be a goal of any snacker, and those looking for healthy savory snacks are no exception. This recipe from The Rawtarian provides the blueprint for making awesome seaweed snacks at home. In addition to being savory, these snacks have a hidden sweet side thanks to the subtle notes of raisin, lemon and apple cider vinegar. Definitely a complex flavor profile!
Crispy Curry-Roasted Chickpeas 

Roasted chickpeas are another example of a superfood-turned-snackable. They’re not just good for you: they’re binge-worthy when prepped the right way. This recipe from Epicurious offers a spicy, curry twist that can be quite the kick depending on how much you curry powder you sprinkle on.
Get Your Free Healthy Snack Recipes Downloadable
Asian-Flavored Snack Mix 

This snack mix recipe is akin to a classic Chex Mix with a tasty Asian twist. The combination of soy sauce, nuts and popcorn are enough to satisfy just about any savory snack fanatic.
Spicy Guacamole 

Like we mentioned earlier, guacamole can be paired with crisps or veggies if you want to keep your snacking on the lighter side. The serrano chilies in this spicy recipe might cause you to slow down while eating it and hey – that just gives you more time to savor the flavor!
3-Ingredient Arepas 

It’s always nice to have some simple, go-to recipes in your cooking repertoire.  These arepas from the Minimalist Baker only have three ingredients and only take 10 minutes to prep. Don’t let this low-hanging recipe fool you, though: these arepas might end up being your favorite snack if you give ‘em a try.
Easy Vegan Coleslaw

We’re all about healthy habits around here and that means more veggies in your diet! This vegan coleslaw is a great side-dish for sneaking more in, although you could easily bring it to work to serve as your lunchtime salad.
Get Your Free Healthy Snack Recipes Downloadable
Health Notes for Savory Snackers
Let’s round off this post with a few health reminders for our savory snackers out there!
If you consider yourself a salt lover, you need to be especially mindful of what kind of salt you’re getting on a regular basis.
Most people don’t think twice about this; however, avoiding iodine deficiency is especially important for people who frequently cook at home. In short, make sure you’re using iodized salt in at least some of your home-cooked meals (versus just sea salt) to give yourself peace of mind.
Also, note that constantly craving salty foods can be a sign of dehydration. If you aren’t regularly drinking water and partaking in some physical activity to get your blood flowing, make it a priority! Eight glasses of water per day are considered standard, but salty snackers should plan on getting more.
Finally, bear in mind that there’s a lot of debate out there over sodium intake and what’s considered “safe.” If you have a family history of high blood pressure or heart issues, it never hurts to take it easy on the salt from time to time and instead opt for more naturally “salty” tasting foods such as olives or tomatoes. We don’t mention this stuff to worry you, but rather guarantee that you’re putting your health first!

Which of Our Healthy Savory Snacks Are on Your List? 
The number of salty and spicy options out there for savory snackers is staggering.
With a bit of experimenting and creativity, you can pick and prepare snacks that will treat your body right while also tasting great!
We are SnackNation are all about switching things up to ensure that you never get bored with your snack options. If you haven’t already, make sure you claim your free sample box to try some of our healthy savory snacks for yourself!

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170 | How This ‘Lone Wolf’ Entrepreneur Launched Ocean Spray’s First CBD Incubator with CarryOn Managing Director Chris Petersen

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Ocean Spray may have once conjured up images of bogs and cranberry juice, but the 92-year-old company made waves in 2020 with their arrival of CarryOn, a refreshing CBD beverage born from their Lighthouse Incubator.
In this episode, we talk to CarryOn’s Innovation Lead and Managing Director Chris Petersen about the significance of behemoth brands entering the functional wellness space, the advantages of an Incubator operation, as well as its unique challenges. Chris also gets personal about the mindset shift that came with joining a corporate team after years of solo entrepreneurship and how he combines the best of both worlds for CarryOn.
CarryOn Wellness
Connect with Chris Petersen on LinkedIn
Have an idea for the show? Drop us a line! Brandbuilder@snacknation.com.
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What’s your biggest takeaway from the episode? Join our invite-only, private Facebook group just for Brand Builder Community members, where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and founders, crowdsource ideas, share best practices (or lessons learned), and get your most important questions answered. Join now!
Brand Builder is produced by Caroo.

