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21 Best Gifts For Working Moms In 2021 (Super Mom Approved)

Hey there!
Whether you’re a busy mama or you know a busy mama, you’ve come to the right place. Being a working mom is like having two full-time jobs, which means you’re always juggling one thing or another.
Between kids, deadlines, and work tasks, anything that makes a working mom’s life easier is more than welcome. In fact, that’s exactly the kind of multi-tasking lifestyle about 33% of women in the workforce live.

“66% of working moms get less than 6 hours of sleep per night.” —

Fortunately, for the super moms out there, we’ve compiled a list of the 21 best gifts for working moms in 2021!
Everything on this mommy-approved list saves time, rejuvenates, entertains, or does a combination of these things.
Let’s dive right in!

Table of Contents

Healthy Gifts For Working Moms
1. Hydroponic Grow Kit
“Healthy grow for a healthy glow”

Price: $30
Why we love it: The Hydroponic Grow Kit saves time that might otherwise be spent running over to the grocery store or farmer’s market. This DIY grow kit lets busy moms grow herbs in their home. Equipped with arugula & kale seeds, plant food, grow medium, a stainless steel net, and a glass vessel, you or a working mother you know will be all set and ready to grow from the get-go!
Where to get this gift: Hydroponic Grow Kit

2. Mindfulness Box
“For a full mind and body”

Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Why we love it: The Mindfulness Box is a carefully curated employee appreciation gift supermoms will fall in love with! Each box comes fully loaded with loads of energizing snacks and goodies like Kind Bars, Ginger Chews, and much, much more.
Where to get this gift: Mindfulness Box

3. Fitbit Versa Lite Watch
“Every step counts when every step is counted”

Price: $263.26 to $274.92
Why we love it: Imagine a world in which your exercise happens without you even having to think about it. Well, it does! However, on a day-to-day basis, most activities go completely untracked. Folding laundry, walking the dog, grocery shopping — the list goes on and on. The biggest thing that stops people from hitting their fitness goals is getting discouraged. However, once they see progress, they push even harder. That’s why the Fitbit Versa Lite Watch is so effective. With core fitness and smart features, plus an equally smart design, every step will count.
Where to get this gift: Fitbit Versa Lite Watch

Useful Gifts For Working Moms
4. TheraBox
“For tender love and care in a box”

Price: $30.99 / mo
Why we love it: TheraBox is therapy in a box! With 6-8 self-care goodies (aromatherapy, body, bath, skincare, organic, etc.), this is easily one of the best gifts for working moms. Every stress-reducing product featured in these monthly subscription boxes is carefully thought out and measured by one criteria — will it make a hardworking mama’s life better? The answer is always YES!
Where to get this gift: TheraBox

5. New Mom & Baby Love
“For new mamas”

Price: $72
Why we love it: New Mom & Baby Love is a great gift for new mothers. Whether an employee is on maternity leave or they just got back to the office, they’re sure to love this gift box for moms. New Mom & Baby Love comes with vanilla shortbread cookies, a handknit rattle, an organic cotton “I Love Mom” onesie, and vanilla and white peony tea drops.
Where to get this gift: New Mom & Baby Love

6. SnackSack
“For the whole family”

Price: $24 / mo
Why we love it: The SnackSack kicks unhealthy cravings to the curb! Every month, this curated snack box features 11-15 wholesome snacks catered around a specific theme and season. You can pick between gluten-free, vegan, vegan + gluten free, and classic themes, all of which are made from natural ingredients by top brands. The wide variety and sheer quantity of delicious treats is perfect for a working mom’s growing family if she opts to share — though the SnackSack is so yummy she might be tempted to do otherwise.
Where to get this gift: SnackSack

Gifts Under $25 For Working Moms
7. Bath Bombs Gift Set
“For some bomb R&R”

Price: $18.39
Why we love it: The Bath Bombs Gift Set is the perfect gift for moms working from home. This amazing spa day in a box relaxes and rejuvenates with aromatherapy-infused bath bombs and fragrant pure essential oils like coconut, almond, and various flowers. Every box features 27 vegan, cruelty-free mini-bath bombs, so boss babes can pamper themselves every other week year round!
Where to get this gift: Bath Bombs Gift Set

8. Mom’s One Line A Day
“For scrapbooking memories one line at a time”

Price: $6.90
Why we love it: If you’re looking for gift ideas for busy working moms, you’ve found another one! Mom’s One Line A Day is ideal for mom’s who have to work, but don’t want to forget a single special memory in the middle of all the hustling they have to do on a day-to-day basis. This 5-year journal and memory book has one simple premise — write a snapshot of life every day in a single line. The good, the bad, the tough, the rewarding — all of it together will paint a beautiful word mosaic of the years!
Where to get this gift: Mom’s One Line A Day Memory Book

9. Fabric Loop Resistance Bands Set
“For at-home workouts”

Price: $19.99
Why we love it: The Fabric Loop Resistance Bands Set helps working moms squeeze in home workouts at will. Instead of worrying about big, heavy equipment, these bands function as a compact gym to break a sweat anytime, anywhere.
Where to get this gift: Fabric Loop Resistance Bands Set

Mother’s Day Gifts For Working Moms
10. A Little Pampering Gift Set
“For essential self-care”

Price: $38.26
Why we love it: Do you know someone who deserves some serious pampering? A Little Pampering Gift Set comes equipped with all the luxuries to give their spirit a major lift! Featuring lavender body oil, a lavender shower steamer, unscented coconut lip balm, lavender soap, grapefruit body oil, an essential oil-infused soy candle, a lemongrass shower steamer, and grapefruit soap, A Little Pampering is guaranteed to help working moms unwind and destress.

Where to get this gift: A Little Pampering Gift Set

11. A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe
“For a sweet cause”

Price: $80
Why we love it: A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe is an assortment of scrumptious goodies such as chocolate dipped pretzels, butter cookies, gluten-free dark chocolate + pecan toffee, rosemary and sea salt shortbread cookies, crunchy Meyer lemon shortbread cookies, chocolate-covered roasted espresso beans, artisan caramels, and gourmet granola mix. The extra sweet part about this gift idea for working moms is that the profits help support minority artisans and employment opportunities for women overcoming poverty.
Where to get this gift: A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe

12. Sips + Snacks Box
“Because happiness is healthiness”

Price: $57.95 to $61.95
Why we love it: Sips + Snacks Box is the delicious box of organic goodies with just enough wine paired with it to keep moms guessing. Is it healthy? Is it for being happy? It’s both! And hey, mom can also indulge in the wine while the kids snack away.
Where to get this gift: Sips + Snacks Box

Office Gifts For Working Moms
13. Wireless Charging Pad
“For boss babes”

Price: $54.37 to $72.28
Why we love it: The Wireless Charging Pad is the all-in-one charging station for smartphones, but without the tangled mess of wires. With a built-in charging pad, elastic pockets for accessories, and a table stand, moms working from home will be able to make good use of this space-saving gift.
Where to get this gift: Wireless Charging Pad

14. Indoor Tabletop Fountain
“For a perfect zen out of ten”

Price: $40
Why we love it: The Indoor Tabletop Fountain ups the zen level in any room. Of course, the best place for this decorative tabletop fountain is in the home office, which will give working moms the sensation that they’re working next to the soothing waters of a creek. The Indoor Tabletop Fountain has a built-in pump to keep it algae-free and 3-tiers of cascading leaves to fill the office with gentle trickling.
Where to get this gift: Indoor Tabletop Fountain

