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57 Virtual Team Building Activities, Games, & Ideas To Boost Remote Employee Morale In 2021

Virtual team building has the power to make remote teams feel as tight-knit as on-site teams. This is especially true if you leverage purpose, vision, and enthusiasm to plan crowd-pleasing virtual team building activities.
Expert evaluations of remote work suggest that…

“ . . . communication and shared identity within a team can mediate the effects of physical separation.”

“ . . . communication and shared identity within a team can mediate the effects of physical separation.” Click To Tweet
Strategically designed virtual team building activities provide communication while reinforcing a shared team identity. These activities can also mitigate the engagement-draining challenges of a remote or distributed workforce.
For example…
When remote workers feel their excitement slipping, a virtual team building activity can help them rekindle their passion by exposing them to excited co-workers.
When remote workers are craving more autonomy, a virtual team building activity can help them gain trust from their managers and peers.
So what’s the overarching secret to unlocking the benefits of virtual team building?
It’s commitment—commitment and passion from a strong leadership team.
Experts who’ve studied companies found that “transformational and visionary leadership” can get remote engagement levels up to on-site engagement levels.
Are you ready to commit?
This post features icebreakers, tools, curated WFH employee care packages, and virtual team building activities you can implement or share with leadership to build strong remote teams.

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Table of Contents

Virtual Icebreaker Activities, Games, & Ideas

Icebreakers for remote teams are activities you can do at the start of a virtual meeting to create quick, personal connections with your co-workers. Virtual meetings can sometimes start with a few minutes of stiffness or awkwardness. Use any of the icebreakers below to overcome that awkwardness and conduct effective remote meetings.
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Rose/Thorn Virtual Icebreaker
Time: About 1 minute per person
Start your virtual huddle by having everyone share their rose (any positive that makes them feel grateful, happy, etc.) and also their thorn (a challenge). A rose can be work or non-work related along with their thorn.
For example…
Work Related:
Rose: I got an event partner to give me a refund today!
Thorn: A different event partner won’t give me a refund.

Non-Work Related:
Rose: I found time to go for a walk today today.
Thorn: There was no time to go for a walk today.

“I work in Enterprise Marketing at ZipRecruiter and our entire team is now remote. We do a daily standup call with my manager and Rose/Thorn is how we start every virtual meeting. It is a quick way to start off a team huddle and get everyone on the same wavelength.”
-Joanna Ericta, Senior Marketing Associate at ZipRecruiter

Crime Junkie Virtual Icebreaker
Adapted for: Clue Virtual Murder Mystery
Time: About 60 minutes
Send out the Clue Virtual Murder Mystery link to everyone that plans on playing.
Using the app, your group will split into teams, examine clues, review case files, and channel their inner detectives.
Race against the clock to solve the mystery of who had the means, motive, and opportunity to murder Neil Davidson.
Your team will need to collaborate closely, and communicate effectively in order to successfully solve the case.
If you DO solve the case in time: Celebrate the virtual team building victory and discuss what led to the “aha” moment when everything clicked.
If you DON’T solve the case in time: That’s okay! Take this moment to do a group reflection on which challenges your team overcame and which ones stumped you.

Pro-Tip: Take the Crime Junkie virtual icebreaker activity to the next level with a curated one-of-a-kind employee care package through Caroo!

Critical Thinking Virtual Icebreaker
Time: About 2 minutes per person
Start your online meeting by posing this lateral thinking question from Udemy to the group: “If you were alone in a dark cabin, with only one match and a lamp, a fireplace, and a candle to choose from, which would you light first?”
Give everyone 30 seconds to choose.
Have everyone share their answer on a platform like
Spend about one minute discussing the differences in your answers and what you each learned from one another.

Escape Room Virtual Icebreaker
Source: The Escape Game
Time: About 60 minutes or less
First, choose your adventure here – find treasure, take part in a heist, escape prison, or more.
If you’re going to escape, you HAVE to work together and communicate virtually.
Once you log onto the Zoom call your host will help you through the adventure while your Game Guide will be your eyes, ears, hands, and feet inside the game.
With the help of your Guide Game and your digital dashboard, you and your team will find clues, solve puzzles, and complete your mission.
Whether or not you complete your mission in time, the leader will be able to review what went well and what didn’t go so well during the virtual activity. The debrief after your online experience will no doubt be filled with lots of laughs and lessons learned.

Open Mic Virtual Icebreaker
Time: About 10 minutes
Give everyone a heads up that they will have about a minute at the beginning of the meeting to take the virtual stage.
Ask them to find or write an icebreaker joke, read a poem, sing a song, play the mandolin—anything they want!
Start your meeting with these glorious performances.
Allow ten seconds in between each for a rush of snaps and applause.

Squad Squabble Virtual Icebreaker
Time: About 45 – 60 minutes (plus prep)
Find a virtual team building software to host the game like Go Remote or Virtual Coworker Feud.
Build your teams.
Determine your questions (think about funny inside virtual office jokes).
Solicit answers from colleagues either through email or a survey.

Time to Play:
After the game is set-up, determine a host or roll with one of the experts from Go Remote!
Read the first question — the first team to buzz in gets to answer. For every answer on the board, they collect points.
If they receive 3 strikes (wrong answers!), control goes to the other team to determine the board.
Repeat the steps until you have a winner — the team with the most points wins the game!

We played a round of Squad Squabble with our friends at Design Pickle to show you how this virtual icebreaker works… Still have no idea how 11 people said “Microwaving Fish” as an answer…

[embedded content]

“Do You REALLY Know Your Team?” Virtual Icebreaker
Adapted for: Let’s Roam Virtual Team Builders Software
Time: About 10 minutes
Before your next meeting, ask all your teammates to answer three “about me” questions in the Virtual Team Builders Platform by Let’s Roam.
For example…
If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
What’s your favorite vacation spot?
If you were an animal, what would you be?
What’s your favorite movie?

At the meeting, share the answers and have your teammates try to pair the answers with the right person.
Once everyone has guessed, reveal who gave what answer.
If the results are interesting/surprising, have your teammates explain – It’ll get people laughing and learning more about each other.
Boom – instant virtual team bonding!

Snapshot Virtual Icebreaker
Time: About 5 minutes
Ask everyone to use their phones to take a picture of something.
The something could include…
Desk space (Yes, even messy desk spaces)

Have everyone upload their pictures to a shared online whiteboard and/or doc to create a digital collage of everyone’s snapshot.
Spend a little time complimenting the pics or asking questions.

The final product may look something like this:

(Images courtesy of the SnackNation State of the Executive Assistant Facebook Group)

“Big Talk” Virtual Icebreaker
Source: Outback Team Building
Time: About 10 minutes
Start virtual meetings with a few minutes of organized “big talk” about global events and news.
Before the meeting, send out a current news story for the team to read.
At the start of the meeting, give everyone a minute to share their thoughts on the story without interruption or commentary.
Set aside 5 minutes after that for open group discussion.

Dance Party Virtual Icebreaker
Time: About 5 minutes (or the length of your chosen song)
Tell everyone about the awesomeness that’s about to happen.
Do a quick sound check to make sure everyone can hear the host’s music.
Start your jam. (If you can’t decide, use a tool like Random List to get a random selection.)
Dance and probably laugh.

GIF Wars Virtual Icebreaker
Adapted for: Nectar
Time: About 1-2 minutes per person
Using a virtual team building & recognition tool like Nectar, have each person take a second to send a shoutout to someone that has really helped them out or gone above and beyond for the team recently.
Make sure to add a GIF to each shoutout
Go around and vote on who added the best GIF (think Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity)

Pro-Tip: You can make this a recurring virtual activity by choosing ‘GIF War’ themes for each week like: movies, sports, dogs, cats, etc…

Trip To Paris Virtual Icebreaker
Source: Woyago Virtual Trip To Paris
Time: About 60 minutes
Select from Woyago’s catalog of laugh out loud authentic French activities:
Wine and cheese tastings
Live bike rides from the streets of Paris
French trivia and questions
Virtual get to know you activities
French vocabulary… and more!

Grab your virtual passport and beret to experience the magic of Paris from your desk!

Fact Recall Mission Virtual Icebreaker
Source: The Go Game
Time: About 7 minutes
Each team member invited to play Fact Recall Mission introduces themselves and gives a “fact” about them; usually with a prompt, such as favorite vacation destination, most likely to see in concert, most binge-worthy show they recommend, etc.
Keeping the facts tucked away to memory, each player will try and recall who said what during the introductions.
A recommended show is a great option because everyone learns something about the person and also gets a great recommendation.
Vacation memories and concert bucket lists are fun and a great throwback to the good times.
The players in the group know each other too well? It’s still a great opportunity to play and use it to tell something about yourself as a warm-up. Everyone needs a new book recommendation or Netflix binge idea.

Online Quiz Virtual Icebreaker
Source: QuizBreaker
Time: About 5 minutes per person
Each team member you invite to QuizBreaker can answer up to 100 curated icebreaker questions that have been carefully researched to elicit fun learnings and build trust in teams. Players can skip any question they don’t want to answer.
Using the icebreaker answers from your team, QuizBreaker then generates unique ‘who said what’ quizzes for each member of your team. These are automatically sent out via email and can be scheduled to your desired timing, volume & frequency.
Every new round of QuizBreaker brings your team closer together at the same time as facilitating a fun virtual team building experience. Their gamified web app celebrates each correct guess.
For those teams who love a bit of competition, you can activate the Leaderboard feature to congratulate new winners each week.

“One Word And I’m In” Virtual Icebreaker
Time: Less than 1 minute per person
Start your virtual pow-wow with a Work-From-Home-Wellness Box and by having everyone pick one word to fill in the sentence “I’m ______ and I’m in”
For example…
“I’m stoked and I’m in”
“I’m ready and I’m in”

“At SnackNation, we start virtual meetings with the “One word and I’m In” activity. It’s quick, breaks the ice, and gives a pulse on the group’s energy.
Some common ones on our team are “I’m caffeinated and I’m In,” “I’m fired-up and I’m In, “I’m a-little-bit-tired-but-ready and I’m In.” Our team likes to get creative with the hyphens.”
-Victoria Holbrook, Brand Marketing Manager at SnackNation

“Name That Emoji Song Title” Virtual Icebreaker
Adapted for: Assembly
Time: 3 minutes per person’s turn
Start a group messaging chain either through phone or your employee recognition software platform of choice.
Determine who goes first and put a timer on your phone for 3 minutes.
The first person looks at their last played song and then “attempts” to use only emojis that give hints to the title of the song.
Everyone else takes turns guessing the name of the song until the timer runs out.
At the end of the 3 minutes, reveal the song if no one guessed correctly and share why that was your last played song.

These have been some standouts from our team at SnackNation:
🐴❌🏷️ – “A Horse With No Name” (America)
🙈💡💡 – “Blinding Lights” (The Weeknd)
❌⛰️🔼✅ – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell)
🌊👀 – “Ocean Eyes” (Billie Eilish)
💁‍♀️4️⃣🎄👉👤 – “All I Want for Christmas Is You” (Mariah Carey)

Virtual Team Building Activities & Games

Virtual team building activities can be games that you play on a shared screen or unique, shared offline experiences you can use to build common ground for future conversations.
Online Activities & Games For Virtual Team Building
Whether you choose an online activity or an offline activity, you can rest assured that it will serve the goal of giving your team memory-making experiences they can share no matter how far apart they are.
Outback Virtual Team Building

Paid activity: $8 – $49 per person
Time: 1 – 3 hours (Various Options)
Best for: Teams of 3 – 1,000+
Self-Hosted: Their team will provide you with everything you need to effortlessly and successfully plan your virtual activity, plus dedicated support.
Virtually-Hosted: Their professional event hosts will take care of everything for you – kick back, relax, and join in on the fun.

Are you looking for unique, fun, and engaging ways to keep your remote team social while social distancing? Outback Team Building & Training is currently offering four of their most popular team building activities in a virtual format specifically designed for remote corporate groups: 
Clue Murder Mystery: Gather your remote team online and collaborate virtually to crack the case of a deadly crime in this virtual murder mystery team building activity. Which team will be the first to solve the murder of millionaire, Neil Davidson?
Game Show Extravaganza: Remote teams can go head-to-head in this virtual online gameshow competition. Together, teams will need to tackle photo and trivia challenges covering everything from pop culture to politics as they race against the clock.
Code Break: Solve online puzzles, riddles, and virtual trivia with your remote colleagues in this brain-boggling virtual team building competition. This virtually-hosted activity is ideal for groups that love solving complex-problems and aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition.
Team Pursuit: Get your remote team together to compete in a series of online mental, physical, skill, and mystery challenges. The virtually-hosted team pursuit activity will allow you to get to know your colleagues better, and enhance communication skills, while showcasing each individual’s hidden talents.

“The Game Show Extravaganza was so much fun – it was for a fundraising event and everyone thought that it was very well-done. Brynne did an amazing job of leading our team, making it a super easy set up, and being a resource. THANK YOU!” – Microsoft (Game Show Extravaganza)

The event was turn key and easy to follow. I liked that it wasn’t overly complicated, but challenging enough to keep the team engaged. Having an event coordinator run the event made everything easy to deal with. – General Mills (Team Pursuit)

Here’s a quick 1-minute overview to show you how this virtual team building idea works:

[embedded content]


Paid activity
Time: About 45 – 60 minutes
Best for: Teams of 20+
Nothing brings a team together like a scavenger hunt: the fun, the interaction, the problem solving, the friendly competition – it’s the perfect team builder. With Scavify, you no longer need to physically be together to bring all the elements of that perfect team builder together.

“My objectives were to engage my Leadership remotely without having to be on another Zoom/Teams/Skype call. Even though our meetings remotely have been productive, we have missed the opportunity to show our personalities. It has been a very stressful time and using Scavify was a great way to have fun and be a little silly. At the same time I was able to add some tasks related to business plans and concerns. A really great exercise!”

Through a mobile app and/or browser, individuals and teams can participate in a virtual scavenger hunt app that has them snapping photos, taking videos, answering questions, scanning QR codes, providing feedback and more from the luxury of their own home. Better yet, the Scavify app provides real-time interaction features like a leaderboard and photostream to keep remote teams connected during this time. The ability to leave the hunt open for a week (or longer) allows colleagues to compete on their own time when it works best for them.
Virtual Happy Hour

Free activity
Time: About 30 – 45 minutes
Best for: Teams of 2 – 10
A big thanks to Kisha from our Facebook group for sharing this idea! Here are some virtual happy hour tips based on her experience:
Send all of your participants a Happy Hour box packed with goodies they’ll enjoy during the virtual get together [cocktail kit provided].
Use a reliable video conference call service.
Limit guests to 10 – 20 to boost engagement.
Have a variety of icebreakers prepared in case things get awkward. (Kisha found that doing a pet show-and-tell really helped boost everyone’s engagement.)

Pro-Tip: Spice up your team meetings with City Brew Tours’ Virtual Beer and Cheese Pairing Happy Hour. Their expert guides will entertain, educate and captivate your team as they take you through the ins-and-outs of what to drink with a sharp cheddar versus a creamy brie.

Co-workers can bring their own favorite brews, or you can select from one of City Brew Tours’ curated pairing boxes delivered right to their doors prior to your virtual event. You can even customize your boxes with branded swag like pint glasses, cheese boards and koozies!


Paid activity: From $10 a person+
Time: About 30 – 90 minutes
Best for: Teams of 5 – 500 (varies with activity)
Confetti is the only platform that gives you everything you need to plan memorable virtual team events in just a few clicks.
It’s free to sign up and only takes ~20 seconds. Once inside, it gives you a playground of dozens of ideas that you can click and customize in a matter of minutes – with instant quotes directly available on the platform! For every event, they provide a briefing that includes all the details organized such as a designed invitation, host information, and a place to insert your points of contact.
Confetti cherry picks and curates vendors, ready to deliver the best experience possible within the date and times you need.
Hundreds of companies trust Confetti with all their virtual team building needs, including: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Uber, and Adobe.

“Confetti has taken a huge workload off my plate in planning engaging employee experiences… True lifesaver!” – Room

The Escape Game Remote Adventures

Paid activity
Time: 60 Minutes
Best for: Teams of 4+
Are you ready for a game that is fun, challenging, and always gives you a few “WOW!” moments? Then you’re ready for The Escape Game. Their virtual escape room will absolutely change your team’s communication and bring them closer together! Since it’s all done virtually, it works for any team big or small, and teams that may be spread across the country or the globe!
The Escape Game Remote Adventures are one of the most unique and fun virtual team building experiences out there. Not only is it the perfect analog for the workplace but your team will have so much fun making lasting memories together through this awesome, one-of-a-kind experience. It’s as simple as getting on a video call where your team will communicate with a host and direct a game guide with a live camera feed of the room. Find clues, solve puzzles, and (hopefully) escape!
Here’s a quick 1-minute overview of how it works:

[embedded content]

Go Remote – The Virtual Water Cooler

Paid activity
Time: About 45 minutes
Best for: Teams of 10 – 20
Go Remote offers something we haven’t seen anywhere else: a dedicated event host (MC and DJ!) that makes sure your event’s energy and engagement stays sky high. Whether onboarding newly remote employees or cultivating culture across distributed teams, Go Remote is engaging teams from companies like Spotify, Google, LinkedIn, GoFundMe, YouTube, Amazon, Uber, Ernst & Young, Salesforce, Dell, and more.

[embedded content]

You won’t find your usual games here. Learn more at Go Remote!
Think more like:
Buzz-In Pub Trivia
The Giphy Challenge
Pictionary Drawing Contest
Live Polling and Voting
Karoke Battles
and more!
They’ve combined their unique brand of fun within a slick video conferencing interface and a hilarious host to bring remote teammates into the fold.
Virtual Team Building Party In Paris

Bienvenue à Paris!
Woyago has created virtual tours that will allow you to travel to Paris for an hour or two! By combining storytelling and cheeky activities, your team will learn hilarious French vocabulary, compete in ridiculous Parisian trivia, find their Parisian soul with absurd icebreaker questions, and learn quirky, insightful stories about Paris while connecting, interacting, and engaging with each other.
Between wine and cheese tastings, live bike rides from the streets of Paris, French stereotype trivia, virtual team building activities, and French vocabulary that will make you laugh out loud, we promise that you’ll end up obsessing over Paris…just like them!
Whether your team is familiar with Paris or not, they will connect, interact, and engage with each other for the duration of the tour. Woyago’s lighthearted and comedic tone of the tours make this a very effective morale boost for virtual teams of any size:

[embedded content]

The Live Homebrew Experience

[embedded content]

Paid activity
Time: About 120 minutes
Best for: Teams of 10 – 100
Let your employees become brewers for the day in the comfort of their own home. “Zoom” through 2-hours of team building with the most hands-on activity you can have behind a computer. City Brew Tour’s Live Homebrew Experience requires no prior knowledge and comes with the equipment and ingredients to brew a full case of beer, shipped right to your door prior to the event.
Tip: They can even work with you to create a custom label and a team beer recipe! Some of our team’s favorites were:
Beer Buddy
Let’s Roam Virtual Team Builders

Paid activity
Time: About 60 minutes
Best for: Teams of 5 – 50
Let’s Roam Virtual Team Builders are the hottest new thing in the online team building game right now. These interactive challenges are comprised of 5 rounds that include: Trivia, Fact or Fib, Costume Party, Impersonations, Riddle Me This, and many more game types designed to get your virtual team building memorable moments!
What makes Let’s Roam Virtual Team Builders so unique is that you can play all of these games through their innovative video conferencing platform that will have you bonding and laughing with your co-workers from anywhere in the world – pretty cool huh.
Here’s a quick 1-minute overview of how it works:

[embedded content]


Paid activity: Free Trial
Time: 5 minute setup and 3 minutes per round
Best for: Teams of 7 to 100 (you can create multiple teams)
QuizBreaker is an online icebreaker quiz game that helps remote teams connect & engage in a fun way. In each round, players have to guess ‘Who Said What’ – a simple way for your team to bond over things they have in common. You can schedule quizzes to go out via email multiple times per week and track winners via a gamified leaderboard. It’s used by hundreds of remote teams including at companies such as Google, New York Times & Microsoft to help build a positive company culture.

Water Cooler Trivia

Paid activity: Free 4-week trial, then about $1 per participant per month
Time: About 5-10 minutes per week
Best for: Teams of any size (from 2 people to 2,000)
There’s a reason Jeopardy’s been on the air for 50 years: people LOVE trivia. That’s the same reason why teams flock to Water Cooler Trivia, a platform for automated weekly trivia quizzes. It’s an activity employees eagerly anticipate each week. Offices are emailed a Monday morning trivia quiz with responses due that night and results sent the next morning. That schedule is totally customizable. Importantly, it’s not a one-off event but a source of weekly fun and conversation for the team without any ongoing setup or maintenance tasks.

Water Cooler Trivia sparks conversation and competition between colleagues asking HOW Alyssa knew THAT. The thrill of pub trivia without the two-hour time commitment and logistics.
The contests are super customizable, meaning you can decide the
Categories (Pop Culture, Current Events, Science & Tech, etc)
Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard)
Timing (day of the week and the time for the quiz and results)
Region (if you have global teammates and want to exclude US-centric questions)
WCT has thousands of trivia questions along with features like an office leaderboard, the “funniest wrong answer” each week, the option for departments to compete against each other, and even a bobblehead trophy for your team to move to the winner’s desk each week (when back in the office).

“Every time I see Water Cooler Trivia in my inbox I yell “YES!” My coworkers and I love it, and have discussions when the questions and responses come out. We have an entire Slack channel dedicated to Water Cooler Trivia.” -Content Writer at G2

Treasure Mountain

Paid activity
Time: About 60 minutes
Best for: Teams of 3 – 7
Developed by expert online game designers and a team with 5+ years developing unique virtual group events.
Schedule your game for anytime you want.
Built in timer so you can compete against other teams.
After you find the GOLD, download your teams Completion Certificate with Team Name and Team Time
We recommend splitting your company into small teams of 4-5 people with a team captain for each. Provide each team captain with an access code to Treasure Mountain. Teams will then race through the riddles and challenges to be the fastest group to escape and get bragging rights at the next virtual all hands meeting!
Learning Circles from Atlassian

Free activity
Time: About 60 minutes
Best for: Teams of 2+
Atlassian’s learning circle templates make it easy to plan a virtual educational activity about a topic relevant to your team’s work.

Pro-Tip: Don’t let the logistics of throwing a virtual team building activity slow you down. Have track budgets, store receipts, and document participants while you focus on what actually matters: having fun.

Selfie Games

Paid activity
Time: Up to 60 minutes, depending on how many rounds you play
Best for: Teams of 5 – 15
Players upload selfies and then add sketches and captions. The goal is to guess which captions and sketches were made up and which ones the person pictured actually added themselves.
The Offsite Co

Paid activity
Time: (3) 60 – 90 minute sessions
Best for: Teams of 10+
The Offsite Co offers the most comprehensive and unique set of virtual team building events and games out there. They focus on designing a series of activations to help their clients reach engagement goals while employees are working remote.
Every event is customized based on your company culture.
They take care of all of the game design, logistics and planning and even provide the most fun and professional facilitators we have encountered.
Here’s a quick 1-minute example of a Virtual Lip Sync Karaoke event through The Offsite Co:

[embedded content]

Free activity
Time: Up to 60 minutes, depending on how many rounds you play
Best for: Teams of 2 – 6
Hop on this platform and play a variety of card games synchronously with your team during game night. Doing something as commonplace as playing cards with your remote team helps cultivate the sense of normalcy that makes distance disappear.
Tip: Did you know that companies that have sent their employees working-from-home a care package during the pandemic saw a boost to virtual employee engagement and productivity projections by as much as 17%? Cure burnout and reinvigorate your remote employees with a WFH Wellness Box today!

Jackbox Games

Paid activity
Time: Up to 60 minutes
Best for: Teams of 5 – 15
As soon as one person purchases a game pack, your team can choose any screen-sharing platform and start playing games that test your wits (Quiplash), let you ask crazy hypothetical questions (Split the Room), create wacky word clouds (Word Spud) and so much more.
Tip: Pick a list of games and rounds you’re going to play before the meeting, or you might end up playing for two hours!
Trivia on Houseparty

Free activity
Time: Up to 60 minutes
Best for: Teams of 2+
Jump on Houseparty, invite your team to join you, choose a trivia category, and start testing your common knowledge. The app provides immediate right-or-wrong feedback and shares results live, so everyone can stay pumped and in the game in real time.
The Drone Racing League Simulator

Paid activity
Time: Up to 60 minutes
Best for: Teams of 2 – 6
Get competitive with your teammates as you race each other in this sophisticated simulator. Just purchase the game and use Steam’s Remote Play function to start playing with your team over the internet.
The Deserted Island Scenario

Free activity
Time: 30 – 45 minutes
Best for: Teams of 2 – 10
Join your virtual meeting and give everyone the bad news: They’ve been stranded on a deserted island.
Counter with the good news: They get to choose three items from a handy list of survival tools.
Provide a list of tools for everyone to choose from. The longer the list, the more interesting the game will be. You also don’t have to design your list to be sound from a survivor’s standpoint; you simply want everyone to think creatively.
100-proof rum
Plastic tarp
An out-of-battery cell phone
Canvas tarp
Lighter fluid
Candy bars
Athletic shoes

Put your meeting on hold or pause while each person gets ten minutes to select their three items.

Resume the meeting and have everyone share which items they picked and also explain why. Allow time for each speaker to answer questions about their selections.
Now give everyone an additional five minutes to decide if they want to change any of their items based on what they just heard from their teammates.
Ask anyone who changed their list to explain why.
By the end of this virtual event idea, everyone will find themselves more open to new ideas and thankful for new perspectives–A great idea to introduce at your next virtual holiday party!

Offline Activities & Games For Virtual Team Building
Offline Book Club

Start a book club and have everyone do the reading independently and offline. Have everyone keep a log of their thoughts and impressions as they go. You can have your final discussion by exchanging snail mail letters, hopping on a conference call, or meeting in person.
Remote Scavenger Hunt

Since you won’t be able to plant items for people to physically find, your best bet is creating a list of subjective, goal-based items.
Here are some example prompts:
Find the item that makes you feel the happiest.
Find an item attached to a powerful memory.
Find your favorite way to connect to others.
Have teammates log and photograph their answers. Eventually, the team can share these logs via email or snail mail.
You can also try pre-planned virtual scavenger hunts. Scavify provides a variety of app-based, in-home scavenger hunts everyone on your team can share with their significant others or families.
Offline Employee Wellness/Fitness Challenge

Have everyone on the team vow to complete a fitness challenge. The outdoor team building challenge might be completing a certain workout every day or even achieving a specified fitness goal. As you all complete the challenges independently, you’ll know you’re not truly alone.

Pro-Tip: Push your employees to live up to their wellness goals with an incentivized employee wellness challenge hosted through a platform like Fond. Whether it’s achieving a certain number of steps per day or practicing weekly meditation, Fond makes it easy for companies to distribute points to employees who hit their goals. You can even customize Fond’s rewards catalogue with exclusive wellness-related rewards to recognize employees’ progress anytime they hit a major milestone.

Daily Gratitude Commitments

Have everyone on your team commit to completing daily gratitude journaling for a month. Doing this activity alone will make you feel amazing, but knowing your teammates are (figuratively) by your side will maximize your warm fuzzies.
Solve a Mystery

Solve Hunt A Killer mysteries independently. Get everyone on your team a 6-episode Hunt a Killer subscription. They’ll all receive a package full of clues to work through to solve a mystery. The exercise will be even more fun knowing you’re all solving the same case together.

Pro-Tip: If solving mysteries is your cup of tea, then we recommend checking out Clue Murder Mystery by Outback Virtual Team Building. Will your team be the first to solve the murder of millionaire, Neil Davidson?

Start a Pen Pal Program

Match everyone on your team up with an official pen pal. If this activity feels old fashioned, then own it. You and your pal can pretend you’re writing in Victorian England or during the American Revolution.
Daily Writing Prompts

Provide everyone with a daily writing prompt for an entire month. (Mailing out journals would be a nice touch if you have the budget!) Later on, you can get together (in-person or online) to discuss what you created.
Collaborative Craft Project

Select a collaborative craft project, such as a mosaic of painted rocks or a paper quilt, and ask everyone to create one piece independently. When you can get together to assemble the larger project, you’ll be delighted to see how all the individual displays of creativity come together.
Open-Ended Instructions Challenge

Challenge everyone to create something useful for the office using only items from their recycling bins and kitchen pantries. Have people share photos and descriptions of their completed items.

Virtual Team Building Tools, Apps, & Software

Virtual team building tools are typically softwares that empower companies to create and customize unified digital workspace experiences that promote transparency and collaboration within remote teams.

Remote Team Building Purpose


Free Trial

Online CollaborationTools is a project management and communication tool that helps teams overcome the challenges of remote work. See all the relevant details about your work (and communicate about them) in one place. You are also able to easily set up automations without coding experience to alert other team members when certain tasks are completed. 