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20+ Healthy Plant-Based Snacks and Recipes To Keep You Energized and Feeling Great

When it comes to our day-to-day diets, sometimes it’s best to follow the mantra of “keep it simple.”
So in a day and age where fatty, processed foods are the norm, eating more healthy plant-based snacks is a smart move.
Even if you don’t plan on going full-on vegan or vegetarian, the benefits of eating a plant-based diet are well-documented. From a lower risk of heart disease to minding your waistline, eating more whole foods and fewer animal products are both good news for your body.
To be clear, the difference between a vegan and a plant-based diet is that the latter offers a greater sense of flexibility and fewer “hard’ rules.
On a plant-based diet, you might still consume dairy or meat on occasion. However, your end-goal is to eat as clean as possible, focusing on foods that quite literally come from the earth rather than something produced in a factory.
If you’re looking to adopt a more natural diet, we’ve got you covered with our list of healthy plant-based snacks and recipes! This list has something for everyone in terms of flavor and experience level in the kitchen.
Oh, and don’t let the “healthy” part fool you – all of these plant-based options are seriously delicious!
Grab-and-Go Plant-Based Snacks
Think that plant-based snacking needs to be complicated or time-consuming? Think again! Below are some quick grab-and-go snacks that are perfect for the office or when you’re pressed for time.

Photo courtesy of smilingnotes.com
1. Bush’s Best Roasted Chickpeas
We consider roasted chickpeas an elite “super-snack”. Why? Because they’re perfect on the go, completely versatile (think granola snack, salad topping, etc.), and they’re loaded with a surprising amount of nutrition in every bite. In fact, studies show that the high protein and fiber found in these tiny, crunchy seeds can help curb appetite, lower blood sugar, and maintain digestive health. So, which chickpeas should you grab? We love Bush’s Best Roasted Chickpeas for combining all of the health benefits of chickpeas with delicious, real flavor! Their Cracked Pepper flavor adds just enough spice, is gluten-free, and perfectly portioned in a grab-and-go pouch.

2. Smoothies
Fresh fruits and veggies are obvious staples of a plant-based diet. Smoothies offer a tasty and convenient way to get your fill of freshness without burning out.
Seriously, though. From bananas and mangos to blueberries and spinach, the flavor combinations out there are seriously endless. Ideal as a grab-and-go breakfast or something you can sip on throughout the day, you can experiment with a different smoothie every day without running out of ideas.
Despite popular belief, smoothies don’t necessarily have to be time-consuming. As part of a  Sunday meal prep  routine, you can put together your fruit and veggie combinations beforehand and simply blend them up before you head out the door. A thermal cup can keep your smoothies fresh and cold throughout the workday to help you curb your sugar cravings.

3. Plant-based Bars
Sometimes you need a snack that’s no-mess and no fuss.
Hey, we hear you.
We at SnackNation recommend keeping a fruit bar or two at your desk to take care of your afternoon cravings at a moment’s notice. Many of the healthy-plant based snacks on our list do require some degree of prep, so an instant option is always nice. Also, fruit-only bars serve as a guilt-free, filling alternative to candy bars or sugary snacks with little-to-no nutritional value.

4. Dried Fruit
Dried fruit is known as “nature’s candy” for a reason.
We recommend dried fare such as figs, apples, raisins, dates, apples and cranberries to munch on during the workday.
Dried fruit is perfect by itself or as part of a trail mix if you’re looking for something different. For example, this Nature’s Garden mix combines fruit with walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds to serve as a healthy balance of sweet and savory. Snacks such as spicy banana chips are also worth trying if you really crave off-the-wall flavors.
Sometimes dried fruit gets a bad rap because of added sugar. That’s why it always pays to look at nutritional labels when shopping around for healthy plant-based snacks. For example,  these Sunny Fruit Organic dried figs are just organic figs and water. How’s that for keeping it simple?

5. Fresh Fruit
No matter how you slice it, you can’t ignore the fresh stuff!
Fresh fruits such as bananas, apples and grapes good no-mess options for work. Bananas, in particular, are relatively cheap and can be bought in bulk with no refrigeration required.
We recommend cutting up and pre-portioning your fruits as part of your meal-prep routine if you’ve got the time. This allows you to try out new combinations and avoid any sort of peeling or washing at work.