15. Flex Foam Roller
“For stretching out in the home office”

Price: $17.99
Why we love it: Sitting all day can certainly take a toll on the body. Likewise, so can chasing after the kiddos. Mix those activities together and you could have one sore mama. That’s why the Flex Foam Roller is the perfect home office gift. This handy roller helps with core stability, tight muscles, and self-massage.
Where to get this gift: Flex Foam Roller

Unique Gifts For Working Moms
16. Macrame Plant Hangers
“For naturalist home decor”  

Price: $33.98
Why we love it: Do you know a plant lover? Macrame Plant Hangers are just the gift for this superwoman. These hanging planters come in a set of five with hooks and an off-white rope color to match any setting. The Macrame Plant Hangers typically range from about 3 to 4 feet tall and give rooms a cool bohemian vibe.
Where to get this gift: Macrame Plant Hangers

17. Home Pedicure Gift Set
“For extra special self-care”

Price: $36.5
Why we love it: The Home Pedicure Gift Set is the dreamy self-care kit to replenish the always on-the-go working mom. Featuring an essential oil-infused Pedicure in a Jar, epsom salt Foot Tea Soak, and a pumice stone, this amazing gift for work-from-home moms pairs perfectly with scented candles and much needed me-time.
Where to get this gift: Home Pedicure Gift Set

18. Soy Candle Making Kit
“For DIY-lovers”

Price: $35.45
Why we love it: The Soy Candle Making Kit is an excellent gift for working moms looking for a creative outlet! Now this boss mama can relax in the glow of candle she poured and mixed all by herself. Alternatively, she can give these scented candles away if she chooses to share her handiwork. If this busy mom wants, she can even let the candles cool a bit and add dried rosemary, lavender, and other botanicals for decoration.
Where to get this gift: Soy Candle Making Kit

Christmas Gifts For Working Moms
19. Mother Snacker
“For artisanal flavors”

Price: $52 / mo
Why we love it: The Mother Snacker is a gift box idea full of artisanal delights! Every box comes with a personalized note card and 5-7 products, including essentials, treats, encouragement, and inspirational-themed items. The Mother Snacker makes every mamas life a little sweeter!
Where to get this gift: Mother Snacker

20. Nat Geo Foods For Health
“For health conscious mothers”

Price: $22.99 to $39.51
Why we love it: Nat Geo Foods For Health is the science and data-based guide for holistic nutrition with information and recipes made specifically to keep families — and the world healthy. This comprehensive book features food pairings, dozens of tips, menus, and nearly 150 environmentally-friendly superfoods. Additionally, Nat Geo Foods For Health reveals the relationship between food and various cultures from around the planet, which makes this gift for moms a fun way to educate the entire family.
Where to get this gift: Nat Geo Foods For Health

21. Unplugged Box
“For family fun”

Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Why we love it: The Unplugged Box is a great gift idea for working moms looking to use their break to spend family game night or just to chill out and disconnect. This curated gift box allows mothers to unplug and enjoy the scent of a coffee & cedarwood candle, a deck of playing cards, a rejuvenation activity, better-for-you snacks, and a drink from the enamel mug.
Where to get this gift: Unplugged Box

People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts For Working Moms
Q: What do you get a working mom who has everything?
A: The best gift for a working mom who seems to have everything is the one thing we could all use more of: Time. Anything that saves a working mom time is an excellent idea. An item that helps her meal prep for herself and her kids or a snack gift box so she doesn’t have to shop for snacks for the kids would be a great example.
Q: What are some gifts that make working mom’s lives easier?
A: A gift that makes working moms’ lives easier could be something that saves them time or something that helps them relax and rejuvenate.
Q: What do you get a boss mom?
A: Any work-from-home gift that helps her with her job or helps her balance time is a good idea. Additionally, any luxury like essential oil diffusers, audiobooks, bluetooth speakers, instant pots, tumblers, wine glasses, coffee mugs, or slow cookers are popular mom gifts.
Q: What is the best gift to send a busy new mom that can help them save time?
A: The best gift for busy new moms is one that considers the tasks they already have to do and removes one of them. For example, if a mom has to clean, grocery shop, and work, then anything that makes these tasks easier will give her back precious time.
Q: Are there gifts that can help working moms multitask?
A: Yes, calendars, smart technology, and plenty of other gadgets can help working moms multitask. Amazon, Etsy,, Caroo, and many other companies carry loads of great gifts for working moms.

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Workplace Wellness: Is It Worth The Investment For Your Company & Your Employees In 2021?

For companies looking to get an edge, workplace wellness has become an essential part of their strategy. With a large push from Gen Z and millennials entering the job market, it’s become increasingly clear that emphasizing mental health and wellbeing helps companies attract and retain top talent, while boosting their bottom line.

“The average return on investment of workplace wellness programs is $3.27 for every $1 spent because of reduced healthcare costs.” — Well Steps

In this comprehensive workplace wellness guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to implement a workplace wellness plan. Check it out!

Table of Contents

What is Workplace Wellness?
Workplace wellness refers to optimizing a workplace for the employee health, happiness, positivity, and all-around well-being of the employees and everyone else involved in your organization. Making workplace wellness more than a buzzword requires deliberate effort, thoughtfulness, and planning. However, boosting employee satisfaction also raises every other metric.

“Employers save on average $5.82 in lower absenteeism for every dollar spent on employee wellness programs.” — Indiana Department of Health

A recent Gallup poll even found that over-stressed employees are 300% more likely to leave their jobs.

Why is Workplace Wellness Important?
Workplace wellness is important because company culture scales for better or for worse. One of the most incredible things about workplace wellness is that it’s self-perpetuating. Put another way: Happy employees boost their coworkers’ morale, which makes the work environment more positive and so on.
Employees spend an average of 50 hours per week on the job — or half their waking hours. For work to be sustainable in the long-term, wellness has to be thought of as being just as critical as the work itself.

Pro-Tip: Create a shame-free environment in which employees feel comfortable taking full advantage of their vacation time and other days off.

What Are The Benefits Of a Successful Workplace Wellness Program?
The benefits of workplace wellness are:

How Do You Measure Workplace Wellness?
The best way to measure a workplace wellness program is to see an increase in employee satisfaction. A fairly good way of gauging this is to create an environment in which employees feel safe and comfortable giving feedback. Ask for them to fill out surveys, have meetings, and do whatever it takes to keep your finger on the pulse of their satisfaction. Any time spent doing this is time well spent.
Another great way to tell if the workplace wellness program is effective, is if you notice decreased signs of employee burnout. For example; fewer missed deadlines, less turnover, higher energy, stronger engagement, and good body language are all positive signs.

Pro-Tip: Some simple ways to boost employee wellness include paying for fitness memberships, creating outdoor seating areas and quiet spaces, as well as providing biometric fitness trackers, yoga mats, and water bottles to encourage consuming more water.

What Are Workplace Wellness Incentives Used For?
Workplace wellness incentives can be used to boost the mood, positivity, and morale of the team, decrease errors and reduce expenses associated with human error, increase retention and save on the cost of high turnover.
Additionally, workplace wellness incentives reduce stress, unhealthy risk factors, and increase productivity.

What Are Some Workplace Wellness Incentives To Maximize Employee Participation & Retention?