Remote CultureBuilding

Bonusly is a virtual platform that helps companies make their recognition programs both fun and organic. Forget all the reminders; Bonusly’s engaging platform pulls employees into recognition behaviors, so you don’t have to push. (Recognition initiatives are remarkably smooth when you make them fun!)

Remote HRSolutions

Bambee can provide you with a dedicated HR manager. Collaborate remotely with your expert to nail down all the policies and procedures you need to understand to have a successful virtual team.

Online CollaborationTools

Nifty is a tool that gives creative teams the solutions they need to collaborate and create content seamlessly, even when they can’t be in the same place. It offers workflow solutions to help teams overcome remote speed bumps and continue creating.

Remote CultureBuilding

Nectar helps companies improve employee happiness and satisfaction. This comprehensive employee experience platform puts all the tools you need to make remote work better at your fingertips. Manage recognition, rewards, surveys, insights, and more—all in one delightfully easy to use interface.

Team Communication Software

Nextiva provides teams with all the foundational tools they need to connect. Using just one robust online platform (and one service provider), you can deliver and manage reliable phone service to employees in multiple locations. Perfectly designed for the modern distributed workforce, Nextiva’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows people to make clear calls from any location using a computer or a phone.

Online CollaborationTools

Toggl helps overcome the productivity-draining impacts of having remote or disparate teams. Efficiently manage processes while also giving remote workers the flexibility they crave.

Team Communication Software

Slack is a virtual workspace that is essentially a chat room for your entire company. This software quickly becomes the place where remote work gets done. Channels allow you to organize communications for groups to share information, files, and more all in one place.

Remote Employee Engagement

Klaxoon is a tool that provides a full suite of functions to make sure virtual meetings and other communication touchpoints engage employees and meet intended goals. Use pre-designed templates to host brainstorms and meetings, collect votes, and more.

Remote Employee Engagement

Range provides remote teams with the functionality they need to stay strong and effective together. Easily host virtual check-ins and standups and ask your co-workers questions designed by teamwork experts to help everyone feel connected.

Remote HRSolutions

Designed as a remote onboarding solution, CakeHR also provides virtual tools to help companies and human resources teams keep employees engaged and informed at multiple points in their remote office life

Online Collaboration Tools

ProofHub is a project management and team collaboration software that brings your remote teams, tasks, projects and communications to one place. Assign tasks with deadlines, collaborate with team members in real-time, track project progress, and stay in ultimate control of everything.

Fun Slack Apps For Remote Teams

Slack apps for virtual teams are fun extensions that can be used to help build remote employee culture and engagement. Since employees likely use Slack every day, the platform provides an ideal touchpoint for other programs and initiatives you want to try.
These apps seamlessly integrate into Slack to make your life as easy as possible.
Evergreen. Evergreen helps your team to give more peer to peer recognition to each other and plant trees. 🌳
Donut. Donut helps team members who’ve never met connect with one another.
Bonusly Slack Integration. Bring employee recognition to your audience in Slack.
Simple Poll. Create and launch polls in Slack where everyone can see them.
Standuply. Automate the management and education of your teams in Slack.
BirthdayBot. Be the person that always remembers and celebrates everyone’s birthday. It’s okay if your company doesn’t have a game room. You can play pingpong right in Slack.
KudosBot. Celebrate employees organically through Slack.
JukeBot. With Slack, this bot, and your Spotify account, you can create awesome playlists for your teams.
Icebreakers. Deliver conversation starters through a convenient Slack app. Perfect app for onboarding new employees.
IdeaKeep. Use Slack to share and vet ideas.

People Also Ask These Questions About Virtual Team Building Activities

Q: Why do virtual team building activities work?
A: A virtual team building activity will work when it facilitates emotional connections among participants. Activities that enable participants to learn new things about one another promote the kind of bonding that makes physical space disappear. Make your virtual team building activities work by using strategic ideas. To get you started, we’ve created a list of 57 virtual team building games and activities that offer unforgettable shared online experiences.
Q: What can I do to spice up my next virtual meeting?
A: Make a virtual meeting fun by adapting your meeting style to overcome the challenges of digital communication. Accept that you’re going to require frequent icebreakers and prompts to keep everyone participating and engaged. Get inspiration from our list of 5-10 minute virtual meeting icebreakers.
Q: How do I get started with a virtual team building activity in 2021?
A: To set up a virtual team building activity, you need a team, reliable technology, creativity, and an understanding of how to make virtual events successful. You’ll also need some good ideas. Check out our list of tried and true virtual team building ideas here. (We even have some suggestions that require almost no technology and are free.)
Q: What is virtual team building?
A: Virtual team building is using technology, emotional intelligence, and management skills to keep teams connected when they can’t physically be together. Virtual team building comes in many forms, but the effective programs make employees forget they’re not sitting in the same office.
Q: How do you celebrate with virtual teams?
A: You can celebrate with virtual teams by leveraging tools and resources to provide recognition and support as often as you would provide high fives or encouraging words in the office. Get your virtual celebrations off the ground with the tools and softwares featured here.
Q: How do you bond with a remote team?
A: You can bond with a remote team by making sure your virtual team building activities incorporate human elements, such as true information exchanges instead of rote information delivery. Managers should also stay up-to-date on current best practices for transcending distance and always have some fun and effective icebreakers like these on hand to warm up the team before meetings.
Q: What are some virtual team building challenges?
A: Some virtual team building challenges include unreliable technology, the absence of physical and social interactions, difficulty scheduling meetings across time zones, a lack of engagement and participation, and the false assumption that virtual events can be planned and executed the same way as in-person events.
Q: How can I keep my remote workers engaged?
A: Keep your remote workers engaged with frequent formal and informal check-ins. Provide words of recognition and encouragement throughout the day and commit to planning virtual team building events that overcome feelings of isolation and make remote workers feel like part of a larger team. Get your handy list of virtual team building ideas here.
Q: How do I know if my virtual activity was successful?
A: You’ll know if a virtual activity was successful by surveying your participants. Have them provide honest feedback and incorporate that feedback into future events. You may also be able to gauge your virtual activity’s success by observing engagement and participation during the event.
Q: Where can I find a virtual team building activity for my remote team?
A: Find a virtual team building activity in our comprehensive roundup of virtual icebreakers, games, and activities. We’ve outlined activities to fit any need or situation. Find quick icebreaker activities to complete at the beginning of virtual meetings, in-depth games to play online as a team, and even long-term team activities that require little or no technology.
(PS – Get more sh*t done with The Assist — the #1 free weekly newsletter made for assistants by assistants.)

In Conclusion…
Virtual team building events have the power to transform your remote team members, making them feel connected, engaged, appreciated, and happier at work.
There are plenty of reasons to make that goal a priority. Given healthy attention and team building, remote teams can become just as effective as on-site teams while also bringing along added benefits, including the capacity to handle rapidly changing business environments.
We hope the information we’ve provided has left you feeling informed about what it takes to plan successful virtual team building events and also empowered to see what works for your own unique and special team.
We can’t wait to hear your virtual team building success stories!

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101 Outrageously Fun Office Games and Activities For 2021 That Make Work Awesome

Fun Office Games and Activities:
Office Scavenger Hunt
Friday “Chat n’ Chew”
The monthly “Mix & Mingle”
3×3 mini basketball tournament
Eat Poop, You Cat
Sensei Session
Wellness Wednesday
Hungry Hungry Ninjas
Ping Pong Tournament
Conference Table “Ice-Curling”
T.V. Game Show in the Office
If you ask a lot of successful companies to define their culture, you’ll often hear something to the tune of “we work hard and play hard.”
Creating an enjoyable workplace is no longer something reserved solely for big tech companies in Silicon Valley. Companies around the world are making their offices a place where people get lots done while also having fun too.
So how can your company start injecting more fun into each day? I asked some awesome companies to share their fun office activities and office games to play at work (I also shared our favorites below) – basically, how they get people away from their desks for a bit and interacting with each other – our favorite is Outback Team Building! 
There are some really cool ideas & fun games in the office on Fridays to play here (101 in total) that you can steal and use to have fun at work. Enjoy!

The Escape Game aims to bring people together through epic interactive experiences. Their escape rooms are next-level, always guaranteed to be challenging, fun, and good for some laugh out loud moments. Beth Morrow shares her recent play through:

Our group just completed their 4th escape room and this one was our favorite!!! So far we’ve done; the playground, gold rush, special ops, and the heist! The heist was our favorite partially because of JACOB!!! He is amazing and so much fun to have as a remote guide. He allowed us to really think about what we needed to do, which is the whole enjoyment of Escape Rooms! Thanks to EVERYONE involved at this location!!! Ya’ll are great!!! We’ve had a blast every time! See you in a few weeks!!!

*The Escape Game also has a remote adventure that can be done fully online over Zoom. Check it out here if you are interested – maybe ask for Jacob as well.

Using key tools from Improv Comedy, and hilarious prompts from Stand up, Laughter On Call’s approach encourages people – through interactive games and exercises – to express themselves authentically, free their imagination, and maintain genuine human connection, even on ZOOM! Founder, Dani Modisett, created LOC to help people facing Alzheimer’s disease experience the joys of laughter.
Mark Bower, Consulting Director at KPMG noted the rise in engagement from his teams during their recent virtual office activity:

“My work teams have been in a rut endless and repetitive team huddles and virtual hang outs to stay connected. Attendance and engagement have been plummeting. We invited the Laughter on Call team to host our latest team get together and it was fantastic! Everyone on my team got involved and I saw some smiles and personality quirks that I had not seen in a long time! It was just so much fun and a huge morale boost for the team. As soon as it ended people were asking when we can have another one!”

Let’s Roam knows how to have a good time. They’ve gained a following in the corporate community for their out-of-the-box approach to morale-boosting fun in the form of virtual team building games and city-wide outdoor scavenger hunts. Natalia Seybold, Business Design & Innovation Strategy, GE Crotonville, raves about how a Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt was the perfect fun-tastic activity for her office:

“From start to finish, we had an incredible Let’s Roam experience. We flew in GE team members from all over the world for the team-building scavenger hunt, and the hunt was the perfect way for them to explore a new place. Everyone who participated was so impressed they said that they wanted to do similar hunts in their respective cities, with their teams. The Let’s Roam team is second to none. They went above and beyond, making it easy to incorporate questions about our company into the hunt. If you’re looking for a unique way to engage and energize your team, talk to Let’s Roam.”

What did the folks over at Coca-Cola plan for their latest office activity? Well, they pulled off a heist. With help from the team at Outback Team Building, Coca-Cola team members recovered stolen jewels and solved clues by, of course, working together. The jewel heist themed event was a massive success, noting the collaboration and bonding the activity provided:

“Escape Room: Jewel Heist was such a fun event. It delivered on its promise to show how groups with individual talents can work together to solve problems. I would definitely recommend this to other companies for a team building exercise.”

[embedded content]

Kim Lao from Accredible is on a team that spans across continents, so it was important that they could find some type of activity that would allow folks on either side of the Atlantic to participate. They settled on “asynchronous” weekly trivia contests.

“The weekly trivia contests from Water Cooler Trivia has promoted some healthy competition between our team members when we compete for the top three positions. Sharing laughs about the questions that stump us gives us a fun start to the work week. I even recently learned through the trivia contests that an international World Toilet Day actually exists! Since our team has members that are based in the UK and other parts of the world, it’s great to see a mix of questions that aren’t all US-centric, and it’s great that the quizzes are open for an entire day so people can fit it into their schedule.”

We spoke with John Giunta, VP of Marketing at, to find out what fun office activities they play. This is what he told us:

“At we have a monthly afterwork Happy Hour where we try to incorporate games and team activities. We usually alternate months between going out and doing activities in the office. Recently we stayed in for a team trivia and taco night where we mixed-up the teams across departments to help people get to know each better. We are a quickly growing team, so these happy hours are great way for new members to meet gain talk with co-workers that haven’t spent much time with and the team activities and games can help break the ice.”

What if you’re a smaller team with people spread out across the country? George Dickerson explains how Bonusly manages to have fun together even though their team is thousands of miles apart:

Half of our team is in Brooklyn, NY and the other half works in Boulder, CO. That provides us a great mix of things to do together. Although we’re not always all in the same space, we definitely make up for it each time we gather the full team. We’ve had some pretty riveting indoor bocce ball tournaments, team meals, and some excellent happy hours in NYC. In Boulder, we do more outdoor activities together like barbecues and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Omri Itzhak at Monday explained how Friday (ironically enough) is always a fun day to be at their office:

A favorite Monday office activity is getting together every Friday for team lunches, which are held on the rooftop floor of our building with an incredible view of downtown. It’s a chance to connect and get to know one another in a meaningful way. Some Fridays we play various activities and quick fun office games to play in the office. Other Fridays, we go around the table and share personal and company highs for the week. This allows everyone to stay in tune with what is going on with the business and to celebrate each other’s success (oftentimes they turn into a big love fest!). Occasionally, we have different team members lead informative presentations to teach us something new or reinforce our culture. Some of the topics have been “How to be a Monday brand ambassador” or “How to live out our company core values.” The best part of Friday lunches is the initiation activity that all the new team members have to partake in. We’d share, but it’s a company secret! 

Monday Team Lunch

Hannah Day shows us how BrightFire gets creative with their office fun:

At BrightFire we like to focus on creativity. From the moment you walk in the door of our office you absolutely get that impression. With a modern decor and laid back attitude it is clear we value and encourage creative thinking in all our employees. Some of the favorite activities here at BrightFire are weekly Yoga sessions, and a Friday “Chat n’ Chew” where we discuss new ideas, or new technologies over a catered lunch and swag give aways! Our close-knit and friendly feeling lends to an open-minded atmosphere for every one to bring forward ideas and new concepts.

Overall BrightFire does a lot to encourage a fun and creative environment for an equally fun and creative staff. Often times you can catch a few staff members in the break chatting like old friends over a cup of coffee or strategizing how to better our services while raiding the snacks. You could even stop into your boss’ office to see how his kids did in their tennis tournament before a meeting. Between the exchange of ideas, to the friendships we’ve all developed with one another BrightFire is not only a rewarding place to work, but a fun one as well.

When I reached out to Manisha Priyadarshan at Sparks, who specializes in live marketing experiences, I was blown away at all the fun things they do at their office. Their company’s core values are list as the “Code 10” philosophy, which you can check out here. Number 10 on their list is “Work should be fun”. Here’s what Manisha had to say about how Sparks makes work fun:

At Sparks, we strive for this every day. We greatly invest in our employees and want them to wake up looking forward to coming to Sparks, because, well, they have fun. Here are some of the ways we embrace number 10:
We run a program called “Mix & Mingle”: employees selected from different departments to have lunch and get to know more about each other. We also run a program called “Food4Thought”, where employees can learn more about Sparks over lunch by hearing presentations from people in each department on projects they have worked on.
HR runs a program called “TedEd”: an hour long live session including a screening of a Sparks-relevant Ted Talk followed by a round-table discussion.
We have bimonthly “Flash Contests” with mini contests to inspire people to think about our company’s codes, i.e. send a story of a time when, “the client’s problem was your opportunity.”
We’ve hosted a number of fun events throughout the year! Chili Cook-off, Halloween Party, Holiday Party, Valentine’s Cupcake decorating, Mini March Madness, Earth Day, and Summer BBQs.
We have recently implemented a Bring Your Dog to Work committee, where a select panel of dog owners and dog lovers will help to decide which employees pets would make great workday partners by spending the day at the office!

Here’s a look at an example of a Code 10 event (an Irish Potluck):

When the pandemic hit, HR professionals everywhere went on the lookout for fun, innovative ways to keep newly-remote teams connected to each other. Janet Carmody, Head of Culture at Callyo turned to GooseChase to create custom remote scavenger hunts – inviting her team members to share their best celebrity impressions, pets in costumes, and jazzercise routines.

“I was trained to do team-building with a lot of puzzle and problem solving, but my biggest thing is that I just have to get people to laugh together. It doesn’t matter at all what the actual prizes or challenges were, but just to be able to be goofy and break the wall with people. That comes through with GooseChase. It’s hilarious and people love that you have these souvenirs when you’re finished in photos and videos. It’s wonderful and another whole level of camaraderie.”

It’s no secret that Limeade is one of the best company’s to work for. They’ve been ranked on Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures list, Fortune and Great Place to Work 50 Best Small and Medium Companies to Work For, and Greatist’s 44 Healthiest Companies to Work for in America (among many others). As an employee engagement platform also plays fun employee engagement games, it makes a lot of sense that Limeade pays special attention to their culture and their team. They’re also really good at employee recognition.

Here are the fun office games for employees to play at work that Andrea Augustine at Limeade shared with me:

From walking meetings to coloring and puzzle stations, there’s always something to get us out of our chairs (well, standing desks that is). Fitness challenges frequent here (planking and wall sits) and team competition gets fierce. When we need to blow off steam, we hop on a razor scooter or start a nerf war. Some enjoy ping pong and others 3×3 basketball, but our dance breaks are loved by all.

When I asked Sabrina Son at TINYpulse how their company has fun, she shared this hilariously titled game:

Werewolf is a great way for people to loosen up and casually accuse each other of being a blood-thirsty werewolf that has been killing the villagers while they sleep. You can find the rules here. We’re a really small company, so we have the flexibility to actually take our activities outside the office! So once every couple of weeks (usually on a Wednesday, for “Wellness Wednesday”) we head on over to a local gym and take a class together. At Objective, we have a monthly ‘Office Olympics’ tournament. The entire office gets to participate and relax while we hold the competition that afternoon. It has been a ton of fun and Events include the following, to name a few:
Nerf Shootout

39 Wickedly Fun Virtual Event Ideas For Online Socials In 2021

Hang-out. Get-together. Party. Virtual gathering. We use all these terms for social affairs that are, in most cases, presumed to be in-person events. Yet, nothing in these words suggests social events require “physical in-personness.”
The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned countless negatives most people never thought they’d encounter in day-to-day life. However, it has revealed some bright spots of human resilience. The ability to connect, bond, laugh, and experience joy with one another through 100% virtual means is one of those bright spots.

What Is An Online Social Event?
An online social event is a gathering that takes place in a digital space, involves two or more people, and allows guests to communicate interactively, smile, laugh, have fun, and bond across absolutely any distance.
These events matter in 2021 and always, because as Tom Rath states in his book Life’s Great Question: Discover How You Contribute To The World,

“There is no greater predictor of human well-being than the amount of social time we spend with one another.”

Are you ready to have some fun?
Maybe you’ve been missing the unique smile of your work spouse or that feeling of communicating completely (well, basically) non-verbally with your BFF across the country. No matter what you’re missing, you can find it during one of these events.

Online Event Ideas for Virtual Social Gatherings
1) Virtual Murder Mystery
Rekindle your passion for life through the online intrigue of catching a killer.

During a virtual murder mystery, you and your event attendees don your best detective hats to scour evidence, crack cryptic clues, and put your deductive reasoning powers to the test to catch the ultimate bad guy. Best of all, you get to do it all from the safety and comfort of your own home—snacks (thanks to Caroo), drinks, pajamas, and all.
Try out a theme with this online event: Hawaiian luau. (Cross genres by pairing this characteristically dark event with the maximally cheerful luau.)
How to get started: Get your first case assignment.

2) Virtual Escape Room
Do you have what it takes to escape?

A virtual escape room is so much more than escaping a room. During an online escape room, you and your fellow captives will explore your environment, find clues, examine leads, and unravel the entire enigma to create a path to freedom.
Try out a theme with this online event: Coachella
How to get started: Put your escape artist skills to the test, Houdini.

3) Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Experience the thrill of the chase with a virtual scavenger hunt.

A virtual scavenger hunt will have you and your faraway friends and colleagues chasing clues, messaging and collaborating in real-time, and drinking up that thrilling sense of getting closer and closer to your goal.
Try out a theme with this online event: Video game characters
How to get started: Hunt down your perfect remote adventure.

4) Virtual Wine Night
Pop a cork and let the good times flow—no designated driver required.

Drinking your favorite wines and socializing with your favorite people might be the perfect way to spend an evening. Kick things off with an icebreaker if you want, or even do a formal wine tasting, but to be honest, the drinks and the company usually run this event for you.
Try out a theme with this online event: Famous royals
How to get started: Get wine and snacks in one convenient package.

5) Virtual Game Show
If you’ve ever watched an audience member run down the aisles after their name was called on the Price is Right, then you know exactly how much fun this event can provide.

A virtual game show covers all the bases you want in a night of fun, whether you’re planning virtual birthday parties or filling programming holes in your virtual webinars. You can pack your virtual game night full of activities that create just the effect you’re looking for—competition, laughter, bonding, and more.
Try out a theme with this online event: Disco (Get that retro game show vibe and more.)
How to get started: Let the games begin.

6) Virtual Improv Night
Grab a front-row seat for your own comedy show.

You may not be able to share the hot, hazy atmosphere of a basement comedy club, but you can still share all the laughs. Get the kinds of laughs that make you spit out your drink as you work through improv exercises that require no stage experience or stage presence.
Try out a theme with this online event: 1920s
How to get started: Book the belly laugh of a lifetime.

7) Virtual Homebrewing
Ferment your years of beer-drinking experience into beer-brewing gold.

Perfect for any beer connoisseur—that person who knows what glass (and cheese) to pair with every single brew, that person who can name hop varieties by smelling them, that person who takes enough notes during beer tastings to have plenty of intel for a home-brewing adventure.
Virtual home brews often feature live instruction that helps aspiring brewmasters of all levels use ingredients and materials (that could have escaped from any high-school chemistry classroom) to create their very own beer.
Try out a theme with this online event: Favorite scientist
How to get started: Pour your own homebrew experience.

8) Virtual Trip to Paris
Find those rose-tinted shades and prepare to live la vie en rose.

Maybe this virtual event will have you seeing life through a rose-colored computer screen instead of glasses, but it still provides memories for a lifetime. Whether you long to sample local delicacies or stroll around the city, you can find your way to Paris through the magic of the internet.
Try out a theme with this online event: Favorite movies (So many stories lead to Paris. *Le sigh*.)
How to get started: Find your way to Paris.

9) Virtual Mixology Class
Stir like you’re serving James Bond himself.

Learn the extra flick of the wrist that perfectly whisks cognac and cherry juice. Find out how to not muddle your mint muddle. Absorb the art of the perfect proportion while flashing that bartender smile. (Also, you might want to send some snacks in case all that mixing works up an appetite.)
Try out a theme with this online event: Miami Vice
How to get started: Start shaking up your elixir of choice.

Tip: If you don’t yet have a favorite cocktail or liquor, start with a virtual alcohol tasting.

10) Virtual Meditation
Experience the present on a whole new level.

A virtual meditation will help you unlock deep inner reserves of zen. Whether you choose breath work, classic mindfulness, or posed-based meditations, you’ll use your internet connection to find an inner connection with the present being within.
Try out a theme with this online event: Space opera
How to get started: Give virtual meditation a try.

11) Virtual Happy Hour
Happy hour can finally be wherever you want it to be.

A virtual happy hour is all about connection, camaraderie, and lots of laughter. Just like the in-person versions, virtual happy hours can be as structured or as impromptu as you want. Pick games and activities for breakout rooms, or simply play it by ear. Get cocktail kits or challenge everyone to work with whatever is in the fridge.
Try out a theme with this online event: Disney characters
How to get started: Plan your perfect virtual happy hour.

12) Virtual Cooking Class
Enjoy a chef-prepared meal. (Just don’t tell yourself the chef is you.)

Virtual cooking classes usually feature live stream instruction, delivered ingredients, and fancy tips and tricks you once thought you could only learn as a sous chef in a top French kitchen.
Try out a theme with this online event: Professional food photographer
How to get started: Your next virtual event is going to be delicious.

13) Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show
Send your mind far, far away without ever leaving your couch.

Watch—and in some cases learn how to do—dazzling tricks based on slights of hand, loopholes in perception, and the wonderful art of misdirection.
Try out a theme with this online event: Retro carnival
How to get started: Make some magic.

14) Virtual Chocolate Tasting
Chocolate-covered fun to delight anyone.

Bond with absolutely any personality through a shared love of chocolate. During the event, you’ll basically just sample, discuss, and repeat. (No fancy event planners or event platforms required.)
Talk about the fantastically bitter nuances of the deepest dark bars. Sing about the smoothness of milk and white chocolate wonders. Weigh the pros and cons of an added crunch.
Try out a theme with this online event: Pirates
How to get started: Say “cheers” with chocolate.

15) Virtual Beer and Cheese
Grab the IPAs, the ambers, the witbiers, and the stouts—they can all be friends for one night.

Experience the flavor explosion of bitter or malty brews colliding with the rich brininess of cheese. During a virtual beer and cheese tasting, you’ll reflect deeply on the magical interactions between two amazing flavors.
Try out a theme with this online event: Shakespeare
How to get started: Put your beer-and-cheese face on.

16) Virtual Mardi Gras
Put that Big Easy spin on social distancing.

The parades, the fanfare, the costumes, the food—especially the food—and the fun of the New Orleans mardi gras are famous the world over. You and your remote team can enjoy an event that brings all this right into your own homes.
Try out a theme with this online event: Sports teams
How to get started: Get your virtual mardi gras on.

17) Virtual Trivia Night
The ultimate trivia showdown.

Bring the excitement of your local pub trivia to the computer screen with a night of trivia. Award the person with the highest score “King/Queen of Trivia” and test your knowledge of all those little things you learn and then somehow remember for the rest of your life. If only you could remember your father’s birthday! Ahhhg!
Try out a theme with this online event: Music videos
How to get started: Pick that outfit and get your event date locked down.

18) Virtual Tarot Card Reading
Channel the mysterious powers flowing through the universe.

Find a professional tarot reader or get yourself a book and do a ton of research and prepare to reveal to friends, colleagues, and family members what the cards have in store for them. This event will be as gripping for observers as it is for the volunteers having their fates read over Zoom.
Try out a theme with this online event: 1950s. (Think: an episode of I Love Lucy where the ladies consult an oracle.)
How to get started: Find out what’s in your cards.

19) Virtual Sand Art Workshop
You can’t control the sands of time, but you can make beautiful sand art.

You don’t need artistic skills or really even steady hands to make a sand art workshop an unforgettable virtual team-building activity. Have someone who knows what they’re doing demonstrate the craft, or simply send out all the materials and see what sort of carte blanche sand magic everyone on your team has up their sleeves.

Try out a theme with this online event: Deserted island
How to get started: Put on your artsy hat and start playing in the sand.

20) Virtual Sound Bath
Let waves of sound and good vibes wash your troubles away.

This delightfully immersive, but relaxingly passive, event will have you and your guests connecting over the shared experience of sound. You won’t have to talk at all as meditative sounds wash over you and open your mind and senses to new delights. (This replenishing event is perfect for anyone with video meeting fatigue.)
Try out a theme with this online event: Rock show
How to get started: Plan an escape into the soothing world of sound.

21) Virtual Watercolor Class
Wash away your cares as you wash a canvas with muted layers of color.

The fluid nature of watercolor painting is famous for its forgiveness and flexibility. Hazy lines and an ability to create multiple layers empower novice artists with the pleasure of experimenting while still creating something beautiful.
During this virtual event, you and your guests will explore your hidden artist talents together and then show off the fruits of your labors.
Try out a theme with this online event: Emo artists  (Hello, Van Gogh.)
How to get started:  Create a multi-layered masterpiece.

22) Virtual Origami Class
Bring paper to life through the ancient art of origami.

The satisfaction of folding smooth lines and hearing the light crinkling sound of paper makes this event both active and soothing. During this virtual experience, you get to transform matter. What was once just paper can become cranes, frogs—anything you want.
Try out a theme with this online event: Vow of silence
How to get started: Start folding your way to fun.

23) Virtual Museum Tour
Enjoy the quiet reflection of a virtual museum tour.

A virtual museum tour means no crowds. It means no noise from groups of kids on field trips. It means you can experience masterpieces from artists and exhibitors in new ways, taking advantage of the virtual format to explore and reflect on everything you see.
Try out a theme with this online event: Silly accents
How to get started: Find a museum to explore.

24) Virtual Pumpkin Painting Class
Turn a pumpkin into your blank canvas.

Explore and practice the techniques of pumpkin painting while bonding and chatting with your guests. Your parting prize is a uniquely festive piece of art that’s ready to show off.
Try out a theme with this online event: Social media stars
How to get started: Pencil in your pumpkin painting event.

25) Virtual Team Hunt
Like a scavenger hunt for getting to know your team.

Enjoy chasing all the clues and mysterious leads you get from a murder mystery or scavenger hunt, but get a more fulfilling reward for all your sleuthing: understanding your teammates. Plan this as a standalone event or as a pre-show for your next virtual meeting.
Try out a theme with this online event: Famous couples
How to get started: Uncover more reasons to love your teammates.

26) Virtual Guess Who
Play a getting-to-know-you-guessing game that confirms what you know about your co-workers and reveals what you still need to learn.