6. Vegetable Chips
Who said that healthy plant-based snacks can’t taste like “the good stuff?”
Vegetable chips are a prime example of a savory snack that can taste just as good (if not better) than the real deal, all the while containing fewer additives and calories. For example, sweet potato chips, kale chips and roasted seaweed can satisfy your savory cravings minus the guilt.
If you consider yourself a bit of a junk food addict, these snacks are a great place to start on your journey toward a whole-foods, plant-based diet.

7. Fresh Vegetables
We also can’t talk about plant-based eating without talking about, you know, eating plants.
Fresh vegetables are nutritionally dense and are second-to-none when it comes to keeping you full.
Carrots and celery might not seem like the most exciting snacks in the world, but they do have the bonus of requiring little-to-no prep. Some creative dipping sauces such as guacamole and curry sauce can go a long way toward making your raw veggies more palatable, too.

8. Popcorn
It’s easy to forget about the “corn” in popcorn when thinking over healthy snacks.
It all comes down to how you prep it. For example, air-popping your popcorn will help reduce calories, as will avoiding any excessive, buttery toppings.
Bulk popcorn is inexpensive if nothing else. It can also be popped at home and brought to work without losing its freshness if kept in an airtight container.
If you find plain popcorn boring or off-putting, consider some flavors to spice things up. Parmesan popcorn and sea salt popcorn are both great options.

9. Chickpeas
Eaten either roasted or as part of your favorite hummus, chickpeas are full of antioxidants. in addition to having a unique, complex flavor profile, roasted chickpeas are another example of healthy plant-based snacks you can prepare in bulk at home to enjoy to replace traditional junk food.

10. Tofu
Plant-based dieters should rightfully be concerned about their protein intake. The good news? Tofu is a great source of plant-based protein and is a staple substitution for those trying to avoid meat. If you’ve been put off by tofu’s texture in the past, it’s worth experimenting  tofu snack recipes such as tofu jerky or tofu chips to make yourself a believer again.

11. Granola
Whether or not granola is truly “plant-based” is up for debate, but it’s a perfect pairing for so many of the snacks above regardless. Trail mix? Fresh fruit? Smoothies? Granola is a fantastic option for adding in a sweet crunch, and you can make your own granola for next to nothing.

Simple Planet-Based Recipes to Try
Putting together a fully plant-based meal or snack at home is much easier than you might think. Here are some quick and easy plant-based recipes for when you’re looking for something savory, sweet or somewhere in-between.

12. DIY Vegan Trail Mix
Like many healthy plant-based snacks, this recipe from Lean Green Dad is also vegan-friendly.
As noted, trail mix is an awesome way to get your fill of plant-based flavors. This recipe serves as a template that’s so easy to follow for creating your own trail mix time and time again. To simplify, the ratios are half-a-cup of the following:

A raw or dry-roasted nut of your choice
A raw or dry-roasted seed of your choice
An unsweetened dried fruit of your choice
A vegan chocolate or chocolate substitute (carob) of your choice

This leads to a whole slew of sweet or savory options you can experiment with.

13. Garlicky Kale Salad with Crispy Chickpeas
If you think that you’re sick of salads, this recipe from The Minimalist Baker will change your mind.
Combining kale and chickpeas with a tangy tahini dressing, this salad is entirely plant-based and delicious. Ready in less than 30 minutes, this is a prime option for a meal at home or at work.

14. Collard Green Spring Rolls
Another winner from the Minimalist Baker, these spring rolls are even better than what you can get at your favorite Asian restaurant. Veggie and tofu-based, they’re surprisingly filling and the Asian-inspired dressing can be paired with just about any raw veggie. Try it out!

15. 3-Ingredient Peanut-Butter Sesame Cookies
Here’s one to satisfy your sweet tooth! These cookies from Purple Carrot might not sound like much, but pack a punch of flavor with their three ingredients: peanut butter, maple syrup and sesame seeds (all of which are technically plant-based).

16. Sweet and Salty Coconut Chips
This recipe from Purple Carrot is a tropically sweet and savory treat that only takes 20 minutes to put together. Sweetened with natural agave, you can enjoy them as a snack or dessert when your cravings hit.

Plant-Based Substitutes for Snacking and Cooking
Adopting a more plant-based diet doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all of the foods that you love. Below are some common plant-based substitutions that can replicate animal products including dairy and meat-based ingredients.