A few examples of workplace wellness incentives to maximize employee participation and retention include:
Team-building activities
Half-days or 4-day work weeks
Incorporate employee recognition software
Offer gifts and custom swag
Give employees a monthly stipend
Provide wellness activities (virtual wellness classes, etc.)
Send employee care packages
Make it safe to take mental health days
Promote cross-department learning and synergy
Full health insurance

Pro-Tip: Maximize workplace wellness activities by setting goals like weight loss, cutting out smoking via smoking cessation programs, getting more sleep, drinking more water, or hitting fitness targets like running a half-marathon.

Examples of Workplace Wellness Incentives
1. Gifts / Snacks
Gifts and snacks are a simple gesture for celebrating an employee’s hard work and achievements. Snacks are always a good option because everyone needs to eat and it’s a chance to introduce your employees to tons of cool new brands and to invest in their physical health! Plus, low cholesterol, healthy snacks can help combat chronic disease and decrease the risk of heart disease.
SnackNation Pick: You can offer a variety of snacks, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy through Caroo’s curated snack boxes. Every food snack box comes with top health food brands and unique gifts.

2. Experience Outside of Work
Experience outside of work gives employees a chance to show and see a different side of themselves and others. In fact, customized experiences are an amazing way to build team rapport and smash monotonous routines. Whether your employees are immersed in a virtual activity or are experiencing something new together outside of work, this will help them also love and appreciate each other’s individuality.
SnackNation Pick: Many companies offer fun experiences for employees, but Blueboard is one of the best at it. This employee recognition and incentives platform provides carefully curated in-person and virtual experiences for any occasion. Activities range from virtual watercolor classes, golfing, drone photography, and wine tastings, all the way to home cooking and pottery classes. Blueboard covers pretty much any hobby and interest out there!

3. Hold an Annual Summer Party / Company Offsite
Holding an annual party and bringing the company offsite helps everyone loosen up, have fun, tell jokes, and bring out their sense of play! Above all, what the work hard, play hard mentality does is build a stronger, more united tribe. When employees make memories together, they’ll feel more connected, happier, and you’ll benefit with higher retention rates.
SnackNation Pick: Remote Team Wellness is the premier virtual corporate wellness solution for promoting virtual gatherings. As one of the leaders in corporate wellness, they offer monthly wellness programs, one-off virtual events, and chief wellness officers for intensive, hands-on training.

4. Host a Virtual Event
The pandemic has given the world a glimpse of the future. By that, it’s hastened the transition to a remote or at least a hybrid workplace. In order to succeed in the workplace wellness department, companies have to be prepared to meet the demands of an increasingly untethered workforce. So how do coworkers remain connected throughout the world? One answer is virtual events. Virtual events can include online puzzles, team-building exercises, workshops, and really, anything that brings everyone together. Even if ninety percent of the office is there in-person, virtual events are particularly important for making those remote contractors feel a part of the team.

SnackNation Pick: With more than 60 team-building and training solutions to choose from, Outback Team Building is easily one of the most trusted for virtual events designers in the world. They help companies host in-person team building activities, virtual team building activities, and group training and development programs. In addition to being well-suited as a planner for virtual, in-person, and hybrid work environments, Outback takes custom proposals and curates events based on location, group size, and budget, among other factors.

5. Physical Workout Plans
What do many of the most successful people have in common? They start their day with a workout. Working out is a momentum-building habit designed to amplify every area of an individual’s life. The expression “health is wealth” is true, so giving your employees an organized workout plan is one of the best gifts of all.
SnackNation Pick: Nectar is the ultimate rewards platform! This incredible recognition solution provides a card that allows team members to compete and participate for points to exchange for real world benefits. Now your employees or coworkers can see gains in and out of the gym!

6. Mental Health & Spiritual
Experts are becoming increasingly aware of the link between mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. Employees do their best work when they are taken care of on all three levels. Fortunately, with wearable technology and smartphones, the physical and mental aspects can be measured and turned into fun competitions or a team-wide event.
SnackNation Pick: When it comes to using technology to improve mental and physical wellbeing, Wellable is an excellent pick. Wellable’s next generation health and wellness program features wellness challenges and health guidance and tips. Additionally, on-site services, such as seminars, fitness classes, health coaching, and much more, compliment the online platform to allow companies to customize a plan that works for their team.

7. Virtual Yoga / In-Office Yoga
Yoga is the perfect stress relieving exercise for all physical fitness levels. It can be as strenuous or as light and easy as the participant would like based on what type of class they take. That’s exactly why it makes for a great group activity for the office. If your office could use an extra special boost of peace and zen, get started with virtual or in-office yoga!
SnackNation Pick: Remote Team Wellness offers several yoga and meditation classes that can be done in the office or virtually. In fact, Remote Team Wellness gets its name from putting on incredible, full-stop virtual wellness retreats.

8. Work Competitions
Work competitions are a way of bringing teams together and promoting cooperation in a fun, healthy manner. This type of worksite wellness category could include activities like Office Olympics (Dunder Mifflin style), steps competition, or trivia.
SnackNation Tip: Whenever your company is considering having a work competition, it’s important to think about how it will promote unity and build rapport in the office. Even if it’s online, make sure to use a platform or software that encourages communication amongst coworkers.

9. Office Fitness Challenge
An office fitness challenge is an exciting way to get people moving and feeling healthier and happier. For commuters, challenges could include participation in yoga or crossfit classes if your facilities allow or they could be participation in online classes if your employees are remote workers.
SnackNation Tip: Corporate wellness companies like Let’s Roam gives companies the perfect platform to offer their employees scavenger hunts, virtual game nights, and custom events. The scavenger hunts and custom events are a solid opportunity to mix games with fitness activities so your employees can break a sweat effortlessly — or so it’ll seem!

10. Charity Drive / Walkathon
Charity Drives bring the whole office together around a single cause. In fact, if you go this route, you could even let your team pick out the cause they want to support. Your employees might want to participate in a walkathon or perhaps the next trending thing like how planking blew up a few years back. A Charity Drive extends way beyond just physical wellbeing by boosting mental and spiritual wellbeing.
SnackNation Tip: Letting employees pick a cause they are passionate about will get them highly motivated and engaged. If someone on the team has a relative struggling with a disease, rally around them! This is a huge opportunity to show you and your team care about each other.

11. Program for People to Talk to Others (Employee Assistance Programs)
Employee Assistant Programs are absolutely critical for workplace wellness. Many factors can lead to feelings of isolation. Conversely, there are a lot of amazing programs and services to facilitate community.
SnackNation Pick: As the mental health platform Lyra points out, paying special care to your employees’ mental wellness, reduces turnover, absenteeism, health care expenses, and productivity. Lyra helps employers look introspectively at their practices and find avenues to give their employees the support they need.

12. Promote Ways to Incorporate Exercise Via Commute
One of the smartest ways to focus on workplace wellness is to incorporate it into your already busy employees’ routines. If your employees live within walking or biking distance, encourage them to bike or walk, which could become yet another cool competition!
SnackNation Tip: In addition to biking to work, encourage employees to walk to lunch and park as far from the building as possible. Every step counts. To make it easier, The Go Game focuses on team-building and gamifying movement!

13. Healthy Lunch Options
They say bodies are 90% made in the kitchen, 10% in the gym. In other words, healthy eating goes a long way towards achieving a healthy lifestyle and body. Whether you order custom curated snack boxes to be shipped to your employees’ homes or you stock the company kitchen with healthy ingredients, your workplace wellness will increase majorly from this.
SnackNation Tip: Seek out a local business that offers a wide array of healthy lunch options, which is also a way to give back to the community.