Can you match your co-workers with clues from their past and present? You might think you know everything there is to know about your teammates, but when you’re dealing with interests and passions that exist outside the office, you might be in for many delightful surprises. Up the stakes of each guess with some gift cards to hand out as prizes.
Try out a theme with this online event: People who speak in hashtags
How to get started: Let the guessing games begin.

27) Virtual Learn To Play Chess
Enjoy the quiet strategy, pristine focus, and understated thrills of chess.

The ultimate game of strategy, chess is as fun and nuanced to learn online as it is in person. During a live event, you’ll learn all the nuts of bolts of piece names, movements, and basic strategies. You’ll also start learning how to anticipate moves, picturing possible outcomes.
Try out a theme with this online event: Wild West
How to get started:  Fulfill your long-lost dream of joining the chess club.

28) Virtual Personality Test
Demystify part of the puzzle that is the human personality.

This beautifully simple event gets you and your guests taking online personality tests and quizzes and then discussing them. Explore new aspects of yourself and your teammates. Discuss what surprised you about yourself. Tell everyone what surprised you about their results. Everyone will leave with a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.
Try out a theme with this online event: 1940s pop culture
How to get started: Decode your personality.

29) Virtual Taboo
How well can you really convey thoughts and ideas? Virtual Taboo will reveal all.

Like classic Taboo, the virtual version will get you trying to describe a concept or word within limited parameters. Your performance is measured simply enough: by the ability of your teammates to guess what on earth you’re trying to describe. This game is hilarious and sometimes constructive. You may detect in yourself some communication patterns that explain why people never seem to understand your emails.
Try out a theme with this online event: US Presidents
How to get started: Host your own communication competition.

30) Virtual Drag Bingo
Not your grandpa’s bingo.

All the excitement of bingo—hearing your number called and slowly piecing your way to victory—is amplified by dressing up to challenge established gender norms and stereotypes. (Any of these care packages full of snacks and swag would make delightful prizes.)
Try out a theme with this online event: Roller derby
How to get started: Make your first move toward bingo.

31) Virtual Mini-Games
Little bursts of gamification make a fast-paced event.

Like all hybrid events, this one is perfect for anyone who can’t or just doesn’t want to commit, mini-games pack your favorite parts of multiple games into one delightful whirlwind session.
Try out a theme with this online event: Monte Carlo
How to get started: Start playing everything now.

32) Virtual Mash-Up
All of your favorite team-building activities mashed up into one unforgettable experience.

Whether you crave karaoke with a side of trivia games or problem-solving with a drawing challenge round, you’ll find exactly what you want through a virtual mashup, the ultimate fusion of team-building flavors.
Try out a theme with this online event: Favorite TV personalities
How to get started: Mashup your favorite games.

33) Virtual Laughter Yoga
A magical combination of laughter and yoga can refill even the emptiest wells.

During laughter yoga, you’ll get in touch with all the muscles and sensations involved in laughter. As you guide your muscles into the physical experience of laughing, your emotions might just take over and flow right into the joy of true laughter.
Try out a theme with this online event: Holi Festival of Colors
How to get started: Try this latest wellness trend.

34) Virtual Blackjack Class
Elevate your Blackjack strategy—not your stress levels.

Social distancing, in many ways, has opened novel avenues for developing new skills. If you’ve always been interested in learning how to play Blackjack in a low-stakes environment, then now is the time. Learn the rules and techniques while you can focus within the peace and quiet of your own home.
Try out a theme with this online event: Grandma’s basement
How to get started: Cross your fingers for the perfect hand.

35) Virtual Poker Class
Perfect your Zoom poker face during an immersive tutorial

Learn all the ins and outs of poker within the context of video conferencing. Discover new social dynamics as you try to find your opponents’ tells from afar.
Try out a theme with this online event: Wall Street
How to get started: Prepare for your inaugural virtual poker night.

36) Virtual Charades
Find out why charades love the virtual space.

When you take classic charades into the online space, you’ll discover some advantageous abilities. For one, you can mute the actor so they can’t cheat when they get desperate and try to bolster their body language with spoken language.
Try out a theme with this online event: Glow in the dark
How to get started: How well can you read your team’s unspoken communication style?

37)  Virtual Cookie Baking Class
Share a fun baking experience without having to share the cookies.

Bust out your mixing bowls and find a place where your laptop can stay safe from splatters of dough and clouds of flour. Bond with your fellow guests as you mix, bake and avoid arguing over who gets to lick the spoon.
Try out a theme with this online event: Food Network star
How to get started: Get your bake on.

38) Virtual Donut Baking Class
Donuts take on flavorful new depths when you make them yourself.

Learn all the recipes, techniques, and decorating tricks you need to make your own donuts.
Try out a theme with this online event: Sprinkles
How to get started: Level up your baking resume.

39) Virtual Acrylic Painting Class
Unleash your inner painter.

Take in all the color basics, blending techniques, and painterly strokes you need to get all your brilliant artistic visions onto the canvas.
Try out a theme with this online event: Favorite movements in art history
How to get started:  Learn how to paint in your virtual studio (aka bedroom).

People Also Ask These Questions About Virtual Events
Q: How do you conduct events virtually in 2021?
A: Conduct events virtually in just a few steps. Pick your video conferencing platform, make a guest list, choose a focusing theme or game (like one of these), send your invitations, and collect RSVPs.
Q: What do I need to host a virtual social event?
A: To host a virtual social event, you need a video conferencing platform, a reliable internet connection, smiling guests, and some event ideas, including themes and games, to tie the experience together.
Q: Can I have drinks and food at an online social event?
A: Yes, you can have drinks and food at an online social event. In fact, companies like Caroo make it easy to select delicious treats and easily have them delivered to your guests.
Q: How do you make a virtual event engaging?
A: Make your virtual event engaging by adding engaging themes to your main games. For example, you can host a disco-themed virtual game show or a luau-themed virtual murder mystery. Find even more virtual event ideas you can swipe to host the gathering of your dreams in this post.
Q: How do you ensure attendance for a virtual social event?
A: Ensure attendance for a virtual social event by requiring RSVPS, sending group reminders, and also following up individually with each person on your list to tell them how excited you are to see them. (Finding easy-to-use technology and exciting game ideas will also inspire plenty of people to RSVP “yes.”)

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31 Virtual Game Night Ideas, Games, & Activities For Side-Splitting Fun In 2021

What brings people together while keeping them apart?
What takes you to tons of new places with zero travel time?
That’s right. A virtual game night.
A virtual game night is an evening of shared delight provided by online games that include anything from professionally hosted virtual trivia nights to classic board games that just got virtual makeovers.

Table of Contents

Benefits Of Hosting A Virtual Game Night
Games make prime candidates for virtualization. Some mobile versions of classic board games streamline gameplay and include in-app instructions that make following the rules easier than ever. (That means you and your guests can spend more time goofing off and less time reading instruction booklets.) Other benefits include:
Safety for yourself and your friends and family during pandemic times when even small gatherings present a public-health risk.
The flexibility that allows even more friends and family who live in any location or time zone to attend with no trouble.
Memories that are easy to capture via screenshots and screen recordings.
Healthy competition. (Who doesn’t love winning?)
Transportation and immersion as guests pursue exciting objectives while pretending to be fascinating characters.
Keep reading to find all the details you need to host a virtual game night packed with side-splitting fun.
Make your next virtual game night with coworkers extra special and send them a little surprise in the mail. Talk to the curation experts at Caroo and learn how they can help each employee feel like a winner — even if you hold the crown for Mario Kart in the office!
Virtual Game Night Ideas
Good virtual game nights keep guests engaged with the game and socializing with friends and loved ones. You can maximize engagement by making sure the games and technologies that you choose run smoothly.
The ideas below will help you host a game night that goes off without a hitch or hiccup.
Virtual Game Night Activities
1) Outback Team Building’s Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

Can one be an expert at having fun? Just meet the team at Outback Team Building to come up with your answer. (It’s an unequivocal “yes!”)
Outback’s event experts have perfected the art of connecting people and building immersive bonding experiences you can enjoy 100% online.
Outback has even leveraged their expertise to create a virtual clue murder mystery that combines video conferencing and a specially designed app to make every aspect of solving the mystery, from examining clues to reviewing case files, flow perfectly.

Tip: Debrief after the mystery and assign everyone funny “superlatives” based on what they contributed to the solution.

Why we love this game: Outback’s custom app provides a brilliantly simple way to distribute and study clues.
Where to start playing: Learn more about your virtual clue murder mystery and get custom pricing at Outback Team Building.

2) Laugh Out Loud Virtual Game Night!

Laughter On Call knows exactly how to tickle the funny bone if you’re feeling stuck “safer at home.” Professional comics run a series of virtual games where you’ll not only find yourself giggling, but you’ll sharpen your listening skills, learn about storytelling, and some fun details about each other you never knew!
Having run 60+ international laughter events for groups ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to family holiday parties, to 7 execs on an island, they know exactly how to make laughing together feel like exactly the adventure we need.
Why we love this: LOC is unique in its commitment to creating connection for people through shared laughter. Being encouraged to laugh out loud with people and play virtual games where you share funny stories (or make them up together) will leave you feeling more connected.
Where to start playing: Talk to Laughter on Call to get laughing as soon as today!

3) Virtual Scavenger Hunt from Let’s Roam

Distance doesn’t matter when you’re completing a Let’s Roam scavenger hunt. Their expertly designed events will turn your friends, family members, and loved ones into a unified group of adventurers bound by one singular noble mission.
Why we love this: Let’s Roam plans all the details of your virtual scavenger hunt, so you can focus on socializing and having fun.
Where to start playing: Plan your ideal virtual scavenger hunt run by Let’s Roam.

Pro-Tip: Take your virtual game night to the next level with a curated one-of-a-kind employee care package through Caroo!

4) Virtual Jeo-party with Confetti

Show what you know in this digital version of the classic game show.
In traditional Jeopardy-style, the game master will quiz participants on a variety of pre-customized topics, culminating in the ultimate Final Question wager.
Why we love this: Confetti handles all of the organizing and facilitating and will even create a custom quiz or round just for you.
Where to start playing: Get your game on here.

5) Virtual Mixology and Happy Hour Through Sourced

A great way to start your online game night off right is with a virtual mixology class through Sourced. You and your virtual game night guests will each receive a perfectly portioned mini cocktail kit that provides everything you need for happy hour without tons of unwanted leftovers or waste. You’ll also get a live demonstration showing you how to expertly mix all your ingredients into a picture-perfect cocktail.
Why we love this: This unique virtual experience caters to the guests. You don’t have to make a trip to the store or order special ingredients. Everything you need for your big “cheers” moment arrives right at your door and you get to learn how to mix drinks like a pro – which will come in handy at your next in-person game night.
Where to start playing: Virtual Mixology By Sourced

6) Virtual Escape Room from the Escape Game

How can you possibly host a virtual escape room? The masterminds at the Escape Game asked themselves that question and came up with virtual escape room perfection.
Investigate a physical room by using a human game guide—wearing a live camera—as your eyes and ears. Use your guide as an avatar to explore the room and, with hope, make your escape.
Why we love this: It provides an authentic escape room adventure so immersive you and your guests will forget you’re not actually escaping that room.
Where to start playing: Available through Escape Game.

7) QuizBreaker

Trivia is more fun when you know about the subjects. Trivia is exceptionally fun when you know the subjects personally—when the trivia subjects are your very own friends and family.
QuizBreaker helps you build and distribute quiz-format virtual trivia games about people you know. You’ll get to know them better and maybe even learn a few things that surprise you.
Why we love this: This activity helps you learn and absorb knowledge about the most important people in your life. Some info will be useful. Some info will be useless. But all the info will be funny and rewarding to learn.
Where to start playing: Try QuizBreaker for free.

8) The Good Natured Identity Thief

Assign all your guests a different guest to act like. Divide your group in half to create two teams. One team will be the guessers and the other team will be the imitators.
The objective is to imitate the other guest so well that the guessing team figures out who you’re supposed to be first.
But the teams don’t switch just because someone wins. The guessers have to figure out who everyone is imitating before they become the imitators.

Tip: Up the stakes by asking the imitators questions. (e.g. What is your favorite outfit? What would you say if someone challenged you to a backward horseback riding race? etc.)

Why we love this: This activity helps guests solidify (and laugh hysterically at) knowledge about their friends. Plus, players learn new things about their favorite people and poke a little good-natured fun at character quirks and tendencies.

9) The Dream Team

Have all your guests create a “dream team” for completing an arctic exploration, taking over the world, building the world’s biggest snowman—the objective is totally up to your imagination.
Simply pick your objective and create a list of essential roles that match your number of guests. For example, if you expect seven guests at your virtual game night, and you’ve chosen “discover a new planet” as your objective, then your list might look something like this:
Spacecraft technician
Chief navigator
On-board chef
On-board entertainment specialist
Security/Disaster manager
Extraterrestrial relations specialist
Why we love this: It helps everyone consider the strengths and talents they love in their friends in new ways. Players might even acknowledge abilities they never saw in their friends before. (E.g. you might suddenly realize you have 100% confidence in Luther’s ability to effectively charm any intelligent life you encounter on your journey.)
Virtual Game Night Ideas For Work
1) Get Expert Hosting from The Go Game

Don’t you just wish you could ask your best, most-charming friend to host your virtual game night so you can have fun with your co-workers? The Go Game will make this wish come true and then some.
When the Go Game is in charge of your virtual game night, it will feel like your most entertaining friend is leading you through a night of the best games, laughter, and quality conversations. During your game, expert event hosts lead and listen, finding and feeding conversational sparks every chance they get.
Why we love this: Their expert approach to virtual events doesn’t just lead to fun; it also encourages “authentic connection, spontaneous interaction, and creativity.”
Where to start playing: Learn more about The Go Game’s Virtual Game Show here.

2) Get To Know Your Teammates with Virtual Social Shuffle

Get to know your colleagues and build better connections with this ultra-social virtual game night activity for remote teams. Your group will learn fun facts about one another as you tackle a series of themed challenges together and engage in exploratory conversations.
Why we love this: This activity sets the stage to see the other side of your coworkers in a fun and care-free online environment. Every challenge is designed to inspire conversation and help build bonds between teammates. Since you spend all day with these people. You might as well get to know them!
Where to start playing: Get custom pricing for your group to plan your next Social Shuffle game night.

3) Enjoy Some Personally Relevant Water Cooler Trivia

Dazzle your work friends with team-building trivia that entertains your team as it makes them stronger. Simply use Water Cooler Trivia, an online trivia interface, to create and distribute quizzes and then peruse the results to learn fun facts about co-workers.
This game will feel like attending a trivia night where you and your teammates are the star subjects. Who wouldn’t love that?
Why we love this: Teams who trivia together stay together, or at least learn a lot about each other. Find out who has a photographic memory for science facts or who keeps up with current events.
Where to start playing: Find the best option to start your trivia challenge at Water Cooler Trivia.

4) Grab a Beer with City Brew Tours

If your work friends aren’t really gaming types, then you can treat them to everyone’s real favorite game: drinking beer.
City Brew Tours can help you host a virtual beer and cheese pairing night or online home-brew experience. No matter which event you choose, you and your guests will either be brewing or appraising beer like experts by the end of the night.

Tip: Gamify this idea by downloading some beer trivia to sprinkle throughout your event.

Why we love this: You don’t have to be in the same place to bond over the mutual joy of drinking and learning about beer.
Where to start playing: Virtual beer events are hosted through City Brew Tours.

5) Virtual Coworker Feud

Just like being on the classic game show! An entertaining host will lead contestants through multiple rounds in this fun and fast-paced digital take on Family Feud.
Why we love this: This virtual game comes with a digital buzzer that allows contestants to compete like they’re on the actual game show. You can even request custom questions based on a theme for an added price!
Where to start playing: Book with Confetti here!

6) Get Sporty with Homecourt Practice with Matching “Uniforms”

Use Homecourt to get sporty with your work team. Choose from interactive drills that will make team members of all skill levels feel like professionals. You can even use Homecourt to set up an official team and watch each other develop over time.
Get some “uniforms” from to tie this event together. Your “uniform” can be anything, as long as it’s matching and customized with your team or company name and logo. makes that part easy. Choose from t-shirts, hats, tank tops, or hoodies—all ready for customization and color-coordination.
Why we love this: Your uniform will really help your distributed team feel as unified and bonded as possible.
Where to start playing: You can find the best interactive drills for your team at Homecourt.

7) Virtual Netflix/Hulu Drinking Game

This easy-peasy activity is a real crowd-pleaser. You don’t even have to make up your own game. Here are just a few options that are ready to go:
Find drinking games for practically any show or movie at DrinkWiki.

Why we love this: It’s effortless fun that’s easy to plan and easy to explain.
Where to start playing: You can sync up your viewing party using Netflix Party.

Tip: Talk to Sourced to create unique cocktail kits inspired by your virtual Netflix/Hulu drinking game and deliver them straight to your friends’ doorsteps.

Virtual Game Night Online Board Games
1) Hunt A Killer

For your virtual game night, play the high-stakes game of catching a killer.
Hunt A Killer immerses you and your guests in the captivating experience of solving a murder mystery, slowly but surely, over a few months.
Why we love this: Hunt A Killer sends you new clues every month. (It’s a long-running murder mystery party you and your guests will never want to leave.)
Similar content:
Where to start playing: To start your murder mystery game night head over to Hunt A Killer to gather the necessary supplies.

2) Scrabble (Mobile Version)

The classic board game Scrabble has delighted millions of people by immersing them in hours of word-building fun. Fun fact if you’re already a Scrabble lover: the inventor actually started creating Scrabble as a way to uplift spirits at the end of the Great Depression.
Why we love this: The fun of Scrabble has nothing to do with the tactile aspects. A game board and those wooden squares are nice, but you’ll be amazed at how engaging the online version is without them.
Similar content:
Where to start playing: Download the free app from the Hasbro official website.

3) Clue online

Adapted to an online format, everyone’s favorite murder-mystery board game will bring your virtual game night guests plenty of spine-tingling intrigue and sinister storylines they’ll talk about for months.
Why we love this game: Most people know and love the physical version of this Hasbro classic, so it should be easy for them to get into game-play right away.
Where to start playing: The Clue app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

4) Conquer Club (Risk online)

If your game night guests are extremely competitive, then this is the game for you. As a player, your objective is to conquer the world. (It doesn’t get much more competitive than that!)
Why we love this: This game is strategic, exciting, and turn-based, so it creates a competitive, yet decidedly orderly, game night experience.
Similar content:
Where to start playing: It’s free to play. Just register at

5) Ticket To Ride

Another virtual adaptation of a classic board game, Ticket to Ride will have you racing across the railway system, coming up with strategies that get you to your destination before the other players. There’s no gold-standard strategy to apply every time; the fun of this game comes in finding new creative ways to “beat the system.”
Why we love this: It combines vintage railway vibes with a fast-paced race, creating a game that’s both charming and captivating.
Where to start playing: Ticket to Ride is available on Steam here.

6) Catan Digital

This game brings everything you love about the classic version of Catan into a digital format. During your virtual game night, your guests will create settlements and roads, using finite resources to create the best possible world.
Why we love this: This expertly designed game immerses your guests into a different world that feels real and engaging in the best possible way.
Where to start playing: Available to play through the Catan Universe.

Virtual Game Night Apps
1) Heads Up! Mobile App

Brought to you by the fun-loving Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up takes a simple guessing game format and makes it hilarious by having players keep their cell phones on their heads.
Social-distancing game night with Heads Up! features technology within technology. You’ll have to view all your guests on your video call technology (set to gallery view so everyone can see everyone at once) and then play the game on your cell phones.
Why we love this: You can take videos of your game to extend the hilarity of your game-night for days or even weeks.
Similar content:

2) Scattergories Mobile App

[embedded content]

Scattergories, everyone’s favorite fast-thinking category board game now comes in a mobile app that allows you to challenge friends to duals and even track your progress (a.k.a. track who’s winning) over time.
Why we love this: The app provides a comprehensive gaming experience. You need only the app to play with friends. (Of course, you can always connect to your video chat if you want some face-to-face socializing.)

3) Drawful 2 Mobile App

Jackbox Games, the heroes of social distancing party games and creators of the virtual party pack, have recreated their virtual gaming success again with Drawful 2.
This game raises the stakes on the classic drawing and guessing game by requiring guests to create their drawings on their mobile apps or tablets. (If you thought drawing with a mouse was challenging, then just wait to see the masterpieces you make during this game. They’re not worse per se; they’re just a totally different kind of bad.)
Why we love this: It creates hilarity, and unlike most virtual game options, it frees guests from feeling like they have to be glued to their computer for the duration of your game night or company holiday party. (They can easily walk around the house, make snacks—whatever!)
Similar content:

4) Go Fish Mobile

Many people remember Go Fish fondly as the first card game they really understood how to play. Like actual fishing, Go Fish on mobile devices is a slow, easy game that’s perfect for non-gamers.
Why we love this: The slow nature of this game makes it easy to have plenty of socializing during your virtual game night.
Similar content:

5) Evil Apples: You Against Humanity!

A fill-in-the-blanks game for anyone with a good sense of humor or a powerful sense of restrained irony. Time will fly as you pull compelling card after compelling card and see all the creative ways your friends filled in the blanks to make outrageous sentences and side-splitting jokes.
Why we love this: Intellect and humor are the only skills you need to make playing this game a glorious experience. Plus, this game will be totally different each time you play.
Similar content:

6) Monopoly Mobile

Aspiring real-estate tycoons face off in this mobile version of the classic board game. Enjoy all your favorite properties and classic game features in a freeing format that lets you play Monopoly anywhere and anytime.
Why we love this: The new format makes a game most people have played at least 100 times feel completely new.

Virtual Game Night Themes
1) Virtual Casino Night
Flashing lights, high-stakes, and maybe even a little glitter will transport guests to Las Vegas for one night only.

Why we love this: It makes virtual game night guests forget they’re stuck at home as they enjoy that classic “night out” feeling in an online casino environment.
2) Virtual Trivia – Jeopardy Style
Everyone must answer trivia in the form of a question and compete to do the best Alex Trebek impersonation.

Why we love this: This is Jeopardy! Need we say more?
3) Virtual Summer Camp
It’s time for s’mores, ghosts stories, classic pranks, and perky counselors. Get some customized camp t-shirts from and, of course, pick out a mix of exciting and embarrassing virtual games for your campers. (We’ve got plenty of ideas above.)

Why we love this: Just thinking about summer camp produces waves of healthy nostalgia.
4) Virtual Dinner Party
Brush up on your table manners. Select the classiest piece of classically classical music you can find. This virtual game night theme encourages guests to show up dressed for dinner, and we mean the kind of “dressed” that doesn’t end at putting on big-kid pants.

Why we love this: This sophisticated theme provides plenty of opportunities for those dinner-party conversations we all miss so much.
5) Virtual Luau
Wear a necklace of flowers. Drink out of a coconut. Maybe even bust out that grass skirt if you’re feeling adventurous.

Why we love this: This isn’t just a virtual game night theme; it’s a mini-vacation to a place where you want to drink the sunsets and swim in crystal blue waters all night long.
6) Virtual Music Festival
All you really need to have a music festival is good music, and we’re sure you have that part covered. Find the best Zoom chat background you can get your hands on. Dig out those outfits you bought for the fest that never happened last spring. It’s time to let your hair down with your closest friends.

Why we love this: Music is powerful. It can transport you to different places, call up old memories, and uplift your spirits. A music festival theme can turn your virtual game night into the refreshing evening everyone has been craving.
7) Virtual Disney Night
Disney decorations, Disney costumes, Disney snacks, and the list goes on and on. Basically, just make sure you and your guests are as Disney-fied as possible. You can even identify the biggest Disney fan (as measured by streaming activity) by playing a version of Bingo where the squares are Disney+ shows.

Why we love this: Lighthearted fun, upbeat songs, and happy endings are never a bad idea. A virtual game night themed around these concepts will leave guests feeling just a little happier ever after.

Virtual Game Night Tips
Select a familiar video chat technology. If you’re not using an all-inclusive video and game platform solution, then be sure to pick a video chat technology you and your friends know and love. (We’ve listed some popular options in the next section.)
Follow your interests. Focus on games that align with what you and your friends already like to do.
Bring in the professionals. If you, as the event host, want to have just as much fun as your guests and skip all the stress, then consider using a professional event host. Our favorite event professionals include:

Encourage everyone to dress up!
Send food, recipes, or swag to bring unifying tactile elements into your virtual event.

How To Host A Virtual Game Night
1) Make your guest list. This is especially important for your video or conference call technology decision. Headcounts matter as much for virtual events as they do for in-person events. Your guest count determines what kinds of games you can play.
2) Select your games and your themes.
3) Choose your video chat/conference call service. (Even if your game choice doesn’t require face-to-face interaction, it’s good to see everyone’s face outside the game.) Some popular options are:
Facetime (Apple)
Google Hangouts
4) Test your video chat/conference call service.
5) Send virtual invitations and collect RSVPs. Include the event length and a brief outline and description of the game you plan to play.
6) Send Snacks. Send a surprise snack box, packed with delightfully delicious health- and energy-boosters. The perfect snacks can really tie an in-person event together, and they do the same thing for virtual events, adding a sense of ceremony and celebration.
7) Get your costume ready and encourage everyone to do the same.
8) Test out all the games and activities you plan to play.
9) Read the rules carefully and create a quick narrated tutorial video to orient your guests.
10) Send reminders and tutorials on the day of the event. Virtual events can be easy to forget about since they don’t involve travel time. Make your guests’ lives easier by sending event reminders several hours before game night.

People Also Ask These Questions About Virtual Game Night
Q: What is a virtual game night?
A: A virtual game night is an evening of shared delight provided by a variety of online games that include anything from plan-it-yourself virtual games to professionally hosted trivia nights to mobile versions of classic board games.
Q: Why is hosting a virtual game night important?
A: Hosting a virtual game night is important for maintaining strong and natural connections with friends and loved ones you can’t see in person due to physical distance or social distance necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Online game nights have different formats from traditional game nights, but they still provide plenty of laughter and bonding.
Q: What are the benefits of hosting a virtual game night?
A: The benefits of hosting a virtual game night include:
Safety for yourself and your friends in the family during pandemic times when even small gatherings present a public-health risk.
The flexibility that allows even more friends and family who live in any location or time zone to attend with no trouble.
Memories that are easy to capture via screenshots and screen recordings.
This post provides all the steps and ideas you need to host your own virtual game night and take advantage of all these benefits.

Q: What are the best virtual game night activities to play with friends?
A: The best virtual game night activities to play with friends include trivia, murder mysteries, and virtual versions of classic board games. Find the best virtual game night activities for you and your friends here.
Q: What do I need to plan for a virtual game night?
A: To plan for a virtual game night, you will typically always need at least your guest list and either a professional virtual game night host or the technology and ideas you need to host your own event. Find everything you need for either option in this article.
Q: How do I host a virtual game night?
A: Host a virtual game night by first making a guest list and then selecting your games and your themes. Find all ten easy virtual game night planning steps here.
Q: What makes a virtual game night a success?
A: Healthy competition, good friends, memorable moments and quality time make a virtual game night a success Facilitate joyful experiences and plenty of memories with these themes, activities, and apps.

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26 Effective Employee Retention Strategies, Ideas & Software For 2021

Employee retention strategies deserve your attention—your obsession even. Just think about what retention actually means: it means you’re amazing, highly qualified employees choose to stick with you out of all the other fish in the sea. It means their dedication is so strong that trying something new just isn’t worth giving up what they’ve got going at your company.
In the best cases, it might even mean they barely even wonder what life would be like somewhere else.
Employee retention, like a strong marriage, is something you must constantly work on, but the resulting relationship is well worth the effort. 

Table of Contents

What Is Employee Retention?
Employee retention is the art of earning long-term commitment and loyalty from your workforce. The employee-employer relationship is the heart of retention, and this relationship, like all others, requires continual attention, care, and consideration. It needs to start the moment you meet your employees, even if you think you’ve got them hooked. If you wait to notice a sign that you might have to learn how to retain employees, then it might already be too late.

And while of course, you can always find employees to fill open positions as easily as your employees can find new roles, it behooves you to invest in keeping, engaging, and recognizing the employees you have (and to do so well before you have to schedule a slew of exit interviews.)
The benefits of improving employee retention include:
Saving lots of money. Healthy retention rates save companies oodles in turnover costs, which could add up to as much as 400% of an employee’s salary and demolish your bottom line.
Using time instead of wasting it. When you have to spend at least a month filling open positions, other long-term strategic work may suffer.
Keeping friendly faces around. You’ll have a team full of people who trust, respect, and deeply know one another—the foundation for strong company culture.
Benefitting from long-term employee knowledge and training. Your employees know what they’re doing, and they know what they’re doing specifically in the context of your company and its missions. By keeping them around, you benefit from that growing store of individual and company-based expertise.
Enjoying the benefits of motivated employees. Employees who stick around, a.k.a. engaged employees, show commitment and motivation toward helping companies they love achieve key goals.