17. Meat substitutes (black beans, mushrooms, tofu)
If you’ve gone meatless and are totally missing a good burger, we don’t blame you.
Black bean patties and Portobello mushrooms can do the trick for most beef dishes. For chicken or pork, tofu can be used as a substitution. Seasonings and condiments can go a long way for any meat substitutions in terms of flavor and texture.

18. Egg substitutes (bananas, flaxseed)
The debate over eggs and their impact on our health is ongoing. If you’re trying to reduce or replace them, vegan options such as bananas and flaxseed work like a charm for most baked recipes. As a side note, bananas typically work better for desserts (due to their natural sugar) while flaxseed is better for non-sweet dishes.

19. Chocolate substitutes (carob)
Plant-based dieting typically means trying to get away from processed sugars. That said, giving up chocolate can a challenge. That’s where carob comes in. Beyond acting as a natural chocolate substitute, the upsides of carob include a boost in calcium and properties that reduce headaches.

20. Protein powder substitutes (pea protein)
As noted, protein is a concern for those primarily eating healthy plant-based snacks. The good news?  There are a number of vegan protein powders out there, including pea protein, which act as a substitute for old-school whey protein. Some of the best vegan protein powders include brands such as Orgain and Garden of Life

21. Butter substitutes (coconut oil)
If you’re used to cooking with butter and want something plant-based instead, coconut oil is a smart swap that won’t sacrifice flavor. Just be aware of coconut oil’s low smoke point and think “less is more” when it comes to using it for frying.

Quick Tips for Plant-Based Snacking
To wrap things up, here are some quick tips for those looking to eat more healthy plant-based snacks and adopt better snacking habits.
Ease Into It
Remember: you don’t have to go cold-turkey or totally transform your diet overnight.
Instead, take baby steps. For example, replace one of your daily meals with a plant-based dish or vow to give up processed snacks in lieu of healthy, plant-based ones. After that, see how you feel.
It’s better to take smaller steps rather than big, sweeping changes you can’t stick to. On the flip side, you may be surprised at just how easy it is to adjust to plant-based eating once you give it a shot.
Keep an Open Mind
Don’t look at plant-based snacking as “giving up” what you love, but rather than an opportunity to experiment with new snacks and flavors. Many people are put off by veganism because they see it as too restrictive. With plant-based dieting, there is so much out there to enjoy without making too many sacrifices in the grand scheme of things.
Switch It Up!
As is the case with any sort of diet, eating the same snacks over and over will result in boredom and burnout. Keep hunting for new recipes and rotate your snacks regularly (hint: we at SnackNation can certainly help in that department).

How Many of Our Healthy Plant-Based Snacks Have You Tried?
Plant-based eating doesn’t have to be boring – not by a long shot!
There are so many healthy plant-based snacks out there and we consider our list as a solid starting point for anyone looking for more variety.
And to help you experiment with even more plant-based options, make sure to claim your first SnackNation box to see what we have to offer. Happy snacking!

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166 | How This Black Entrepreneur Built Chicago’s First CBD Brand… And His Own Fulfillment Center with Halfday CBD Co-founder Kameron Norwood

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When Kameron and his coworkers needed natural relief from their high-stress corporate jobs, Kameron developed Half Day CBD, Chicago’s first-ever CBD brand.
When COVID-19 halted Half Day CBD’s booming event activations at Chicago’s popular music festivals, Kameron and his team pivoted to e-commerce.
And when nightmarish 3PLs and fulfillment centers threatened his online customers’ experience, Kameron decided to build his own 3PL. Who does that?!
Where people see challenges, Kameron sees a new opportunity to build a life-changing brand. Not once, but twice.
In this inspiring episode, Kameron Norwood, co-founder of Half Day CBD and PackDash, reveals the surprising secrets and tested strategies that helped him navigate the stigmas of cannabis, launch his first brand and build an ecosystem to support it. Get ready for a crash course in hustling, being resourceful, and never letting roadblocks get in the way of your success.
Half Day CBD
Connect with Jay Hirsh on LinkedIn
Have an idea for the show? Drop us a line! Brandbuilder@snacknation.com.
Join our Exclusive Facebook Group!

What’s your biggest takeaway from the episode? Join our invite-only, private Facebook group just for Brand Builder Community members, where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and founders, crowdsource ideas, share best practices (or lessons learned), and get your most important questions answered. Join now!
Brand Builder is produced by Caroo.