People Also Ask These Questions About Workplace Wellness
Q: How do you get company buy-in for a workplace wellness program?
A: Getting company buy-in for a workplace wellness program requires pointing out the benefits financially and culturally. Executives will appreciate how impactful a wellness program is on employee retention, among other factors. From an employee buy-in perspective, there are a few keys, including: management participation, implementing policies, proper funding for the best equipment and incentives, and verbal communication about goals.
Q: How much does a workplace wellness program typically cost?
A: A workplace wellness program can range anywhere from $100 per employee annually to $1,000 or more.
Q: Are there free ways to promote wellness at work?
A: There are many free ways to promote wellness at work. It could be as simple as setting up basic equipment around the office or encouraging employees working from home to take workout breaks at intervals throughout the workday. Something as simple as encouraging employees to walk to lunch and giving them a long enough break to take their time would certainly do the trick. Wellness initiatives and physical activity even boost employee engagement.
Q: What department usually manages workplace wellness?
A: Workplace wellness can be managed by human resources, upper management, or employees if they feel safe to take the initiative in that regard.
Q: Is a wellness program a company perk or a benefit?
A: A corporate wellness program should be a mandatory part of every company. The benefits for both employees and the company itself are massive. A Wellness program boosts happiness, satisfaction, sense of unity, employee well-being, and positive workplace culture.
Q: How do I know that my company needs a wellness program?
A: Every company needs a wellness program, but some obvious signs your company is in dire need of one include employees missing deadlines, experiencing fatigue, and generally, being unenthused about their work. A worksite wellness program promotes healthy behaviors, which result in health outcomes and health benefits.

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41 Best Work From Home Gifts To Level Up Their WFH Workspace In 2021

Hi! You found our list of the best work from home gift ideas your employees will absolutely love.
Work from home gifts are designed to help remote workers excel at their jobs. The very best of these remote-friendly gifts also improve your colleagues’ work life balance and boost their morale.
Work from home gifts need to be location-independent, fun, and as an added bonus, feel personalized. This corporate gifting category is ideal for virtual conferences, online celebrations, and other cyber community events.

“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.” — Heather Schuck, The Working Mom Manifesto

Check out this list of the best work from home gift ideas and feel free to make any of the ones you like completely your own!
If you are looking for a fully-unique and bespoke gifting solution, we recommend a concierge experience that will help you create custom gift boxes for your employees, clients, and executives. You dream it, they’ll deliver it. Learn more here. 

“For at-home comfort anywhere”

The Sample Pack is perfect for boosting your employees comfort and swag to whole new levels!
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Sample Pack comes with a bi-band journal, custom knit socks, 6-inch square die cut stickers, H2Go Silo bottle, insert cards, custom mailers, a soft touch pen, and a tri-blend unisex tee.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $75.45
Where to find it: The Sample Pack

“For a jolt of energy and a bunch of munching”

The Snacks + Coffee Box by SnackNation is the custom curated snack box for remote employees.
Why this is a great work from home gift: Snacks + Coffee features delicious snacks from both major and underrated, must-try brands. In addition to 12 snacks, this custom healthy food gift box treats employees or colleagues to 12 ounces of gourmet ground coffee.

For every box delivered, Caroo donates to Feeding America and their local network of food banks.

Customizable? Yes!
Price: $34.95 to $41.95
Where to find it: Snacks + Coffee Box

“For location-independent styling”

The Weekend Supreme is the digital nomad carry-on dream. Every single feature of the Weekend Supreme is designed to make it a must-have for working vacations.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This TSA-friendly, ultra-convenient bag has a clothing compartment, space for a 15-inch laptop, two easily accessible exterior pockets, easy grip handles, an adjustable cross-body strap, slide-on luggage straps, polyester outer material, and the option to screen print your logo to turn it into a custom branded travel bag!
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $43.65 to $79.10
Where to find it: Weekend Supreme

“For a hand-crafted masterpiece”

The 6-Bottle Cocktail Collection is the luxe work from home gift for employees who like to kick back and enjoy their time off the clock to the fullest.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This custom expert-crafted cocktail collection features a wide range of delicious spirits to please any pallet. However, the Original includes the 1934 Cosmo, Ginger Buck, Negroni, Gin Martini, Manhattan, and Old Fashioned.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $110
Where to find it: 6-Bottle Cocktail Collection

“For some R&R”

Who doesn’t like being able to unplug every now and again? That’s what the Unplugged Box is here to help with! This coworker appreciation gift is perfect for munching away and staying fueled as the day goes on.
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Unplugged Box comes with energizing snacks, an enamel mug, a cedarwood candle for aromatherapy, and much more.
Customizable? No
Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Where to find it: Unplugged Box

“For Mr. or Mrs. Greenthumb”

The House Plant Box is the perfect employee recognition gift to liven up any home office.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This eco-friendly monthly gift package delivers healthy California-grown houseplants with easy-care instructions.
Customizable? No
Price: $15 / mo
Where to find it: House Plant Box

“For being compact”

The 2-In-1 Walnut Headphone Stand & Charger is made of high-quality, long-lasting wood carved in a centuries-old technique.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This fun tech gift helps to give the home workspace nice and organized. As a bonus, this desk accessory helps remote workers stay charged and in the game.
Customizable? No
Price: $109
Where to find it: 2-In-1 Walnut Headphone Stand & Charger

“For bosses”

The Vintage Fountain Pen is the luxe drawing and writing utensil that feels like it came straight from Wall Street!
Why this is a great work from home gift: Whether you’re giving the Vintage Fountain Pen to an executive or an employee who has boss-like traits, this wood and brass pen will complete the home office.
Customizable? No
Price: $21.47
Where to find it: Vintage Fountain Pen

“For indulging”

The Happy Hour Box is the epitome of mixing business with pleasure.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This curated food gift box provides granola bars, protein puffs, dark chocolate, a cocktail kit, and several other healthy yet super tasty treats.
Customizable? No
Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Where to find it: Happy Hour Box

“For a mix of healthy and hardy”

Energizing Delights delivers on its promise of boosting energy while pleasing taste buds to the max!
Why this is a great work from home gift: Energizing Delights features chai tea, French roast coffee, small batch strawberry jam, whole grain oat biscuits, dark chocolate + pecan toffee, buttery cookies with hints of lemon, raw honey, dark chocolate quinoa bites, and plenty of other amazing treats.
Customizable? No
Price: $82
Where to find it: Energizing Delights

“For good juju”

Cleansing Ritual channels thousands of years of sage burning and ritual cleansing and packages it for the modern day in this incredibly fragrant colleague gift.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This soy wax candle blends lilac crystals, sage, cedar, lavender, and black tourmaline to infuse the home office with feel-good vibes.
Price: $29.98
Customizable? No
Where to find it: Cleansing Ritual Candle

“For big ballers”

FORB Home Golf Putting Mat is the kidney-shaped putting green to bring the golfing hobby to the home office or the patio.
Why this is a great work from home gift: The FORB Home Golf Putting Mat has a hard, long-lasting surface, and non-skid backing to keep the mini-golf range in place.
Customizable? No
Price: $110.99 to $116.99
Where to find it: FORB Home Golf Putting Mat

“For the DIY crowd”

The Home Brew Kit makes brewing accessible to everyone! Your DIY-loving employees will have a blast with this alcoholic gift package.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This do-it-yourself employee recognition gift gives the recipient 2.5 gallons of beer to brew up in the comfort of their own kitchen. Plus, it comes with step-by-step instructions about how to do it.
Customizable? No
Price: $99
Where to find it: Home Brew Kit

“For work life balance”