Why Is Employee Retention Important?
Employee retention is important because nothing influences your success more than the strength, knowledge, and expertise of your team. And it takes time to build a strong team. If you have a high employee turnover rate then you’ll constantly be rebuilding your team instead of strengthening it to its full potential. Employees who do stick around will experience burnout as they pick up the slack caused by constant attrition.
When all is said and done, employee retention is important, not only because of the benefits we listed above, which only scratch the surface, but also because employees define your company and your success. No statistics can capture all the benefits you get from keeping a team of motivated employees with bright personalities on your team. You just can’t quantify smiling and laughing more or feeling more comfortable and supported by familiar faces.
Your employees are invaluable and irreplaceable. Keep them around with the strategies below.

Employee Retention Strategies
In-Office Employee Retention Strategies
1) Hold friendly office competitions

A little friendly competition has a way of rejuvenating people. In an episode of The Office, competition (in the form of some homegrown office games) even revives Jim from death by boredom.
How this strategy improves employee retention: It’s hard to walk away from the truly unique traditions and memories you can get from something even as simple as office hacky sack.
SnackNation Pick: Outback and Go Game

2) Create an environment of learning (and failing)

Nothing provides as powerful a learning experience as a failure. It inspires powerful emotions, and as a result, we retain vivid memories of the lessons learned as a result of failing. For employees, having the confidence and assurance that you’ll support them through both success and failures means they can push their boundaries. They can grow. That’s how to motivate employees.
How this strategy improves employee retention: It’s fulfilling, rewarding, and challenging to work in an environment that encourages constant growth. Most employees will never want to leave behind that kind of stimulation, satisfaction, and growth.
SnackNation Pick: The Assist, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy

3) Streamline your HR processes

Employee retention really picks up during the onboarding process. New hires want to know how to take time off, get their perks, access their healthcare plan and health benefits, and take advantage of professional development opportunities. If they don’t get the proper support right away, they may turn their heads immediately.
How this strategy improves employee retention: A good onboarding process could make or break retention outcomes, according to some statistics. Offer a structured and instructional process, from the new employee announcement to the human resource overview, if you want new employees to stick around long enough to become veteran employees.
SnackNation Pick: Bambee

Virtual Employee Retention Strategies
4) Encourage and enable public recognition

Employee recognition is central to the employee experience. It stokes self-esteem, encourages creative work, and fosters feelings of teamwork and camaraderie.
How this strategy improves employee retention: Feeling valued and appreciated for their work gives people a sense of meaning, something even more valuable to most people than a competitive salary. Once they find this priceless commodity, they won’t want to look anywhere else for anything.
SnackNation Pick: Nectar and Blueboard

5) Send remote employees healthy snacks

They say a family who eats together, stays together. This adage is just as true for office families as it is for traditional families. Sending out snacks ensures even your remote employees can eat together from afar.
How this strategy improves employee retention: All those delicious snacks will feed employees’ commitment as they enjoy good flavors and good company.
SnackNation Pick: Caroo

6) Create a team so tight that even Mondays can be fun

Distribute quizzes, games, and trivia to help employees get to know one another better when they can’t have those impromptu in-person exchanges that bring people closer. These games provide structure, but nothing about them seems forced when employees delight in learning more facts than they could pick up in any company kitchen.
How this strategy improves employee retention: High turnover rates will be a distant nightmare when employees know each other on a whole new level. Job satisfaction is a no-brainer when people get to work with their favorite people.
SnackNation Pick: Watercooler Trivia and QuizBreaker

Employee Retention Ideas
7) Offer collaboration tools and software

An effective technique for increasing employee engagement, the bolstering collaboration also feeds retention. This idea goes beyond just enhancing relationships; it ensures employees have the core collaboration tools they need to truly become intertwined and involved in coworkers’ work.
How this idea improves employee retention: Being part of a team makes people feel more motivated to do their best. Offering collaboration tools helps everyone work like a team, and eventually, feel like a team they would never want to leave behind.
SnackNation Picks: and Nifty.

8) Provide perks to set yourself apart from the competition

Offer desirable and creative employee perks, to differentiate yourself from the crowd of other employers clamoring for top talent who see stock options and professional development not as extras, but as absolute essentials. Do your homework (even just browsing job boards) to see what perks similar companies offer and make sure your perk portfolio has something different to offer.
How this idea improves employee retention: Perks can enhance employee morale and make day-to-day life better, but they make a huge difference when employees start wondering if they should look for a new job. If even a quick search demonstrates that no other position could possibly match the perks they have now, then they might just put their job exploration on a permanent pause.
SnackNation Pick: These 21 Best Employees Perks + Must-Have Remote Employee Perks

9) Host amazing appreciation days

Keeping employees around for the long haul can be as much about feelings as it is about metrics. Creative and company-specific employee appreciation days deepen any overall appreciation strategy. These days build memories, and memories help people remember why they work for you and why they want to stay.
How this idea improves employee retention: It gives—by the virtue of fond memories of field trips and DIY awards for example—employees countless reasons they don’t want to leave. These old memories, as well as the promise of new ones, are just hard to walk away from.
SnackNation Pick: 27 Employee Appreciation Ideas and Gifts

10) Demonstrate caring through health and wellness programs

Expand your care of employees beyond general health insurance. Offer enriching health and wellness initiatives, from walking clubs to produce box subscriptions, to engage employees and increase your odds of long-term retention.
How this idea improves employee retention: Surveys and reports show that wellness programs boost retention. One study’s CEO told Wellable, “Even if they don’t take advantage, offering [wellness] programs sends the message to employees that their employer cares about them.  They like knowing the option is there if they ever need it.”
SnackNation Pick: 121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas, including Wellable

In-Office Employee Retention Ideas
11) Plan a fun event outside the office

Give employees a little change of scenery, and you might be able to provide the perfect backdrop for creating and strengthening relationships—the kind that encourages employee happiness and leads to job fulfillment.
How this idea improves employee retention: As this Forbes post states, team members with solid coworker bonds usually have better overall work experiences (the kinds of experiences no one wants to leave behind.)
SnackNation Pick: City Brew Tours and Let’s Roam

12) Set your team up with materials and support for success

Make sure your employees have not only the practical items (software and training materials for example) necessary to complete their core duties but that they also have items that make them feel like part of the team, from branded office supplies to company t-shirts.
How this idea improves employee retention: When you supply everything from core support to special treatment, you’re sending the same central message, which is a message of caring. Share tokens of appreciation often, so employees never have to wonder if you have their back.
SnackNation Pick: and SwagUp

13) Support a culture of taking “me” time

Don’t just offer plenty of time for time off; celebrate the whole idea of taking time off and the virtues of a healthy work-life balance. Collect and share stories about employee vacations, offer tools for taking vacations, make request processes simple, and even incorporate the idea of encouraging vacation into your management training.
How this idea improves employee retention: When employees don’t take a vacation, either because they don’t have it or they feel too guilty to use it, they can burn out and never recover. Employees may leave, thinking they have to get away from their current job, when in reality, a one-week vacation or even some flextime would have realigned them with their goals.
SnackNation Pick: National Parks Pass, Amazon Explore, and Blueboard

Virtual Employee Retention Ideas
14) Offer a virtual workspace

Help employees feel more connected with tools and technology to create a de facto virtual office. The workspace should provide plenty of collaboration and communication tools and serve as a grounding constant in the uncertainty of remote work and life.
How this idea improves employee retention: If you don’t offer one central work hub, or if you collaborate across a salad of different tools, it may be easy for employees to feel detached from their coworkers and the company mission, and detached employees don’t see anything wrong at all with browsing for new jobs.
SnackNation Pick:

15) Offer mental health and wellness solutions

Any kind of support you offer can help employees maintain the mental health and resilience they need to succeed. No one program can provide an all-encompassing fix, but what you provide will work alongside other interventions to create the meaningful support systems people need and crave.
How this idea improves employee retention: According to a Gallup poll, mental health ratings in America are plummeting. Employers who commit to being part of the solution don’t just keep their great employees feeling great, but they also keep them around.
SnackNation Pick: Remote Team Wellness

16) Request and respond to employee feedback

Listening to employees, offering them a directional stake in the company could potentially be more appealing than offering a financial stake in your company. When they have a say in what strategic initiatives you pursue, what office furniture you purchase, or what core values to treasure, they feel a satisfying sense of co-ownership and co-creation.
How this idea improves employee retention: People who’ve helped to build your company in ways that go beyond just “doing the work” are more likely to stay with said company.
SnackNation Pick: 15Five and Polly

Employee Retention Software & Tools
17) Nectar
“Recognize your way to high retention.” 

Nectar allows you to dole out the recognition that lets employees know their work is valued and meaningful. The platform has recognition feeds that create buzz and also team culture. All the features work collectively to remind employees that their work matters and that they’re part of a team that matters.
How this software improves employee retention: According to some surveys, over half of employees who receive solid recognition don’t have hopes and dreams of finding a new job.
Pricing: Free basic plan
Where to get started: Nectar

“Provide the right infrastructure for rewarding teamwork.” makes it possible for teams, even remote teams, to work together in all the ways teams should. Packed with multiple collaboration and communication tools, this solution helps your team share ideas, stay informed, and support each other, and most importantly, stay together by staying with your company.
How this software improves employee retention: This tool makes teams feel closer and more connected; it helps solidify that certain special something that inspires people to work through challenges and setbacks because they feel like part of something bigger than themselves.
Pricing: Free basic plan
Where to get started:

19) Outback Team Building
“Build teams that stay together.” 

Outback Team Building offers exciting events that bring your team closer together during new and exciting situations, from a murder mystery to a game show. Expertly designed tech and expert game hosts make every event as immersive as possible.
How this software improves employee retention: Outbacks’ events create bonds and memories that serve as a glue for teams within your company and also for keeping those teams at your company.
Pricing: Varies per event
Where to get started: Outback Team Building

20) Bonusly
“Create a culture of recognition that keeps people around and engaged.”

Bonusly empowers employees to give each other recognition and also to track and explore their areas of key strength. Employees’ self-esteem skyrockets as they get to see all the talents and skills their peers appreciate most about them.
How this software improves employee retention: It makes sure employees get the recognition and appreciation they need to feel good about their work. In that kind of supportive environment, employees will be too busy feeling encouraged and supporting company missions to even think about looking for new jobs. (And there’s a reason Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work usually have mission-driven cultures.)
Pricing: Starts at $2.70 per user per month, plus a free trial
Where to get started: Bonusly

21) Go Game
“Show your team a good time and they’ll stick around for more fun.”

The Go Game’s thrilling games bring teams together as they tackle challenges based on general knowledge, random skills, and overall level-headedness. Everyone discovers new skills in themselves and also in their teammates.
How this software improves employee retention: It helps them learn their coworkers’ quirkiest and most memorable skills. Who would ever want to leave behind a team that boasts the ultimate trivia master or a super-star lipdubber?
Pricing: Varies per event
Where to get started: Go Game

22) Water Cooler Trivia
“Get-to-know-you trivia turns teams into families.”

Send out these team-based trivia quizzes to help coworkers get to know each other. The quizzes also offer the perfect launching point for enriching conversations that take place long after the quiz-taking.
How this software improves employee retention: When you take weekly quizzes about each other, you learn a lot about each other. That builds a connection impossible to walk away from.
Pricing: Starts at $1 per user per month, plus a free trial
Where to get started: Water Cooler Trivia

23) Let’s Roam
“Scavenger hunt adventures create a work environment people can’t let go of.”

During a Let’s Roam scavenger hunt, your team will bond while roaming your city, cracking clues, hunting hints, and having unforgettable amounts of fun.
How this software improves employee retention: Unforgettable adventures and the thrill of the chase create adventures everyone knows aren’t easy to find.
Pricing: Varies per event
Where to get started: Let’s Roam

24) Blueboard
“Deliver experiences that enrich employees’ lives.”

Use Blueboard to provide recognition experiences, unforgettable experiences that make your workplace a place of joy and happiness.
How this software improves employee retention: Blueboard’s platform allows you to give employees unforgettable experiences that actually enrich their lives and become a core part of their lives.
Pricing: Varies
Where to get started: Blueboard

25) Fond
“Awards that make employees feel like a million bucks.” 

Create custom awards that make sure employees feel their value in the unique context of your company.
How this software improves employee retention: Once employees receive a plaque or a trophy for a skill they’re most proud of, they’ll be even more excited to put it to work for your company.
Pricing: Request a quote
Where to get started: Fond

26) Assembly
“Make employees feel amazing.”

Use Assembly to give employees custom treats and rewards, such as special classes or lunches with leadership, that reinforce your company culture.
How this software improves employee retention: It helps create a culture of recognition that makes it perfectly clear what the company values and helps employees figure out how to best spend their time.
Pricing: $3 per user per month, plus a free trial
Where to get started: Assembly

People Also Ask These Questions About Employee Retention
Q: Why does employee retention matter?
A: Employee retention matters because nothing influences your success more than the strength, knowledge, and expertise of your team. When you have high employee retention rates, you save money, you’ll save time, and you’ll get all the benefits of commitment, knowledge, and expertise that your brilliant employees offer.
Q: How to calculate employee retention rate?
A: To calculate your employee retention rate percentage, divide the number of employees on your roster at the start of a term by the number of employees on your roster at the end of that term and multiply that number by 100.
Q: What is a good employee retention rate?
A: A good employee retention rate is 90% (the average U.S. retention rate) or more.
Q: How do you know if our employee retention efforts are working?
A: Determine if your employee retention rates are working by carefully tracking your retention rates on a quarterly basis and also sending anonymous surveys.
Q: How to improve employee retention?
A: You can improve employee retention by implementing strategies that help you turn your workplace into a supportive environment employees never want to leave.
Q: How do you retain employees?
A: You can retain employees by implementing retention strategies such as listening to employee feedback, creating a culture of recognition, and offering opportunities for employees to get to know and love their teams.
Q: Are there low-cost strategies to improve employee retention?
A: Yes, there are low-cost strategies for improving employee retention. For example, some employee retention tools cost as little as a few dollars per user per month.
Q: What strategies can I use to keep employees from leaving?
A: Some strategies you can use to keep employees from leaving include encouraging vacations, hosting team building events to bring people closer together, and holding unforgettable appreciation days.

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121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas, Tips, & Activities For 2021 That Your Team Will Love

Employee wellness programs have become a staple in many companies as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.
In fact, 80% of employees at companies with robust health and wellness programs at work feel engaged and cared for by their employers.
The key to having a successful wellness program at work is encouraging overall wellbeing while still keeping it fun. If you can’t get your team engaged then your wellness program ideas will quickly lose steam. So make your initiatives fun, try new ideas and see what your team values the most.
Below is a list of 121 employee wellness program ideas that you can easily implement at your office.
This list of wellness activities & ideas are the ones we’ve used ourselves and have seen the benefits firsthand. Many others were contributed to us from awesome companies that know how to take care of their teams.
Tip: Did you know that companies that have sent their employees working-from-home a care package during the pandemic saw a boost to virtual employee engagement and productivity projections by as much as 17%? Cure burnout and reinvigorate your remote employees with a WFH Wellness Box today!

Here’s a quick list of employee wellness program ideas voted on by our readers.

<a href=””>What’s your favorite wellness program idea?</a>

Whether you’re a small startup or large corporation, there’s bound to be something here that will fit for your organization.

Browse by Category: Click any of the links below to jump to each category.
Nutrition and Healthy LivingGroup Activities and Fitness HacksFun Fitness Challenges, Competitions, and ContestsActive RejuvenationCool Perks and Just For FunProductivity BoostersMental Health and Personal Growth

Nutrition and Healthy Living
1. Promote and reward healthy eating habits

Proper eating is an essential part of overall wellness, but this is often difficult to address in the workplace. This is especially true when routines are disturbed like during the pandemic when employees are no longer in the office or just returning to it. Employers can help by creating a nutrition challenge that rewards employees for taking steps to build healthier eating habits. Points can be earned in different ways, including logging meals and snacks, attending nutrition seminars and webinars, or being quizzed on navigating proper eating habits and food groups. To reward healthy eating behaviors, points can transfer into prizes, monetary rewards, or raffle entries to win grander prizes.
Wellable, a wellness technology company, enables organizations to create similar programs and challenges that help employees thrive by engaging them in holistic well-being educational modules and activities. Along with nutrition, Wellable helps companies to promote healthy behavior such as physical health, mindfulness, and better sleeping habits through engaging themes and challenges.
Get a demo of the Wellable platform here!

2. Encourage wellness initiatives through your recognition and rewards program
When someone takes part in Bike to Work Day, you can tell by the grease marks on their calves and helmet on their desk. But how do you scale and reward your wellness initiatives as your company grows? Bonusly’s claimable awards incentivize healthy behaviors that contribute to a strong workplace, whether it’s Bike to Work Day, flu shots, a company step challenge, or your team’s vegetarian chili cook-off.

3. Reduce your employees’ prescription drug costs with this FREE benefit
Out-of-pocket drug costs increased nearly 30% between 2010 and 2018. Even with good insurance, average copays now range from $12 to $57.* This can result in significant costs for your employees.
The solution many HR managers are turning to is GoodRx.

GoodRx is the #1 drug discount company in the country and has saved Americans over $15 billion. For example, while $15 and $20 copays are common with insurance plans, thousands of drugs are under $10 with GoodRx. Many are $5 or less! GoodRx is accepted at 70,000+ pharmacies and is 100% FREE to employers and employees. Plus, there are no deductibles, pre-authorizations or drug-tiers — just great prices on the prescription drugs your employees need to stay healthy.
*Takeda Reports 2016, 2017 & 2018

4. Host a virtual wellness retreat led by world-class wellness experts
It’s one thing to want to make a difference in your workplace’s wellbeing, but knowing where to start can be a bit daunting. Why not treat your team to a full-day sampling of all things wellness, from the comfort of their home. You can do just that by working with Remote Team Wellness.
With hundreds of bespoke nutrition sessions coached by registered dietitians, to yoga and meditation classes led by world-leading experts you can put together a fantastic full-day virtual wellness retreat for your employees to enjoy from the comfort of their own home.

[embedded content]

To receive a free virtual wellness retreat proposal book a call with Remote Team Wellness and see what virtual wellness can do for your company.

5. Bring in a chef to teach people an easy cooking recipe
Hire a chef who specializes in healthy food to come in for a cooking demonstration.
Doing this is easier than it may sound. Just check out these resources to feel like you have nearly any kind of chef at your fingertips! 

6. Publish a workplace wellness ideas newsletter highlighting the best fitness, nutrition, and educational content from around the Web
A company newsletter can be a great way to introduce new health and wellness ideas in the workplace. Setup separate google alerts for “fitness”, “nutrition” and “wellness education” and select “only the best results”. Compile the best articles each week or month into one email and send out for your employees to enjoy.

7. Stop offering low quality snacks
If you offer your team snacks or meals with no nutritional value, make the switch to healthier alternatives. At the very least provide a majority of healthy items for your office and just a few traditional junk food items.
To get some ideas, check out these healthy snacks for work and healthy office breakfast ideas.

8. Celebrate “Wellness Wednesday”
Dedicate hump day to try out any of the ideas on this list. This is a great tactic if you have an office that is set in their ways or otherwise resistant to change. One day a week seems much more manageable (and less overwhelming), and can be a gateway to healthier lifestyles.
Wednesday is great because it’s in the middle of the week when employees usually experience a bit of a lull. (Plus, alliteration!)
Creating wellness challenges and recognizing each person’s contribution to Wellness Wednesday can be a tall order. Nectar’s challenges feature helps manage and scale this type of initiative to increase engagement and automatically deliver rewards to participants in a social way for everyone to see.

9. Hook your team up with a Bevi
Bevi is a smart water cooler that dispenses refreshing still, sparkling, and flavored water that your team will love. This futuristic hydration station provides a healthier alternative to sugar-laden sodas, while reducing your team’s plastic footprint.
It’s a popular fixture of the SnackNation kitchen – and it just looks cool.

10. Offer standing desks
Varidesk offers adjustable-height standing desks that allow users to easily switch between standing and sitting while working. The switching aspect is key to getting optimal health benefits from a standing desk because it’s not healthy for people to remain in any one fixed position—sitting or standing—for too long. Give employees timers along with their standing desks so they can be sure to switch their positions throughout the day.

11. Visit a local farmer’s market for lunch
Offer to pay for all organic produce employees decide to purchase.
Here’s how to make it happen: 
Find a Farmers’ Market near you.
Figure out how to coordinate transportation to and from, if the market is not within walking distance of your office. (Luckily, there are so many convenient ways to get around these days. Get volunteer drivers, rent bikes or scooters, or simply book a ride share.) 
Set the date and send your invitations.

12. Order in lunch for the office, especially during crunch time on big projects
Reward your team for putting in the extra hours by ordering in lunch for them. Stick to something healthy of course – salads, wraps, Mediterranean, or a taco-salad bar or all good options.

13. Community Supported Agriculture
A lot of larger farms offer community supported agriculture programs where you invest in their farm, and they bring you fresh produce weekly. National wellness service provider TotalWellness actually does this for their employees, and if you get enough people from your company signed up they might deliver right to your office. It’s a convenient way to get some fresh, healthy food in your fridge while supporting local farmers.
Employee Wellness Idea #13 – Community Supported Agriculture Click To Tweet

14. Create a healthy office cookbook
Ask employees to share their favorite healthy recipes. Compile the best ones into a collection and share around the office via a downloadable document in email or a simple printed booklet.

15. Show your employees how they can improve their health
Bring in a specialist who offers biometric screenings and health assessments, and more importantly, can give people a roadmap to improved health.
If you find someone willing to spend some of their precious time at your office, be sure to make the process as easy as possible for them. Have an outline or a list of questions ready so the person knows what they should cover. (And of course, a thoughtful thank-you present is certainly in order!) 
Most practicing physicians don’t make office visits. Here are some tips for finding a health expert to come to your office: 
Work your network! Does anyone in the office have a doctor in the family? 
Consider fitness experts you know. Yoga instructors, gym teachers, personal trainers, and people in similar roles often have a strong command of basic fitness and nutritional needs. 
Contact your local public health office. Many of these offices have people dedicated to public education.

16. Hold a health fair
Invite local vendors and companies to your office for a day to talk about nutrition and fun wellness activities at work. You should have no problem at all persuading local businesses to attend, as it’s a great way for them to promote their service.
Planning a health fair comes with a lot of work and a lot of steps. If you’re not sure how to get started, then check out our step-by-step health fair planning guide.

17. Assess Your Ergonomics
Ergonomics is the science of designing work tasks (and work spaces) in a way that limits stress on the human body. For office workers, this means things like keyboards designed to minimize the risk of repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, screens that minimize eye strain, and chairs that minimize back pain. This assessment tool can help point you in the right direction to create wellness at work.

18. Incentivize smoking cessation
In a study conducted by The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton School, employees who were financially incentivized to quit smoking were 3 times more successful at ditching the habit than non-incentivized employees.

19. Help combat eye strain
Staring at a computer for hours on end can take a toll on your vision. The blurred edges of computerized typeface force your eye to constantly focus in and out for hours on end, which can lead to headaches and fatigue.
Here are a few of our favorite tools to help prevent eye strain.
Flux adapts the color of your screen to the time of day.
Time Out reminds you when to take a break.
Pangobright is a free utility for Windows that dims the light on your screen according to your preference.

20. Remind people to get flu shots
Post a list of locations near your office offering flu shots on the company bulletin board.

21. Reward your team with on-site chair massage
Could your team use a boost in energy, relaxation, or even posture? Bring them back to life with in-office chair massage! Proven to reduce workplace stress by up to 85%, massage’s many benefits also include blood pressure reduction, improved sleep quality, and increased productivity. Regular chair massage is a surefire way to enhance performance by reducing stress and increasing focus and relaxation.
Bringing chair massage to your office is easy with Zeel@Work. Using their self-serve portal, you can book any time, for any size team – as soon as same day! Zeel coordinates with a vetted, licensed massage therapist to travel to your location, massage chair in tow. You just provide the space!

[embedded content]

22. Go Meatless on Monday
The average American eats 102.5 pounds each year, more than almost any country on the planet. But all this meat is bad news. Our meat-heavy diets have been linked to autoimmune and inflammatory disease, cancer, and heart disease. Make a dent in our meat addiction by encouraging your team to go meat-free at the beginning of the week.

23. Survey your employees to find out what is working and what is not
Don’t waste time and energy on corporate wellness initiatives that employees don’t find engaging or beneficial. Use Survey Monkey or Google Forms to create a survey to collect feedback from employees. Knowing how they feel can deliver employee wellness insights that will make changes easier to implement.

Bonus: Host Mindful Mondays (or any other day of the week)
Stress drains employees of health and wellness, making energy levels drop and bad moods skyrocket. Unfortunately, most workers experience damaging levels of stress that affect their work and home lives. According to an American Institute of Stress report,
80% of workers experience stress at work
Almost 50% of workers would like help managing stress
42% of workers believe their co-workers also need help managing stress
A simple mindfulness program could give employees the tools they need to manage all this stress. A mindfulness practice involves focused awareness and acceptance of the present. It helps people pull away from thoughts of the past and the future, which is where we find most of the fear and doubt that produces stress.
Try bringing everyone together once a week for a mindfulness session. Simply pile into a conference room, turn on a guided meditation, and voila—you’ve got a Mindful Monday!

Bonus: Start a stress circle
The American Psychological Association recommends social support for people looking to effectively manage stress. Anyone who’s ever experienced the joys of venting will understand why; when you talk about stress with others, you benefit from the listener’s outside ideas, perspectives, and solutions you couldn’t see because, well, you were too stressed out. Talking about your stress also helps process the underlying feelings causing your anxiety.
Organize a recurring weekly stress circle employees can attend if they want to talk about anything. Set safe-zone rules so everyone can feel comfortable talking about anything without facing judgment or appearing incompetent. (Everyone should feel comfortable admitting their struggles without facing special treatment from teammates.)
During the stress circle, each employee gets a turn to talk while everyone else listens and offers thoughtful constructive comments. If your stress circle gets too big, split into small groups so everyone’s stress gets the proper attention. If possible, try and separate managers and their direct reports. You want your team to be able to speak freely without fear of reprisal.

Group Activities and Fitness Hacks

24. Join a local sports league
Google softball, kickball, basketball, or indoor soccer league in your city to see which organizations offer co-ed sports leagues. Offer to pay for some or all of the league’s entrance fee for people interested in participating.

25. On-site yoga classes to relieve stress
Invite a yoga instructor into your office every couple of weeks to guide the team through a yoga class.

26. Participate in a 5K run
Find a 5K in your community and offer to cover entry fee for anyone who chooses to participate.
You can also start a regular running group so participants can get into race shape before the event. (In addition to boosting your race time, a running group also provides priceless bonding. 
Make the event even more fulfilling by finding a 5K with a cause or a theme you love. These sites will help you find a 5K that gets everyone excited: 

27. Turn meetings into walking meetings
You sit all day, so why not make your meetings a walking meeting instead? Research has suggested that walking makes people more creative.
Employee Wellness Idea #27 – Turn your meetings into walking meetings Click To Tweet
That’s right! Stanford researchers uncovered a compelling correlation between walking and creativity. 
The news gets even better: 
You can walk both inside and outside. The location of the walk didn’t seem to impact the creative process. So you can have your walking meeting right in the office! 
Walking can improve the ideas you have during your walking meeting and for a short time after the walk as well. 
So follow in the footsteps of famous walking creatives such as Charles Dickens, Steve Jobs, and John Muir with walking meetings. Just be sure to tell your participants ahead of time!

28. Put some scooters in the office
Scooters encourage people to move around the office. And let’s be honest, when was the last time you saw someone ride a scooter with a frown?

29. Keep some footballs, hula hoops, and volleyballs around the office
Make the office fun and encourage people to take a break and rejuvenate.

30. Post a note near the elevator reminding people to take the stairs instead

Photo belongs to Ludovic Bertron via Flickr’s Creative Commons License

31. Offer discounts to a local gym
Many gyms will offer a discount if you sign-up enough employees. Reach out to some local gyms in the area and ask for discounted group rates.

Bonus: Hand out workout “passes”
Help employees stay happy and healthy by giving them a free hour to work out. Create workout “passes” employees can use when they want to come into work an hour late or leave an hour early to squeeze quality workouts into their hectic days. The passes can be valid for one day a week or one day a month, depending on the demands of your office. (You can even work with your Human Resources team to create some official policies if that’s something your company leadership appreciates.)
For many employees, this little kick of flexibility could be just what they need to get more exercise, and in turn, feel better every day.

Fun Fitness Challenges, Competitions, and Contests
32. Team scavenger hunt
Companies like Scavify can help you do the heavy lifting of coordinating a scavenger hunt. They even have a virtual team building version of their game that is designed to bring remote teams together and drive employee engagement.

If you’re thrilled to plan the scavenger hunt yourself, then check out’s  essential how-to guide for creating scavenger hunts.