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12 Healthy Camping Snacks and Recipes for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

In a world of push notifications, emails, texts and phone calls, a camping trip can do wonders to help you disconnect. From hiking to spending quality time with friends and family, a single camping trip can be the perfect mind and body reset to help you feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged. But a health-boosting camping trip goes far beyond the planned activities – what you eat matters too! In this article, we’re sharing our favorite camping tips, recipes and healthy camping snacks to help you come back from your outdoor adventure feeling better than ever.

5 Science-Backed Benefits of Camping

1. Camping May Aid In Preventing Cancer
Spending time in the great outdoors – forests, specifically – may stimulate the production of anti-cancer proteins. A study conducted in Japan took a look at those who practice “Shinrinyoku” or forest bathing and found that those who enjoyed a short, leisurely trip to the forest experienced a boost in cancer-fighting proteins that lasted more than 30 days after the trip!
2. Camping Can Reverse Mental Fatigue
If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and exhausted just by looking at your to-do list, you may have experienced mental fatigue. Instead of overworking your mind in an attempt to power through, turn to nature for a boost! Studies show that looking at natural beauty can evoke feelings of awe, giving you the mental boost and rejuvenation you need to get inspired.
3. Camping Helps Lower Blood Pressure
If just looking at a beautiful nature scene has been proven to help calm and relax, it’s no wonder that the real thing is even more effective! Studies show that breathing in the fresh air and taking in nature can reduce stress by more than 15% and lower blood pressure by just over 2%.
4. Camping Can Improve Short Term Memory
Surprisingly enough, getting lost in the beauty of nature can actually help you recall more. In one University of Michigan study, students were given the same memory test before splitting off into two groups. One took a walk through a leafy arboretum, the other down a city street. When they came back to retake the test, those who strolled among the trees did almost 20% better than they had the first time!
5. Camping May Boost Creativity
The beauty of nature has been the inspiration behind landscape portraits for centuries, and for good reason! Spending time in nature has been proven to boost creativity by up to 50% according to a recent study. Who knows? A leisurely camping trip may have you coming back with new creative ideas that you can show off at work or implement at home.

3 Essential Camping Cooking Tips

How you prep for cooking outdoors may vary based on the dishes you expect to make, what amenities are available at your campsite and how long you expect to be camping. No matter what your outdoor cooking adventure has in store, here are some helpful tips for any camping chef.
Save Space with Meal Prep
Chances are you’ve already planned which meals and ingredients you need. Take it one step further and measure out ingredients ahead of time and pack items for each meal together. This not only keeps ingredients organized and easy to grab, but also saves precious space.
Stay Efficient with Multi-Use Cookware
As you meal prep, determine what pots and pans you will need to prepare your dishes. If one of your meals requires cookware that will sit there the rest of the trip, consider swapping the recipe for something simpler and equally delicious. We recommend cast-iron skillets and dutch ovens for their versatility and durability.
Be Prepared with Grab-and-Go Options
On days when adventures end up taking longer than expected, and you find yourself back at the campsite later in the day, don’t keep everyone hungry with meals that require a lot of cooking time. Keep pre-packaged snacks on hand that are made with real, delicious ingredients so you can fuel up fast. 

Grab-and-Go Healthy Camping Snacks
Save time and energy with grab-and-go no cook camping snacks that are perfectly portioned and made with delicious, clean ingredients that keep you fueled for any adventure! These four snacks are classic campfire favorites made healthier. Plus, they’re SnackNation-approved for their real ingredients and no added chemicals.
RIND Tropical Blend Fruit Snacks

Dried fruit is a delicious, naturally sweet & healthy snack that’s perfect for any camping trip. It’s easy to stash in any daypack and there’s no mess involved. RIND’s fruit snacks are no exception, and their Tropical Blend combines delicious flavors like bittersweet orange, pineapple and tangy kiwi! Did you know that a fruit’s peel is the most nutritious part? RIND keeps the peel on their dried fruit snacks making them high in fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin C.
Why we love it: A sweet, sun-dried fruit snack with nothing added. By keeping the peel, RIND helps eliminate food waste and boost nutrition!

Beanfields Chips Pico de Gallo & Nacho
Chips are a tempting camping snack staple since they’re easy to share around the campfire and can be enjoyed as a snack or garnish fireside dishes. Swap typical potato chips for a better-for-you option that’s bursting with flavor with Beanfields bean chips! They’re loaded with more fiber and protein than your typical snack and their Pico de Gallo and Nacho flavors are bursting with flavor. Plus, they’re gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan.
Why we love it: Beanfields makes it easy to satisfy chip cravings with a better-for-you option full of flavor and added nutritional benefits.