The Workday Wellness Pack is curated specifically to boost wellness and add joy to the workday.
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Workday Wellness Pack includes PowerBuds, a neck wrap, mailer boxes, insert cards, and the milk bottle water bottle.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $65.38
Where to find it: Workday Wellness Pack

“Custom + cocktails = Happy times”

This happy hour cocktail kit is the perfect high-end, fun work-from-home gift that can be completely customized!
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Happy Hour Cocktail allows you to choose from a variety of perfectly crafted drinks and surprise your employee or coworker with top shelf cocktails.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $32.91+
Where to find it: Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

“For jamming out between calls”

The Bluetooth 360 Speaker is ideal for music lovers and employees who love to entertain at home. In fact, this waterproof speaker works for playing soothing tunes in the home office or setting the tone at the office party.
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Bluetooth 360 Speaker has a 33-foot range with 12 hours of battery life, a built-in mic for hands-free calls, and can be customized with your digitally printed logo.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $94.90 to  $119.94
Where to find it: Bluetooth 360 Speaker

“For a variety of treats”

The 15 Snack Box comes with 15 healthy, filling, and fun snacks to satisfy any remote employees’ appetites throughout their work day.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This snack box gift features jerky, chips, bars, and other wholesome delights.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $24.95 to $29.95
Where to find it: 15 Snack Box

“For avid readers”

This preowned book subscription box is perfect for big time book lovers and the texts will quickly line the shelves of the home office to make the lucky employee appear all the wiser on those Zoom calls and virtual conferences.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This environmentally-friendly gift box comes with 1-2 additional treats every month and will never include damaged books.
Customizable? No
Price: $8 to $14 / mo
Where to find it: Relove Print Box

“For a pick-me-up”

The Celebrate Cocktail Grow Kit is a twist on a hydroponic growing kit. While it boasts some of the elements your employee will need to grow their own greenery, it also spices things up with cocktail making equipment.
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Celebrate Cocktail Grow Kit includes organic mint seeds, a wooden muddler, a stainless steel bar jigger, an herb pull and pinch dish, a coconut pith, plant food, and an instruction manual.
Customizable? No
Price: $50
Where to find it: Celebrate Cocktail Grow Kit

“For unparalleled degrees of hydration”

The Ember Mug is the perfect mug for perfect temperature. This high tech stainless steel bottle uses a seamless app interface to help beverages stay just right.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This temperature-controlled thermos remains hot for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge or an entire day on the charging coaster. If given as a client gift or an employee gift, they simply choose the exact temperature they want and it’ll stay between 120-145 degrees F.
Customizable? No
Price: $99.99 to $142.17
Where to find it: Ember Mug

“For minimalism to the max”

The Hangtime Wall Clock is a minimalist’s dream. For employees that tend to like simplicity, this wall clock has clock hands and hour notches without numbers.
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Hangtime Wall Clock makes time appear to float in space as it hangs from a basic metal bar.
Customizable? No
Price: $40
Where to find it: Hangtime Wall Clock

“For connoisseurs who love a little crunch”

The Sips + Snacks Box offers a dining out feeling right in the comfort of home!
Why this is a great work from home gift: This oddly perfect pairing of healthy snacks and incredible wine, balances each other out and adds an element of self-care.
Customizable? No
Price: $57.95 to $61.95
Where to find it: Sips + Snacks Box

“For zoom meetings and video conferences”

The Virtual Conference Box is the perfect care package for remote workers and anyone who conducts business from the comfort of their home.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This work from home gift idea includes a deliciously rich brownie, a classic mug, coffee and tea, a velvety notebook, and passionfruit fruit strips.
Customizable? No
Price: $48
Where to find it: Virtual Conference Box

“For long-leaf taste”

The Tea Maker To-Go is the fastest, most convenient way to literally make tea on-the-go!
Why this is a great work from home gift: If your employee or client has to hop from one zoom call to another, how cool would it be for them to be able to drop a tea bag in the bottle’s strainer compartment and let it seep for controlled infusion? Well, that’s exactly what this stainless steel mug does and it keeps drinks hot or cold for roughly six hours.
Customizable? No
Price: $35
Where to find it: Tea Maker To-Go

“For fun, fun, fun, and a bit of firewater”

The 4-Bottle Custom Cocktail Set is a collection of custom curated premium cocktails to liven up the mood back at the home office!
Why this is a great work from home gift: This ultra-fun gift is a great way of rewarding employees, coworkers, and clients with something festive. In fact, you can choose from Negronis, Gin Martinis, Manhattans, Ginger Bucks, Scorpions, and other top shelf drinks.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $80
Where to find it: 4-Bottle Custom Cocktail Set

“For peace and love”

The Tao Yoga Mat is the stylish, artistically designed non-slip mat for your yogi-inclined coworkers or employees.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This athletic employee gift idea is comfortable, convenient, easy to store, eco-friendly, and toxin-free.
Customizable? No
Price: $21.49
Where to find it: Tao Yoga Mat

“For being economical”

The Qi Round Stand is a collapsible charger that also doubles as a phone stand, which can be adjusted to various heights.
Why this is a great work from home gift: In addition to being qi device compatible, this tech gift idea can be custom branded with your company logo.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $17.87
Where to find it: Qi Round Stand

“For customizable coolness”

The SwagUp Pack is an assortment of deluxe products and other items designed to make working from home easier and more enjoyable.
Why this is a great work from home gift: The SwagUp Pack comes with die cut stickers, a SwagUp Soft Touch Journal, an H2Go Silo, a custom mailer box, a classic hat, Silicon Valley unisex hoodie, and a USA-made soft tee.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $109.27
Where to find it: SwagUp Pack

“For aromatherapy”

The Wooden Aroma Diffuser infuses any room with incredible aromas and a soothing mist!
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Wooden Aroma Diffuser is as easy as filling the water tank and adding a few drops of essential oil.
Customizable? No
Price: $70
Where to find it: Wooden Aroma Diffuser

“For jamming and jiving”

The Jabra Headset is the perfect gift for music lovers and those looking to get into the zone or a remote employee who makes tons of conference calls.
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Jabra Headset has a do-not-disturb busy light, flexible connectivity, an ergonomic ear design, and cell phone compatibility.
Customizable? No
Price: $110
Where to find it: Jabra Headset

“For healthy, wholesome living”

The Amplify Box boosts health, energy, and improves mood by delivering chickpea chips, Perfect Granola, lemon wafer bites, and other amazing treats right to your employee’s door.
Why this is a great work from home gift: Not only does each box help feed your employees or coworkers — each purchase provides a meal to Feeding America and donates to the Equal Justice Initiative.
Customizable? No
Price: $ 29.95 to $ 35.95
Where to find it: Amplify Box

“For gamers”

The Murder Mystery Box is the story-driven cold case game packed with mystery, memorabilia, and loads of intrigue!
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Cosykiller subscription box offers up suspects, ciphers, false leads, back stories, and year-long narratives to follow.
Customizable? No
Price: $36.67 / mo
Where to find it: Murder Mystery Box

“For home brewing”

The Brew Club Subscription is the monthly do-it-yourself kit for brewing.
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Brew Club Subscription can supply anywhere from three months up to a year’s worth of recipes and ingredients for home brew beer.
Customizable? No
Price: $49.99 for 12 months
Where to find it: Brew Club Subscription

“For staying super clean”

