What Is The Club?

We’re incredibly excited to announce the introduction of the EverBar Club! We want to build a community with our existing EverBar customers and offer special benefits to our loyal fans.

How Does It Work?

Joining the EverBar Club means receiving your choice order of EverBars on a monthly basis automatically delivered to your door step. The Best part about joining is that you’ll receive 15% off on every monthly order! You’ll save both time and money and not have to worry about running out of your EverBar supply.

How To Join

All you have to do to sign up fill out the form below with the necessary information below. We will then reply with the total price (including shipping and 15% off) to enter in the indicated space below. How to easily register for the club directly on LivityFoods.com. Join now because New Members will be sent a FREE six pack of EverBars in the flavor of your choice.



Enter the TOTAL cost of the monthly order

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