Old Wisconsin Turkey Stick

Jerky is a tried and true camping snack because it’s small enough to fit in any camping bag, it’s shelf-stable and it’s the perfect fuel after an action-packed day. While most jerkies are made with pork and beef, Old Wisconsin Turkey Sticks are just as high in protein without the extra calories and fat. Plus, they’re gluten-free with no MSG.
Why we love it: Old Wisconsin Turkey Sticks are a unique, high-protein snack with real ingredients and fewer calories than traditional beef and pork jerky.

Munk Pack Blueberry Acai Flax Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze

Oatmeal is a perfect breakfast before any day of hiking but between warming the water and washing your dishes the prep time can add up. Munk Pack’s Acai Flax Oatmeal Squeeze packs all of the hearty benefits of oatmeal into an easy BPA-free pouch that’s easy to toss. Plus, they add antioxidant-rich acai berry and flax seeds for added fiber and omega-3s. Whole grain, gluten-free and vegan, it’s perfect for those that can’t wait to get on the trail.
Why we love it: Munk Pack Acai Flax Oatmeal Squeeze lets you skip the extra work and still get a delicious, fiber-rich oatmeal breakfast with added antioxidants and all-natural ingredients.

Most-Loved Camping Recipes
Your campsite may not have the same luxuries as a fully-stocked kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor when cooking! Make-ahead snacks, tin-foil recipes and a cast-iron skillet can be your best friends when it comes to making high-quality camping cuisine. Here are some of our favorite recipes for each:

 Make-Ahead Bars
3-Ingredient Cereal Bars
These cereal bars by The Big Man’s World are vegan, gluten-free and oil-free! Simply combine your favorite cereal or granola, your preferred nut butter and a better-for-you sweetener like organic maple syrup or brown rice syrup for a sweet, chewy treat that can easily be stored in your daypack. After a long hike, the healthy monounsaturated fats from the nut butter and satisfying cereal grains provide the perfect pick-me-up that keeps you going.
Superfood Granola Bars

Via Domestic Gothess
Harness the power of superfoods ahead of time! These make-ahead bars by Domestic Gothess combines power-packed ingredients like chia seeds, goji berries and coconut oil for a bar that’s vegan, dairy-free and loaded with clean-ingredient protein. Whip them up in 30 minutes and add a little dark chocolate for some well-deserved decadence.
Allergy-friendly Sunbutter Bars
Another favorite from The Big Man’s World, these Sunbutter Granola Bars are the perfect energy-boosting snack, even for those allergic to nuts. It’s made with sunflower seed butter, a great source of protein and Vitamin E, and shredded coconut for a hint of sweetness. All you need is one bowl and 10 minutes to whip up these delicious, allergy-friendly bars.

Tin Foil Recipes
Salmon and Potato Packets
Did you know that salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids? This beginner-friendly recipe from Averie Cooks combines all the health benefits of salmon with warm, hearty potatoes for a delicious, healthy campfire meal. With only 5 minutes of prep time, it’s the perfect quick-and-easy recipe after a long day of adventures.
Sweet Potato Taco Packets

Via Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
This Sweet Potato Taco Foil Packet recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is easily adaptable for vegetarian campers. Simply omit the ground turkey and you have a no-mess foil packet loaded with spinach, sweet potato and flavorful taco seasoning!
Chicken Fajita Packets
Spice up your campfire dinner with this Chicken Fajita Foil Packet recipe from Real Housemoms! With less than 10 ingredients and just 30 minutes of prep time, this simple chicken and veggie recipe still delivers tons of flavor thanks to the homemade mixture of spices.

Cast Iron Recipes
Sweet Potato, Kale and Shrimp Skillet
You don’t need to bring the whole kitchen to make this delicious sweet potato, kale and shrimp skillet recipe by Primavera Kitchen. It calls for just 4 ingredients and it’s gluten-free, low-carb and paleo!
Fiery Campfire Veggies

Via Bless Her Heart Y’all
Bring the heat with this roasted vegetable recipe from Bless Her Heart Y’all. This recipe combines fresh, nutrient-rich veggies with spicy sriracha and red pepper flakes for a spicy, flavorful side dish that’s bound to keep campers warm.
Peach Honey Pizza
Freshly-baked pizza and the great outdoors make for a winning combo thanks to this Peach Honey Pizza recipe from Little Family Adventure. It combines fresh peaches rich in Vitamin-A, sweet manuka honey and greek yogurt for a sweet, guilt-free spin on a savory classic.