The Phone Sterilization Case uses UV light to kill nearly all germs and bacteria that may be on the phone case within 5 minutes.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This employee gift idea has up to 10,000 hours of lifespan, fits up to 7-inches of phone, is safe and eco-friendly, and has an interior gray oil pad so your employee can infuse their belongings with essential oils.
Customizable? No
Price: $100
Where to find it: Phone Sterilization Case

“For a weekend stroll to the farmers market”

The Farmers Market Bag is perfect for piling up produce and other organic foods during a weekend browsing through the farmers market.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This waxed canvas bag even comes with a secret pocket on the bottom that opens right up to easily place items on a counter.
Customizable? No
Price: $65
Where to find it: Farmers Market Bag

“For a token of employee appreciation”

Holiday Cheer is a tantalizing assortment of delicious foods and gourmet goodies that’s sure to have the lucky recipient of this gift feeling cared for and highly appreciated.
Why this is a great work from home gift: Holiday Cheer features mouthwatering chocolate brownies, peppermint crunch chocolate bars, southern-style dark chocolate + pecan toffee, and small batch salted caramel and white cheddar popcorn.
Customizable?  No
Price: $35
Where to find it: Holiday Cheer

“For casual high-performers”

The Marine Layer Sweatshirt is made of soft, lightweight athletic fabric for ultra-comfort as the day goes on!
Why this is a great work from home gift: This polyester and spandex Silicon Valley style sports sweatshirt is moisture-wicking to stay as fresh at night as in the morning.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $69.52 to $110.75
Where to find it: Marine Layer Sweatshirt

“For luxe desk decor with a personal touch”

The Personalized Leather Mouse Pad is a sleek, chic leather mouse pad!
Why this is a great work from home gift: In addition to the high-quality leather, the Personalized Leather Mouse Pad can be embossed with a logo and other custom details.
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $24
Where to find it: Personalized Leather Mouse Pad

“For long-lasting comfort”

Just like posture helps with staying focused and alert, so does comfort. That’s why the Ergonomic Foot Rest is the ultimate performance booster!
Why this is a great work from home gift: With memory foam and moisture-wicking, this footrest shapes itself around the feet and stays cool and dry throughout the day.
Customizable? No
Price: $70.99
Where to find it: Ergonomic Foot Rest

“For a Buzzfeed-approved desk setup”

The Desk Set is a curated mix of accessories and office supplies to make work more fun and a lot easier!
Why this is a great work from home gift: The Desk Set’s 5-7 unique office supplies and great value earned it a place on Buzzfeed’s “20 Subscription Boxes That People Actually Swear By.”
Customizable? Yes!
Price: $42.50 / quarter
Where to find it: Desk Set

“For safety and snacks”

The Snacks + Essentials Box is curated to keep employees and coworkers safe whether they’re out and about in the age of a pandemic or in their home working and relaxing.
Why this is a great work from home gift: This safety-first gift box includes a mask, hand sanitizer, other safety essentials, and tons of delicious snacks.
Customizable? No
Price: $34.95 to $41.95
Where to find it: Snacks + Essentials Box

People Also Ask These Questions About Work From Home Gifts
Q: What makes a work from home gift unique?
A: A work from home gift is unique based on how expected it is. For instance, you can ensure yours is different by customizing it through brands like Swag, SwagUp, Amazon, Etsy, and several others.
Q: What are the best gifts to send someone working from home?
A: The best gifts to send to someone working from home are gifts that help them have more fun as they complete their work and have an easier time with their tasks in the process. Airpods, sticky notes, and lap desks are fairly common, so be sure to check out lists like this to find outside-the-box solutions.
Q: What makes a work from home gift special?
A: Oftentimes, the most special work from home gifts feel personalized. As an example, if you know that your employee or coworker has a gluten allergy, then you could send them a gluten-free snack box from SnackNation or Caroo.
Q: What are the best gifts for remote workers?
A: The best gifts for remote workers are thoughtful and help them with the type of tasks they need to tackle on a day-to-day basis. For example, a remote assistant could likely use something that helps them stay extra organized.
Q: Can I personalize work from home gifts?
A: Yes, many companies allow you to personalize work from home gifts by engraving or printing a logo or special message onto the item of choice.

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36 Best Affordable Curated & Custom Gift Boxes [Open Now]

Finding affordable gifts that have a personal and professional touch can be incredibly challenging. At a certain point, keychains, gift cards, and other swag, while well-meaning, can get a bit old. After all, how many branded tote bags does one person need? The goal is to give them something they need, want, or can enjoy.
“Gifting has the power to improve relationships, motivate, and keep clients, partners, and employees satisfied.” — Caroo Click To Tweet
The ideal gift is unique and affordable. Corporate gifting is all about finding an item or a package that speaks to your employee as an individual — something that recognizes their particular qualities and passions.
If you are looking for a fully-unique and bespoke gifting solution, we recommend a concierge experience that will help you create custom gift boxes for your employees, clients, and executives. You dream it, they’ll deliver it. Learn more here. 

Pro-Tip: Use “Command + D” to bookmark this list — we update it often with new content.

Table of Contents

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes For Business
1. The Unplugged Box
“For rejuvenation”

What it is: Caroo’s Unplugged Box is the luxe care package to give employees a chance to fully recharge. With energizing, healthy snacks; a fragrant cedarwood and coffee candle; a deck of playing cards; an enamel mug; and a gradient puzzle for a little brain busting fun.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Unplugged Box is a great professional gift for virtual conferences, in-person celebrations, trade shows, and promotions!

For every box delivered, Caroo donates to Feeding America and their local network of food banks.

Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Where to find it: The Unplugged Box

2. Work From Home Survival Pack
“For remote employees”

What it is: The Work From Home Survival Pack is the ultimate energy boosting, mood enhancing subscription box. Between snacks, caffeine, and plants, your employee will feel extra comfortable as they go about their work at home!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This work-from-home pack includes Raaka Brooklyn Chocolate, pecan butter, matcha latte mix, a custom mailer, a crinkle cut fill, insert cards, and Haworthia Coarctata (an indoor plant).
Price: $68.70
Where to find it: Work From Home Survival Pack

3. The Go-Getter Box
“For staying on top of things”

What it is: The Go-Getter Box is a trio of items designed to make work more fun and a whole lot better! Whether your coworker or employee is at the office or working from home, this collection will add excitement to the day.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Go-Getter Box includes the Asobu Orb for keeping drinks as hot or cold as they’d like, the Austin for writing and journaling, and the Orbit Charger for wireless charging. Really, the Go-Getter Box gives employees everything they need to work at a cafe, at home, or on an airplane. Additionally, all of’s items can be custom branded with a simple logo upload!
Price: $43.07 to $86.16
Where to find it: The Go-Getter Box

Affordable Curated & Custom Gift Boxes
4. Cloth & Paper
“For planners”

What it is: Cloth & Paper is an assortment of desk supplies ranging from planning materials and stationary to pens. Every product in this employee appreciation package is thoughtfully selected, exclusive, and luxurious.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Teammates and employees who love to stay organized or write notes, are going to enjoy Cloth & Paper because it helps them document everything in a fun and stylish fashion!
Price: $16.33 / mo
Where to find it: Cloth & Paper

5. Coffee Gift Box
“For coffee lovers”

What it is: The Coffee Gift Box includes 7 different varieties of coffee bags!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: From Guatemala, Africa, South America, Sumatra, and Mexico, your employee will taste a morning brew from every corner of the world.
Price: $33.99
Where to find it: Coffee Gift Box