33. Hold a fitness challenge
Corporate wellness company Fitbug institute a daily wall sit challenge where employees increase the duration of their wall sits by 10 seconds each day, going until the last person remains standing. This serves as a fun fitness challenge idea that gets the whole office involved, and is a great way to get the competitive juices flowing!
(Here’s how to create a killer office fitness challenge in 4 weeks or less)

34. Host an employee field day
Harmless Harvest, makers of raw coconut water and tea, have combined team building activities with workplace wellness by hosting employee field days followed by dinner. Their team heads to a local park in the afternoon for a game of tennis, catch, soccer, frisbee, or whatever else people feel like doing (even if it’s just getting some sun on a nice day). Afterwards they have a healthy dinner by grilling out at the park or heading to a co-founder’s house.
Employee Wellness Idea #34 – Host an employee field day Click To Tweet
35. Subsidize wearable technology that helps employees track their activity
Wearable technologies like FitBit can help people monitor their fitness levels, track their sleep, and challenge friends who also have the device. The good people at 3 Birds Marketing take part in “Workweek Hustle” challenges where members of the team with FitBits try to out-step each other.

36. The Mile-A-Day Challenge
For 30 days, employees track how many days they ran at least 1 mile. The winner at the end of the month gets a prize.
Employee Wellness Idea #36 – The Mile-a-Day Challenge Click To Tweet

37. The 7 Hours of Sleep Challenge
For 30 days, employees track how many nights they slept at least 7 hours. The winner at the end of the month gets a prize.

38. The 8 Glasses of Water Challenge
For 30 days, employees track how many days they drank at least 8 glasses (8 ounces) of water. The winner at the end of the month gets a prize.

39. The Whole Life Challenge
The 8 week long Whole Life Challenge incentivizes major lifestyle change by awarding points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits: nutrition, exercise, mobilize, sleep, hydrate, lifestyle, and reflect. Game mechanics help keep you engaged, and a scoreboard keeps you in friendly competition with co-workers.

40. Monthly and weekly fitness challenges
Throw down a challenge of the month – most push-ups, most miles run, most miles biked. Factorial’s healthy work environment tips include encouraging physical activity as a way to motivate employees who may need that extra push to enter a fitness challenge. Your team members will also have a collective goal to rally around which can help them keep each other accountable.

41. Healthy cooking contests
Have your staff make their favorite healthy recipes and bring them into work for a cooking contest voted on by the rest of the office.

42. The Biggest Loser Challenge
The people over at Corporate Fitness League offer a step-by-step plan on how throwing a successful Biggest Loser Challenge at your office. Check it out here.

43. Start a virtual exercise challenge
Map out a long distance “virtual mission” from one location to another on My Virtual Mission and challenge your office to complete it either as a team or competing against each other in a virtual race. You could also raise money for a local cause – it’s a win-win!

44. Hold impromptu contests
Encourage healthier lifestyles with impromptu contests. Who brought the healthiest lunch or who can do the most pushups?
Frequently change up the contest focus so people have no idea what’s coming. Here are some other ideas for fun, healthy contests:
See who’s the most flexible during a round of limbo
See who can hold the longest plank
See who has the healthiest snacks at their desk
See who knows the most deskercises (The winner can give a demonstration so everyone else can benefit from the office fitness knowledge.)

45. 21 Days of Gratefulness Challenge
Track 3 things you’re grateful for everyday on a shared Google sheet for 21 days. Research on the physical and mental health benefits of gratitude has piled up in recent years. Practicing gratitude boosts overall wellness; it can make people happy and even inspire them to exercise more.
The psychology experts at Harvard Medical School praise gratitude,
“In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

Active Rejuvenation
46. Encourage nap time
The benefits of napping include improved creativity, productivity, and memory. Put a comfortable recliner in an unused room in your office to create a “nap room”.

Photo belongs to Nathan Jones via Flickr’s Creative Commons License 
47. Schedule recess
Pick a 15 time-slot in the afternoon for everyone to get away from his or her desk. Go outside, socialize with each other, and enjoy some fresh air!

48. Offer unlimited vacation
Before you laugh in my (virtual) face, hear me out. Offering your employees unlimited vacation shows you trust your staff to be responsible and take time off when they need it. The best way to implement this program is to tie it to performance, meaning projects need to be on-track and goals being met.
It’s a win-win because employees have more flexibility and employers can reward good performance.

49. Pay your employees to volunteer
Give your employees an allotted amount of time each month to leave their desks during the day to volunteer. Ideas include volunteering at a local food bank, or cleaning up a park, beach, or trail. You’ll benefit doubly from team bonding and group physical exercise.
Employee Wellness Idea #49 – Pay your employees to volunteer Click To Tweet

50. Turn an empty office into a “No Work Allowed” Employee Lounge
Hack Reactor has a company break room that requires access through a smartphone.  It includes a series of soft, comfortable couches for relaxation or naps, turfgrass (so you can feel the experience of being outside without leaving the building), a cubby for shoes, and a strict rule of no work talk! Employees are free to listen to guided meditations, play board games, or do yoga.
Employee Wellness Idea #50 – Create a No Work Allowed Employee Lounge Click To Tweet

51. Give employees a vacation day on their birthday
You can also offer 1 floating holiday for the year if they choose to work on their birthday.

52. Encourage employees to schedule break time hourly
Studies have shown that taking breaks is a good thing for our productivity, so encourage people to schedule a small 5-10 minute break every 90 minutes to rejuvenate and come back strong. Studies have shown that taking even small breaks provides major benefits; researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that small breaks improve focus. The study authors believe you can regain engagement in a task after a short break because of how our brains are wired to judge constant, repetitive stimulation unimportant. A small break from a task can make a tedious job seem new to a fatigued attention span.

53. Reward your most loyal employees
Offer a month-long sabbatical for all employees who hit the 5-year mark of service.  For more ideas, check out our list of 121 ways to reward employees.

54. Don’t let frustrated people keep working
NuGo Nutrition says that when people get frustrated at the office, they tell them to go for a walk around the block. They find that fresh air and some sunshine often make people more productive once they get back.
Employee Wellness Idea #54 – Take a walk to blow off some steam Click To Tweet

55. Offer flexible paid time off
Give employees the option to choose how they want to use their bank of paid time off (sick days, personal days, and vacation).

Cool Perks and Just For Fun
56. Attire themed days of the week
Pick a day of the week for people to dress up in a certain theme. Our office recently started something called “Aloha Fridays” where team members wear their favorite Hawaiian shirts to work.  Theme days are a great way to boost employee morale and engagement.

57. Put on some tunes
Play some music through speakers around the office. Studies show that music improves mood, which can help boost productivity and creativity. Opt for music without lyrics and keep it at an ambient noise level. The SnackNation Ultimate Productivity Playlist is our personally curated selection of lyric-free songs guaranteed to maximize focus and increase your effectiveness.
SnackNation Ultimate Productivity Playlist
58. Incentivize ridesharing
Voted by Outside Magazine as a Top 100 Place to Work, Team One implements a fantastic rideshare program that rewards employees for carpooling. Each employee gets a card to mark down the days they partake in ridesharing. Each day counts as 1 point and Team One also throws in double points for certain days of the week. Once an employee hits 30 points, they get a $25 gift card.
Employee Wellness Idea #58 – Incentivize ridesharing Click To Tweet

59. Company sponsored Happy Hours
Working hard deserves some playing hard. Take your team out for Happy Hour after a long workweek to help everyone unwind before the weekend.

60. Gift card giveaways for major project completions or sales
Buy a bunch of $25 gift cards to Amazon or local restaurants, put the name of each team member into a bowl and select one at random each time a big sale is made or project completed.

61. Institute Summer Fridays
Most businesses experience a decline in sales/business activity during the summer months. Let your employees enjoy more of their summer by offering half day or shortened day Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

62. Change attire to business casual or just casual
By allowing people to ditch the heels or suit and tie, employees will be much more inclined to take a walk outside or bike to work.
Dress code may seem like a casual thing, but employees have serious reactions to it and opinions on it. 
Talint International, reporting on a Stormline Poll, called out the points below to underscore the importance of a casual dress code: 
61% of polled employees said dressing casually made them feel more productive 
61% said they wouldn’t be thrilled to hear a potential employer enforced a dress code 
78% said that not having a code would not change their drive to dress presentably
Most employees feel that office dress codes don’t have much of a use
This idea makes people happy, and best of all, it’s totally free for companies to implement. (Unless you want to kick off the casual dress code by passing out branded t-shirts!)

63. Encourage public transportation, walking or biking
Panjo, a mobile marketplace for auto, sport, and hobby enthusiasts, doesn’t provide parking spaces to associates who live within 2 miles of their office in order to promote biking and walking. In inclement weather the company covers the cost of a taxi, Lyft, or Uber ride for the walkers and bikers.
Employee Wellness Idea #63 – Encourage walking or biking to work Click To Tweet

64. Incorporate plants around the office
There are many health benefits associated with having a “Green office,” including fresher air, improved emotional state, and a reduction of office illnesses. A University of Queensland study found that an office outfitted with plants can actually increase employee productivity by 15 percent.

65. Go out to lunch to celebrate new hires
Welcome new hires onto your team by taking them out for lunch with your department.
Employee Wellness Idea #65 – Go out to lunch to celebrate new hires Click To Tweet

66. Post your company’s mission and core values in the office
The “why” of an organization is almost always more important the the “what.” Hire a graphic designer to create a poster or a foam board printing cutout of your company’s mission and core values and post it somewhere with a lot of foot traffic like the breakroom, central conference room, or waiting area right where people walk into the office.
Core values can help instill a sense of purpose to your employees’ daily work, which will lead to elevated moods and higher employee engagement.

67. Make your office pet-friendly
Pets in the office help employees reduce stress and increase things like communication and productivity. Plus pet owners take multiple walks throughout the day.

[embedded content]

68. Post an “About Us” page on your website
Include all team member pictures and a short blurb sharing something unique about them.

69. Setup a chair race
Organize an impromptu chair race. What’s the worst that could happen?

70. Post your company’s accolades
Remind your employees that their hard work has been recognized by outside organizations. Frame your accolades, honorable mentions, and community awards around the office.

Free bonus: Download this entire list as a PDF. Easily save it on your computer for quick reference or print it for your company’s next meeting to plan a team building event.

71. Hand out weekly awards
Create fun awards like “The Duct Tape Award” (the person in the office who fixes everything). “The Pearly White Award” (the person who smiles the most), or “The Cliff Jumper Award” (the person who takes the most risk).

72. Clothing drive
Ask people to bring in old clothes to be donated to a homeless shelter or Goodwill.

73. Celebrate work anniversaries
Make yearly work anniversaries a celebration. Send an email out to the team to commemorate your team’s anniversaries. Also have the CEO or someone else on the executive team craft a hand written note to that person thanking them for their service (this goes a LONG way).

74. Sponsor a company retreat or offsite
Probably one of the best wellness activities for groups you can do are retreats. Company retreats are a ton of fun and a great way to brainstorm new ideas to drive the company forward. Use the beginning of the day to work on the company and then follow it up at night with a group dinner and drinks.

75. Celebrate an obscure holiday
National Popcorn Day anyone?
Here are some amazingly obscure holidays to celebrate: 
Draw a Picture Of a Bird DayMake Your Own Holiday Day
Be Late for Something Day
Dance Like a Chicken Day
Goose Day

76. Hire a masseuse for a day
Create a sign-up sheet with 15-30 minute blocks per massage.

77. Randomly held gifting between employees
Just like White Elephant around the holidays, setup a gift exchange just for fun.

78. Encourage cubicle customization
Hold a contest to see who can customize their cube the best and vote on a winner.

79. Throw a costume or themed party
It doesn’t have to be Halloween to dress up in theme. Why not a random Wednesday in March?

80. Offer some cool freebies
A Netflix subscription, babysitting, custom shoes, tickets to a sporting event. Check out our list of company swag ideas your employees really want.

81. Build a game room
Setup a Nintendo Wii, foosball table, darts, or ping-pong table for some friendly daily competition.

Photo belongs to Sean Hagen via Flickr’s Creative Commons License

82. Free company gear
Make sure your team has all the cool company swag you giveaway at conferences and social events (Hats, t-shirts, polos, pens, etc).

83. Leave in the middle of the day to watch a movie
Call the nearby theaters and find out which ones offer a group discount.

84. Get a bean-to-cup coffee machine or coffee keg
Throw the old coffee pot into the trash and upgrade to a bean-to-cup coffee machine or coffee keg.

85. Discount your service or product to employees
Offer an employee discount program for your service or product at 25% off or more to employees.

86. Reduce health insurance premiums for employees who are extra active
Offer to subsidize a set amount of an employee’s insurance premium when they log a certain number of exercise hours each month. There are also several apps and services in the digital health marketplace that can help employers ensure that their workforce is adopting and keeping new, healthy habits.
Here are four apps that can help your workforce achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

87. Use holidays as an excuse to get healthy
The holidays always seem to be an excuse to eat food that’s not good for us. Instead of the traditional junk food, offer green juices/smoothies on St. Patrick’s Day, red bell peppers and hummus on Valentine’s Day, turkey jerky around Thanksgiving, blackberry and orange fruit salad on Halloween.
Employee Wellness Idea #87 – Use holidays as an excuse to get healthy Click To Tweet
88. Offer convenient laundry service
Your busy people could benefit greatly by having a laundry service pickup their clothes and return them back to the office.

89. Create an employee referral program
Chances are your good people know other good people, so offer employees a bonus for referring someone who is hired and kept on for at least 6 months.

90. Implement a “Team Bucks” system
Make a fake currency where people can reward each other with “Team Bucks”. Allow people to collect and trade their “Team Bucks” in for real-world prizes like gift certificates.

91. Appoint an Employee Wellness “Governor”
Make it fun and hold an election every quarter, 6 months, or year where the whole office gets to vote on the new woman or man in charge.

92. Offer paid maternity leaves
If your company is not already doing so, consider offering new mothers paid maternity leave.

93. Tea for the soul
Lay out some hot water, tea bags, and some healthy treats. Google “inspirational quotes” and write them down on strips of paper. Put all the quotes in a bowl. Invite people to take a 15-minute break to enjoy a cup of tea and snack and have everyone grab 1 quote from the bowl.

94. Start a facebook group that highlights hikes around your city
Ask people to submit photos from their hikes and highlight trails they walked. A facebook group will also easily allow people to organize group hikes.

95. Spin the wheel for hitting milestones
Purchase a Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel from Amazon that employees get to spin for prizes when they hit special milestones like achieving a quarterly goal, winning a company challenge, etc.

96. Promote laughter
According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter really is the best medicine. Laughter has a number of short- and long-term benefits, including improved immune system, elevated mood, and reduced stress. To get your office chuckling, give away two tickets to a local comedy show or even invite a local comedian to perform.

97. Establish designated coffee time
Setup a time in the morning and/or afternoon for employees to walk together to the local coffee shop for a pick-me-up. It’ll also give people a chance to catch up and exchange some laughs.

98. Offer a donation-matching program
Companies like Apple offer to match any charity or philanthropic donations made by employees.

99. Reward those who drive hybrid cars
Give hybrid car owners an assigned parking spot in the parking lot.

Productivity Boosters
100. Encourage creativity with collaboration spaces
Find an empty office or unused area around your office and turn it into a place where people can meet and collaborate on projects. Install some comfortable furniture so people can set up shop away from their desks and let the creativity flow.

101. Create flexible work hours
Everyone likes more flexibility with work because it allows him or her to structure their day to their lifestyle. Kick the habit of mandated working hours (i.e. 9am – 5pm with a half hour for lunch) and focus more on results. What matters most is the quality and effectiveness of someone’s work.

102. Subsidize personal development books and courses
Nothing is more important than the personal and professional development of your employees. Offer a flat or percentage based subsidy for personal development books, seminars, and training courses.

103. Offer one remote working day each week
Give your responsible and reliable team members the option of working remotely 1 day out of the week. A few of the perks of remote work are that it allows people to work more productively, eliminate long commutes, and spend more time with their family.

104. Share personal goals on a whiteboard
Get a whiteboard where people only write their non-work related wellness goals. Things like “Go to the gym 3 times per week”, “play basketball 4 times per month”, or “read 10 books this year” are some good ones to get people started. Doing so will create a sense of common cause and accountability, spurring higher goal completion rates.

105. Morning huddles for each department
Schedule a daily huddle with all department team members to verbalize everyone’s main goals for the day and let others know if they are needed.

106. Departmental “Crucial Results”
Create a google shared spreadsheet where everyone within a department lists the 3 most important assignment, tasks, or projects they need to finish each day and their top 5 for the week. Highlight “crucials” green at the end of the day if they were completed and red if they were not. This will help create a better level of accountability for each person and lead people to focus on the most important items:

(Here’s a more in-depth look at how we do Crucial Results at SnackNation)

107. 20% time
Google used to offer “20% time”, which allowed employees to take one day a week to work on side projects (provided it advanced Google in some way). The program led to the developments of Gmail and Adsense, so it could give your team some time to let their true creative genius shine.

108. No Talk Tuesday
From 9am-noon, try banning any non-urgent meetings and interruptions with each other. It’ll help everyone in the office get more work done early in the week so that the end of the week can be less stressful.
Check out our list of 27 ways to improve your work productivity for even more tips.

Mental Health and Personal Growth
109. Create a “high-five” board
Create cutouts with each employee’s name on it and paste it to a magnet. Then buy a white board and put all the names up on it. Leave some dry-erase markers out so people can call-out another team member for something positive they did. Here’s one of the “high-five” boards at SnackNation:

For more ideas like this, check out our list of the best employee recognition ideas.

110. Host Lunch and Learns
Choose a day of the week or month to gather for a company-wide Lunch and Learn. Allow team members to present on a topic they’re interested in (whether it’s work related or not) and use this time to discuss important company updates. Revolutionary news site RYOT hosts a brown bag lunch every Monday where the company meets to discuss goals and triumphs.
Employee Wellness Idea #110 – Host Lunch and Learns Click To Tweet

111. Teach your employees the basics and importance of finance
This is especially important for younger employees, but can also be useful for older staff that is not familiar with finance. Here are some great online resources to get you started:

112. Acknowledgement and gratefulness meeting at the end of the week
Feeling unacknowledged can quickly lead to burnout. But it’s an easy problem to solve. Schedule half an hour on Friday afternoon for the company to gather together and go around in a circle naming off another person’s work they want to acknowledge and 1 thing they are grateful for that week.
At SnackNation, we call it the “Crush-it Call.” Here’s a video explaining how to implement your own version of the CiC:

[embedded content]

113. Organize a book club
Reading interesting books allow employees to share ideas on a wide range of topics. Select a book each quarter and allow people to form small groups to read and review.

114. Start a community library
Setup a bookshelf in your office and ask everyone to lend books to the library. Create a sign-up sheet so people can check-in and check-out books.

115. Inspirational quote of the day or week
Who doesn’t love a great quote, right? Most companies have a bulletin board or chalkboard where employees frequently pass by. Write a new inspirational quote daily or weekly to energize the office. BrainyQuote is a great site to find quotes.

116. Put up a wellness wall
Toms Shoes has a wellness wall at their office in Los Angeles where employees can post things like healthy eating tips, exercise routines, etc.
Employee Wellness Idea #116 – Put up a wellness wall Click To Tweet

117. Ask people to create a vision board
Vision boards are a way for people to associate images with the things they want to achieve in life. Christine Kane breaks down how to create a vision board in 5 steps.

118. Take an emotional intelligence class
Emotional wellbeing depends on the ability to recognize and process events in healthy ways. The ability to process makes people resilient because, in many cases, it’s the only aspect of office life and office politics we can completely control. That’s why group classes in emotional intelligence, a skill that helps people process and manage both internal and external emotions, make incredible workplace wellness programs. Every benefit sharp emotional intelligence offers—including enhanced communicating, clear thinking, and deepened interpersonal relationships—boosts wellness levels around the office.
Look for emotional intelligence coaches and trainers in your area, or see what online resources, such as Lynda, have to offer.

119. Create an acknowledgement jar
Setup a jar with strips of paper and a pen next to it for people to acknowledge someone else’s work. Read the acknowledgements aloud during your weekly team meetings.

120. Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with light therapy
Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that afflicts office workers during the winter months, when the lack of light affects the production of brain chemicals like serotonin and melatonin. To ward off SAD, maximize the amount of natural light in your office, or use bright artificial lights (like the Verilux HappyLight) at employee desks.

121. Subsidize ongoing education
One of my favorite Core Values at SnackNation is “Seek Perpetual Growth”. One of the best investments an organization can make is in the development of its people. Encourage people to seek ongoing education by subsidizing any classes they take that will help them grow in their position. This will not only provide your team members with an opportunity to learn new skills, it will help to energize them to keep learning rather than falling into a path towards employee burnout.

Bonus: Implement an employee wellness software
Employee wellness programs can be difficult to manage. There are plenty of corporate employee wellness tools available to organizations that help manage and maintain programs to keep team members engaged and active. These types of company culture software can help with employee health education and conduct confidential health assessments, as well as increase employee participation and progress through gamification that includes incentives.

Bonus: Nobody (should) put wellness in a corner
Too often, wellness programs are siloed off from other benefits (and they’re typically limited to an annual weight-loss challenge or quarterly steps competitions). But the most successful companies are integrating their wellness programs into their day-to-day business strategy and overall company culture, allowing it to benefit the company beyond “just” wellness. Sonic Boom Wellness co-founder Danna Korn says there are countless areas where your program can boost business needs beyond wellbeing, including: Employee Recognition, Sales, Workplace Safety, Customer Service, Absenteeism, and even promoting Company Values.
[embedded content]
[embedded content]

The possibilities are endless – just get creative (and then get promoting)!

Regardless of the size of your business, there are several reasons you and your employees can benefit from an increased focus on employee health and happiness.
Employee wellness programs are a vital component in attracting top talent, keeping them happy, and decreasing employee turnover and absenteeism. Many of the best companies to work for already offer their workers the awesome employee wellness ideas listed above.
Now it’s your turn to improve the well-being of your workspace.
So what ideas are you using for your wellness program? If we’ve missed an awesome ideas for wellness or just wellbeing at work ideas in general –  let us know in the comments below.

Free bonus: Download this entire list as a PDF. Easily save it on your computer for quick reference or print it for your company’s next Wellness Meeting. Includes 10 bonus ideas not found in this post.

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17 Best Social Media Management Software Tools For Agencies In 2021

Managing social media—especially in a way that aligns with and supports a client’s strategic vision and brand personality—is a full-time job, often more than a full-time job. A solo social media manager or even a small team can quickly grow overwhelmed just trying to be as responsive, let alone strategic, as they need to be.
That’s where social media management tools come in. They enable agencies to make an impossible amount of client work possible (and also great).
A humorous quote on Planable’s homepage captures perfectly a key benefit of these tools.
“My content calendar no longer makes me cry.” Click To Tweet
Social media management software tools help an individual or a small team do the work of (and have the impact of) an entire dedicated team.
Using the automation baked into these platforms, agencies can successfully scale social media work for dozens of clients—maximizing the impact, reach, and strategic breadth of each brand’s social media landscape.

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Browse the tools below and prepare yourself to revolutionize the way you handle social media. You’ll increase productivity, save time scheduling posts and managing tasks, deeply understand your audiences, and best of all, easily create reports that tell clients the story of all the amazing work you’re doing.

“Making social media work for agencies and the clients they serve.”

Designed to support agencies in their missions to deliver targeted, strategic, and effective social media strategies to multiple clients, HeyOrca streamlines every aspect of the complex social workflow.
HeyOrca gives internal teams the tools they need to do their best work and then tell their clients all about it.
Schedule posts, collaborate on content, collect feedback and approvals, and deliver reports that capture the results of your collective efforts.
Standout Features:
Use an internal interface for detailed collaboration and an external interface to share client-facing details.
Let clients and approvers preview posts exactly as they will appear.
Launch posts directly from the platform instead of tediously migrating and checking everything.
Save time pulling data and creating spreadsheets with one-touch report generation.
Stay on schedule with automatic approval reminders that nudge clients so you don’t have to.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that it empowers them to create outstanding content and maintain outstanding client relationships in one place. It’s like the ultimate customer relationship management (CRM) tool and social management platform in one.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“I love that our content creation and client approvals all happen in one simple, easy-to-use platform. It really opened the door for more direct collaboration with our clients and empowered our team to build stronger relationships with them. HeyOrca’s support team is unmatched – any questions or suggestions are addressed lightning fast and they’re always friendly and great about following up.”

Get started with HeyOrca

“Create and manage a social media calendar that’s really a robust visualization of your strategy.”

Lay out, organize, manage, and optimize all the complex pieces of your social media accounts and your social media marketing strategy with’s comprehensive calendar template.
See months’ worth of your strategy and make sense of everything you need and want to do. Collaborate in real-time with your team and also upload graphics and other supplementary information.
Standout Features:
Tons of collaborative features make it an ideal remote work software for agencies.
Integrate with your social media channels so you can see your actions and the resulting impact.
Fully customize your calendar to fit your channels and your strategy.
Delegate assignments to team members and see the status at a glance.
Easily update and rearrange plan components without starting from scratch when timelines and priorities change.
Free trial? Yes. See pricing page for details.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how this intuitive platform actually makes their complicated work easier and more collaborative instead of ponderous and confusing.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“The clean design is my absolute favorite thing about this platform. Badly designed project management platforms just create noise around data. Onboarding teammates is incredibly fast since the interface is so intuitive, which has led to higher adoption.”

Pro-Tip: is far more than a social media management tool. Use it for employee engagement,  office management, executive assistant work, HR functions, and so much more.
Get started with

“Leverage artificial intelligence to better reach and understand your audience.”

With data-driven functionality, Echobox has the insights everyone from small businesses to enterprise marketers needs to make their social channels go to work for them.
Use the audience-probing insights to schedule social media posts that add a personal touch to the initiatives you’re running through employee recognition software or even A/B test the tone you’re using in your posts.
Standout Features:
Algorithms work automatically in the background to drive reach so you don’t have to.
Leverage A/B testing to see what kinds of post types and tones resonate with your audience.
Study a social media analytics dashboard that demystifies the fine points of your strategy.
Integrate with your other company software.
Get 24/7 assistance from a highly-skilled technical team.
Free trial? No. Visit pricing page for a quote.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how the analytics tools and insights are baked into the platform’s publishing processes instead of functioning as an extra step. Essentially, if you’re publishing on this platform, then you’re already getting the insights you need to be more strategic.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“Echobox is extremely easy to use, even for people who are not familiar with social media posting. For me, the difference between Facebook’s Business Manager to Echobox is astounding. It’s so much more intuitive and has way more functionality. Tracking is automatically added to links, you can post cross-platform simultaneously (e.g. to Facebook and Twitter), you can either let Echobox optimize your posts, or choose a window or exact time yourself, posts are simple to edit, and you can A/B test every aspect of a Facebook post to see what makes your audience click.

Get Started With Echobox

“This full-circle tool enables users to launch, listen, learn, and repeat.”

One tool can bring to your social networks the benefits of an entire team of social media experts, each specializing in a different touchpoint. Build and publish posts like a master content creator. Dig into performance like an analytics whiz. Maximize influencer engagement like a community manager.
Standout Features:
Focus on your channels’ performance with a dedicated, customizable engagement inbox.
Leverage a shared content library to repurpose assets and reduce duplicative work.
Use robust listening tools to understand audience sentiment down to specific keywords.
Lean on advertising assistance to be sure you’re allocating budgets toward engaging content.
Create visual real-time dashboards that capture key performance indicators at a glance.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how the tool, without a lot of lead time or training, make it instantly easier to manage multiple social media accounts and multiple media channels. That way, dedicated staff can streamline their processes and other people can jump in as needed.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“Falcon is really easy to manage multiple social media channels, allowing you to easily post, interact and report. The UI is really easy to digest, meaning you can quickly pick up and get used to the software with minimal training. The customer support staff are always readily available should you need them, offering great advice and checking back to make sure the issue has been resolved. Regular webinars also give key insight into the changes going on in the social landscape, as well as demonstrating new product features.”

Get started with

“Efficient social scheduling done through an audience-focused lens.”

Using a single dashboard, marketing agencies can manage all their scheduling needs, cultivate collaborator transparency, and collect and analyze all the audience insights that matter. Since the platform helps keep the social calendar running efficiently, managers can free up more time to dig into and act on audience sentiment, creating even more engaged audiences.
Standout Features:
Use the platform to manage content and schedule posts as a team but maintain a unified voice and branding.
Monitor your dedicated inbox to respond to your audience when the time is right.
Investigate your performance templates to get fast and applicable insights.
Find out when someone mentions your brand and use the opportunity to deepen engagement.
Easily manage all your workflows so everyone knows who needs to do what and when.
Free trial? No. Request a demo.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how the platform automatically keeps account managers in the loop and up to date. Reminders and reports help them keep their finger on the pulse of multiple accounts without spending hours searching and filtering through conversations on channels.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“I get alerts in the morning and afternoon so I am always kept up to date. I also like how I can go directly to the source from the alert.”

Get started with Meltwater

“A social media management platform that informs your content strategy.”