3 More Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors

If you’ve never gone camping or feel overwhelmed by the idea of taking time to get away, there are still ways you can enjoy the great outdoors! Start with small steps that help you reap the benefits of nature and work up to a full-on outdoors adventure.
This Week: Go For a Walk
You don’t need an entire camping trip to reap all of the science-backed benefits of the great outdoors. Even a quick afternoon walk is enough to feel a quick mood boost! One study found that participants who took an afternoon walk during their lunch break were immediately more enthusiastic, less tense, and generally more relaxed than the days they didn’t take a stroll. Block time for a solo walking break if you’re looking to disconnect, or plan a walking meeting with a colleague or friend and share the rewards! If you’re feeling the need for fresh air, chances are your deskmate is too.
This Month: Plan a Group Hike
What’s more fun than exploring nature? Doing so with friends! Plan a day filled with fresh air, stunning views and light exercise with none other than your favorite pals. And finding the perfect trail? Easy! Search for popular trails in the area or use an app like AllTrails to plan your daytrip adventure. You can even browse by difficulty level or distance for a hike that’s perfect for novice hikers and experts alike. Don’t forget to pack water, sunscreen and your favorite better-for-you snacks to stay fueled all day long!
This Year: Go on a Nature-Fueled Vacation
If you’re not quite ready to plan a camping trip but still want to appreciate nature, opt for something less rugged! Plenty of national parks, forests and nature destinations are well-populated with lodging, from high-end hotels to rustic cottages. Fill your day with activities like hiking or kayaking that allow you to fully disconnect and take in the surroundings, and rest easy knowing you have a comfortable room to come back to.

So where will go on your next adventure? No matter where you find yourself in the great outdoors, be sure to stay fueled and hydrated with delicious, clean ingredient snacks.

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159 | How This Reality TV Producer Pioneered the First High-Protein CBD Bar with Velobar Founder Brant Reiter

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Sometimes your greatest idea hits you at the most unexpected time.
For Velobar founder Brant Reitner, it was during a leisurely bike ride in 2015 when he realized the world was missing a cannabis-infused protein bar.
From that moment until now, navigated a Wild West-style cannabis industry, creating and recreating an award-winning, high-protein CBD snack that can now be found in grocery stores, coffee shops, and gyms across the country.
In this episode, Brant demystifies the world of cannabis and takes us on the journey of Velobar, from breaking through loads of red tape to finding a niche customer base with fans nationwide. Plus, we announce the arrival of Brand Builder’s new co-host!
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Episode 145 | How Recess Is Building the Redbull of CBD, with Recess founder & CEO Benjamin Witte

Last Updated on July 27, 2020
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Recess is a CBD beverage brand that almost never talks about CBD.
How is this possible? Because founder and CEO Benjamin Witte knows that the best beverage brands don’t focus on an ingredient… they convey a feeling. 
Case in point: Redbull. You may have noticed that with all their talk of energy, action sports, and giving you “wings,” Redbull never mentions caffeine. Because in the beverage space, the feeling is more powerful than the ingredient.
So why should the CBD category be any different? 
Founded in 2017, Recess is a consumer wellness brand creating products and experiences designed to help people feel balanced, centered, and inspired so they can be their most productive and creative selves. They make sparkling water infused with calming hemp extract and adaptogens for balance and clarity.
Benjamin and the Recess team have their sights set on becoming the next Redbull. To do that, they’re building their brand around the feeling of calm and tranquility – aka, “taking a recess.” 
Recess also recently did something pretty unexpected – they launched an apparel collection called “Reality Wear.” In this episode, you’ll learn how this all ties back to Ben’s philosophy on brand marketing. 
On top of that, you’ll learn what every CPG brand should borrow from Silicon Valley, and why the era of building a brand by doing demos in Wegman’s is over (plus what to do instead). 
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What’s your biggest takeaway from the episode? Join our invite-only, private Facebook group just for Brand Builder Community members, where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and founders, crowdsource ideas, share best practices (or lessons learned), and get your most important questions answered. Join now!
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