6. Mindfulness Box
“For woke living”

What it is: The Mindfulness Box is the thoughtful box for keeping employees excited, focused, and ready to master their tasks! As a virtual conference gift idea or an idea for a random day, this package comes with healthy snacks, a pocket journal, a stress ball, gel pens, team mindfulness activities, and a 27oz water bottle.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: A clear headspace leads to greater satisfaction, which in turn leads to better work and well-being. This gift box is exactly the boost your employees need for their mind!
Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Where to find it: Mindfulness Box

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes For Her
7. Deluxe Spa Day
“To be pampered”

What it is: The Deluxe Spa Day is a spa in a box! If you know something who could use a little R&R, this self-care package is perfect for relaxing at home.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This custom gift box comes with a mulberry silk eye mask, a soy candle, fragrant lavender hand lotion, and lavender essential oil-infused bath salts — all of which goes to support women’s empowerment, employment, education, and more.
Price: $109
Where to find it: Deluxe Spa Day

8. Isle Box
“For hikers and nature lovers”

What it is: This monthly subscription box will have hikers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts ready to brave the wilderness.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Choose a monthly pass or a seasonal pass to make sure your employee gets top brand name outdoor gear for a fraction of the retail price!
Price: $106.25/quarter
Where to find it: Isle Box

9. Goddess Provisions
“For good vibes only”

What it is: This employee appreciation gift is designed to bring out the inner goddess in your employee, client, or coworker. Each box provides an assortment of aromatherapy, crystals, superfoods, spiritual tools, and all-natural beauty products.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Goddess Provisions is 100% vegan and cruelty-free with 5 to 7 products in each box. In fact, the actual value of each box would normally be $80-100!
Price: $27.75 / mo
Where to find it: Goddess Provisions

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes For Him
10. The Tech Pack
“For staying savvy”

What it is: The Tech Pack is ideal for the modern man looking to stay plugged in. This assortment of professional accessories includes a charging cable, rubberized power bank, bluetooth tracker, power buds, and other gear.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The best part about this technology gift box is that it’s not super high tech that only computer programmers will find useful — it’s the kind of equipment the everyday man can use!
Price: $85.09
Where to find it: The Tech Pack

11. Brew Club 6
“For a home brew”

What it is: Your coworker or employee will receive ingredients to pull off a new one-of-a-kind recipe each month. Every malt extract recipe is developed by a brewery and top industry professionals!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The brew deliveries include hops, fermentables, and yeast necessary to complete the 2.5 gallon batches the recipes will help them create. Once per quarter the recipient can also join a webinar to learn about yeast health, dry-hopping, water quality, recipe formulation, and more.
Price: $49.99 / mo
Where to find it: Brew Club 6

12. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set
“For Mad Men vibes”

What it is: The Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set includes custom engraved glasses that will make any whiskey aficionado happy to use.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This exquisitely designed personalized gift box comes with a square glass-topped liquor decanter and several glasses to make a party or a night-in with a loved one that much better!
Price: $31.45
Where to find it: Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Luxury Curated & Custom Gift Boxes
13. The Grand Deluxe
“Delightful + luxurious = deluxe”

What it is: This custom gift box idea is comprised of nearly 20 luxurious and delectable treats including mouth-watering cinnamon pecan granola, a rich chocolate brownie, maple cream caramels, Meyer lemon shortbread cookies, gourmet chocolate candies, French roast coffee, a dark chocolate and peanut butter granola bar, and much more.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Not only will your client, employee, or coworker enjoy this curated gift box, but it’s large enough that they can actually share it if they choose!
Price: $248
Where to find it: The Grand Deluxe

14. BTL SVC Custom Box Set
“For divine drinks”

What it is: The 6-Bottle Custom Box Set is the definition of a custom gift box. In fact, this collection of premium house-made cocktails are crafted with the finest ingredients for divine flavor and enjoyment.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: From Manhattans and Old Fashioneds to Sidecars and Scorpions, the half dozen cocktail set provides a wide variety of expert concoctions to put the life in work-life balance.
Price: $110
Where to find it: BTL SVC Custom Box Set

15. The Elite Pack
“For cool, classy style”

What it is: Is your employee the best? Of course they are! That’s why the Elite Pack is just the thing for them. This simple, classy gift box is full of high end items and accessories that are matched only by the elevation of the recipient’s spirits.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Elite Pack comes with a New Era french terry bomber jacket, a hardcover moleskine journal, a JBL Clip 3, and other amazing goodies.
Price: $179.01
Where to find it: The Elite Pack

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes With Alcohol
16. Happy Hour Box
“For turning happy hours into happy days”

What it is: The Happy Hour Box is designed to put a smile on your employee’s face by giving them some snacks and a nice buzz!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This happy hour inspired gift delivers a mix of healthy, hardy, and downright delicious snacks including protein puffs, granola bars, dark chocolate, and cocktail kit.
Price: $48.95 to $57.95
Where to find it: Happy Hour Box

17. 6-Month Brewing Box
“For the crafty”

What it is: For half a year, the lucky recipient of this gift will receive specialty recipes and instructions to make home-brewed 2.5 gallon batches of beer!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Hops, yeast, fermentables, and other ingredients make this custom gift box the perfect client gift idea or an equally excellent employee recognition gift  — and they’ll be reminded six times per year how much you appreciate them. They’ll want to show off their new batch at your next virtual beer tasting or happy hour event!
Price: $54.99 / mo
Where to find it: 6-Month Brewing Box

18. Patron Tequila Kit

What it is: This crystal clear handcrafted blue agave tequila with citrus and fruit is seductively drinkable. In fact, it’s so good that your employee might think they’re back on vacation every time they pour a little.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The best part about the Patron Tequila Kit is that you can choose one of 3 options, so if you know your employee’s taste you can customize the flavors for them! Between the Blackberry Margarita, the Cosmico, and Tommy’s Margarita, one of the recipes will hit the spot.
Price: $44.73 or $71.89 for 8 or 12 cocktails
Where to find it: Patron Tequila Kit

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes Under $50
19. Owl & Moon Apothecary Box
“For mystics”

What it is: Owl & Moon Apothecary Box allows whoever its gifted to to create their own magical vibe!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Every apothecary box comes with hand-poured Reiki, charged wooden wick crystal adorned intention candle, hand-blended aromatherapy products, amethyst crystals, metaphysical spiritual gifts, and artisan soap.
Price: $34.95
Where to find it: Owl & Moon Apothecary Box

20. Naked Herbs Sample Set
“For those who love tea”

What it is: The Naked Herbs Sample Set is the perfect gift for employees who have a taste for the finer things in life. Each variety of tea ranges in effect from promoting sleep to boosting energy, but they are all exquisite.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: You can choose virtually any herbs you like for this personalization box. Each curated gift box comes with raspberry leaf, peppermint, star anise, mint, hibiscus flower, red clovers, lemon balm, lavender, and chamomile.
Price: $19.99
Where to find it: Naked Herbs Sample Set

21. Snack + Coffee Box
“For a fast start”

What it is: Caroo’s Snack + Coffee Box provides the boost your employees need to power through the work week or to rejuvenate at the end of it.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This custom curated snack box features bars, sweets, chips, jerky, premium blend ground coffee, and much more for a total of 12 snacks in each package!
Price: $34.95 to $41.95
Where to find it: Snack + Coffee Box

Curated & Custom Gift Boxes With Logo
22. The Company Swag Box
“For extra swagger”

What it is: The Company Swag Box is a kit of custom branded gear and accessories that shows employee appreciation and gives your company free advertising at the same time!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Custom Zip-up boasts a Zuckerberg Social Network techie vibe, the Asobu provides refreshment, and the Carrara Desktop Set completes their work set up.
Price: $64.34 to $104.88
Where to find it: The Company Swag Box