This social media management software takes the idea of “management” to a deeper level. It doesn’t just help you schedule, manage, and analyze your content; it also provides insights and ideas that clue you into what kind of content you should create to have the most impact and reach.
Standout Features:
Use the discovery feature to explore top content from your industry competition and inspirations.
Set your key performance indicators and track them seamlessly across channels.
Access just one publisher to create social media posts, edit images, and complete search engine optimization (SEO).
Create time-saving automation with user-friendly templates.
Bulk upload CSVs to save tons of time recreating content for publication.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how it provides them with the insights and data they need to improve efforts, and in many cases, gain an advantage over the competition.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“Content Studio has taken our content marketing to another level. We were using all the popular SaaS tools for SEO research with minimal effectiveness. Content Studio has helped us unlock an added level of data that we need to make our content better than the competition. A highly versatile and useful tool for serious marketers.”

Get Started With Content Studio

“Run digital marketing campaigns that know how to listen.”

A perfectly planned content calendar is nice and all, but it doesn’t really mean anything until you layer it with audience insight. That’s exactly what Mention helps you do.
Curate content-relevant inspiration and data from across the web to see how your content fits into the broader ecosystem your audience belongs to. Determine how audiences feel and cater your messages accordingly. You don’t have time to have conversations with all your followers, but when you use Mention, you’ll feel like you know them on a personal level.
Standout Features:
Glean insights from over a billion published content sources, including articles, websites, and blogs.
Filter content across multiple channels to understand key trends.
Monitor sentiment to address potential negativities before they go public.
Professionally manage multiple client accounts and deliver stand-out reports.
Use audience listening tools to get inside audiences’ heads and deliver engagement.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how it helps them understand and even act on social conversations that might otherwise seem senseless and chaotic.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“It helped monitor competitor mentions, my brand’s mentions and most importantly it helped gauge how people felt about my brand, whether positive, negative or neutral.”

Get started with Mention

“Turn static social media plans into living strategic plans.”

Visualize your social media content and make it stronger. This tool gives you and your collaborators a rich snapshot of your social media presence. Easily solicit feedback, pinpoint gaps, and address client concerns to bolster your plan until you’re ready to publish with confidence.
Standout Features:
Use the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor to understand exactly what your audience will see.
Tweak your schedule to perfection using a highly visual calendar view.
Manage approvals and feedback right inside the platform.
Cultivate transparency by inviting clients to join your board with no fuss or sign-ins required.
Avoid confusion by keeping different client accounts clearly separate even as you scale.
Free trial? Yes. Get 50 posts free.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how it enables them to take charge of planning schedules and review processes for multiple clients. It helps them take control of a process that could easily grow overwhelming.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“I love how easy it is to set a preferred posting schedule, queue up a bunch of social media posts, then let the magic work. Scheduling social media posts is SOOO much better than posting on the fly. And Planable helps manage everything across all the platforms, so I have one central post planning hub (they work for LinkedIn and Twitter, but I currently just use it for Instagram and Facebook). I have used this for scheduling out my own personal Instagram posts, as well as client posts….

Get started with Planable

“Own the multi-channel story of your brand.”

This robust marketing platform helps managers get more value out of their audiences. With tools for viewing audience growth, sentiment, conversations, and competition at your fingertips, you can detect patterns and respond to keep your audiences satisfied and deeply engaged.
Never be surprised by quarterly audience sentiment reports. Understand on a day-to-day basis what people are saying about your brand and use insights to redirect conversations as needed.
Standout Features:
Enjoy constant monitoring and social listening of your social media accounts and marketing campaigns.
See how much your followers have grown without using complicated reports or spreadsheets.
View what everyone is posting about your brand and control the conversation.
Quickly respond to comments and activities related to your Google Questions.
Use Chatmeter’s Local Brand Visibility score to elevate your brand presence relative to your competition.
Free trial? No. Contact for pricing.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that it enables them to get a quick snapshot of their entire brand landscape. In just a few minutes, they feel they can take away key insights about customer experience, customer sentiment, and rank against competitors.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“I really like the filtering options. I manage over 100 restaurants in various locations in the US, and I can filter reviews by location and compare locations. I also like that Chatmeter provides your competition ratings so you can see where you stand. The available reporting options help me organize and present data to our management team to understand and a format that I can customize.”

Get started with Chatmeter

“Spend less time scheduling and more time strategizing.”

Metrics mean nothing if you don’t have the bandwidth to respond to the signals they’re sending. This tool helps social media managers save time on the busy work of scheduling posts. They can reallocate their brainpower to make sure posts and hashtags are optimized for different channels and that strategies take into account a comprehensive range of audience feedback.
Standout Features:
Use insights to optimize your hashtag strategy.
Tap into Buffer’s industry knowledge to find answers to your social questions.
Set up reminders to keep your social presence timely, organic, and buzzing.
Stay in the know and up to date with a calendar that’s synced across your collaborators.
Publish on one platform while also tailoring posts for specific channels.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.

Why social media agencies love this software: They love being able to schedule a bulk of their clients’ social media posts ahead of time, and then having the bandwidth to be more strategic and responsive to other relevant real-time conversations.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“Buffer makes it easy to schedule out your social media posts ahead of time and you can also manage multiple different accounts from one place. At our marketing company, it’s also easy for clients to understand and use on their own time whether they’re on their phone or computer.”

Get started with Buffer

“Expertly post across a variety of channels without actually being an expert.”

Requirements, standards, and best practices across social media profiles change from day-to-day and minute-to-minute. It would take tons of valuable hours to make sure you’re up to speed on everything. Luckily, Hootsuite stays up to speed for you. Their scheduling platform has tons of features baked in, so you can post across channels and follow automatic recommendations to make sure your posts follow current requirements.
Standout Features:
Build a content library that helps multiple posters maintain brand integrity and voice.
Increase your social prowess through Hootsuite academy.
Leverage one-touch post suspension to silence the chatter when you need to respond to a cultural moment
Post-professional videos with an in-platform editor that optimizes bitrate and dimensions.
Use Auto-Schedule to find and fill gaps in your social conversations.
Free trial? Yes. Start a 30-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how it streamlines the process of watching over multiple brands. Toggling between the social output and the audience input helps busy managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their strategies.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“What I like best about Hootsuite is the ability to see many channels and content output/input at once. We have 5 brands to watch daily, so the way you can customize your stream makes it easy to see a lot of content at once. I can switch between viewing mentions or my own content on the timeline. I like the way it shows Twitter the most. You can also manage a large team and choose which channels they can access, this is helpful when you have many brands/channels and need the extra team help.

Get started with Hootsuite

“The platform that champions your audience’s interests.”

It’s embarrassing when two people from the same team post identical, or extremely similar, posts on one channel, or when someone pushes out a post on a keyword that just got tons of negative buzz.
Use Sprout Social to avoid these damaging social situations. Use their social listening tools and redundancy checkers to make sure what you post is as aligned with your audience’s needs as possible.
Standout Features:
Sort through the noise with social listening tools that highlight the truly relevant and actionable insights.
Filter through buzz using target keywords and hashtags.
Take advantage of robust training to turn your entire team into social masters.
Rely on the platform to flag content redundancies that arise with multiple content creators.
Use community management tools to ensure you’re best serving key audiences.
Free trial? Yes. Start 30-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love leveraging the tool to not just create buzz, but also to build income-driving marketing and advertising campaigns for e-commerce clients. Social media managers can leverage data-driven marketing tools to vet and generate new avenues for advertising.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“I like it because it has given me many advantages to follow up on clients, continuous monitoring of possible sales strategies and in addition to creating very solid advertising projects. It has really been exceptional to corroborate the formation of income and profit support. I think the support does a good job.”

Get started with Social Sprout

“Keep your clients proud and happy.”

This tool streamlines how managers run social campaigns focused on customer sentiment and brand awareness. It collates and sends audience insights directly to your inbox so you can stay attentive and responsive. Plus, Agorapulse funnels all the highlights of your efforts into automatic reports you can use to highlight precisely why clients should be beyond-pleased with their social activities.
Standout Features:
Pick and choose from a variety of scheduling methodologies, including bulk uploads.
Use your dedicated social inbox to easily view and participate in relevant conversations.
Set up automated reports to keep clients and stakeholders informed.
Analyze your customer service performance and brand awareness across channels.
Create roles and permissions to take the guesswork out of team collaboration.
Free trial? Yes. Start 28-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love how the tool makes it easy to extend collaboration to clients and stakeholders. By involving clients in the brainstorming and approval process, agencies are able to make stakeholders active parts of ongoing social strategies.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“Our team has enjoyed using shared calendars with clients. The approval process has been easy for our team and clients. Reports are simple and beautiful, eliminating our need for additional weekly reporting tools.”

Get Started With Agorapulse

“Close the data loop and understand your audiences.”

Zoho Social’s suite revolves around delivering actionable insights. Don’t just view random stats about your posts; get the robust reports you need to understand what the stats mean and how they connect to your strategy—to see the people behind the numbers.
All this audience understanding organically makes your social media strategy more specific, more relevant, and more effective.
Standout Features:
Leverage time predictions to engage your target audience at the best possible times.
Simultaneously listen to posts, mentions, and more.
Build audience personas using rich reports.
Study reports to see not only engagement but also the impact of your efforts.
Create beautifully branded reports catered to your agency and clients.
Free trial? Yes. Start free trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love leveraging the tool’s predictive capabilities to make data-driven decisions about what to post and when. This enables them to maximize the engagement and ROI they get from existing audiences.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“Love having the multiple Brands, the ability to schedule postings, ability to schedule to multiple platforms(Facebook, Linkedin, etc), Love the ZShare feature to quickly share images and add text quickly. Its probably one of the best social media system. Also, the predictive post feature is awesome.. It determines when my followers will be online and interacting, it recommends the best time to post. Awesome Feature.”

Get Started With Zoho Social

“Give each client’s content the star treatment.”

A water-tight content creation strategy takes tons of time and dedication. SocialPilot’s tools help you put that pristine level of time and dedication into all the content you create, even if you manage multiple clients.
Use the platform to source ideas for content that will excite everyone. Follow the platform’s suggestions to leverage past accomplishments into new content. Plus, access an entire universe of content related to an unlimited amount of keywords to get a constant well of inspiration.
Standout Features:
Leverage detailed reports to understand all your client accounts as though they’re the only ones you work on.
Manage your presence with detailed review and approval processes.
Use a content curation platform to crowdsource ideas and keep your content fresh.
Improve your amplification capabilities by searching and sharing content with unlimited keywords.
Build on existing work with intelligent content suggestions.
Free trial? Yes. Start 14-day trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that it enables them to save time without sacrificing any peace of mind or quality of engagement. Bulk uploads and at-a-glance reports make social processes efficient and fruitful.
What one Capterra reviewer says:

“SocialPilot’s ability to bulk schedule content is a giant time-saver. When you have the ability to write everything out on a spreadsheet and then upload it into the platform with the click of a button, having all of your content in the right place, on the right date and the right time, that, my friend, is magic! -it’s peace-of-mind. Having that feature plus an intuitive dashboard that was friendly to the new and intermediate user is a recipe for success.”

Get started with SocialPilot

“Put your brand’s best face forward.”

Canva works like an online collaboration and graphic design tool in one. Work seamlessly with your team to create gorgeous photos and graphics that make your visual presence leap off the feed.
Even team members with no graphic design experience or artistic ability can create good-looking assets that elevate your brand.
Standout Features:
Inexpensively create graphics and photos that tie your brand together.
Use industry-standard graphical editing tools without the price tag.
Add layers and text to basic photos to make your brand stand out from the crowd.
Use targeted messaging to seamlessly collaborate with your team on perfectly branded designs.
Access a library of professionally designed icons and callouts.
Free trial? Free plan available.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that it empowers absolutely everyone on their team to create graphics that are polished, professional, and on-brand,
What one G2 reviewer says:

“The ease of usage and their huge templates library is one thing that everyone’s gonna love! Over the year have been using multiple tools to design or posters, Facebook ads, YouTube thumbnails and whatnot, no tool has ever come closer to Canva!”

Get started with Canva

“Save time talking about your strategy and spend more time executing it.”

Clients and stakeholders want to know what’s going on with their channels, and more importantly, what it all means. Coschedule helps you quickly and comprehensively tell stakeholders the stories they want to hear. (And you’ll still have time to do the actual work of delivering on your strategies.)
Send fewer emails, save time on reports, and maintain perfect transparency—all without adding hours onto your day.
Standout Features:
Reduce email traffic with every collaboration you need happening right in the platform.
Share read-only views to keep stakeholders and clients informed.
Use reports to connect your social actions to your marketing strategy and outcomes.
Drag and drop scheduling keeps your plans agile when things change.
Create a logical taxonomy and a scalable catalog of content.
Free trial? Yes. Start free trial now.
Why social media agencies love this software: They love that the platform is user-friendly and fast to adopt. They can funnel the time they save on the logistics of social media management into audience analysis and strategy optimization.
What one G2 reviewer says:

“CoSchedule is very easy to use. On my first day in the office, I was able to figure out how to use it within minutes. I manage multiple social media accounts, and I’m able to schedule posts for every account within a single platform. I can also easily add social content to email campaigns.”

Get Started With CoSchedule

People Also Ask These Questions About The Best Social Media Management Software Tools For Agencies
Q: Why would an agency need social media management software?
A: Agencies need social media management software to meet client goals with the staff (and the time) they have. You can find a social media management software that will bring your clients’ goals within reach, whether they want to do more with analytics, streamline scheduling, understand their audiences, and so much more.
Q: How can social media management software help me scale my agency?
A: A social media management software can make it easier and more effective to channel the cost-efficient power of social media to reach and connect with key audiences—namely potential clients, customers, fans, and brand evangelists.
Q: Can a social media management tool be used for scheduling posts for my clients?
A: Yes, social media management tools, such as Hootesuite and HeyOrca, can be used to schedule posts for your clients. Find even more tools that are perfect for scheduling as well as other goals in this roundup.
Q: What are the benefits of a social media management platform for agencies?
A: A key benefit of a social media management platform is that it allows agencies to meet crucial client goals using fewer resources. Management platforms can help you create more relevant content, understand audience sentiment, and know when you should engage target audiences.
Q: Which social media management tool is best for agencies and clients?
A: The best social media management tools for agencies and clients include SocialPilot, SproutSocial, and Echobox. This post has a complete list of the top tools for agencies.
Q: What social media tools are best for agency and client collaboration?
A: The best social media management tools for agency and client collaboration include HeyOrca, Agorapulse, and Coschedule. This post has a complete list of the top tools for agencies.

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83 Unique Gifts For Employees That Will Boost Morale In 2021

You never know when you might need some quality gifts for employees. Those work anniversaries, appreciation days, and even officially calendared gift-giving holidays tend to sneak up on all of us.
We created this list to help you find the perfect gift for any celebration on a moment’s notice.
No matter the occasion, gifts for employees boost morale. They’re more than just material tokens; they’re ways to express gratitude and make employees feel valued.
In one employee happiness survey, 45% of respondents even said they believe gifts reflect their value at a company.
Browse the categories below to find crowd-pleasing gifts for your special employees. If you already have a go-to gift that always gets smiles, we’d love to hear about it. Share your gift-giving successes in the comments below.
If you are looking for a fully-unique and bespoke gifting solution, we recommend a concierge experience that will help you create custom gift boxes for your employees, clients, and executives. You dream it, they’ll deliver it. Learn more here. 

Table of Contents

Gifts For Employees Working At Home
Gifts for employees working at home are surprises that improve remote work, making it healthier, more efficient, and more fun. People working from home may sometimes feel disconnected. Any of these gifts can provide tangible reconnection.

Pro Tip: Use “Command + D” to bookmark this list – we update it often with the latest and greatest gifts employees actually want for 2021!

1) Happy Hour Box

What is it? A box filled with goodies for a virtual happy hour that delivers as much fun as you can find at any local bar.
Why employees working from home love this: They’ll love the ease and simplicity of popping open this box and finding everything they need for an instant party, including delicious treats and even engaging icebreakers.
Price: $55.95
Customizable? Yes

2) “Stay Warm” Swag in a Box

Products to include:
Note: We’ve provided ideas for theme boxes, but you can choose anything from to put in a box of your own invention.
What is it? Everything needed to “Stay Warm” this holiday season.
Why employees working from home love this: It sets them up to head out into the brisk winter in style.
Price: About $19 – $35
Customizable? Yes

3) Home Office Essentials Box

What is it? If the team’s not in the office, we can at least set them up with everything they need to jump start their at-home office!
Why employees working from home love this: Comes with everything an employee needs to create the ideal WFH office set up.
Price: $113.64
Customizable? Yes

4) TheraBox

What is it? If self-care and wellness is important, then Therabox is perfect for your employees. Every month your team will receive $120+ worth of self-care goods and you only pay around $31. Each care package is designed to reduce stress and help them be their best.
Why employees working from home love this: Work and life can be stressful. By providing them with stress reducing products from candles to skin care you can help them find their zen to be happier in both work and life.
Price: $30.99
Customizable? No

5) The Tech Pack

What is it? Kit out new team members with a power-pack of branded tech gear, including rubberized powerbank, spot pro bluetooth tracker, charging cable, PowerBuds, and a custom greeting card.
Why employees working from home love this: It’s a company swag bag idea they’ll use every day.
Price: $85.09
Customizable? Yes

6) Asobu Coffee Compact

What is it? The Coffee Compact is the perfect size cup for your office, home, and car with its snug, easy grip handle and flip top lid.
Why employees working from home love this: Coffee consumption is at an all time high. Employees working from home will love the Coffee Compact to keep their brew at the ideal temp for maximum productivity!
Price: $19.37 to $28.20
Customizable? Yes

7) Sips + Snack Box

What is it? A beautiful gift box stuffed with high quality sweets, healthy snacks, and wine paired perfectly. This employee gift will not only support small batch and minority artisans but it will be thoroughly enjoyed by your coworkers when they’re curled up around a nice fire or on a comfy couch.
Why employees working from home love this: The perfect balance of a robust and bitter wine will complement the succulent sweetness of the organic snacks, chocolate bark, and delicately roasted almonds. Not to mention, your employees will feel good knowing the box has helped support a good cause.

Caroo donates meals to families in need for every box delivered. *$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.

Price: $59.95
Customizable? Yes

8) “Stay Comfy” Swag in a Box

Products to include:
Note: We’ve provided ideas for theme boxes, but you can choose anything from to put in a box of your own invention.
What is it? A box full of goodies that pair perfectly with a cozy fire.
Why employees working from home love this: When going outside is optional… Staying comfy is a must!
Price: About $50 – $70
Customizable? Yes

9) Kiel Wireless Speaker

What is it? The Kiel Wireless Speaker will amplify your brand and your tunes! The Kiel stands out from the rest offering crisp sound quality, a unique shape, and three total imprint areas.
Why employees working from home love this: With great sound quality and a compact size, employees working from home will love being able to take their favorite music with them around the house.
Price: $33.64 to $49.10
Customizable? Yes

10) The Eco-Friendly Box

What is it? Put together a pack of some of our earth-friendly favorites. Highlights include: recycled cardboard boxes in which each order plants a tree, as well as the Hustle backpack form Solgaard who’s mission is centered around removing plastic from the environment.
Why employees working from home love this: This box will delight your employees working from home that also want to help the environment!
Price: $167.82
Customizable? Yes

11) Petite Bliss Plant

What is it? The Petite Bliss Plant includes one 4″ Echeveria succulent. Customize the beautifully crafted cylinder gift box that is designed to serve as a planter, wrapped with a decorative ribbon. The perfect gift to give an employee for any occasion.
Why employees working from home love this: It brings an unobtrusive touch of nature to any remote work desk.
Price: $34.37 to $46.79
Customizable? Yes

12) Marcello Coasters

What is it? The 4 Coaster Set includes elegant coasters that are available in classic black and rich brown and will fit into any decor.
Why employees working from home love this: This eye-catching kit is a great conversation starter that will make you the “toast” of the town.
Price: $9.14 to $12.44
Customizable? Yes

13) 1,000 Piece Puzzle

What is it? A sizable puzzle printed with your custom design.
Why employees working from home love this: It provides the perfect quick break remote employees need. Instead of strolling around the office, employees can add a few pieces to their puzzle.
Price: $22.55 to $52.85
Customizable? Yes

14) ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat

What is it? Acupressure mats are a time tested way to help relieve sore muscles, reduce headaches, tension and stress from your body without having to do anything more than just laying on them.
Why employees working from home love this: When your employees don’t have time or simply don’t want to go for a massage, a walk, or to destress; they can use this mat while watching tv, doing work, or anywhere to help your team members relax and regain their focus.
Price: $21.99
Customizable? No

15) The Conundrum Box

What is it? Unique story-lines that can continue from box to box, but every box has a definite and satisfying ending. You will meet a host of characters from literature and history that will help guide you through your adventure.
Why employees working from home love this: Part Escape room, part choose-your-own adventure, wind your way through fun and exciting narratives by solving puzzles with your family and friends.
Price: $25.00
Customizable? No
Tip: Did you know that companies that have sent their employees working-from-home a care package during the pandemic saw a boost to virtual employee engagement and productivity projections by as much as 17%? Cure burnout and reinvigorate your remote employees with a WFH Wellness Box today!

Appreciation Gifts For Employees
Appreciation gifts for employees are presents that bring as much fun and value into employees’ lives as they’ve brought to your company. Appreciation gifts work in conjunction with other recognition tactics to keep employees feeling valued and engaged in company missions.

16) BTL SVC – Premium Handcrafted Cocktails Box

What is it? BTL SVC is the leader in premium cocktails for a reason. Handcrafted and a symbol of craftsmanship – each one is as unique as the individual who drinks it.
Why employees love this: These boxes have the WOW factor when opened. Your employees won’t know whether to display or drink them – probably both!
Price: $80
Customizable? Yes

17) Beer Hall Boss Gift Set

What is it? A beer-making kit with small batch recipes, including a warm pretzel and dipping sauce.
Why employees working from home love this: It’s a DIY activity #WFH’ers can do alone or on Zoom for a virtual happy hour!
Price: $90
Customizable? No

18) Marshmallow of the Month Club

What is it? Each month a delicious and seasonally flavored marshmallow gift will arrive accompanied by chocolates, homemade graham crackers, and coffees or teas that match the flavor profile.
Why employees love this: Your team will love this quick and easy snack deconstructed or combined as a delicious smore’s snack. It’s great for a burst of sugar or some much needed comfort on a stressful day.
Price: $29
Customizable? No

19) Bamboo Lunch Box

What is it? This lunch box is perfect for employees who like to bring their lunch to work. Made from 50% bamboo fiber, this ultimate to-go container is also equipped with a handy utensil set so you’ll never again have to hunt though the office kitchen for an old fork.
Why employees love this: Incredibly useful and well-made, this “adult lunch box” is a staple in any employees’ lunch time routine.
Price: $15.00
Customizable? No

20) Firthcliffe Waterproof Earbuds

What is it? These waterproof wireless headphones are perfect for swimming laps, lounging on the beach, or running in the rain.
Why employees working from home love this: Tech gifts are always appreciated and being able to listen to your favorite music while swimming is an experience your employees will thank you for!
Price: $60.00 to $72.73
Customizable? Yes

21) Cinema Box

What is it? A classic light box complete with the letters and symbols you need to create a variety of messages.
Why employees love this: They can create a different message every day. It also adds a little brightness to any desk.
Price: $7.08 to $11.60
Customizable? Yes

22) Activity Tracker

What is it? A wristband you can use to track calories burned, distance moved, and more.
Why employees love this: It will tell them exactly how much their walk breaks are adding up.
Price: $33.96 to $37.95
Customizable? Yes

23) Towel & Resistance Band

What is it? A band that adds weightless resistance to a variety of workouts and also a towel you can use to freshen up after you’ve felt the burn.
Why employees love this: It’s quality workout gear, but it takes up no space at all, so employees can keep it in even the smallest of work spaces.
Price: $5.45 to $8.40
Customizable? Yes

24) The MATTER Science Box

What is it? MATTER is a subscription box for curious minds. Each month, you’ll receive a collection of materials, objects, specimens, or artifacts that have been carefully selected as some of the most interesting pieces of matter in our accessible universe.
Why employees love this: Part museum, part laboratory, perfect for unlocking the mad scientist in all of us!
Price: $25.00
Customizable? No

Gifts For Employees Under $10
Gifts for employees under $10 are perfect to hand out anytime you want to celebrate special days, achievements, or just give employees a surprise and a reason to smile. A small gift every once in a while helps remind employees they’re valued.

25) Playing Cards 1.0

What is it? A deck of classic playing cards with a custom design.
Why employees love this: One deck of cards provides tons of game options—poker, solitaire, go fish, crazy 8s and more.
Price: $4.22 to $9.99
Customizable? No

26) Custom Fidget Survival Kit

What is it? A 3-piece set with a slinky, cube puzzle and fun putty!
Why employees love this: They can discreetly fiddle through Zoom meetings, or share with the kiddos to keep ‘em occupied for hours!
Price: $2.67
Customizable? Yes

27) Core Sliders

What is it? These dual-sided gliding discs can be used on both carpet and hard floor surfaces for an endless variety of exercises.
Why employees love this: Versatility. These core sliders can help them work out their core using a variety of exercises to target each part of their core from the lower abdominals to the upper abs.
Price: $7.99
Customizable? No

28) Unlocked from The Escape Game

[embedded content]

What is it? TEG Unlocked is an online escape room. Players can log in from any device to receive their mission, and use their online dashboard and digital evidence to crack the code and solve the case!
Why employees love this: Similar to an escape room, this online adventure game has all the fun and puzzle-solving you would expect from The Escape Game, packaged in a completely online format that allows players to go at their own pace. This can be played individually or as a team!
Price: $10 per player
Customizable? No

Pro-Tip: Level up your next remote employee gift box with a curated one-of-a-kind employee care package through Caroo!

29) Sock Panda Club Subscription

What is it? Sock Panda makes their socks to stand the test of time by hand-weaving Peruvian Cotton, Nylon, and Spandex to create the most comfortable wearing experience that you have to try to believe. For every box sold, Sock Panda also donates a pair to the homeless (137,000 and counting) making it the employee gift that keeps on giving!
Why employees love this: This attention grabbing gift is guaranteed to be a conversation sparker.  Uniquely crazy socks are an excellent way to accent your professional wardrobe and there can not be a better pair of socks.
Price: $10.00/month
Customizable? No

30) High Density Speckled Foam Roller

What is it? This compact foam roller helps reduce back pain, leg cramps, and muscle tension for any employee while fitting easily under their desk.
Why employees love this: This foam roller can be used at any point in their workout. Whether it be at the start during the stretching portion or in the middle of the work out.
Price: $8.49
Customizable? No

31) Pocket Coolie

What is it? A convenient, portable insulator for all your cold and hot beverages.
Why employees love this: It’s the perfect way to have a delightfully cold beverage without turning your hand into an ice cube.
Price: $0.93 to $7.15
Customizable? Yes

32) SimplyFit Cooling Towel

What is it? An above-average towel that dries quickly and even has a cooling touch.
Why employees love this: It delivers refreshment in towel form—the perfect reward after any workout.
Price: $4.36 to $9.58
Customizable? Yes

33) Hiking Logbook

What is it? A go-to log for keeping track of all your hikes. Copy down the weather, the location of your hike, and so much more.
Why employees love this: It’s a wonderful way to look back and remember every specific detail of every glorious hike.
Price: $6.99
Customizable? No

34) Tetris Refrigerator Magnets

What is it? A set of colorful, handy magnets and an interlocking puzzle in one.
Why employees love this: It turns the surface of a refrigerator into a game.
Price: $7.95
Customizable? No

Christmas Gifts For Employees
Christmas gifts for employees are smile-producing items you’ll be excited to watch employees unwrap at holiday parties. End-of-year Christmas gifts provide a prime opportunity to show a little extra thoughtfulness.

35) Nellie’s Sweet Shoppe Sweet Box

What is it? A delicious box of your favorite baked good sweets including fudge, chocolates, taffy, and caramels.
Why employees love this: Your employees with a sweet tooth will enjoy these delectable desserts made with quality ingredients.
Price: $33.00
Customizable: Yes – nut free option

36) Custom Foldable Drone with Wifi Camera

What is it? Loaded with an SD card a wifi-enabled system, this drone takes real-time video footage, emblazoned with your company logo.
Why employees love this: A fun way to bring play to work, or keep the kids entertained for hours.
Price: $94.50
Customizable? Yes

37) Desk Gem Humidifier

What is it? This helpful device replenishes the moisture in the air to keep your head from drying out.
Why employees love this: It will help them feel a constant sense of refreshment.
Price: $54.37 to $72.28
Customizable? Yes

38) Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

What is it? A stylish canvas case with shoulder strap for the beer aficionado who loves to bring a trusty collection of brews.
Why employees love this: For a craft beer connoisseur, they’ll love to bring this beer caddy along with them as they unwind from a long week of work.
Price: $30.00
Customizable? No

39) Hot Mess Apron

What is it? A classic home chef’s apron with clean lines that comes in a variety of colors.
Why employees love this: It just makes cooking a little bit more fun.
Price: $10.03 to $26.90
Customizable? Yes

40) 45 Piece Fully Customized Chocolate Squares

What is it? Your customized 4×6″ center piece is surrounded with 2 layers of 22 engraved milk and dark squares for a total of 45 delightful bites.
Why employees love this: It’s a delicious (and fun) way to enjoy the holiday!
Price: $50
Customizable? Yes

41) Recovery Kit

What is it? A kit with everything employees need to bounce back from seasonal sniffles or a streak of late-night Christmas parties.
Why employees love this: They’ll love remembering they have this when they need it most.
Price: $11.57 to $16.24
Customizable? Yes

42) Wanderlust: A Traveler’s Guide to the Globe

What is it? A comprehensive account of locations and landmarks accented with fun facts and colorful illustrations.
Why employees love this: They’ll love growing their vacation destination list and reading about fascinating places as they wait to take their trips.
Price: $29.42
Customizable? No

43) Leather Hanging File Organizer

What is it? A stylish holster that lets you use magazines, folios, and books as chic decorations instead of clutter.
Why employees love this: It helps them do the impossible: Turn clutter into wall decor.
Price: $59.89
Customizable? No

Holiday Gifts For Employees
Holiday gifts for employees are just-for-fun items appropriate for giving on any special occasion or annual holiday. These gifts make company-wide festivities even more memorable.

44) Kernel Crate Popcorn Box

What is it? Pop some fun into the holidays by sending your staff a subscription to Kernel Crate! It is a mouth-watering way to reward your team for doing an awesome job this year, not to mention a tasty-treat for when they need a break.
Why employees love this: Everyone loves a snack break, and who doesn’t love some fun, flavored popcorn. Perfect for snacking while working or watching TV, employees will be excited as a new flavor shows up each month.
Price: $11.49
Customizable? No

45) Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

What is it? A cocktail kit including flavors and syrup, bar spoon, linen coaster and recipe card. Makes 2 servings.
Why employees love this: Spice up a virtual holiday party, happy hour or a fun night home!
Price: $48.40
Customizable? Yes

46) Holiday Candle Trio

What is it? 3 beautiful candles that will kick off any holiday season with the delicious scents that mark our favorite time of the year. With this trio of vanilla amber, fir, and fireside embers — your holiday season will smell great.
Why employees love this: For the holiday lovers in the office, this candle trio will accent their desk, bedroom, or anywhere they’d like to fill with the holiday-ish scents of the most festive season.
Price: $48.00
Customizable? No

47) Alo Moves Annual Subscription

What is it? 365 days’ access to the best online yoga, fitness, and meditation classes from Alo Moves.
Why employees love this: When gyms close, bodies get tight. This gift is the perfect perk for peak performance.
Price: $99
Customizable? No

48) 7 Deadly Sins Glasses – Set of 7

What is it? Pick your poison with these double old fashioned glasses etched with caricatures of the seven deadly sins.
Why employees love this: 7 laser-etched double old fashioned shot glasses for the devilish personality in the office — you know who you are!
Price: $72.00
Customizable? No

49) BBQ Apron & Set

What is it? A festive apron and grill set to make your next barbecue the event of the year!
Why employees love this: It makes grilling fun and easy by setting you up for success.
Price: $26.23 to $39.73
Customizable? Yes

50) Zipup Hoodie

What is it? A comfortable and subtly stylish hoodie that comes in every color you could want.
Why employees love this: It’s an iconic hoodie that goes with absolutely everything.
Price: $26.40 to $73.14
Customizable? Yes

51) Porter Bowl

What is it? A bowl that makes seemingly impossible-to-transport items, like messy salads and soups, easy to pack.
Why employees love this: It’s the perfect size and shape to fit practically anything. (They’ll love not being limited to boring sandwiches.)
Price: $43.33 to $113.83
Customizable? Yes

52) Appetites: A Cookbook

What is it? A master cookbook and foodie knowledge base from the late “bad boy of cooking,” Anthony Bourdain.
Why employees love this: Even employees who never cook will love the colorful insight into interesting foods and cultures.
Price: $23.99
Customizable? No

53) Woodburning Kit

What is it? Tools and instructions to teach employees the ancient art of burning images onto wood.
Why employees love this: It gives them a chance to fulfill their artistic side using a medium they’ve probably never tried before.
Price: $24.76
Customizable? No

Personalized Gifts For Employees
Personalized gifts for employees are items you can add your own special touch to. The one-of-a-kind nature of these gifts gives them the potential to make a lasting impression.

54) Sport Bottle

Why employees love this: It’s a colorful, customized way to keep hydrated.
Price: $6.46 to $8.75
Customizable? Yes

55) Custom Blue Light Glasses

What is it? Glasses designed to reduce eye strain from blue light on all devices.
Why employees love this: Your coworkers will love keeping that just-woke-up feeling in their eyes all day.
Price: $5.79 to $13.71
Customizable? Yes

56) Engraveable Johnnie Walker 750ml Blue Label Whiskey

What is it? Everyone’s favorite liquor with a personalized message etched into the bottle and elegant gift packaging.
Price: $219.99
Customizable? Yes

57) Athletic Sock

What is it? Cushy socks printed with your very own design.
Why employees love this: They make it easy to show a little company pride at the gym.
Price: $8.50 to $15.33
Customizable? Yes

58) Giving Plate

What is it? A plate you can have printed with a favorite recipe from your founder, CEO, or other company leader.
Why employees love this: They’ll love discovering this recipe and feeling connected to everyone in the company each time they use the plate.
Price: $70.00+
Customizable? Yes

Virtual Gifts For Employees
Virtual gifts for employees are online items that don’t require shipping to create a sense of celebration and make employees feel special. These gifts are important to send on special occasions when you’ve run out of time to make a physical purchase but still want to send a meaningful gift.

59) Kindle eGift card

What is it? An emailable gift card people can use to buy anything on Amazon Kindle.
Why employees love this: It will prompt them to finally buy all those books they’ve been meaning to read.
Price: Choose your amount
Customizable: Yes; choose from different card designs

60) DoorDash Email Gift Card

What is it? An emailable gift card for door-to-door delivery of meals and treats.
Why employees love this: They’ll love the luxurious feeling of premium delivery.
Price: Choose your amount
Customizable: No

61) Uber Email Gift Card

What is it? An emailable gift card to use on Uber transportation or Uber Eats.
Why employees love this: A complimentary ride or two gives everyone a taste of the star treatment. Also great as a corporate gifting idea!
Price: Choose your amount
Customizable? No

62) Educated: A Memoir on Kindle

What is it? A best-selling and critically acclaimed memoir about one woman’s journey from the wilderness to the world’s most prestigious schools.
Why employees love this: This engrossing memoir features plenty of conversation starters for the next company party.
Price: $14.99
Customizable? No

63) Downloadable/Printable Motivational Quote Poster

What is it? A minimalist poster you can customize with any motivational quote and send to recipients for easy downloading, printing, and framing.
Why employees love this: It provides a constant source of inspiration.
Customizable? Yes

Gift Baskets For Employees
Gift baskets for employees are stylishly packaged gift selections combined to make one super gift. These assortments help show employees you know them well enough to think of not just one, but many items they might love.

64) Snowflake Gourmet Gift Box

What is it? 11 delicious treats nestled in a beautiful holiday snowflake box packed full of stylish office must-haves.
Why employees love this: There’s no shortage of savory and sweet in this gift, delicious for the whole family.
Price: $59.99
Customizable? Yes (Ribbon)

65) “Office Essentials” Swag in a Box

Products to include:
Note: We’ve provided ideas for theme boxes, but you can choose anything from to put in a box of your own invention.
Why employees love this: They’ll love using office supplies they actually like instead of whatever they have on hand.
Price: About $14 – $42
Customizable? Yes

66) “Good to Go” Swag in a Box

Products to include:
Note: We’ve provided ideas for theme boxes, but you can choose anything from to put in a box of your own invention.
What is it? A box full of company swag that people can use to eat and drink while on the go.
Why employees love this: It provides endless convenience when it’s time for cookouts, picnics, birthday parties, road trips, and more.
Price: About $71 – $143
Customizable? Yes

67) Paradise Delivered Premium Box

What is it? Your Vacation in a Box. Enjoy bath and beauty products, trending fashion accessories, best-selling books and more exciting surprises.
Why employees working from home love this: A spa-inspired staycation right in the comfort of your home!
Price: $37.50
Customizable? No

68) Hummingbird Garden Kit

What is it? Everything you need to grow beautiful flowers that also attract hummingbirds.
Why employees love this: The sight of all the flowers and all those adorable hummingbirds will always put a smile on their face.
Price: $44.95+
Customizable? No

69) Garden Gift Basket

What is it? A gardener’s super-basket filled with seeds, books, and even snacks.
Why employees love this: They’ve always been curious about gardening. Now they have everything they need to give it a try.
Price: $99
Customizable? No

Gifts For Newly Hired Employees
Gifts for newly hired employees are items you can send to make newbies feel welcomed and integrated into your team. These gifts can help employers nail the “first impression” and develop engaged new team members.

70) Work Space Spark Box

What is it? Your excited new employees will receive 4 – 5 items including office decor, productivity tools and tech to assist with the work place.
Why employees love this: This workspace box provides essentials for office productivity and mental wellness. It will let your team know they are appreciated and help them thrive in their jobs. It can also double as an thoughtful employee welcome kit for new team members to start their tenure off on the right foot.
Price: $47.99
Customizable? No

71) Allbirds Lace Kit

What is it? A lace kit for the Allbird fan looking to choose from 4 different color combinations.
Why employees love this: They’ll love rocking their sneakers with the lace combination of their choice.
Price: $12.50
Customizable? Yes

72) Custom Home Office Tech Support Kit

What is it? A set of 4 home office essentials including bluetooth earbuds with microphone, wireless charging pad, camera blocker and power shuttle to keep everything organized in one place will delight any hard-working professional.
Why employees love this: The peace of mind knowing they’re hooked up with the best tech tools!
Price: $63
Customizable? Yes

73) Unisex Vintage Keeper Tank

What is it? A classic tank anyone can wear anywhere—from lounge time to gym time.
Why employees love this: It’s a wardrobe staple they’ll want to wear again and again.
Price: $54.55 to $86.73
Customizable? Yes

74) Cocoon Slim Backpack

What is it? A compact, versatile backpack that’s perfect for all occasions.
Why employees love this: It’s a sleek backpack without all those lumps that can ruin a professional look.
Price: $69.59 to $93.37
Customizable? Yes

75) Letters to My Future Self

What is it? Pretty stationary people can use to write inspirational letters to their future selves.
Why employees love this: They’ll learn new things about themselves as they write the letters and also when they re-read them years from now.
Price: $12.28
Customizable? No

76) Dry Erase Chalkboard Calendar

What is it? An attractive take on a dry-erase calendar that will keep your current schedule top of mind.
Why employees love this: This non-digital master calendar will help them feel a little more zen about their busy days.
Price: $39.99+
Customizable? Yes

Gifts For Employees Celebrating An Anniversary
Gifts for employees celebrating a work anniversary are special tokens, usually with a sentimental or celebratory value. These thoughtful gifts help employees mark work milestones and make them more special than ever.

77) Classic Champagne Flute

What is it? A delicate vessel for champagne or your favorite bubbly beverage.
Why employees love this: They’ll love using it during every special “toast” year after year.
Price: $4.68 to $23.86
Customizable? Yes

78) Champagne & Truffles Gift Box

What is it? Jules Bertier Premiere Cuvee, Lindor chocolate truffles, Capalbo’s artisan truffles, white sandwich cookies and a champagne magnet!
Why employees love this: There’s nothing like champagne and chocolates to sweeten up remote appreciation!
Price: $63
Customizable? Yes (Ribbon)

79) Iselin Mug

What is it? The Iselin Mug is a 12 oz stoneware that has a matte white exterior and a glossy color on the inside. Its cork base keeps your tables safe from heat stains.
Why employees love this: It helps them spend way less time in front of the microwave and way more time enjoying the perfect warm beverage.
Price: $6.54 to $30.96
Customizable? Yes

80) Stylish Fleece

What is it? A rugged zip-up fleece jacket for multiple seasons and activities.
Why employees love this: It’s stylish and warm, but not too warm. They’ll love finally having a jacket they know they can pack for any trip.
Price: $85.79 to $93.28
Customizable? Yes

81) Camping Hammock

What is it? A portable hammock that’s rugged enough for outdoor adventures.
Why employees love this: It’s relaxation you can pack neatly into a bag and take anywhere.
Price: $29.95 – $39.95
Customizable? No

82) Engraved Spoon

What is it? A cute collectible spoon you can have engraved with any message you want.
Why employees love this: They’ll smile each time they grab this spoon and re-read your heartfelt message.
Price: $11.99
Customizable? Yes

83) Self-Care Chamomile Tea Gift Set

What is it? This giftable set lets you grow, steep, and sip your own chamomile tea.
Why employees love this: Made in the US, this kit has everything you would need to start your own self-care ritual!
Price: $50.00
Customizable? No

People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts For Employees
Q: How much should you spend on employee gifts?
Q: What are good employee Christmas gifts?
Q: Why should I give gifts to my employees?
A: Employee gifts boost morale. They express gratitude and make employees feel valued. Some surveys even suggest that employees see gifts as a reflection of how much a company values their work.
Q: Should I send gifts to my employees working from home?
A: People working from home may sometimes feel disconnected. Sending remote employees gifts is the perfect way to tangibly reconnect with these employees.
Q: What are some good employee gifts?
A: Good employee gifts combine thoughtfulness with function and fun. Some of the top gifts in this roundup include customizable apparel and accessories, wellness items, and gift boxes and baskets.
Q: What are some gender-neutral gifts for employees?
Q: How can I select gifts employees actually like?
A: Select gifts employees actually like by planning ahead. Take your time to find items appropriate for all occasions that suit a majority of your employees’ tastes and interests.
Q: Where can I find personalized gifts that aren’t cheesy?
A: This gifts for employees roundup includes a variety of personalized and/or customizable gifts—including hats, sneakers, and calendars—that have zero cheese factor.
Q: How can I make employee gifts special?
A: Adding personalizations and customizations is the perfect way to make even a highly functional gift, such as office supplies, special. This gift list includes a variety of practical items you can easily customize with messages, colors, and logos.
Q: How will I know if employees like my gift?
A: Add questions about your gift-giving to your annual employee survey. Encourage honesty. Gifts for employees are an investment, and as such, it’s perfectly reasonable to track their success and tweak your strategy to make sure your gifts are increasing employee morale and happiness.

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158 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Guaranteed To WOW Your Clients & Customers In 2021

Looking for unique corporate gift ideas to wow your clients and customers? 
Our Favorite Corporate Gifting Ideas For Clients And Customers:
You’ve come to the right place! We know you’re tired of sending gifts destined for the dusty corners of desks and closets, so we’ve come up with a list of gender-neutral corporate gift ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness to become loved possessions or treasured memories. 
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For every box delivered, Caroo donates meals to families in need through their partnership with Feeding America. No wonder companies like Nike, FitBit, and Spotify choose Caroo to treat their teams.

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With Caroo, companies can easily collect or import addresses, set custom budgets, and resend gift boxes using a proprietary, easy-to-use technology. That way you can show your clients and customers you appreciate them without spending hours coordinating or worrying about tracking their gifts. Here are a few examples of the loveable gifts Caroo offers.

Selected Client Gifts Offered by Caroo:
Snacks + Coffee Box
What they’ll remember: An energizing mix of better-for-you snacks and premium coffee.
Wow factor: Caroo partners with coffee and snack brands that aim to do good for people and the planet.

Premium Coffee (Available in Whole Bean and Ground Coffee)
What they’ll remember: Unique blends from small-batch roasters that care for people and our planet.
Wow factor: Exclusivity. Palindrome’s artisanal coffee blends can’t be found anywhere else!

Snack Box (15-Snack Box)
What they’ll remember: Discovering their new favorite snack, whether they’re a sweets lover or salty snack fanatic.
Wow factor: Better-for-you. Every snack is made with real, delicious ingredients.

Super Snack Box (30-Snack Box)
What they’ll remember: Receiving enough snacks to share and spreading the joy to those around them.
Wow factor: Connection. Nothing brings people together quite like a shared love of snacks.

Sips + Snack Box
What they’ll remember: A beautiful gift box stuffed with high-quality snacks, healthy snacks, and wine paired perfectly.
Wow factor: This corporate gift will not only support small batch and minority artisans but it will be thoroughly enjoyed by your clients.

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Selected Customer Gifts and Experiences Offered by Caroo:
Amplify Box
What they’ll remember: Delight your team with tasty new snacks they love and support emerging snack brands with every box.
Wow factor: Each expertly-curated box features 14 delicious, healthier snacks from Latinx-founded, women-founded, and BIPOC-founded snack brands we love!

Gold Box
What they’ll remember: Expertly-curated, premium snacks that make their home office feel like the kitchen at a fancy startup.
Wow factor: Variety. Boxes packed with chips, bars, jerkies, sweets and more have something everyone will love.

Super Snack Box (30-Snack Box)
What they’ll remember: 30 snacks made with delicious ingredients their entire family will love.
Wow factor: Sharing. They’ll enjoy a thoughtful gift that spreads joy to their entire household.

Snacks + Coffee Box
What they’ll remember: An energizing mix of healthier snacks and premium coffee that keeps their productivity high.
Wow factor: Morale boost. Lift their spirits (and energy!) with all their office snacking essentials delivered in a beautiful care package.

Happy Hour Box
What they’ll remember: A box filled with happy hour goodies for your customers that delivers as much fun as you can find at any local bar.
Wow factor: Good times. The best corporate gifts ensure good vibes. No better way to do that than a happy hour box!

Want to surprise and delight your team with gifts like these? Get started at Caroo!

When it comes to unique corporate gifts you cannot go wrong when you shop at CrateJoy. With more than 2,000+ options to meet every interest, you’ll find that “wow” type of gift that keeps your customers happy and your clients ready to renew each year.
Whether it is a worldly wine of the month subscription, or you want to sate their sweet tooth with an award winning snack delivery below you’ll find 5 hand selected client and customer gifts to excite and delight the lucky recipient. Each gift box is available for a one time gift, or you can save and keep yourself on their radar by purchasing an annual subscription with monthly and quarterly deliveries.
When it is time to amaze, wow and build loyalty, let the experts at gift boxes and subscriptions help you find the perfect present each time. Click the links below to shop for these hand selected surprises and also discover new options to meet even the most unique personality preferences.

Selected Client Gifts Offered by CrateJoy:
Sift Dessert Bar
What they’ll remember: Your client will be delighted as these handcrafted treats arrive each month. If you’re looking to “sweeten” the deal then this snack delivery featuring Sift’s specialities over the last 12 years will do the trick.
Wow factor: If they’re a fan of Food Network they’ll recognize this brand. Having it delivered to their home or office is what will wow them into sticking around.

The Plant Club
What they’ll remember: They’ll remember your company as they breathe fresher air and enjoy some greenery in their home office or workspace.
Wow factor: The unique pots and assortment of easy-to-care for plants will wow and delight while creating a more peaceful atmosphere.

The British Bash
What they’ll remember: They’ll remember making timeless and classic British desserts, many which they can only dream of trying from that hit TV series.
Wow factor: Who knew your clients could cook like the pastry chefs on that TV show? Well you do now that you gave them the tools and ability. Talk about a “sweet” win when you’re ready to renew.

Club Cuvee 
What they’ll remember: Every other month they’ll receive two hand selected bottles of worldly champagnes and toast to your relationship as they enjoy these bottles of bubbles.
Wow factor: It can be scary to spend a ton on champagne that doesn’t meet the needs of the party. With this gift you have expert wine enthusiasts from France and Spain hand selecting bubbles that are guaranteed to delight and impress. And what better way to get a contract renewal than with a cork popping toast as the 6th shipment arrives when your contract renews.

Gusto Di Roma
What they’ll remember: They’ll remember the unique and exciting flavors of classic sweet and savory Italian snacks arriving at their door. Everything from salamis to chocolates and everything they’ll need for an Italian night in!
Wow factor: You cannot beat a good and hearty Italian dinner or treat, and this gift will keep your client feeling fulfilled as they enjoy their new hand selected delicacies.

Want to surprise and delight your clients with gifts like these? Visit CrateJoy and learn how to get started.

Selected Customer Gifts and Experiences Offered by CrateJoy:
Gift Therabox
What they’ll remember: Nothing is worse than upset or stressed customers, and when you alleviate the stress from their lives, they keep loyalty to you and your brand. That’s why Therabox is the perfect way to help them have some “me-time” and think happy thoughts when they remember your brand.
Wow factor: Therabox hits all senses to help people relax. From aromatherapy to dazzle their noses to soothing soaks that relax their skin, your clients will be relaxed and ready to come back to you as Therabox arrives each month.

Brownie Bite Box
What they’ll remember: They’ll remember the delicious and unique assortment of 16 flavored brownie bites arriving at their door, not to mention the “sweet impression” of your company or store.
Wow factor: When you think of brownies you think of nuts or plain. Wow them with 16 unique flavors arriving each month including sea salt, peanut butter and s’mores!

Deadbolt Mystery Society
What they’ll remember: They’ll remember the unique themes and fun puzzles as they solve a new mystery each month.
Wow factor: The wow factor is the cool new theme and puzzles as they solve the mystery and figure out who committed the crime.

The Sauce Boss
What they’ll remember: Each quarter your customers will get to experience a new condiment that is carefully crafted in the USA which they likely will have never heard of or tried.
Wow factor: From hot sauces to aioli’s, the wow factor are the unique flavors they’ll discover!

American Cocktail Club
What they’ll remember: Each month your customers will get to experience crafting a new signature cocktail and remember your business as they show off their new favorite drinks.
Wow factor: You’ll wow them by giving them a unique drink to wow their friends, family and guests with creative flavors in craft cocktails.

Want to surprise and delight your team with gifts like these? Get started at CrateJoy!

What kinds of gifts do recipients remember months or years later? It’s not just those that are so delicious you can’t put them down, but those that also make a positive impact on the world.

Packed with Purpose sources every artisanal bite and hand-crafted luxury item in its gift boxes from companies and non-profits that directly impact, educate, or employ the communities they benefit. Companies love sending Packed with Purpose gifts because:
Each item is the highest quality and Fair Trade, ethically sourced, or small-batch
Recipients connect with and appreciate the positive values your gift displays
Each gift box comes with an impact booklet that explains the benefits your gift produces
PwP’s Gift Concierge makes it easy to send hundreds of gifts or to add custom branding
Supports women- and minority-owned businesses, the environment, youth development
When sending a lot of gifts to separate addresses, Packed with Purpose makes it simple with custom order forms or by building a custom landing page for your order. There, recipients can choose their gifts and add their mailing addresses in one spot.
Whether you’re sending small-batch toffee, hand-carved cutting boards, or a fun cocktail box, this is a great way to do it while also making a positive impact locally and globally.

Selected Client Gifts by Packed with Purpose:
Sweet Thanks, Signature
What they’ll remember: If your recipients could really treat themselves, it’s these items they’d choose.
Wow factor: The chocolate brownie is a total fan favorite that will ruin all other brownies for you.

Sweet & Savory Grand Sampler
What they’ll remember: Having a blissful indoor picnic in the living room during a pandemic.
Wow factor: The award-winning maple cream goat milk caramels. 

Gourmet Gift
What they’ll remember: Mornings with a cup of coffee are going to be decadent for a while.
Wow factor: The melt-in-your-mouth Russian tea cakes dusted in powdered sugar.

Nut-Free Healthy Delights
What they’ll remember: That there are exquisite allergy-conscious, nut-free snacks out there.
Wow factor: The “warrior bites” are packed with superfoods and incredibly tasty.

Back to Work Essentials
What they’ll remember: Whether work is on-site or remote, someone’s looking out for them (and snack time).
Wow factor: For every mask sold, a mask is donated to a community in need.

Want to give gifts that will WOW your clients? Visit Packed with Purpose and learn how to get started. 

Selected Customer Gifts by Packed With Purpose:
Mindful Moments Box
What they’ll remember: Getting that adult coloring book they always wanted but didn’t get.
Wow factor: The barista-style mug is eco-friendly, stylish, AND functional.

On The Rocks, Deluxe
What they’ll remember: A classy night of celebration with sleek rocks glasses, handcrafted wood coasters, and their favorite cocktail of choice — without leaving the house.
Wow factor: The pair of glass drink stirrers in this gift are hand-blown by teens enrolled in a psychoeducation program to help them recover from gun violence trauma.

Spa-Like Serenity
What they’ll remember: An indulgent evening of pure bliss and relaxation, and the softest slipper socks they’ll ever wear!
Wow factor: The soothing lavender bath salts and fragrant rose and vanilla candle are from two inspiring purveyors helping women. One employs women overcoming trafficking and addiction, the other employs young mothers.

Eco-Friendly Favorites For Him
What they’ll remember: The sense of sophistication and comfort they’ll feel wearing these stylish socks on video meetings.
Wow factor:The socks provide 18 months of clean water to a community in need and the dopp kit is made from upcycled inner tubes.

Trivia Care Package
What they’ll remember: How this gift helped crown them their home’s trivia champion.
Wow factor: The not one, but TWO gourmet chocolate and Maldon sea salt cookies. Thanks, France!

Want to give gifts that will WOW your customers? Visit Packed with Purpose and learn how to get started. offers a range of customizable products people will actually be excited to get. Their personalization capabilities put old-fashioned monogramming to shame. They also make it exceptionally easy to create a custom swag bag for when you want your corporate gift to pack a punch.

Selected Client Gifts from
Kindle *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Tossing a bunch of heavy books in a bag before realizing they now own a Kindle.
Wow factor: Personalization. Everyone’s seen a Kindle before. But a Kindle featuring a custom design or message? Now that’s something special. 

Bose Wireless Headphone *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Listening to a song they’ve heard a hundred times and discovering a different experience, with clearer instruments and more musical nuances than they’ve ever noticed before.
Wow factor: Quality. Noise cancellation, voice control, and crystal-clear audio make these headphones extraordinary. 

Dual Wine Holder *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Packing this stylish tote up for a dinner party and feeling oh-so-classy.
Wow factor: Mobility. This is one convenient, discreet, and clink-free way to transport two bottles of wine. 

Covered Pretzel Pack *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Enjoying a collision of sweet and savory flavors with plenty of crunch.
Wow factor: Deliciousness. They’ll love getting three pretzel confections to try at once. 

Turbo Power Bank *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Feeling like everyone’s device-charging hero while waiting on a delayed flight.
Wow factor: Power. This bank sports a chic design and a monster power supply. 

Amazon Echo *Customized 

What they’ll remember: The first time they ask Alexa a question.
Wow factor: Technology. A voice-control device reminds us all that we’ve arrived at the future. 

Pump It Up Bluetooth Speaker *Customized 
What they’ll remember: The exhilaration of bringing a speaker into a swimming pool.
Wow factor: Hidden talent. They’ll love learning that this isn’t just a Bluetooth speaker, but a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

InCase Travel Duffel *Customized 
What they’ll remember: How using this duffel transforms packing from a chore into a memorable experience.
Wow factor: Organization. This bag has pockets and panels for almost everything. 

Custom Socks *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Smiling when they notice their custom socks peeking out from their pants.
Wow factor: Exclusivity. These aren’t just cool socks; they’re customized cool socks. This took time, thought, and effort. 

Moleskine Hard Cover Notebook  *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Using this notebook to start their first gratitude journal and feeling great about it.
Wow factor: Vibrancy. This journal comes in stylish colors that really pop. 

Want to give your clients these swagged-out gifts? Visit and learn how to get started. 

Selected Customer Gifts from
Herschel Retreat Backpack  *Customized 
What they’ll remember: All the trips they enjoyed with their favorite backpack in tow.
Wow factor: Classiness. This backpack looks professional. 

Zipper Beach Tote *Customized 
What they’ll remember: The feeling of not needing to empty sand from their bag.
Wow factor: Usefulness. They’ll love getting something they actually need and want. 

Tile Mate *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Finally feeling like they know where all their important things are.
Wow factor: Sanity-saving. This device helps track down lost keys and renegade shoes. 

Yeti Rambler *Customized 
What they’ll remember: The sweet sensation of enjoying hot beverages for hours on chilly camping trips.
Wow factor:  Unbelievable. Like the mythical yeti monster of campfire tales, Yeti products must be experienced to be truly believed, because it’s unbelievable how well these products keep cold things cold and hot things hot.) 

Custom Allbirds *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Explaining (with pride) the design on their shoes over and over again.
Wow factor: Exclusivity. They’ll love getting sneakers they could never ever find in a store. 

Bella Zipup Hoodie *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Moments of snuggling into this hoodie after a brisk day of hiking or skiing.
Wow factor: Flexibility. They’ll be delighted to discover just how many places they can wear a hoodie.