23. Classics Pack
“For the essentials”

What it is: The Classics Pack is all about gifting things people will actually put to good use. Who needs more stuff they’re just going to throw away? The items in this curated gift box are worth holding onto.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The “swaggy” gift box features a custom branded Triblend Unisex Tee, SwagUp Soft Touch Journal, a minimalist soft touch pen, and die cut stickers among other fun accessories!
Price: $52.77
Where to find it: Classics Pack

24. Energizing Delights
“For a boost”

What it is: Energizing Delights is true to its name! Chai tea, French roast coffee, raw honey, strawberry jam, oat biscuits, sweet and savory treats, and an assortment of other goodies brighten your employees’ day.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The perfect gift for coworkers, the Energizing Delights box is a great fit for any occasion and your colleagues will love that each purchase supports ovarian cancer research, hunger relief, and more.
Price: $82
Where to find it: Energizing Delights

Curated & Custom Wedding Gift Boxes
25. Fire and Nice
“For cleansing the mind and body”

What it is: Fire and Nice is the artisanal collection your employee didn’t know they needed. Once they start using the self care products in this custom gift box, they’ll feel recharged and ready to run through walls!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Each month, the recipient will get bath bombs, soaps, melts, candles, and other handcrafted items.
Price: $34.92 / mo
Where to find it: Fire and Nice

26. Wooden Engraved Memory Box
“For an antique look”

What it is: This customizable engraved rustic storage box can hold relics, keepsakes, jewelry, trinkets, and other treasures. It’s an excellent way to congratulate newlyweds and to say I’m thinking of you.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Wooden Engraved Memory Box is adorned with natural knots, coloring, markings, minor cracks, and other characteristics that add to its antique, rustic aesthetic.
Price: $46.71
Where to find it: Wooden Engraved Memory Box

27. Pick & Mix With Flor De Cana 12 Year Old Rum
“For a splash of the Caribbean”

What it is: Flor de Cana 12 Year Old Mix is a multigenerational, dynastic rum, which was named the 2017 Best Rum Producer of the Year at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: You can pick out a Chai This, Mai Tai, or Bramblin’ Man depending on the taste of your employee, client, or coworker! To help mix things up, this alcoholic gift box includes a jigger for measuring cocktails, instructions, branded cups, and fresh ingredients.
Price: $61.97 to $76.54
Where to find it: Pick & Mix With Flor De Cana

Curated & Custom Birthday Gift Boxes
28. Gluten-Free Healthy Treats
“For the health-conscious”

What it is: Gluten-Free Healthy Treats are a delicious assortment of salted olive oil plantain chips, all-natural passion fruit strips, energizing bars, organic dried mango, raspberry seed bars, pistachio granola bars, vegan trail mix, and other nutritious snacks!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This healthy gift box supports fair trade, animal welfare, and other causes.
Price: $54
Where to find it: Gluten-Free Healthy Treats

29. 4-Bottle Custom Cocktail Box
“For the full bar”

What it is: If you enjoy mixing and matching or you just happen to know your coworker likes a taste of everything, you can add any of BTL SVC’s incredible cocktails!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Matador, Sidecar, Scorpion, Spicy Maid, 1934 Cosmo, Ginger Buck, Negroni, Gin Martini — quite literally, take your pick! The great part about this custom curated alcoholic gift is that even if you’re not quite sure what they like to drink, you can cover all bases.
Price: $80
Where to find it: 4-Bottle Custom Cocktail Box

30. Escape Crate
“For those who love a serious challenge”

What it is: Escape Crate delivers a new adventure each month that people can solve alone or with friends! Riddles and puzzles make sure that this interactive, unique gift box is good for dinner parties and family nights alike.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Ciphers, sleuthing tools, letters, puzzles, and much more will equip your client or employee to crack the clues wide open!
Price: $26.50 / mo
Where to find it: Escape Crate

Personalized Curated & Custom Gift Boxes
31. Good For You Goodies
“For delicious delicacies”

What it is: Why not merge nutritiousness and deliciousness? The Good For You Goodies custom gift box offers up the best of the healthy snacks!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This superfood assortment includes organic dried mango, all-natural nut mix, a raspberry seed bar, white Sonoran heritage grain crackers, farm fresh jam, dried apple and chocolate trail mix, kosher granola bars, seed-based energy bars, and more.
Price: $60
Where to find it: Good For You Goodies

32. The Cozy Pack
“For warm and snuggly feelings”

What it is: The Cozy Pack is a lovely way to show your clients and coworkers how you feel about them.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This comfort pack includes custom branded knit socks, Raaka Brooklyn chocolate, a soy candle, and a wool blanket to keep them warm when they aren’t nestled up by a fire during winter.
Price: $46.75
Where to find it: The Cozy Pack

33.  The Weekend Warrior Box
“For safe travels”

What it is: The Weekend Warrior Box is the perfect vacation gift with a custom face mask for safe travel in the age of COVID, a Nike Dri-Fit cap for all weather, and Candy Cocktail Garnishes for fun!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: The Weekend Warrior is great for working vacations and total time off alike.
Price: $60.67 to $78.49
Where to find it: The Weekend Warrior Box

Curated & Custom Holiday Gift Boxes
34. Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box
“Supremely sweet”

What it is: The Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box is an assortment of 8 high quality, hand-baked delicacies. Each month, this themed box offers up macarons, cakes, cookies, cake pops, and more.
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: With dessert pairings and holiday flavors, your employees and coworkers will love indulging in this freshly baked treats!
Price: $30.42 / mo
Where to find it: Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box

35. CraveBox Care Package
“For cravings, of course”

What it is: The CraveBox Care Package contains 45 salty, sweet, savory, and healthy snacks!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: This fun package includes chips, candy, bars, cookies, and anything you can imagine to satisfy midnight cravings.
Price: $25.45
Where to find it: CraveBox Care Package

36. Japanese Holiday At Home Box
“For the cultured”

What it is: Do you know an anime fan or someone who enjoys sushi and anything Japan-related? The Japanese Holiday At Home Box makes it feel like they’re on a tour of Kyoto, Tokyo, and other Japanese sites and cities!
Why they’ll love this curated gift box: Japanese confectionary; Kit Kat bars in sake, wasabi, and lychee flavors, Japanese rice crackers, a bamboo folding fan, a sushi dish, and countless other treats and items put this international-themed gift box over the top.
Price: $56.54
Where to find it: Japanese Holiday At Home Box

People Also Ask These Questions About Curated & Custom Gift Box Ideas
Q: What does curated mean?
A: Curated means that a collection of items or themes has been organized by an expert.
Q: What are curated gift boxes?
A: Curated boxes have been carefully chosen by experts to satisfy the needs of a demographic they understand intimately.
Q: What items typically go into a custom gift box?
A: The curator has a variety of items to choose from, but the most important aspect of curating a gift box is to think of functionality and the particular interests of the demographic or recipient.
Q: Can I send a curated gift box for business?
A: Absolutely, curated gift boxes make for incredible corporate gifts.
Q: Where can I find unique pre-packaged gift boxes?
A: SnackNation, SwagUp, Cratejoy, Packed With Purpose, and many more sites offer pre-packed gift boxes.
Q: How much should I spend on a curated gift box?
A: That depends largely on your budget. However, a good rule of thumb when you curate a gift box or buy one is to spend between $50 to $150 per individual.

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