North Face Soft Shell Vest *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Staying warm on countless chilly morning and evening runs.
Wow factor: Function. This vest’s light material provides several layers worth of cozy warmth. 

Activity Tracker *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Using their new device to meet a fitness goal they’ve been chasing for years.
Wow factor: Impact. How can a tiny little band do so much to help a person get healthy? 

Wireless Power Bank *Customized 
What they’ll remember: Laughing when they realize they’re holding a high-tech power bank and not a piece of wood.
Wow factor: Originality. This power bank makes a statement in a natural wood finish instead of the futuristic features of most similar devices. 

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker *Customized  
What they’ll remember: Busting out their speaker to host an impromptu office dance party.
Wow factor: Funk. A mod and modular fabric design adds a healthy dose of style to the gift of portable sound. 

Want to give your customers these swagged-out gifts? Visit and learn how to get started. is far more than an online corporate gift marketplace. It’s a comprehensive corporate gifting platform that helps you:
Streamline large orders with multiple address checkout
Send E-Gifts when you don’t know all recipients’ addresses
Allow recipients to choose from a selection within an E-Gift
Automate gifting by triggers like occasion, milestone or other event
Customize corporate gifts with your own branding, packaging and messages
All while cutting out manual work, connecting you to thousands of unique gift options and even integrating with Salesforce and other CRM solutions! And you never have to worry about warehousing inventory or shipping gifts yourself.
For example, to celebrate a new client win, an Account Manager can send a personalized E-gift notification to their valued client to notify them of the gift, and allow them to choose their favorite from pre-selected options.

[embedded content]

Selected Client Gifts from
Duo Veuve Clicquot Gift Set in Customizable Keepsake Wood Box *Customization available
What they’ll remember: This gift set features two premium champagne bottles from the iconic Veuve Clicquot with a wooden keepsake box. Customize the wooden box with your logo or message!
Wow factor: This sophisticated selection says “you’re a VIP.”

Hello There Gift Box *Customization available 
What they’ll remember: Whether you’re welcoming new employees, inviting clients to a virtual lunch or sending “just because,” these treats are sure to please.
Wow factor: Handmade. From scratch. ‘Nuff said.

Woodford Reserve 750ml Bourbon and Snacks Gift Basket *E-Gift eligible
What they’ll remember: This gift set combines premium Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon with an array of delectable snacks including butter toffee pretzels, honey cashews, monterey jack cheese and peanut butter fudge for an unforgettable happy hour.
Wow factor: This sophisticated selection says “you’re a VIP.”

Custom 3 Way Champagne Bottle Gift Set *Customization available 
What they’ll remember: Celebrating their relationship with you over a little bubbly. 
Wow factor: Personalization. The addition of customizable labels and tags makes this gift stand out from off-the-shelf champagnes.

Exotic Meats Jerky Crate *E-Gift eligible
What they’ll remember: Forget crackers and carbs, finally a paleo-friendly crate for the carnivore.
Wow factor: This collection features NINE types of jerky, including venison, duck, ostrich, pheasant, wild boar and elk.

Chocolate Business Card and Truffle Assortment *Customization available
What they’ll remember: The customized center piece with your custom logo or business card details is too sweet to ignore.
Wow factor: Each signature truffle has a creamy ganache center surrounded by premium chocolate.

A Day Off Spa Gift Basket *E-Gift eligible
What they’ll remember: A great gift box idea for employee recognition, don’t just give them the day off, help them make the most of it (at home!)
Wow factor: This 9-piece Cru de Provence Lavender Vanilla selection will pamper your recipient for days (and days and days).

Custom Engraved Pilsner Beer Gift Set *Customization available 
What they’ll remember: Wanting to toast to you as they open this gift. 
Wow factor: Whimsy. A wood case with a sliding door conjures whimsical images of speakeasies and maybe even the Wild West. 

Custom Foldable Drone with Wifi Camera *Customization available
What they’ll remember: With your logo or message front-and-center, you’re unforgettable with this foldable, fun flyer.
Wow factor: A wifi-enabled system supports real-time video footage. 32GB Micro SD Card included.

Custom Premium Mahogany Wine Box *Customization available
What they’ll remember: Your personalized message inside.
Wow factor: Includes 5 handy gadgets to keep around forever! 

Cutting Edge Wine and Cheeseboard Gift *Customization available
What they’ll remember: The tastes of Italy topped with California cab.
Wow factor: Personalize your ribbon with your custom greeting and message.

Want to give your clients these unique gifts? Visit and learn how to get started. 

Selected Customer Gifts from
Shibui Kneading Heated Foot Massager *E-Gift eligible
What they’ll remember: Your thoughtfulness towards their comfort and wellbeing!
Wow factor: Acupressure melts stress and cares away, while heat reinvigorates the soul.

Build Your Own Beer Starter Set *E-Gift eligible
What they’ll remember: You helped kickstart their new favorite hobby!
Wow factor: Small batch recipes from Brooklyn to Bamberg Book brings the beer hall home for work-from-home.

Pasta 1-0-1 *E-Gift Eligible
What they’ll remember: The trip to Tuscany, without the jetlag.
Wow factor: 2 types of pasta, 3 divine sauces and premium olive oil will leave a lasting impression.

Chandon California Brut & Truffle Gift Set *E-Gift eligible
What they’ll remember: This dry, citrusy Chardonnay and Pinot Noir blend is complemented by five distinct bites of chocolate covered surprises, including sea salt caramel, amaretto truffles, rum and Irish cream.
Wow factor: Elegant presentation suitable for any occasion!

Cacao Keto Gift Set *E-Gift eligible
What they’ll remember: That finally, someone sent a box filled with fruit, sugar and flour!
Wow factor: Keto bites, energy bar and hazelnut butter contain a kick of cacao for all-day productivity.

Alo Moves Annual Subscription *E-Gift eligible
What they’ll remember: A full year of premium access to Alo Moves? They won’t remember life without it!
Wow factor: Thousands of on-demand yoga, fitness and meditation classes for every skill level, this gift delivers Zen, strength and fun.

Night at the Movies Custom Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set *Customization available
What they’ll remember: You made their socially-distanced cinema experience spicier!
Wow factor: This kit comes with 3 different kernel varieties and 5 flavor toppings AND a popper (with your custom branding).

Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit *Customization available
What they’ll remember: The experience of enjoying cyberdrinks with co-workers or business associates.
Wow factor: Give partygoers their choice of cocktail kit (Margarita, Champagne, Hot Toddy or Italian Spritz) with an E-Gift.

Custom Mini Wilson Potted Plant *Customization available
What they’ll remember: How your business relationship will “grow together!”
Wow factor: This modern pot perks up any office or home. A best seller!

Basil Hayden’s 750ml Kentucky Straight Bourbon Gift Set *E-Gift eligible
What they’ll remember: Playing modern mixologist with 7 infusion blends, from spicy to citrus to sweet!
Wow factor: Basil Hayden’s 1796 recipe captures the spicy flavor of rye and complement the sweet smoothness of corn — the perfect base for infusion.

Trailblazer Gift Box *Customization available
What they’ll remember: Classic snacks with a modern spin, accompanied by practical, artisanal accessories.
Wow factor: The perfect pack for an outdoor enthusiast, roadtrip warrior or humble homebody!

Custom Godiva Tumbler Gift Set *Customization available
What they’ll remember: Your brand, in their hands, whenever they refill their favorite Joe.
Wow factor: Can’t decide between gourmet chocolate or branded swag? Problem solved.

Want to give your customers these unique gifts? Visit and learn how to get started. 

Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform™, is a SaaS solution that integrates into your existing tech stack so your sales, marketing, CX, and HR teams can deliver Physical Impressions™ at strategic points throughout the customer lifecycle and measure the ROI for anything that was sent. The power behind a Sending Platform comes from the fully automated fulfillment and logistics service that assures quality, on-time delivery.

Not sure where to start?
The Sendoso team is here to help!
Our in-house creative curators are ready to work with you to brainstorm, source, and order items for your campaigns! Because we have hands-on experience creating and sending thousands of items through our expansive vendor network, we can bring your vision to life with ease.
Here are a few creative examples of how the Sendoso team can help customers create, click, connect and drive revenue:
Custom Hot Sauce
What they’ll remember: To add a little spice to their life.
Wow factor: Creative send with a real purpose that will live in their kitchen!

(Read Chili Piper’s case study here)

Custom Gardening Kit
What they’ll remember: Gardening is a great activity to step away from the computer.
Wow factor: A kind gift with a large heart!

Money Tree
What they’ll remember: The person who sent it every time they water the plant!
Wow factor: a beautiful unboxing experience for a beautiful aesthetic piece in their office or home.

Wooden Puzzle Kit
What they’ll remember: A sustainable puzzle they can use over-and-over again.
Wow factor: A unique gift with a fun pun!

What they’ll remember: A fun gift for the whole office or family to laugh at.
Wow factor: Who knew you could have a piñata delivered by mail!

Want to surprise and delight your team with uniquely personalized gifts like these? Learn how to get started with Sendoso! 

Blueboard makes it easy to give experiences—memorable experiences that beat status quo client holiday gifts like fruit baskets and gift cards.
Recipients can choose to challenge their comfort zone, indulge their passions, or try something new. Experiences—like taking rock climbing lessons, rocking out at a concert or trying their hand at Thai cuisine—form positive memories that clients and customers will forever associate with you and your company.
Best of all, clients and customers can choose their own experiences within Blueboard, so everyone gets something they truly want. (You’ll even get notifications when someone books an experience so you can follow up.)

Bonus: Giving experiences helps you avoid collecting addresses and physically shipping gifts while hoping they arrive in one piece.

Selected Client Experiences within Blueboard:
Host an elegant charity gala. 
What they’ll remember: Bonding with associates during the planning and hosting process.
Wow factor: Glamour and philanthropy. This experience will interest the most stylish do-gooders you know.

Michelin star dining.
What they’ll remember: Lots of laughter and one of the most delicious experiences of their life.
Wow factor: Taste. Visiting a restaurant acclaimed by the world’s finest culinary experts will delight any taste buds. 

Wine tasting with local vinters. 
What they’ll remember: Learning the (wine-relevant) difference between French and Hungarian oak.
Wow factor: Expertise. The presence of a local vinter brings this already fun experience into unforgettable territory. 

VIP bottle service. 
What they’ll remember: Flowing good vibes.
Wow factor: Exclusivity. They’ll be tickled to know this is something celebrities do.

Five star spa package. 
What they’ll remember: Feeling refreshed for weeks, all thanks to you.
Wow factor: Rejuvenation. They’ll love taking that “me day” they’ve been craving for months. 

Want to impress your clients with experiences like these? Visit Blueboard and learn how to get started. 

Selected Customer Experiences within Blueboard:

Make a cover of a favorite song.
What they’ll remember: Feeling like they’re the next big star in the musical galaxy.
Wow factor: Pizazz. A professional recording experience? That totally beats singing into a cell phone or doing karaoke. 

Teach kindergarten. 
What they’ll remember: The adorable and fulfilling experience of teaching a kid something new.
Wow factor: Altruism. A day of teaching does the world good and feels good. 

Intro to flying trapeze.
What they’ll remember: How you enabled them to try the gravity-defying pleasure of trapeze just when they were feeling the weight of the world.
Wow factor: Flight. They won’t believe they finally get to soar through the air like a circus performer. 

Private martial arts training.
What they’ll remember: Feeling like the Karate Kid for a day.
Wow factor: Delight. They never thought they’d get the chance to do something like this. 

Zero gravity float therapy. 
What they’ll remember: “Getting away from it all” in a zero-gravity tank.
Wow factor: Relaxation. There are things more relaxing than a day at the beach.

Want to give your customers the chance to try these experiences? Visit Blueboard and learn how to get started. 

Chances are you’ve heard of a little company called Amazon. 
This online super-retailer offers practically anything and everything you can think of, making it a gold mine for corporate gifts. Plus, their legendary shipping practices come in super-handy if you need to do some last-minute shopping.

Selected Client Gifts from Amazon:
Muse 2: The Brain Sensing Headband  
What they’ll remember: Using this headband to complete their first truly perfect meditation. 
Wow factor: Futuristic. A brain-sensing headband is just about as futuristic as a virtual reality device. 

Balance Board Trainer
What they’ll remember: Having fun, tightening their core, and maybe pretending to surf. 
Wow factor: Minimalism. This little fitness tool fits neatly in a closet, but it facilitates as much solid working out as other equipment. 

Byredo Gypsy Water Unisex Fragrance
What they’ll remember: Getting goosebumps as they take the first whiff of their new favorite fragrance. 
Wow factor: Sensuous. This fragrance captivates the senses with the essence of a woody forest with fresh, bright undertones. 

Culinary Sous Vide
What they’ll remember: Presenting their first chef-quality meal. 
Wow factor: Precision. The high-tech controls make it possible to control cook time and temperature with chef precision. 

Aeroccino3 Milk Frother
What they’ll remember: Being overjoyed to finally receive a device that will produce barista-style beverages. 
Wow factor: Useful. They’ll probably use this device every day—or at least every week. 

National Geographic Visual Atlas of the World
What they’ll remember: Seeing the world, basically. 
Wow factor: Wonder. A truly covetable coffee-table book, this tome delivers breathtaking photographs and fascinating facts. 

Want to give your clients these gifts? Visit Amazon and learn how to get started.

Selected Customer Gifts from Amazon:
3D Pin Art Board
What they’ll remember: Playing with one of these every chance they got as a kid. 
Wow factor: Nostalgia. They won’t believe they finally own one of these. (These boards also up the fun factor of any desk.) 

Retro Non-Ticking Desk Clock
What they’ll remember: Opening this unique gift and thinking—just for a second—that you stole this from Grandma’s house. 
Wow factor: Quiet. This cool clock doesn’t come along with the maddening ticking of other vintage and vintage-inspired models. 

Fred and Friends Themed Push Pins
What they’ll remember: Wondering what on earth you gave them before realizing they’re holding adorable and practical push pins. 
Wow factor: Multitasking. Available in sushi, donut, and pomegranate themes, these push pins liven up a desk space while also storing practical push pins.  

Tiny Survival Guide
What they’ll remember: The thousand moments they thought they should probably get something like this, just in case. 
Wow factor: Preparedness. This card-sized guide boosts preparedness without intense training or drills. 

Puzzle Exercise Mat
What they’ll remember: Thinking this might be the best gift they ever received when they’re about halfway through a HIIT routine in their living room. 
Wow factor: Simplicity. Just changing a floor’s surface can turn any space into a gym space. 

Oxford Fabric Backpack
What they’ll remember: How they once saw a stylish student wearing a bag just like this. 
Wow factor: Timelessness. This bag is perfect for any age, any gender, and any occasion. 

Perfect Push-Up Stand
What they’ll remember: Feeling like they’ve never truly done a push-up before now.
Wow factor: Health. This little gift enables employees to perfect one of the most simple and effective exercises out there. 

Lap Harp
What they’ll remember: The joy of plucking out their first tune. 
Wow factor: Creativity. This simple instrument will have even non-musical people flexing creative muscles they didn’t know they had. 

Mancala Game
What they’ll remember: How much they used to love this game.
Wow factor: Elegance. This game is as fun as any other board game, but it looks way more impressive sitting on a side table.

MoMa Abstraction Note Cards
What they’ll remember: How thoughtful you are, each time they realize they actually have the perfect stationary for that little note they need to send. 
Wow factor: Style. These note cards sport prints of famous modern artwork. 

Want to give your customers these gifts? Visit Amazon and learn how to get started.

Alternative Gifts offers aid-based packages that help less fortunate people around the world. Gift-givers can select a cause and support it on someone else’s behalf in just a few clicks. 
Using Alternative Gifts, you can dole out warm fuzzies as your clients and customers learn they’ve supported world-changing causes, from funding a mobile library pulled by a donkey to helping backpack medics who treat patients in refugee camps.

Selected Client Gifts from Alternative Gifts: 
Global Micro-Loans
What they’ll remember: Learning their gift will help turn the entrepreneurial ideas of someone in need from dreams into realities. 
Wow factor: Longevity. A loan could start a business that helps a family thrive for generations.

Save the Timber Elephants in Myanmar
What they’ll remember: Watching videos of all the adorable timber elephants they’re helping. 
Wow factor: Heart. The warm fuzzies will flow when they learn about the bonds between timber elephants and their caretakers. 

Bikes for Doctors, Teachers, and Orphans in Africa
What they’ll remember: Learning that a bicycle discarded in America means transportation for doctors, teachers, and students in Africa. 
Wow factor: Inspiration. Small gestures really do have the power to change lives. 

The Donkey Mobile Library in Ethiopia
What they’ll remember: Delight in learning there’s a mobile library in Ethiopia that travels via donkey. 
Wow factor: Literacy. They’ll be tickled to remember that the ability to read—something they may take for granted—truly has the power to change a child’s life. 

Dental Care for the Under-served in the U.S.
What they’ll remember: That they’re helping bring more healthy smiles to the world. 
Wow factor: Ripple effect. Proper dental hygiene may decrease a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke. 

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Selected Customer Gifts from Alternative Gifts:  
Swimming Lessons to Save Lives in Alaska
What they’ll remember: Learning about the Yup’ik people they’re helping. 
Wow factor: Survival. For children in this native Alaskan community, a simple swimming lesson means the difference between life and death. 

Solar Warriors in the United States
What they’ll remember: Helping give Native Americans better access to top-quality education. 
Wow factor: Empowerment. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills developed in youth have career- and life-changing echoes in adulthood. 

Life-Saving Backpack Medics in Burma
What they’ll remember: Learning that a simple backpack medic can save lives in refugee camps. 
Wow factor: Health. Backpack medics in northern Burma will treat 25,000 patients this year. 

Help Them Walk in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
What they’ll remember: Imagining a child with a disability being able to go to school for the first time. 
Wow factor: Mobility. The ability to walk makes all the difference in a child’s academic, social, and community life. 

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Firebox curates an unusual, unexpected selection of gifts to delight recipients that seem to have everything. These people never seem impressed by anything. They want surprise and excitement in their gifts. 
With Firebox, you can deliver surprise. Perfect for gift-givers who want to steer far from predictable territory, this gift site makes gift giving and gift shopping fun. 

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Selected Client Gifts from Firebox:
White Noise Sound Pebble
What they’ll remember: The first relaxing moment they shared with their pebble. 
Wow factor: Portable zen. A pebble-shaped white noise machine provides relaxation and escape in noisy offices and bustling hotels. 

Pocket Talk – Portable Translator
What they’ll remember: Seamlessly interacting with the locals in Denmark. 
Wow factor: Worldliness. With the ability to speak and understand 74 different languages right in your pocket, the world really is your oyster. 

Dodow Sleep Light
What they’ll remember: That first night of perfect sleep. 
Wow factor: Vitality. This gift has the ability to make recipients feel significantly better day after day. 

Smartphone Projector 2.0
What they’ll remember: Everyone’s face when they whipped out this device and projected a video from their phone onto the wall.
Wow factor: Novelty. They’ll love experimenting with this little gadget. 

Spreadable Mulled Wine
What they’ll remember: Spreading delicious, festive, mulled-wine flavor on their toast. 
Wow factor: Festivity. They’ll love trying a holiday classic in a new form. 

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Selected Customer Gifts from Firebox:
Brick Yourself Keyring
What they’ll remember: Seeing themselves as their favorite toy. 
Wow factor: Joy. This gift is the stuff of childhood fantasies. 

Toast Electric Handwarmer
What they’ll remember: Learning this little gadget beats a simple pocket on a cold winter’s night. 
Wow factor: Cuteness. This little handwarmer is as adorable as it is functional.

Storm Cloud Weather Predictor
What they’ll remember: Being absolutely prepared for the wet rainy day outside. 
Wow factor: Magic. The liquid in this stylish cloud knows what the weather is doing as if by magic.

Soundasleep Smart Pillow
What they’ll remember: Hearing the soothing sounds of their night forest playlist as though it were playing inside their head. 
Wow factor: Luxury. This gift gives new meaning to the perfect pillow.

World’s Smallest Microscope
What they’ll remember: Studying the threads of their clothes at 10x magnification. 
Wow factor: Minimalism. This fun-filled gift is only about the size of a keychain. 

Hot Chocolate Bombes
What they’ll remember: Discovering this ball is filled with mini marshmallows.
Wow factor: Festivity. They’ll love trying their seasonal favorite hot chocolate in this novelty form. 

Festive Plant Baubles
What they’ll remember: Turning their ficus into the perfect festive tree.
Wow factor: Holiday spirit. No one can resist that sparkly holiday spirit when they open this gift. 

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The Chief Executive Officer and founder of Knack Shops believes gift-giving has the power to build lasting personal connections, and she believes great gifts have stories. 
“Stories about shared experiences and values, about exciting finds you can’t wait to share, about welcoming and thanking and connecting,” she says. 
With a focus on selectivity and impeccable presentation stye, Knack Shops offers gifts from manufacturers with strong values and inspiring stories. Your recipients will be able to feel the love and good vibes when they open their gifts. 

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Selected Client Gifts from Knack Shops:
Blackwing Pencil Set – Box of 12
What they’ll remember: When writing with a pencil became a joyful experience. 
Wow factor: Practicality. These pencils are perfectly functional, with just a little edge to make the perfect present. 

The Caffeinator
What they’ll remember: The sweet smell of perfectly roasted coffee filling the room as they pour steaming water over their sleek pour-over dripper. 
Wow factor: Invigoration. This gift helps recipients feel truly alive for the first time. 

Seattle Grill
What they’ll remember: Laughing out loud when they read the pun on their new kitchen towel. 
Wow factor: Flavor. Ancho, molasses, chipotle mustard…this gift showcases an array of tantalizing flavors.

Just Chillin’ Outdoor Gift Set
What they’ll remember: Relaxing in their hammock with a delicious brew. 
Wow factor: Rustic charm. Stainless steel tall boys and a fabric hammock belong at a mountain retreat. 

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Selected Customer Gifts from Knack Shops:
Genius Gift Builders
What they’ll remember: How thoughtful you were to build a gift just for them. 
Wow factor: Personalization and presentation. Your hand-selected items will come showcased in a breathtaking package. 

West Coast Wildflower Honey
What they’ll remember: The amazing flavors of small-batch local honey. 
Wow factor: Wild. Raw and unprocessed, this honey tastes like nothing they’ve purchased at a grocery store. 

Stagg Pour-Over Dripper
What they’ll remember: Pouring hot water into this stylish dripper for the first time. 
Wow factor: Style. This minimalist pour-over dripper gets major style points over some other clunkier pour-over devices. 

Dream Catcher Herbal Tea
What they’ll remember: Filling their mouths with floral rose petals, chamomile, and lavender. 
Wow factor: Dreams. This herbal tea blend was specially designed to encourage delightful dreams. 

Gourmet PB&J Triple Play Gift
What they’ll remember: Realizing peanut butter and jelly can absolutely be for adults, too. 
Wow factor: Exploration. They never dreamed they could experience so many fascinating flavors in a PB & J sandwich. 

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Bloomscape has perfected the process of live-plant delivery. 
Their plants ship straight to recipients’ doors, already in a pot selected to optimize the health of the particular plant. Bloomscape also includes care instructions to take some of the mystery out of nurturing house plants. 
Live plants make long-lasting gifts that will become part of your recipients’ everyday landscape. Plus, they provide a friendlier alternative to a classic bouquet of flowers.

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Selected Client Gifts from Bloomscape:
Norfolk Pine
What they’ll remember: Smelling the great outdoors in each of the tree’s herbaceous needles. 
Wow factor: Festivity. This pine turns any average space into a festive space. 

Orbifolia Plan
What they’ll remember: Choosing the perfect name for their lush-leaved new plant. 
Wow factor: Simple beauty. This plant has full, lush leaves with breathtaking stripes. 

Burgundy Rubber Tree
What they’ll remember: Marveling at those robust, shiny leaves. 
Wow factor: Personality. This plant brings any space to life. 

Hedgehog Aloe
What they’ll remember: Finding the perfect home for their spikey new plant. 
Wow factor: Practicality. This plant looks beautiful, but its leaves also contain nectar that soothes the skin. 

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Selected Customer Gifts from Bloomscape:
Red Prayer Plant
What they’ll remember: Seeing the leaves fold in—as though in prayer—at night. 
Wow factor: Beauty. They’ll love this plant’s large leaves with striking red and green veins. 

Calathea Rattlesnake
What they’ll remember: Discovering the velvety underside of this plant’s already stunning leaves. 
Wow factor: Purity. This plant may help remove toxins from the air. 

Silver Pothos
What they’ll remember: Exploring all the cool coloration on those heart-shaped leaves. 
Wow factor: Drama. This plant has cascading vines for a dramatic plant presentation. 

Tabletop Norfolk Pine
What they’ll remember: Smelling the great outdoors in each of the tree’s herbaceous needles. 
Wow factor: Festivity. This pine turns any average space into a festive space. 

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Snappy automates gifting in a fun and exciting way. Instead of giving a gift card that says, “Congrats…you’re worth $50;” Snappy lets your team choose from a selection of top-trending products AND experiences! Gift recipients love Snappy, with over 70,000 5-star ratings.

“Thank you for the opportunity to choose a gift. The thoughtfulness of this gesture is by far unexpected and greatly appreciated. Really makes an employee feel more like family than just another employee.”
-David, employee at Mountain View Hospital, Snappy gift recipient

With Snappy, companies can interact with their teams through a seamless and simple experience that will make them smile and feel special. They’ll feel appreciated with a gift they actually want. Here are a few examples of gifts and experiences Snappy offers.
Selected Client Gifts and Experiences within Snappy:
Free air travel for two
What they’ll remember: A fantastic getaway.
Wow factor: Quality time. What’s better than a free vacation? A free vacation for you and a plus one!

Amazon Fire Tablet
What they’ll remember: The ability to read books, listen to music, surf the web, and stream videos all in one sleek device.
Wow factor: Savvy. They will love having the latest and greatest technology.

Crystal Whiskey Decanter
What they’ll remember: A chic and tasteful way to display their liquor. 
Wow factor: Tasteful. This decanter is the perfect mix of elegance and masculinity.

Tumi Travel Kit
What they’ll remember: Having a stylish case for all their toiletries.
Wow factor: Functionality. Give the gift of organization in a high-quality kit.

Porter Road Subscription
What they’ll remember: Memorable meals with high-quality meat.
Wow factor: Quality. They’ll enjoy personalized butcher’s choice boxes.

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Selected Customer Gifts and Experiences within Snappy:
Hot air balloon ride
What they’ll remember: The once in a lifetime experience of floating above the clouds in a balloon.
Wow factor: Flight. A surreal and unique experience.

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset
What they’ll remember: The unforgettable moment of escaping into virtual reality.
Wow factor: Amaze. The ability to blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

What they’ll remember: Conquering their fears.
Wow factor: Excitement. Adrenaline junkies won’t soon forget the feeling of soaring high above the ground.

Waterford Wine Tasting Set
What they’ll remember: The clink of hand-made crystal before taking a slip
Wow factor: Elegance. These glasses will elevate any wine tasting.

JBL Clip Speaker
What they’ll remember: Jamming out to their favorite songs. 
Wow factor: Convenience. This speaker is small enough to bring anywhere and packs some surprisingly serious sound. 

Want to surprise and delight your team with gifts like these? Visit Snappy to receive a free gift!

People Also Ask These Questions About Corporate Gift Ideas
Q: What are the best corporate gifts for employees?
A: The best corporate gifts for employees should leave a lasting positive impression. The best way is to send something meaningful and/or personalized vs a generic gift. We recommend thinking of this process in the same way you would a family member. Here are some additional questions to help get you started:
What are their likes/dislikes?
What is a random fact that makes this person unique?
Are there fun anecdotal stories that you know about this person?
What is a shared experience that you can draw inspiration from?

Q: Why is sending corporate gifts to clients important in 2021?
Q: What corporate gift will WOW my clients and customers?
A: A memorable corporate gift can make an impact on your most valued clients and customers. Don’t settle for a run of the mill gift that will be set aside. Think about their interests and select a gift that your client or customer will appreciate. If you are looking for ideas to WOW, you can check out our curated list here.
Q: How do I find a unique corporate gift?
A: Even a generic water bottle can become a unique gift. It all comes down to personalization and what about the gift resonates with the recipient. If Tyler loves the Los Angeles Chargers, then sending him a water bottle with his favorite player on it will be more meaningful than just a blue one with no personalization.
Q: Is there an easy way to send a corporate gift to a new client?
A: Gifting a corporate gift to a new client is a fantastic way to kick off a new business relationship. The easiest way to send a gift to a new customer is through an online platform designed to streamline the process. We have hand selected the best online corporate gift giving websites to help you get started in our 158 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients and Customers Will Love article.

Now you have some great new client & company gift ideas to make your clients feel loved and appreciated (and continuing to do business with you). They’ll be happy you decided to send something other than a fruit cake or office supplies. So, which gift idea is your favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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